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Interracial Anal Vol 5

Studio: Dark X » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/27/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 23 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Interracial; All Sex; Big Cocks; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Writer/Director: James Avalon

Cast: Joseline Kelly, Chloe Cherry, Ivy Lebelle, Maya Kendrick, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Jason Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshots


Writer/Director James Avalon culls some of his latest and best interracial anal scenes for the DarkX label in his flick Interracial Anal Vol. 5. I highly recommend this movie for its hot anal action, its high-quality production, and its interesting storylines. The best anal fuck of the flick is Chloe Couture’s late-night gym bang up the ass with fit stud Ricky Johnson. He interrupts her workout to use her cell phone to call his girlfriend after his car breaks down. Moments later, Chloe’s ass hole is getting a black cock workout from Ricky’s dick on the bench press while he lifts weights. Joseline Kelly’s opening scene with her lawyer boss Jason Brown is another hot one. Long hours working on a difficult case causes an anal encounter between these two coworkers that has Joseline working even harder to please her big cock boss. Ivy Labelle gets her anal cavity searched by Isiah Maxwell after calling him over to penetrate her sphincter, and Maya Kendrick has a hot anal session in the bathroom of a restaurant after a romantic dinner with Isiah. Each scene is well thought out, filmed well, and is a turn on to watch. I highly recommend it.

Scene 1:  Joseline Kelly and Jason Brown

Joseline has been working for Jason at a prestigious law firm for over a year. She’s been helping him with a really difficult case and he’s been struggling to come up with a legal strategy. Jason is stressed about the whole thing and nothing Joseline recommends is working. He invites her to his place to work on this case. They put in tons of hours working on it but still can’t see a way to win this case. Joseline tries to make Jason feel better about the situation. She massages his shoulders and tells him he needs to relax. Jason has been thinking about something this whole time, but he feels it’s inappropriate to tell her. Joseline wants to know what it is, but Jason refuses to tell her. She unbuttons her blouse, showing him her tits. “Have you been thinking about these?” she asks him. He says yes and starts sucking her nipples. He helps her strip out of her clothes as they kiss. Jason strips too. Joseline admires the size of his cock as it sits in his briefs. She massages it then pulls his briefs down, kneeling in awe of his big black cock. Joseline puts even more work into sucking Jason’s fat cock, leaving bubbles of spit all over it. His cock stretches her throat, making her gag. He turns the tables and tongues her ass hole as she kneels on the couch doggy style. “Yes, use the fucking tongue,” she says. Before fucking him, Joseline sucks his cock some more and invites him to put his fingers in her ass hole.

Now that his cock is covered in her spit lube, Joseline guides it in her pussy cowgirl style. It’s too big to fit in there so Jason works it in her tight twat slowly. He stretched her cunt with his hard cock, making Joseline forget all about the strenuous court case. She bounces up and down on his pole, swallowing it with her pussy. He fingers her ass hole while she bounces up and down on his dick. Joseline cums again and again while riding his pole. She climbs off and sucks the taste of her pussy off his prick then bends over doggy style for more pussy stretching. Jason bangs her tight cunt. “That cock is so fucking good,” Joseline screams out in ecstasy. She cums again while telling him to fuck her fucking pussy.

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It’s time for anal and Joseline spreads her ass cheeks open doggy style and looks back at Jason while he drills her asshole. “That cock feels so good stretching my ass,” she says. Jason drives his dick deep in her anal cavity, plugging her ass hole. Reverse cowgirl up the ass sends his dick even deeper in Joseline’s rectum. She moans in pleasure as her ass creams all over his cock. She lies on her side for spoon fucking up the ass that keeps her satisfied. “Please cum for me,” Joseline screams. Jason pulls out and pops all over her bush. “Give me the fucking cum,” she tells him as she runs her finger through it and licks it. She sucks the last drop of cum off his cock, telling him they should get back to work.

Scene 2: Chloe Cherry and Ricky Johnson

Chloe talks with Ivy on the phone, explaining how she accidentally go fucked in the ass. She was working out when Ricky knocked on the door, telling her that his car broke down and his phone is dead. He needs to call his girlfriend and asks to use Chloe’s phone. She is more than happy to assist him. She hands him the phone and admires his body while he talks to his girlfriend. It’s going to take an hour for her to arrive. Chloe welcomes him to hang out with her while he waits. “You look pretty ripped,” she tells him. He says he works out. Chloe asks him if he can do a bench press for her. As he lifts the weights up and down over his heads, Chloe runs her hands all over his body, telling him it’s amazing. He compliments her fit physique then kisses her stomach. “You have an hour, right?” she asks him as she straddles and kisses him. Ricky is happy his car broke down at Chloe’s place. He licks and sucks her nipples, driving her crazy on the workout bench. Chloe helps unzip his pants then she puts his cock in her mouth, jerking it back and forth, getting him warmed up. She moans while she sucks his dick. Ricky holds on to the weight bar as his dick gets harder and harder. “Make it nice and fucking sloppy,” he tells her. That’s the way he wants her to suck his dick. She gulps and gags on it, spitting all over it as he sits up on the workout bench.

She pulls off her workout close and begins a workout on his cock, riding it up and down cowgirl style on the bench as Ricky holds on to the weight bar. He does some bench pressing while she bounces up and down on his dick, getting a double workout. “Right there,” he tells her as she slams her body up and down on his pole. The sex workout continues from this fit couple. He stands her up and pounds her pussy in a standing cowgirl, sending Chloe screaming. Standing doggy over the workout bench keeps Chloe’s pussy creaming on his cock. He spanks her ass cheeks while drilling her twat. Chloe’s cunt gets stretched in this late night calorie burn. “I have this thing where I really like to get fucked in my ass,” Chloe tells him. She lies on the bench missionary style, puts one leg over his shoulder and fingers her pussy while he pumps her ass hole. “Right there, baby,” he says while watching his cock disappear deep inside her hole.

She kneels doggy style on the bench for more anal drilling. He pulls out and she does a greedy round of ass to mouth before lying on the gym mat for anal spooning. Chloe fingers her clit and cums while her ass hole gets a workout. “It feels so good having a giant cock in my ass,” she says. Ricky goes from her ass hole to her pussy then lies back as Chloe sucks it again. She does anal reverse cowgirl on his cock taking every inch of it in her hole. More ass to mouth is followed by cowgirl up Chloe’s ass. He pounds her rectum then pulls out and cums in her mouth. She spits his cum out all over his cock then sucks it all back up again. Chloe finishes her story, telling Ivy that she should call her fuck buddy right now and let him fuck her in the ass. Ivy calls Isiah.

Scene 3: Ivy Lebelle and Isiah Maxwell

Ivy’s scene begins just as she’s calling Isiah and telling him she wants to be fucked in the ass. Isiah pulls up in her driveway almost immediately and wastes no time. He fingers her pussy on the couch, getting her all warmed up. “Yes, please,” Ivy begs. She grips his dick with both hands, jerking it back and forth then putting it in her mouth. She tries to deep throat it then gags, pulling it out of her mouth and spitting on it. “I love worshipping your cock,” she tells him. Ivy can’t wait to experience his cock in her ass, but she wants it in her pussy first. Isiah gets both her holes ready by tonguing them. He eats her tight twat and ass hole, making Ivy moan in pleasure. He stretches her pretty pussy with his cock, drilling in and out and opening her up. She turns on her side, taking more of Isiah’s cock. He fucks her cunt hard and fast, squeezing and slapping her tits while pumping her. “I want to taste my pussy off your cock,” she says. He pulls out and feeds her his dick. She sucks it, swallowing her pussy juices. Isiah drills her some more, keeping one of her legs over his shoulder while stuffing her snatch. When he pulls out again, she sucks him off then sits on his dick cowgirl style.

Isiah pulls out and beats her pussy with his dick, then sticks it back inside her wet cunt. “You’re gonna make me cum,” she screams while bouncing up and down on his dick. She’s ready for her first anal and Isiah promises to show her how. He lies her on her back and eats her wet pussy first then fingers her ass hole, getting her ready for his big dick. With her ass hole opened up now, he penetrates it with his prick in deep, long strokes. Ivy’s pussy gets wet from the sensation of his cock in her ass. Ball banging reverse cowgirl up Ivy’s ass keep her in pleasure. She gets on all fours for more anal inspection from his dick. Cowgirl up her ass is followed by spoon fucking anal style. He finishes her off with fast pumping missionary fucking culminating in a pop shot all over her stomach. “Thank you for fucking me in the ass,” she smiles and says.

Scene 4: Maya Kendrick and Isiah Maxwell

Maya is enjoying a romantic dinner at a restaurant, celebrating her anniversary with her sweetie, Isiah. He surprises her with a thoughtful card at the dinner table. She tells him she’s got a surprise for him, too. She plays footsie with him under the table, stripping out of her panties and using her foot to hand them off to him. When Maya tells him she’s got to go to the ladies room, Isiah gets the message. A few minutes later, Maya is sitting on the bathroom vanity, fingering her pussy. Isiah walks in on her. “Happy anniversary,” she tells him. Isiah takes it as an invitation to join her in the ladies room for some fun. He walks up and eats her bushy pussy, licking and smacking all over it. “It’s so good,” she moans out to him. Isiah buries his face between her legs, tonguing her pink pussy. She has a surprise glass butt plug up her ass, keeping it stretched out and ready for him. “I want to taste your cock,” she says as she pulls his pants down and rubs his already hard cock.

She licks the shaft of his dick then wraps her lips around it, sucking and slurping on it. She tries deep throating him and soon gags while swallowing the inches of his long prick. She spits all over his dick while he stuffs it down her throat. “Make my dick disappear, baby,” he says. Maya sends his cock even deeper down her throat to please him. He skull fucks her, making her gag and choke on the bathroom floor. Her spit drains down his shaft and balls and all over her chest and legs as she sits and eats his meat, fingering her twat at the same time. He positions her standing doggy style over the bathroom bench and starts drilling her twat. “It’s so fucking good,” she moans out. She rides him reverse cowgirl style next, bouncing up and down on his dick. All the bouncing up and down on the bench causes it to crack.

They take the action back to the vanity, fucking in standing doggy position with Maya’s leg up over the counter. “You know how much I love your pussy,” he tells her while filling her up with his dick. I have a special treat for you,” she tells him. “I want you to fuck my ass this time,” she says. “Be gentle.” Isiah pulls out and aims his hard cock for her tight anal cavity. He works his dick deep in her ass slowly then thrusts in and out of her hole in standing doggy. “Fuck, your cock is huge,” she screams. They take the action to the floor. She rides his cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position, enjoying every inch of his pole as it disappears deep inside her rectum. She begs him to cum. He pulls out and stands up over her quickly, popping in her open mouth. “Happy anniversary,” he says as his jizz splashes on her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend you watch the anal performances in Interracial Anal Vol. 5. Writer/Director James Avalon pays attention to all the sexual cues and details in this flick, pitting four starlet’s tight ass holes against some of the industry’s big black cocks. Chloe Couture, Ivy Labelle, Joseline Kelly, and Maya Kendrick have their anal cavities searched and stretched by Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, and Jason Brown. Chloe Couture has the best fuck of the flick, getting her rectum stuffed by Ricky’s boner in a late-night workout. Joseline bangs the boss after a difficult court case puts her ass hole in close proximity to his prick. Ivy Labelle's ass hole is priority one after she invites Isiah over to fill her hole with hard black cock, and Maya Kendrick plays naughty anal maneuvers with her husband Isiah in the bathroom of a restaurant after a romantic dinner. There’s some hot anal sex in this flick and I highly recommend you take a look.

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