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Squirting Asian Lexi's Hardcore Debut

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/26/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The one thing that you can always count on with Evil Angel, it is that they are forever the innovators of the industry. Bam Visions has been something that has brought out some of the true passions with Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio. This site and these films are something to be seen. They showcase Mick always at his most vulnerable and I do not mean that in a bad way. No, perhaps it is best said that Mick shows more of his true self within these scenes and creations. When I saw that they had Lexi booked for this scene almost a half year ago, I knew they were going to get a hell of a lot of “bang” for their buck. Lexi is a woman who has one of the most dedicated starts to her career. Her website is amazing but furthermore, she loves sex and everything about it. That spells wonders for any porn fan. The thing I wanted to see more than anything was if this beauty was all that others had said she is. I am more than certain you must be the cream of the crop to have Mick be your first male interaction professionally with a massive company. Let’s see just how much “bang” for our buck we do get.

Film Cover

Scene Duration: 47 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Director: Maestro Claudio @MaestroClaudio and Mick Blue @MickBluexxx

Studio: Evil Angel / BAMVisions.com

Release Date: April 22nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, No Condoms, Model Debut, BTS, Masturbation, Squirting, Toys, POV, Heavenly Head, Wonderful Chemistry, Fingering


Squirting Asian Lexi’s Hardcore Debut

From the Film: Mick’s Porn Star Initiations

Starring: Lexi Mansfield @lexigirlxxx88 and Mick Blue @MickBluexxx


The Reveal:

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Lexi Mansfield and Mick Blue To say that Lexi is one of the most beautiful new starlets to step in front of Maestro Claudio’s camera is an understatement. Lexi since jumping into the mix has steadily gained steam as a woman with statuesque beauty and a hunger for intimacy, sex, and performance that few new starlets display with this much rigor in their start. To draw the fans hunger, I think Mick and Claudio have perfected the perfect scenario. Who better to start with talent that has promise. than the best male performer in the business and a director who loves art just as much as he does kink.


First things first, it is always so wonderful to see talent that has something to say. Lexi is very articulate and very well spoken. Mick is very good at making the conversation fun and interesting. I do not give a shit who you are or what your sexual preference is, Mick’s accent simply creates steam in any scene. He is that suave of a man and performer. The Maestro always creates a world in his scenes where you get to know a porn star so intimately. He also shows why he is one of the best at casting new talent. Truthfully, his intro and behind the scenes are the best in the business today. This set-up is apart of his large portfolio that has such vivid intimacy about the models. I love hearing about Lexi’s passions and what she loves about sex. It is so human and so candid. One of the coolest parts of this intro and fans, trust me on this, it is a bold truth that few people admit to and is a part of every single one of our lives as humans is when Lexi talks about masturbating and then begins the show with some very lovely play. Her body is amazing, one of the most gorgeous kitties in the business. Mick is partial to her amazing booty and I must agree it stands out in the best of ways. One of the best parts of seeing these Bam Visions scenes is the women really showing how much they enjoy the start of things as we do, as much as the male talent does. Lexi’s face lights up in an instant when you hear that Mick is getting himself ready for the scene as well. There is electricity in the air, you can feel it. This intro grabs a good hold over you and is interesting as hell. It has everything you would want to the start of a scene.

Lexi Mansfield and Mick Blue 

The Sex:


Damn, if you every believed squirting was not real and if you did that is OK, the industry does not always show its true side. This is entertainment after all dear readers. This, it is as real as it gets. Pussy juice with a little cum is a cocktail for awesomeness in any scene. It is a nice in your face surprise to start off the action. Mick is even quick to react at how sexy and beautiful it is. Trust me, squirting is one of the best of things when it comes to a female partner in real life and seeing it brought out naturally like this. Oh my, that simply adds steam to a scene that already has you hook line and sinker.

Lexi Mansfield and Mick Blue 

This is the hottest solo action I have seen in 2018. Lexi is amazing, watching her cum with the Hitachi, that is simply the gold standard of this business. I can not remember the last time I have seen masturbation this sexy, this detailed and this hot. This is what you want to see. Lexi has an enthusiasm that is almost unmatched for new performers. As if watching her play with her wet pussy is not enough, the toy play shots and angels are pure bliss. I can not remember the last time a masturbation part of scene burned an image this well into my brain. The move to POV is flawless and well timed. The whole production team moves you along at a pace that is at your speed and tempo.


Now, this is not meant to be vulgar by any means. This woman knows how to please a man with her gorgeous mouth. I can honestly say that boy/girl is not my cup of tea. Most of the fans will know that but this scene. It stands out. It has this type of yummy chemistry between both parties that will get you in the mood within a heartbeat. Watching Lexi slide her tongue up and down’s Mick pulsating member is a sight to see. This is heavenly head build for all types of voyeurs. The way that the scene flows will have you always ready with your popcorn and your attention never fleeting from the scene. The way that Mick does all the sexy “little” things are what make him the legendary male lead that he is. I love how he almost always had his throbbing manhood in Lexi as they move from position to position. It makes for adult movie magic at it’s finest. There needs to be more Lexi Mansfield, that is all I can say porn producers. Her body is amazing. Some of the best natural boobs. Her kitty, her booty, they are what every porn fan drools over.

Lexi Mansfield and Mick Blue 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

The Maestro, her brings you what you want to see. That is all that I can say. The man knows what we like as perverts, as lovers, as romantics. The fact that you hear Lexi, in the beginning, talk about what specific toy she likes and then to have that toy ready to rock and roll on set, that showcases a passion for his models and for this business and most of all a dedication to you the fans. This scene is thought out from start to finish. This is a scene that no matter where you start your viewing, you can not miss. It is so well produced the talent are so hungry for each other. You will have moments where you may want to advance ahead to see if the action stays true. I implore you, let this fantasy unfold. This is a scene that you can get lost in for it is true fantasy. This is a couple’s delight. This is a scene where you can get your girl hot and steamy in a matter of minutes just from the moment that Mick pulls out his massive cock for Lexi to start having her way with. Oh, this is true chemistry, real sex and some. Lexi Mansfield. This is a performer all the way. I see a great future for this beauty. Her charisma is already on an A-list level. She does not stammer, and this is no “deer in headlights.” Lexi puts on a show and some. She really creates a type of magic that you rarely see from talent that had only been in the business for a few months when they shot this scene. This is one of the best model debuts with any company that I have ever seen. I think when you pair up that want that only Mick Blue delivers with his sexual charisma you have the makings for movie magic. This scene receives a mark of highly recommended. The only thing missing which kept this from being a perfect scene on the website was the number of vivid photos to go with one amazing damn scene. This is one that will stay with you folks. That I guarantee.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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