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Whorecraft II: Wrath of the Dick King

Studio: Lethal Hardcore » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/31/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Cosplay, Fantasy, Parody, POV

Director: Stoney Curtis


Chapters Menu

Chapters Menu

Cast: Karlee Grey, Amia Miley, April Dawn, Natasha Nice

Length: 2 hours 2 minutes

Date of Release: August 13, 2018

Extras: Website Info, Photo Gallery, Menu is divided by chapter with direct jumps to different positions for each chapter.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: No problems experienced. It's a 2D POV scene overlayed onto a 3D CGI world.

Overview: This is the second installment of Stoney Curtis' latest explorations in the world of VR Porn. I reviewed the first edition and this one is basically the same idea. Four starlets are presented in costumes and engage in POV sex with an unseen male. Like I said in my first review, that presents a technical hurdle that doesn't seem to be overcome here in the second edition; due to the camera being static above the male, his movement is basically nonexistent.

I won't be giving any play-by-play of the sex acts below, as they are all almost identical, only the starlets and costumes change.

Scene 1: Amia Miley as Magistrix Areola in "The Trainer"

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Amia Miley

Setup as described on the website: You have completed your journey and mastered the Paladin class. It's time to return to your roots, and thank the trainer who got you started long ago. She's as sexy now as she was then, and you approach her with newfound confidence in your abilities. The student has become the master.

Amia Miley

Scene 2: Karlee Grey as Lady Sylvanus in "The Defeat of Lady Sylvanus"

Karlee Grey

Setup as described on the website: Prince Karthas, your enemy Sylvanus has been defeated. She stands at the mercy of you and your Undead army. But you won't settle for victory in combat alone. Sylvanus must be taught a lesson she will never forget.

Karlee Grey

Scene 3: Natasha Nice as Shanara in "Looking For More"

Natasha Nice

Setup as described on the website: The battle for Whoresong Gulch rages on as the Night Elves and the Orcs battle for control of the forest. The Night Elves have turned to their human allies for help, and you, Warrior, are in the right place at the right time to save some sexy Night Elf ass.

Natasha Nice

Scene 4: April Dawn as Caedryn in "Fuck For The Cure"

April Dawn

Setup as described on the website: The plague is out of control! But hope remains - a beautiful warlock claims to have discovered the cure. It does require one unusual reagent, but you should find the process of giving it to her quite enjoyable.

April Dawn

Final Thoughts: I just can't find a reason that anyone would want to own this disc. I see the appeal of the costumed POV action but I wish the stories tied together as a whole rather than just being simple setups followed by almost identical sexual positions scene after scene. If one (or more) of these ladies are faves of yours, it's worth a rental but my instinct tells me that these 2D POV scenes are really just to fill out the growing website, whorecraftvr.com which offers not only 2D scenes like these but also more immersive 3D versions in which you can look around in addition to just watching the static view presented here. If you have access to VR gear, then that is the way you should check out this emerging concept in adult filmmaking. If you don't yet have that gear, then you can check this out on a scene by scene basis in 2D just to see if it works for you. It's a good start to a fledgling idea for upcoming tech, I just don't think it is ready for primetime in its current state. Watch on Demand.

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