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Hand Solo

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/9/18

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Genre: Parody, Cosplay


Cast: Valentina Nappi, Athena Palomino, Carly Rae Summers, Robby Echo, Isiah Maxwell, Danny D (Non-sex: Anna Belle, Beth Bennett and Sebcam)

Director: Dick Bush

Release Date: June 25, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 30 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: 3 minute BTS, photo gallery and web info


Overview: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, young hotshot smuggler Hand Solo sets out to deliver an illegal cargo. With his stripper coworker in tow they embark on an action packed adventure where they befriend and battle aliens, give the evil empire a run for their money, fight a bounty hunter, and fuck each other's brains out.


Scene One: Valentina Nappi and Isiah Maxwell


Hand Solo (played by Robby Echo) is a bartender on and alien planet who dreams of a more exciting life. One of the club's strippers (the beautiful Valentina Nappi) shares his dreams. When he overhears mobster talking about hauling an illegal drug called Spice he thinks this is his chance, but he needs a ship. Valentina tells Isiah Maxwell that with a roll of a die either Robby can have his ship or Isiah can have her. Robby loses and Valentina starts giving Isiah a lapdance. She undoes his pants and starts gives him head, sucking and titty fucking his cock all the while letting Isiah undress her. After working her mouth and tongue all over his BBC, Isiah gets her into a ballerina position and fucks her from behind standing. He props her up on one leg and compliments her on her wonderful pussy while his cock slides in and out of it. She then starts twerking on it before Isiah picks her up and bounces her on his cock before laying back on a table and Valentina rides him. She bounces and grinds on his cock while Isiah fucks her from underneath. Valentina then stands on one foot and fucks his massive cock with her pussy while squeezing his balls. She then lays down on the back of a couch and Isiah fucks her missionary. He works his cock in and out of her pussy while Valentina lays there moaning. She then pushes him back onto the couch and lowers her pussy down on his cock. She bounces her ass until she cums on his cock and sucks all of her juice off of it. After cleaning him off Valentina climbs back up and slides her pussy up and down him some more.


After Isiah fucks Valentina from underneath, his balls slapping against her ass, they head over to the bar where Valentina hikes one leg upon and Isiah fucks her from behind. He then fucks her ballerina style again, propping one of her legs up on his arm and makes her cum again. Isiah then sets her up on the bar and licks all of her pussy juices off before going back tot he chairs and fucking Valentina missionary. He buries his cock deep in her pussy while Valentina holds her legs wide open for him. He then starts fucking her from behind and Valentina twerks a little bit on him before dropping to her knees and sucking Isiah off. She jacks his cock until he unloads on her face, Valentina smearing his cum on her face with his cock.


After their fuck session Valentina steals the key to Isiah's ship and she and Robby take off with the cargo. Onboard the ship they meet very sexy engineer Athena Palomina (who really looks hot in her nerdy scientist glasses) and Wookie Screwbacca (played by Sebcam). We then get an action packed sequence where the jump into hyperspace (which causes Valentina's left tit to fall out of her shirt) and dodge asteroids while making the Kessel run in 11.9 parsecs. Surely something to brag about in the future.


Scene Two: Athena Palomino and Robby Echo


While Valentina goes to fuck Screwbacca (off camera unfortunately) Robby starts hitting on Athena, who's resistant at first, but once the glasses come off so do the rest of her clothes. She and Robby start making out and soon Robby is eating her pussy. He gets her pussy nice and wet before he sits in a chair the the lovely Athena gives him sweet head. She licks around the tip and her lips massage the head of his cock before they trade places and Robby is fucking her pretty pussy missionary. He works his cock in and out of her wet hole and soon she's cumming. She then stands and bends over for Robby to fuck her standing from behind. He pounds his cock in and out of her pussy and gives her multiple orgasms before he hikes one of her legs up and fucks her ballerina style. She rubs her pussy while he fucks her until she cums again. Robby then eats her ass and pussy out from behind before sticking his cock back in and fucking her some more. He then lays down on the floor and Athena rides his cock. Robby holds her shapely ass still while he pounds his cock in and out of her pussy from behind. She has a screaming orgasm and then spins around and fucks him reverse cowgirl.


Robby's cock is like a piston as it slides itself in and out of Athena's wet pussy making her cum over and over. She then tells him it's his turn to cum and proceeds to give him some amazing head. While looking at us through the camera she works Robby's cock with her mouth and hands, sucking and gagging on it until Robby explodes on her beautiful tits.


Their ship is boarded by bounty hunter Choba Fett (Danny D) and his alien slave girl captive Carly Rae Summers (amazing make-up job in her all red body paint), along with empire officer Anna Belle. She plans to broadcast the execution of Robby and Screwbacca while Danny proposes to Carly Rae that a lapdance would pay off her debt to him. She and Athena then devise a plan to get Danny out of the way to rescue them.


Scene Three: Carly Rae Summers, Athena Palomino and Danny D


As Danny sits waiting for Carly he's pleasantly surprised when not only does a naked Carly enter the room but Athena with her. They tell Danny he can have both of them if he agrees to their deal. They lay him down and pull his cock out of his pants, taking turns giving him head although Athena does most of the sucking. After they both work on his cock getting it nice and wet Carly lays back and Danny starts fucking her missionary. He jabs his cock in and out of her pussy and soon she cumming on his huge shaft. After giving her multiple orgasms he fucks her from behind for a second before fingerbanging her until she cums.


Danny then lays back and Athena climbs up and fucks him cowgirl. Carly fingers her own pussy while Athena bounces on Danny's cock. After Athena cums Carly sucks all of her juices off of his cock before guiding it back into Athena's pussy. Carly watches Athena's beautiful ass as it glides up and down on Danny's meat, pulling it out and sucking Athena's orgasmic juices off again. Athena then gets on all fours and Danny fucks her doggy style, his hips pounding her ass while Carly sits and fingerbangs herself until they both cum. Carly raises her hips up to Athena's mouth for her to lick her pussy juices off while Danny eats Athena's ass out from behind. She then flips over and Danny starts fucking her missionary, Carly rubbing her tit while she cums on Danny's cock.


She and Carly then switch places and Danny starts fucking Carly from behind. She cums several times on his cock and Athena sucks it all off of him before he and Carly start spooning. With one of Athena's tits in her hand Carly looks lustfully into her eyes while Danny's cock plunges in and out of her pussy from behind. After making Carly cum over and over Danny lays back and Athena sits on his cock reverse cowgirl. Carly watches as Athena glides her pussy up and down Danny's dick bringing herself to another orgasm. They then take turns sucking and stroking his cock until he jerks his load on their faces.


In another action packed sequence to rescue Robby and Screwbacca Athena gets shot, Valentina uses the force and kills an enemy officer with a light saber and Anna Belle turns against the empire and joins the heroes setting Robby and Screwy free. And to top it all off Valentina confesses her love for Robby.


Scene Four: Valentina Nappi and Robby Echo


The two start making out which leads to Valentina going to the floor and sucking on Robby's cock. She slurps and gags on his dick while he holds her head still and fucks her face. She stands up and Robby starts eating her ass before sticking his cock in her pussy and fucking her from behind. He pounds away, his hips slapping her ass with every stroke, making her cum over and over. She drops back down on her knees and sucks her juices off of his cock before she climbs up on a box and he fucks her face. He then gets behind her and she guides his cock back into her pussy as he fucks her from behind again. He pounds away at her ass some more until she cums and then Robby lays down on the box and Valentina bounces on his cock riding him side saddle.


She fucks and grinds her pussy down on his cock making her cum again, her ass slapping against Robby's hips with every pound. After licking her juices off of his cock she climbs back up and rides him regular cowgirl this time. She pounds away on his cock, fucking it with her slick pussy before Robby picks her up and fucks her holds her ass so he can fuck her standing. With her arms wrapped around his neck Robby slams Valentina's pussy with his cock before he lays back down and Valentina continues to fuck him cowgirl. She cleans his cock with her mouth again and then goes right back at it riding him some more. They finally change positions and Robby licks and laps up Valentina's juices off of her hot wet pussy. They then start fucking missionary, Robby's cock accidentally sliding out and Valentina warning him, “Wrong hole.” He puts it back into her pussy and fucks it like a machine before Valentina gets on all fours and Robby starts fucking her doggy style. He slams his cock in and out her wet pussy until it can't take anymore and he gives her an internal creampie, his throbbing cock pumping her pussy full of his cum.


Overview: As far as Star Wars parodies go this one is just ok. The SFX were good, not great. The costumes were pretty cool and the make-up was good, especially Carly Rae Summers all red alien job. It does a pretty faithful job of keeping with original source, which is good for any Star Wars geek out there. But of course the big question is how was the sex? Well it's a bit all over the place. Valentina Nappi is very sexy and did a good job although she could have been more vocal. Athena Palomino on the other hand was terrific. Lot's of energy and displayed the best orgasms. Another criticism for Dick Bush who tends to let his scenes play out just a little too long. The Valentina and Robby scene was good for instance but you get a little tired of just seeing her ride his cock through most of it. If you're a Star Wars fan you'll probably get more of a kick out of this dvd than just a porn connoisseur. So I'd say just Watch On Demand.

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