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Corruption of Kissa Sins, The

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 9/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


The main menu of the disc 1

The copy of The Corruption of Kissa Sins that I procured is the Special Edition 2 Disc Set. You get the entire showcase plus bonus stuff like Behind The Scenes spanned on the double-disc showcase.  These performer based showcases are so important since they reveal all sides of your favorite porn actresses. In this case, Kissa is the prime target of this ensemble of exclusives including first IR, first anal, and to top it off first DP. Jules Jordan got it all and it’s caught in 4K as well. The box art has Kissa enveloped in a crimson colored silk outfit in the middle of a desert far from human civilization. Every inch of this DVD’s box is organized with proper logo placement advertising the exclusives and the brand that captured them.  The female cast is Kissa Sins with the help of the current POTY Angela White.

The special features menu.

Flip the box around to see the wild collage of shots serenading the browser with hardcore sex from Kissa’s sure to be shining showcase. It’s not your typical collage this is a splash of many high res photos of sex or of Kissa Sin’s posing. The large piece of pics splashed together takes up most of the back of the box as you’ll see the legal jargon and then the actual features squished down at the bottom in a small yellow font. This is, of course, necessary information regarding not having regional coding and 19x9 anamorphic widescreen support. Inside the DVDs menus are options providing the necessary features for the viewer. Keeping it simply placed with a red color scheme all packed tight with a theme of Kissa Sins' Corruption. Since you have two discs in this special edition you'll have to shuffle between them to access things like the special features which can be a pain. Both discs contain a Chapter Index showing which scenes you have access to on that particular disc. 

Cast: Angela White, Kissa Sins, Mandingo, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Xander Corvus, Johnny Sins
Directed By: Jules Jordan
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 3 hours 55 minutes


Kissa in the desert.

I find the fact that Kissa Sins made us wait for all these firsts to be one of the smartest showcase moves in recent mind but is it too much for the average porn buyer? You're going to get everything in one full basket with her first IR, first Anal, and first DP. All very important for a performer that has fans loyal enough to wait for just a tidbit of these exclusives. Well with The Corruption of Kissa Sins they get it all. On top of that, Kissa is surrounding herself with a cast of studs that easily constitutes this as a titular showcase with strong swordsmen behind it. It was never a matter of "who" got the exclusives, it was a matter of "when" after seeing the way Kissa navigates her career. With or without chain linked contracts. Kissa Sins may seem everywhere but you'll always know where to find her. 

Jules Jordan is indeed the perfect home for this hearty showcase. Kissa stations herself at the best brand building options available if you pay attention to her moves. Jules Jordan Video is a brand synonymous with powerhouse babes that Kissa just captures the essence of. All while blazing a trail of her own path erecting her castles where she sees fit. 


Kissa smoke screen.

If you let the disc play the intro you’ll stand before a cascade of sand with a bright red spot prowling by. As the camera affixes on what this red apparition really is, you’ll notice it is our sinning goddess gliding across golden sands. This bleeds into the intro of the actual film with spliced footage coming at you at a high pace. You’re going to get a taste of the corruption before the actual scene starts with Kissa and Mick. This film has a proposed theme song that is relaxing and vibrant all at once to hear. It'll play during this intro and be on a loop while in you're in the menus of this disc too.

Kissa lathering up her booty in the tub.

After the desert scenario, we’re thrown into a tub with Kissa as she lathers her body with soap suds. Smooth hip-hop music is serenading your ears as your eyes are taken by this sinning beauty in a bath.  A solid booty now cleansed in front of a camera that is gliding by. The sex instantly starts as Mick suddenly appears in the tub lips locked with Kissa. She’s quickly spun around afterward allowing Mick Blue to stuff his face into Kissa’s sudsy ass.  After Mick is done digging in he lays back in the tub to have his penis surface the water like a shark’s dorsal fin. Kissa Sins will assuredly suck it once this happens. After that Kissa will do some ass teasing on Mick Blue’s cock. She’ll proceed to twerk her naked ass all over Mick’s hard dick before it slips to start the fornication.

Kissa and Mick locked in fornication.

You’ll hear the sploshing of the water as Kissa gyrates loudly on Mick’s sword. The passion ensues as the two are tumbling around in the tub. The sex positions almost seem random as Mick is now face-deep in Kissa’s pussy. The bathtub sex leads to more splishing and splashing for a cowgirl segment where the two are once again locked into each other.  The throes of this watery sex scene continue as Kissa leans back to reveal close up penetration.  A wild doggy session happens next has the two pound each other with water still splashing everywhere. After more flipping in rapid position changes like another crushing cowgirl segment, they will both pull apart so Mick can eject his seed. It lands properly on Kissa's smiling face to end this scene in the splash zone. 



The meeting of Kissa and Angela

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The two feline superpowers meet each other atop a loud red couch which will later become a reservoir of squirt (you'll see why later). Both girls meet with smiles on their faces as they lean into start this thrashing threesome. The excitement is engaging to see as both performers shine together when they combine their porn powers.  “Together we’re like the perfect woman..”, Kissa Jokes as she smiles and grabs Angela White to her side. These gals are so happy to be with each other on film it’ so real and apparent which sets the tone for how wild this scene will become. The boobs get flopped out and immediately you’ll see Kissa’s face be buried in Angela’s large and delicious mounds of love. They have cute little star pasties that are ripped off just as quick as the boobs bounce out into view. The pussy play is next as Kissa is thrown on her back with her legs spread. Angela White is now licking and playing with that pussy methodically all while Kissa is wailing in orgasmic song.

The girl/girl play is so intense almost to a festive level as they these top-tier stars celebrate each other’s presence. Laughing in pure horny happiness as they engage in total lesbian love in what seems like a regular girl-girl scene.  But there is more to it as oil play oozes into the equation, you’ll see Angela White slather up Kissa’s body as she sucks a tit or two in the process. The girls will trade oil splashes into each other’s mouths and boobies. Markus steps into the picture to add oil into the equation and a meaty cock for the already excited girls.

Double barrel oil

Markus double fists the babes as they are laying on the couch with their legs in the air. A double squirting fountain flashes out of aroused vaginas. Both girls yelling in tandem as they make a squirting wet mess all over the place, Markus piloting this madness. Angela White pulls Markus in close for a make-out session that is rapid and voracious. This very make-out session is also right above Kissa’s squirting vagina. I hope you can keep up with all that has happened after the sudden anal insertion into Kissa Sins sphincter.  Because now a rosebud is bursting at the seams as a result of Markus Dupree ramming his cock into Kissa’s ass. See good things come to those who wait because this anal scene is already explosive and this showcase just started.

The ass pounding forces through like a hurricane of hot sex. Angela White hanging around to supply the necessary drool and groaning moans of glee. Markus is a fury of young energy keeping up with the bedlam of bodacious bodies that are ejecting fluids in this storm of heated sex. Jules Jordan as well remarkably keeping up with this wind blast of butt sex and beyond. He must be wearing a raincoat behind the camera with all this squirting and enema blasting of oil. Markus Dupree doing his duty of destroying Kissa ass during all of this like a true soldier.

Kissa in Love With Angela

Now it’s Angie’s turn for some anal action. Markus has her on her back on the same red couch that is now coated with every fluid imaginable. The pounding prevails as Kissa is present for more squirting as a result of this ass fucking that Angela White is receiving.  An enema blast to Kissa Sin’s face happens as it’s conveniently there in this yet again splashy wet scene. This time you’ll have more anal pounding thanks to Markus Dupree’s piece that is persistently pounding these assholes.  So much is going on in this scene especially if it’s squirt related which is outdoing the anal in this scene if you ask me. The anal reaping is definitely here but I feel it was more of a squirting scene. After the girls are done drowning everyone Markus Dupree douses Kissa and Angela’s face with some sauce of his own. The girls will toy with the puddles of squirt that accumulated in the crevices of the couch in a climactic victory dance.


Kissa Xander ring finger.

The camera swings by an archaic looking cross as it finally hones on Kissa Sins in a very strappy bikini that is wrapped around her body. It’s a blood-tinted bedazzling outfit that fits the dizzying dance she is doing in front of the lens that is lapping up every inch of her beauty in motion.  The séance driven sway of the music helps with Kissa’s ritualistic moving of her rump. It’s so hot to see her sensually move in a superstar porn outfit she’s wearing in this scene intro we have here.

Xander Corvus steps in looking like he walked off of the set of Reservoir Dogs 2. In this very formal outfit, he pounces on Kissa as soon as the intro music stops and the sex is cued into action. From there a whacking and quacking BJ segment will proceed.  In a sexual rage, the hard oral transmutes into some standing pounding from the searing stud Xander Corvus. In these fits of fury-fucking, Kissa Sins will assail us with her wails of genuine orgasms. The chemistry almost too hot to handle at the start of this scene which is now being lead to a couch by Xander as Kissa is steered by her hair to a silver couch that is very noisy.  

Xander Kissa Rune Ring

Close up shots of Kissa face shows the level of excitement she’s experiencing during this scene with Xander Corvus pounding into her. That very same face is getting slammed by Xander Corvus’ penis in face fuck segment. A powerful piledriver position change ensues shortly after Kissa’s face is stuffed with Corvus meat. At one point you’ll hear giggling from Kissa Sins as she ejects these bursting orgasms that are just so intense to take in.  Her face almost red as the barely existent outfit she is wearing. The two now are in a standing fucking position where Kissa is still moaning with the occasional squirting for good measure. Final fuckings happen in missionary with Kissa’s legs erected in the air. Xander plunders that pussy until he finally pulls out to deposit the drop of semen in the very satisfied mouth of Kissa Sins.



A spit roast with Kissa Sins and Mick Blue.

After another standard sleaze tease of Kissa again wearing the perfect porno outfit you’ll get some hole investigation from the director himself. Kissa is wearing full body black fishnet get-up which allows ease of access. A butt plug is then brought out to prove this as Kissa slams it up her butt for the cameraman, Jules Jordan, as he coaches her to remove it from her butthole. She does this with the camera perfectly placed to capture it up close. You can bet that butt plug goes right into Kissa’s mouth after it’s been yanked out properly.

Kissa being DP'd in reverse CG

After the butt plug play, Kissa is attacked by two passionately kissing mouths worshipping her body. Markus Dupree steps into munch of Kissa neck while Mick Blue is sliding around Kissa’s mouth and tits. Heavy doggy style humping happens next during a spit roast stance so you’ll see Markus Dupree pumping Kissa Sins face with his dick. Next, Kissa will be split open in missionary for Markus Dupree’s rabid reaming of the vagina. Some balls will be dropped in Kissa’s mouth, Mick Blue is the tea bagger. Another spit roast position happens which is a standing version. I won’t even bother attempting to coin a trade name for it but anal play happens next. Kissa is being bent over a chair for this anal plugging to occur. Her arched ass perfectly swallowing the pumping dick in it from Mick Blue. When Markus Dupree steps in to get some cracks at Kissa ass you’ll get some gaping. The camera at the bottom of the arched ass revealing these openings of the orifice.

DP in pure orgasmic dazes

We are starting a standing DP with these three performers after the director demands more pumping. Kissa swooning in her the throes of being dick drunk for this DP that goes into stand cowgirl. A position perfect for observing double pounders in. This scene only gets louder as this DP fires off in its sexual speed.  Kissa is in DP heaven as you will see again a face totally in a daze of dickitude. The DP positions only get crazier as the performers now are flying around in this hole filling acrobatic dance.  I again commend the cameraman for the precise positioning of the pounding during all of this chaos. As a dick drunk Kissa Sins tries to sit up on a chair, even with Markus’ help, she almost falls down. For a first DP, this scene is a great initiation into the world of being double stuffed on screen for a big-time studio and big-time performer like Kissa Sins. This scene stupendously finishes with a solid anal creampie from Markus. Then you’ll have Mick Blue step in for a few final pumps before he polishes off Kissa with a pop on her face.


Mandingo's pet.

Bass beats pounding in the background as Mandingo leads Kissa out on a dog leash to open up this scene. Already I could tell this was going to be special since the darkest and largest blade in porn is here for Kissa’s taking. After Mandingo flings off his belt Kissa starts her crushing oral BJ assignment. It’s filled with double fisted jacking of Mandingo’s massive member with Kissa also slurping and sucking it.  The sword polishing sequence concludes when Kissa pulls way to walk over to a white couch in a living room area.  This is where the slow vaginal insertion in missionary begins as you see Mandingo’s tree trunk easing its way into Kissa tight pussy. Seeing these slow massive slides of and Kissa taking it all was a reason to call this one of those “go-to” scenes where it was the reason it helped move this DVD off of a shelf.

Mandingo completely pounding Kissa.

Kissa goes for more sword polishing in this steadily paced scene, Kissa takes the dark blade in cowgirl next as she eases on it like a pro.  Throughout this showcase, I noticed the unmatched intensity from Kissa Sins. She’ll supercharge any scene she’s in with any partner she’s with. Mandingo makes this scene special as well in his own right so Kissa being coupled with him as an exclusive double that as a collector’s treat. I also applaud Kissa doing the courageous act of riding this massive pipe in reverse cowgirl. The pop after the sex is smooth and seamless. Kissa will get a nice dose of Mandingo’s milk oozed into her mouth to finish this landmark scene for her.


rimming of kissa

There is a full “booty watch” on alert as Jules Jordan describes.  Kissa serenades us in a butt focused intro to get this anal scene going. No music here for the dancing just Jules’ hilarious one-liners and the beautiful butt of the Sins goddess herself. Nice close-ups of her asshole happen during some spreading for the lens. Again Kissa is adorning the perfect porn outfit so I have to heavily applaud the wardrobe in this showcase.  Kissa will beg for that big dick throughout her delicious dancing for Jules’ camera. Johnny Sins jumps in as the sole male talent and the oil boy all at the same time. Johnny Sins will oil the immaculate ass of Kissa only to start rimming it coupled with anal fingering for a smooth opener of hardcore sex.

anal cowgirl with Johnny Sins

The cock goes straight into Kissa’s mouth after the ass teasing and fingering.  Some vag doggy with a finger in the butt is what happens next to an overly pleased Kissa ass Johnny Sins plows away. Next up it’s time for the cock to go in the butt itself as a very revealing camera angle helps show this. Johnny Sins splitting that sphincter proper in this anal thumping sequence. Multiple camera shots fade in and out following the solid pace of Johnny’s jabs. He’ll do some hole transferring here as well rotating from Kissa’s asshole and pussyhole.  The pounding pace follows into Kissa jumping on top for some cowgirl anal where of course she is yelling at the top of her lungs in approval.  A reverse cowgirl switch in the pussy happens with Kissa further assuring us it feels great as she hollers while hopping up and down on Mr. Sins solid sword. Final slams in missionary with anal and pussy hole transferring once again being instated.  The seed of Sins is finally ejected and coated all over Kissa’s asshole. Hole transferring with the milky load being spread everywhere is the climax of the scene. 


the title of the film

At first glance, this showcase seems overly stacked and would lose the average buyer's attention span. I would then refer them to one of the healthiest member sites out there: JulesJordan.com to watch their desired cuts from the film. Yet my collector's intuition kicks in and points out the memorable moments this massive showcase has to offer.  It's actually very easy to Recommend because squirt fans will be covered, DP nuts are finally satiated with a debut, and anal nuts have some good butt stuff spread out on these two discs. Speaking of which collector's love the double disc thing for purely aesthetic value even though the average buyer sees no point in switching discs to access other features. So it's a double-edged sword with that type of packaging. I say, Grab these discs just to be there for your girl Kissa for all these landmark events in her career.

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