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Whiteout 7

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 9/10/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

DVD BREAKDOWN:The main menu

These Devil’s Film IR gang bang films only contain two scenes but are known to give viewers a lot of options. Turning the music on and off is one of them and is also found in the sister series of White Out in the Blacked Out franchise. Not only are you granted options other studios don’t normally offer but you’re given a standard of solid design facets and couplings of stars fitting a theme yet branding two different performer types. If you notice the box cover girl is deservedly Aaliyah Hadid and she has a sweet scene sister in the form of Alexis Avery on this Devil’s disc as well.  Flip the box around to see a sweet shot of this Alexis Avery standing with her male talent for her scene. The full body shot underneath the logo of the back of the box is almost a variant of Aaliyah’s yet here you have spliced screen grabs lined up decorating this back box art. DVD features are written on the very bottom of this active back. You’ll see trailers, pop shot gallery, the option to turn the music on/off, and the auto repeat function being advertised down there.

the music menu

The menus on the disc entail sleek designs which won’t get in the way of your browsing. White Out 7’s versatile audio options will have its own menu option where you can turn the music on or off during the scene. If you access the Extras menu you’re allowed access to Photos, Trailers, Pop shot recap, interviews as part of behind the scenes, and even the tease intros which are isolated here as a bonus.  With only two scenes the chapters index allows you access to each girl's scene individually.

Cast: Aaliyah Hadid, Alexis Avery, Cyrus King, Filthy Rich, Rion King, Rob Carpenter, Ryan McLane, Tommy Gunn, Zachary Wild
Directed By: unknown
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 1 hour and 54 minutes


The title tag of White Out 7

As a DP scientist, I noticed both performers perform one in their respective scene here in White Out 7. I’m very excited to see this again variation with this series because when I reviewed White Out 6 there wasn’t a DP in sight. It goes to show you that you never know what you’re going to get with this IR gang bang series from Devil’s Film. I also can’t hide the fact that Aaliyah Hadid is a performer that I love to watch and I’m not the only who feels that way as she commands a large legion of loyal fans. Her blowjob skills are of legendary status and are bound to excite any BJ fan who may snag this up because of her presence.  To me, Alexis Avery is pretty new. But if I came here for Aaliyah I get a bonus with this new performer to discover showing the marketing advantage of this IR gang bang series that’s now in its seventh volume. I may be an Alexis Avery fan after spinning her scene here on White Out 7. It's time to find out!


Alexis Avery's full body title tag.

If you select Play movie in the in the Main menu of the DVD you’ll start at Alexis Avery’s scene first out of the scene. The tease has the esteemed musical selection of thumping beats to follow along to Avery’s ass swaying.  She’ll continue to model her beauty while standing and playing with her boobs for full furthering the intro tease. The camera will cut close into her beautiful eyes as she further treasures us with this titty grabbing dance. 

The ending of this intro is with the fading out of a gorgeous smile that is Alexis’ as we fade into the meeting of male talent in this gang bang scene.

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Alexis' GB scene start up

All four of them are waiting at a dining table as Alexis prowls into view. The camera scans the swordsmen a little before the ebony queen bestows her presence as they sit there stone-faced. Alexis crawls on the table to be fondled by a gaggle of hands to caress her body like the queen she is. As her massagers take over her body completely they also remove her lingerie to start to finger her pussy. During this sequence, the music will continue if you have that option turned on. If not then the silence of the skin slapping sex will be the only thing you will hear.  I had the music option on because it reminded of the older days of porn where a soundtrack was prevalent.

The four men are now ravaging Alexis Avery’s body with tit sucks and neck kisses. A few of the men are stimulating her pussy in this prolonged worship of her beautiful body.  This worship includes some pussy eating from her male co-talent. This is happening to her as she rotates Cyrus King’s and Zachary Wild’s dicks in her mouth as she’s laying on the table.  During the blowjob segment, I was looking for more from Alexis especially since she shares this DVD with one of the best oral sex performers in the game. But again I can understand not every performer can be a semen demon like Aaliyah Hadid and not every performer is aware of who they will share said feature with...

close up DP shot of Alexis

The fornication starts with Alexis riding Cyrus King in reverse cowgirl allowing her access to the cocks that surround her.  As she bounces away she’ll have plenty of penises to put in her mouth. She’ll cycle through them accordingly. The camera angles vary in the form of close up penetration shots as the poking of pussy proceeds. Alexis will turn around in arch to allow a doggy style to activate in vaginal. She’s still getting penises rotated in her mouth routinely as she is getting fucked in these positions. The anal starts up after a few more rotations. Alexis Avery is laid on her back with her legs peeled behind her head in pretzel missionary. She’ll then feel the sword of Zachary Wild begin to pump into her butthole. Cyrus King will take her asshole in reverse cowgirl which really is him anchoring for a set up in reverses cowgirl double penetration.  

Alexis cock sauce plastering.

The DP breaks off for a bit which has a nice reverse cowgirl anal plowing with a close-up camera angle. The double plugging comes into play with more rotations of the male talent stepping in and out of this position segment. The ass is favored again in another missionary setup with Avery on her back on a couch.  A proper DP happens and this is where the scene starts to shine for me. This regular cowgirl DP position should earlier and more frequently in this scene. Thankfully the anal in the scene good for a performer I’m watching for the first time.  As Alexis jumps to the floor the men surround her to marinate her with their ball sauce.


Aaliyah's face lathered in cum.

I consider this performer to be on her own level. Aaliyah Hadid commands the title of a porn queen but she’s much more than a cliché. As she dances in her allure during her intro, a dance that can be compared to the same way she navigates the industry as smooth and calculated. It’s a special time in porn when you have a performer like Aaliyah Hadid serenading your screens like she is in this sexy scene opener. It’s a gang bang scene so you know you’re going to see what you probably came here for which is the oral, some of the sloppiest you’ll see today.  It’ll start right up after an interesting lead up where the male talent encircle Aaliyah after they descend some stairs.  The excitement is realized as soon they meet her in a crowded embrace. The cocks are unwrapped and inserted in Aaliyah’s mouth shortly after.

Scene starting

As Aaliyah Hadid is surrounded by cocks you’ll notice her multitasking abilities as she trades off with polished sucks and sips. Every sword before her erect in feverish fervor for this blowjob queen to revel in. After a sensual start up the sucking goes for the sloppy side as you see top-tier cock handling.  Slobber and saliva coats Aaliyah’s cock conquering affair. You’ll actually see her bathe in her own spittle during the superb sucking form this goddess of cock grinding.  “The cocks are gonna slide right into the pussy..”, is an observation Tommy Gunn says aloud. This is because of the gallons of spit being used to marinate these men’s wieners.

Aaliyah airtight

She is eventually raised to her feet for a professional blasting of doggy style from the one and only Tommy Gunn who takes the lead in this edit.  Rotations are instituted as Filthy Rich is up next for his vaginal poundings.  Aaliyah is still slathering penises while she is getting humped in doggy. You will see Zachary Wild, Filthy Rich, and Tommy Gunn standing next to each other as Aaliyah trades off on their boners to spit shine to the glistening finish.  Next up Aaliyah asks who’s ready for some double vaginal and brave soldier steps up to the double filling plate for the pussy hole plowing. The double penetrations are starting up as you can see with DV so you can already tell things are about to get crazy with this seasoned DP performer.  Aaliyah as a rocking porn slammer coaches her male talent to adjust for the double vaginal penetrating.  More rotations will happen in this reverse cowgirl double vaginal proceeding with Zachary Wild locked in anchor stance.  Cowgirl DP is set up with Tommy Gunn coaxing Aaliyah to sit on his dick. He ’ll sneak some pumps in her pussy with the other guys excitedly smacking her ass as they get their cocks sucked.

DV for Aaliyah

Zachary Wild is now whacking away as the anchor while Aaliyah’s head is getting fucked. This is still in cowgirl riding for her. Her badass blowjobs are still in play during all of the heavy rotations of hard sex.  Aaliyah Hadid is leaping from cock to cock during this merry-go-round of cowgirl riding. In cowgirl, another double penetration happens.  Some double vaginal is revisited in this sailing sex session. Standard plowing anal brings this scene home as she is brought to her knees for the seed spillings.  Her face is effectively plastered from masturbated penises.  Aaliyah meticulously keeping track of every blast as she demands every last drop during the sperm slathering.


title tag of the feature

So Alexis Avery’s scene admittedly left me wanting more from it. It started kind of slow with the blowjob part but built up to an OK DP piling. What the benefit is of that is if you’re curious to see how Alexis stands on her own you can dig around for her other stuff outside of the IR Gangbang arena On Demand.  That being said this DVD can be viewed as collector’s item if you’re a die hard Aaliyah Hadid fan. Her scene here is one of her good ones with her sloppy fellatio kung-fu style included for the fans. The DPs are handled very well in this scene with Aaliyah even coaching the male talent upon entry of a DV sequence. For a collector, it’s reason enough to buy on DVD just for Aaliyah Hadid’s explosive scene alone. But in Whiteout 7’s duality, it’s also incentive enough to only watch Aaliyah's scene On Demand. Look for it on the Devil’s Film member hub for a discounted price if you can. This is what I would tell every drooling Aaliyah fan or IR Gangbang freak. 

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