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Mother Daughter Exchange Club 53

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 9/10/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Take it from me, when one of the best directors, writers, and minds in the business personally tells you that you need to see this film and some of the beauties within it, you get your ass in gear and go buy a copy of it like I did within a heartbeat. Mother Daughter Exchange Club has always been one of my favorite series within the Girlfriends Films library. Dan and crew know how to select the women of the business who are amazing performers and love sex just as much as you do. What really struck my interest, in the best of ways, was that Dan was telling me that this film had some of the best new talent, mixed with some of the most electrifying older ladies in the business. Oh, Mindi Mink and Dana DeArmond on the cover, then Reagan Foxx in the reserves. Oh, my goodness, this is how you properly market in this business to fans who love older women. I had a conversation with Syren De Mar, who, even though she is not in this film, told me she wished to see more older women paired with older women. Yes, I can hear her point loud and clear. To honestly say that I agree with her 100% is a truth that goes beyond anything that is apart of my being as a critic. To argue a bit though, what I learned upon meeting Dan O’Connell, the man behind the lens, is I discovered that his passion was about how well we could see the same things in lesbian cinema with both a younger beauty and her older counterpart. This makes so much sense when you see a pairing of Victoria Voxxx and Miss Dearmond. Readers, this is our chance to see where the director truly was coming from. To see just how much he puts into these films before they are even shot. So, without further hesitation:

Film Cover 

Film Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes

Director: Dan O’Connell

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Release Date: June 8th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, MILF vs Teen, Storytelling, Amazing Acting, Dominance, Model Debuts, Natural Looks and Settings, Sensual Sex


Scene 1: Dana DeArmond @DanaDeArmond and Victoria Voxxx @VictoriaVoxxx

Scene Features: Amazing Chemistry, Five Star Oral, Five Star Breast Play, Fingering, Unique, One of Kind Lesbian Sex, Young Dominance, Five Star Acting

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The Reveal:

Victoria Voxxx and Dana DeArmond The stories of Girlfriends Films are always deep. They have a true piece of reality attached to every single one. The plot is simple, we have older women bringing along their daughters to be seduced in a sexier version of this unspoken club, that I guess metaphorically speaking, could be the fictional version of the skulls but with a lot more entrancing members. Or so I would think. Mindi and Victoria, they are flawless in their line delivery and Athena and Dana truly bring you back down to earth as the shallow characters who simply want to munch on their partners. That vibe is strong from get-go. To sum this up as short as possible, Victoria Voxxx is going to be a big star in this business. Never have I seen a model deliver as picture perfect a character as she does with this one and directors, this was her first fucking girl-girl scene ever! The looks she gives, the way that she plays a daughter, I thought I was watching home movies of my cousin and aunt talking, she is that believable. Her delivery is amazing. I can not believe she is a rookie performer. The story is quick in this scene and I like that. These four women are gorgeous and with how well Mindi and Victoria set up the action, when you see Dana on the bed with Victoria, you know this is going to be something that is beyond a firework display.

The Sex:

Now, if the perfect set up was not enough, the sex is even better. Victoria and Dana have this natural chemistry and you can tell both women are into each other. Victoria allows Dana to be Dana and that means one amazing scene for the fans. I still am in such disbelief that this is Victoria’s first girl/girl scene. The way that she sucks on Dana’s tits is tantalizing. Most fans ask why I always recommend Girlfriends Films, honestly, it is not for the story. The stories are wonderful indeed. No, the truth is, the sex is realistic, and Dan O’Connell ensures that he creates something that he would want to watch. This is some of the most mind-blowing lesbian sex that I have seen from Dan and team. This sexual encounter is just beyond words. Dana becomes putty in Victoria’s hand and vice versa. You see two women who really know their way around the female anatomy with their tongue and both are horny as hell from start to finish.

Victoria Voxxx and Dana DeArmond I think that most fans do not always get the just of why “real sex” is so badass when it comes to adult films. For one thing, it will always bring out the kink in almost any performer. When you see Victoria tell Dana to finger her pussy along with her while she sticks her tongue in between, is one of the hottest fucking moves I have seen in lesbian cinema, period. This is something beyond entertainment and more defined as reality. Dan describes what Victoria brings to the table, she is “horny.” That ain’t no bullshit. But this wild sex drive Victoria has, it is not off the wall like say a Debi Diamond, or a Tammi Ann. No, she has something more and dare I say, more elegant than both those legendary performers. She is almost like a cross between Johnni Black and Nakita Denise minus the accent. This sex scene is beyond incredible. Not many women can hang with Dana their first go around. Last time I saw that, was with a young starlet named Abella Danger and isn’t it a rather sweet irony that what this new #TripleX beauty is known for, is her amazing derriere as well. This scene is non-stop filth, debauchery and lust but not so much that you start running short of breath and have a coronary. It is so well timed and beyond natural.

Victoria Voxxx and Dana DeArmond Now, the action is real and sexy as can be. Victoria never stops sucking on Dana’s brand-new boobs and who could blame her. That is what every fan would do and that is what really sells this scene. It turns Dana’s thirst level up ten folds, which always spells an A+ scene. The angles are great, zoom gets a little hairy here and there but the girls carry this scene all the way. I can not imagine that Dan even had to stop rolling once with this encounter. I am nominating this as my third choice of the year for Girl/Girl scene of the year. Yes, with a rookie indeed. The acting is top notch, the sex is wild and real and both performers look like a million bucks. Whoever did Dana’s boob job, we need to tip him a few extra hundred bucks with PayPal, she simply looks amazing as can be. Must see scene right here people due to just how much these beauties turn up the kink. Dana is literally smelling Victoria’s pussy as she flicks and sucks on her clit. This is true lesbian passion done to perfection. This is the best start to a Girlfriends Film that I have seen in more than almost half a decade. This is a scene I will nominate on my ballot for girl/girl scene of the year due to the fact it is so unique. The twists and turns are enough to drive any lesbian cinema fan big or small comatose. There is even a part where Victoria fucks Dana with her fingers as they are almost in this reverse cowgirl position. It is the hottest thing I have seen in a girl/girl scene. Fuck a strap-on, who needs one with these hungry beauties. This scene goes everywhere, and you simply will not see more unique and well-acted or produced scene to start out a film than what you see here.

Scene 2: Mindi Mink @MindiMink and @Athena Faris @AthenaFarisX

Scene Features: Sensual Sex, Soft Touching and Caressing, Sexual Discovery, Amazing Kissing, Long, Extensive Forplay

The Reveal:

Athena Faris and Mindi Mink Now, the one thing that really adds so much flavor to this scene is that you have two more amazing ladies who are every bit as indulging as the first. Mindi Mink has told me many times, this is her favorite place to shoot because she gets to make love to another woman for as long as she wants. The queen of girl/girl sensuality does her thing to start things up the best way she knows how. The one thing you must do when you are engaging in these types of scenes is lose yourself to the sex, as well as the plot because they both have a very rich story, told by both performer and director. The story is enhanced by one of the most beautiful blonds of the next generation of porn performers. Athena is a teen beauty and some.


One of the grandest things to behold with Mindi Mink and I think this is what made her the best of all the Girlfriends Films Contract Girls, was that she has “game.” Do you want to know how to turn a woman into putty in your hands? This scene demonstrates exactly that. Athena, her attire and body are so attractive. This beautiful blond has the makings to possibly become one of the hottest new attractions in the industry if she plays her cards right. This scene is just how I can imagine Dan wanted it to unfold to you the fan. Mindi is Athena’s guide to sexual discovery and there are few things that are better in adult cinema when this is done correctly. Athena’s look is wonderful. Dan always loves to showcase the women’s natural beauty and Athena, she is simply a ten. Her body is “to die for” and her look is youthful and very exquisite at the same time. The way that Mindi has her discover her own body with touch is the best kind of foreplay. One you never see on film. Mindi says it herself and Athena’s eyes and facial expression gives her answer, “isn’t that build-up wonderful?” Honestly, only when it comes from Mindi Mink. This is one of the most extensive explorations by Mindi and a huge must when it is a new model in the scene like Athena. The start-up is long and sensual, as Mindi licks circles around Athena’s kitty, I can only imagine where this build-up is going to lead. That is the mark of a true professional. Mindi leaves so much to the imagination. It is why she will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

The Sex:Athena Faris and Mindi Mink 

The look on Athena’s face through out the scene says it all. In the world of girl/girl cinema, few things can match when Mindi Mink is latched onto a young hotties sweet slit as she looks deep into their eyes, watching their every move. There is this embrace between both ladies that simply can not be described.

It is echoed in their kisses and spoken about with their eyes. Mindi has always had that ability to wisp you away into another world that you never knew existed. I can only imagine what Athena was thinking. The way that these two women truly meet to have sex is nothing short of mesmerizing. This is not camera tricks ladies and gentlemen, this is truly like scene one. Two beautiful women enjoying each other’s lips. I think Athena just melts into that bed and becomes something that fans only have dreamed about up until this scene.

This showcases women truly giving into the flesh of the other. The lighting is not as bright as you would hope for in this encounter, but the camera angles are superb. Watching Mindi Mink sit on Athena’s face is one of the best shots I have EVER seen of Mindi Mink and I have seen probably more films of hers than any other critic out there.

I dare anyone to say that they can not sit through a Mindi Mink scene. You will find no taker for good reason. Because such a person does not exist. Mindi is always able to take us on a joy ride of lesbian sex that no one has ever see before. Girlfriends Films is the perfect place for Mindi to unleash and always will be. Dan lets her control the scene. He allows her to become the filmmaker. That in return makes you, the fan the director. Because Mindi loves sex with hot women just as much as you do. This chapter truly gets the job done. It shows Athena in ways that make anyone’s imagination sore with curiosity. What a delicious introduction of Athena to the fans and what a notch on the belt for Mindi. This scene delivers.

Scene 3: Dee Williams @DeeWilliamsXXX and Milana May @milanamaylove

Scene Features: Heavenly Breast Play, Great Acting, Pussy Lip Sucking, Ass Licking, Ass to Pussy, Fingering, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Real Orgasms

The Reveal:

Dee Williams and Milana May I will be the first to say, sometimes a Girlfriends Film can seem like two films and not always is that a good thing. In this film, there is a flawless transition. Getting to see Reagan Foxx really take charge with her acting is wonderful. Milana May, what an accent, what a beauty. I think it was very kinky to see Reagan explaining the fundamentals of lesbianism to her daughter. The set-up is wonderful. You see the true spark of Dee Williams acting skills. Milana’s English may not be the best but truthfully, when you have the aid of seduction on your side, no one will complain. She reminded me so much of a mixture of Henessy and Nakita Denise, two porn legends who had that same accent and the ability to seduce the pants of anyone with just a few words spoken. We get to see that Athena has some acting skills of her own but Dee Williams, she steals the show. She is that amazing older woman. That seductress you must have in a scene like this. That vibe of the horny teen getting ready to be eaten alive adds so much steam to this film, I think you will lose some articles of clothing as well, as the encounter really starts to pick up some steam. The best part of watching this third chapter come to life, is how Dan lets the women be women. The comfort is there, and the chemistry follows. You see Milana begin to flow into everything like a sweet glass of wine. Seeing Dee and that amazing outfit that hides just enough, is simply what makes an older woman the desires of so many the world over. One thing is for damn sure, this is one of the best openings of a Girlfriends Films scene, ever!

The Sex:

Dee Williams and Milana May First things first. You want to see one of the top bodies in the business. Look no further than Dee Williams. One of the best busts in the business is taken care of with a hungry mouth and a wet tongue in ways that can only be described as true to life fantasy. Dee’s enthusiasm propels the sex into another stratosphere. The moaning, the constant teasing, and pussy rubbing, it really makes the viewer become impatient and thirsty but not so much that you hit fast forward. No way. You are simply spellbound. This is luscious lesbian sex brought to you with this combination of production and reality that I think few films ever get right and boy, does this one ever. The oral is my cup of tea for so many reasons. Dee once again has the type of female anatomy that makes every person lucky enough to see it up close, beg for mercy and turn into a sex-crazed maniac, which is exactly what Milana does. The oral in this scene is some of the most scrumptious you will ever see in an encounter like this. Dan’s up-close angles are so amazing. He gets you right where you want to be.

Dee Williams and Milana May You want to see an adult performer in action, I mean a true fucking adult performer, then watch Dee point her toes as she loses her panties for good. Oh, it is heart pounding and sexy as can be. When you see Milana go in nose first, I think you can tell that this film just officially earned its dollar value. This is the type of scene you will lose yourself too. You must devote one sitting to it to get the true value of this fantasy. Yes, porn is something designed to stimulate your senses in a flash, this is sex after all but what makes scenes like this the bread and butter of this industry is that the complete encounter creates something that you truly never forget, because of how well it is put together from start to finish. One thing I know about Dan O’Connell films, he creates pairings that will work at every level and this is truly one of his best ever. Milana is one hell of a sex kitten. The way that she cums and cums and cums and asks for more, showcases that this beauty is here to stay. It is not very often you see two pairings this great in one film. These ladies put on a show that every older/younger fan MUST see! I can guarantee you, that you may not go into this scene looking for it to take your breath away but it will do just that. I have become a huge fan of both ladies. Especially Dee Williams. Talk about hidden diamonds within a sea of gems. This woman is one of the hottest older beauties in the business. Her sexual charisma is like nothing I have ever seen. She is hands down one of the best pussy lickers in the industry and I tell you this, you want a scene that will bring out the best in everyone. Hire Dee Williams. I can not wait to see more. Two five-star scenes in one film, this may be Dan’s best chapter of the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club in years. The selling point of this chapter is that the action never stops. When you think the women are spent, they get revved up for round five. This is one of the longest scenes I have ever viewed and one of the longest scenes that does not have you hitting the snooze button after the third encore. This is wonderful sex. Shot in a way that truly will please every porn fan.

Scene 4: Reagan Foxx @ReaganFoxx_ and Athena Faris @AthenaFarisX with Elsa Jean and Violet Starr cameos

Scene Features: Masturbation, Story, Pussy Rubbing, Big Tits, Ass Licking, Scissoring, Face Sitting, Dirty Talk

The Reveal:   

Athena Faris and Reagan Foxx The scene does not skip a beat, the story keeps right on going. Dee finishes off her scene with glory. The woman can act her ass off and she closes that chapter of the film with you wanting more. As the story rolls along we switch back to Athena, then Reagan. Miss Foxx is by far one of the most amazing actors in the industry today. She makes the flashback scenes come to life and that is not the easiest thing to do. We get cameos of sorts from Elsa Jean and Violet Starr but more so, we get to see Athena really give it a go with her ability to make a story believable. She is not half bad. Her acting skills need a little sharpening but when you see Reagan steer this ship, you will get lost in the story I guarantee. Reagan, I think she is one of the most underrated performers in the business. She is stunning with eyes that cannot be forgotten once they have been seen. The way that she brings an audience into the productions companies world, it is always flawless, and she has a range that can go many places. This is one of her sharpest roles yet and it will put you into dreamland in moments.

The Sex:

Athena Faris and Reagan Foxx The speed to which we see the couple begin to explore is right around the same as scene two, which may deter some viewers. The way that Reagan unleashes her kinky side is something that she has amped up big time in 2018. The way that she leads the scene is what keeps your attention throughout the last twenty-five minutes. Once again, Dan’s shots are tight and up close, putting both women on display in ways that only he can with that "old school" style of up-close camera work. It makes the oral the biggest seller when it comes to the sexual encounter portion of this concluding chapter. The scene has some dirty talk, some aggression and starts to become a lot steamier as the counter rolls on. There is a great number of wonderful positions and camera angles. Not as many as the first but enough to really wet your whistle. The sex, it does keep a flow that I think completes the film, but it does lack the uniqueness that the previous three had. Reagan Foxx is hands down one of the top MILF performers in the business. I think that the truth of a beauty as dashing as hers is that it is hard to truly cast a film around her due to how unique and beautiful she is.

Athena Faris and Reagan Foxx 

I can not go as far as to say that every fan will enjoy this scene. You will have Reagan’s die-hard fans who will enjoy the scene as well as those who want to see Athena’s perfect ten body in action. The brilliance that is Dan O’Connell is something that you must have respect for. This scene does contain some of the best angles that he has ever shot. It is also a scene done with a lot of sexiness and elegance. I think that the scene may have worked better as a starter, opposed to a final dessert. The energy just is not there and that is very rare to see in a Girlfriends Films scene. What this final scene does have, is that true to life magic that Dan brings out with the story. There is more than enough in the tank of this scene to make it something that will satisfy the purchaser.  I think that is the most you can ask from a film without being greedy but to speak for the fans, I always see when something will catch the fans eyes both good and bad and this scene has both but I think when you look at everything as a whole, Reagan being put on display as she is, it truly ends things on a high note and that is what Girlfriends Films always does and has for over a decade.

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

A film of debuts and firsts, that is what sums up what this movie offers to fans. Athena Faris and Victoria Voxxx both on the same disc. It is something that is worth paying the price of admission for. Athena being featured twice is a very huge compliment to her standing as an adult film star right now. I do see why directors cast her so much. Fans, she sports one of the hottest bodies in the industry today. Her acting and performance need a bit of work but her blond “girl next door” good looks will be what puts asses in seats. The other rookie, Victoria Voxxx, she simply puts on a show like I have never seen come from a new starlet. This beauty has it all and she does it all. Her acting is flawless and believable, her sexual appetite is ferocious. I mean I have not seen a thirst like this since the days of Alicia Rio. This film is something every porn fan must see at a minimum to witness this model’s first professional girl/girl encounter. Very seldom do you see that kind of combination in a performer. The cast of older women is one of the best assembled. Dee Williams takes the cake and that says so much with who you have on display in this film. I am not taking away from any of the gals either. Mindi, Dana, and Reagan all put on amazing performances but what Dee did is create something you will not forget with Milana May. This film may be the best “hidden gem” in the genre. You do not expect something this good. Most viewers my double take with how unique and how many first pairings there are but Dan shows why he is the film making legend he is. The only thing that keeps this film from being five stars was the second performance of Athena. It was just a bit too over the top and a bit distant. She connects in a few ways with Reagan Foxx but viewers who truly get involved deep within the story and sex will see her attention elsewhere at times. With that said, the gal has supermodel good looks and a frame that is nothing short of spectacular. The fans who hunger for that dashing younger performer will be satisfied with the show she does put on. When all the dust settles and the screen fades to black the one thing that rings true better than anything, is that this film is worth the buy. You get a lot of fantasy that does not drag on, showcases something unique for everyone. I think any girl/girl fan will have a field day with this movie. If there is one thing to say in closing, it is, watch out for Victoria Voxxx. The cutie pie almost single-handedly takes this film to an XCritic Pick with her performance. She is a star in the making and what better film to have in your collection than her first ever lesbian encounter?

Don Juan DeMarko    

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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