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Anal Cream Pies Vol 3

Studio: Hard X » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 29 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Anal; Big Butt; Cream Pie; Cumshots

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Mason

Cast: Starring Lena Paul with Riley Reyes, Ivy Lebelle, Nina Elle, Manual Ferrera, Markus Dupree, Ramon Nomar

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Behind the Scenes with close to five and a half minutes of after-sex interviews with each starlet.


With director Mason behind the camera, you’re bound to get a good flick. When it’s Gonzo and anal and about cream pies, it’s going to be hot. That’s what Mason’s flick Anal Cream Pies Vol. 3 is all about. This roughly two hour and 30-minute movie is a collection of some of the hottest, tightest asses in the biz in the form of Lena Paul, Riley Reyes, Ivy Lebelle, and Nina Elle getting plugged, pumped, and cream filled by Manuel Ferrera, Markus Dupree, and Ramon Nomar. Lena is the consummate anal performer who loves getting ass fucked. The big cock wielding Manuel knows how to pump her pooper balls deep until she cums. Riley gets her beautiful ass ready for Ramon’s cock onslaught by keeping it stretched open by a butt plug. He pulls it out and bangs her rectum to goose bumped satisfaction. I recommend this movie. Lena is a standout and a total turn on to watch.

Scene 1:  Lena Paul and Manuel Ferrera

Lena opens her flick with a sexy tease on the couch. She’s lying on her stomach showing off her big round ass cheeks. She walks outside near the pool then makes her way back inside where she pulls her bra top down, revealing her huge knockers. Her tight leather skirt shimmers as she moves back and forth. Enter Manuel, who grabs a hold of her big ass cheeks, squeezing and slapping them. He starts a round of rough foreplay with Lena that includes pinning her up against the wall, choking her and tongue kissing her. He turns her around in standing doggy, leaning her up against the wall and tongue fucks her tight ass hole. Lena turns around and squeezes his cock, but before she can take it out and suck it, Manuel puts her in doggy position on the couch and eats her pussy and ass hole some more. She turns over onto her back, missionary style, and grips wads of Manuel’s hair as he tongue whips her clit. Lena cums in his mouth then opens her mouth to suck his hard cock. He fucks her face, sending his cock further and further down her throat and causing her spit to bubble up all over his shaft.

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She gets in doggy position on the couch, posing her perfect ass for him. Manuel fucks her pussy first, slamming it hard and fast from behind, keeping Lena screaming. He drills her twat like a piston in overdrive, squeezing her tits and kissing the back of her neck at the same time. He spanks her ass cheeks as she screams out “fuck me!” He pulls out and feeds her his pre-cum when she sucks his cock. Lena gets dirty, licking his balls and ass hole next. She lies on her side for some spoon fucking in her pussy and ass and reaches her peak when Manuel strums her clit with his fingers and stuffs her ass hole at the same time. Lena tastes the flavor of her rectum off his cock then rides it up her ass cowgirl style. She cums again, telling him “you’re so fucking good.” Lena wraps her huge knockers around his cock, titty fucking his dick. Doggy up her ass sends Manuel’s big prick deep inside her anal cavity as she screams “take it,” “take it.” A round of reverse cowgirl in her ass is followed by ass to mouth and more reverse cowgirl. He pounds her ass in an intense doggy fuck that leaves her hole gaping, then Lena moves into a standing cowgirl that gets her sphincter slammed just as hard. He finishes her off doggystyle, plowing her rectum and filling it with cum. Lena pushes his load out of her ass hole and marvels at the way it drains down her pussy.

Scene 2: Nina Elle and Markus Dupree

Nina Elle is mesmerizing. She opens her scene lying on a bed in a leopard print bikini the hugs her big boobs. She takes her bikini top off, revealing her amazing tits. Biting and licking her lips, she looks into the camera intensely. Then, Markus appears, ravishing her nipples and clit. He gets down to business, pinning her down on the couch and tonguing her pussy. She spreads her legs open wide, encouraging him to tongue fuck her. He gets her ass hole ready by licking it and making it wet, then he penetrates it with his prick, driving deeper and deeper inside her pooper with each stroke. He pulls out then eats her ass hole, sucking up her creamy ass juices. He pulls out again but this time he fingers her twat until Nina squirts all over herself. He licks up her squirt then quickly penetrates her ass hole again. He plugs her butt some more, making her squirt again. Markus licks up her cum, sitting her wet pussy on his face and slurping on its contents.

Doggy style up the ass is next. “Keep fucking pounding me,” Nina orders him. Markus squats over her gaping hole and drills it, again and again, keeping her ass hole stretched and making her cum again. He eats her creamy ass again then fucks it cowgirl style. Markus is greedy for her pussy and ass juices, pulling his dick out of her holes in order to stick his tongue in them. Nina sits on his hard dick in reverse cowgirl position and tells him how much she loves his fucking dick in her ass. She tastes the flavor of her ass off his cock, sucking and licking it when he pulls out. Missionary and spoon fucking up the ass soon turn into cowgirl fucking. He spreads Nina’s big ass cheeks open and stuffs her sphincter with his meat. She begs for his load as he rapidly fucks her ass hole missionary style. Markus pumps his cum deeps in her rectum then pulls out and finger fucks her cunt until she squirts again.

Scene 3: Ivy Lebelle and Manuel Ferrera

Ivy’s scene opens outdoor near the pool. She’s dressed in a black swimsuit and leather boots, and she struts around the pool, showing off her big boobs and ass. She sits on a stool and plays with her tits and pussy, then turns around and twerks her big ass cheeks. Once inside on the couch, Manuel manhandles her, spanking her ass and spitting and fingering her ass hole, making Ivy have an assgasm. Lots of passionate kissing soon leads to Ivy bending over doggy style on the couch to suck Manuel’s big cock. She looks up at him while attempting to deep throat all his meat. “Open that mouth,” he tells her as he stuffs her throat with his dick and makes her drool. It’s not long before Ivy’s tiny, tight ass hole is being stretched wide open by his cock. She sits on it reverse cowgirl style and Manuel pumps her cavity. He fingers her clit at the same time, keeping her screams high pitched. He pulls out and shows her gaping ass hole, then continues to plug it with more prick.

Doggy style up the ass makes Ivy’s hole gape the widest in this scene. Manuel drills her ass hole deep, telling her to open her fucking ass hole. She moans out in pleasure with her face pressed into the corner of the couch. Balls deep fucking causes another assgasm for Ivy. She’s getting chills all over her body and starts calling him daddy. He spoon fucks her ass then slams it missionary style. Ivy looks up at him and tells him her ass hole is his for the taking. A cowgirl cock ride keeps Ivy satisfied and the squat thrusting fuck session that follows is just what her sphincter needs. Ass to mouth is followed by more anal doggy. He has her lie on her back missionary style and hold her legs wide open then he pumps her pooper and fills it with cum. She squeezes his load out of her ass, leaving a messy cream pie that drains down her butt crack.

Scene 4: Riley Reyes and Ramon Nomar

Today is a great day for Riley. She is excited about getting an anal cream pie. She talks about it while sitting on a stool with a butt plug up her ass. “A cream pie is my favorite thing,” she tells director Mason. She talks about the first time she had anal sex and how much she loved it. Riley loves messy, creamy sex and her favorite sensation is the way a guy’s throbbing cock feels inside her ass hole when he’s cumming. “Being a cum dumpster is hot,” she says. “You are so dirty,” Mason tells her. She giggles until Ramon shows up to take over her ass hole. He begins by tonguing her pussy doggy style while her ass hole hosts the butt plug. Ramon tongue fucks her twat until she cums in his mouth. He licks up her pussy juices and tongue whacks her clit some more.

She takes a banging in her pussy from behind that keeps her pussy wet and creamy, just the way she likes being fucked. Ramon pulls out and skull fucks her then sits her cunt on his cock in a standing cowgirl, filling and stretching her walls. Riley gets in doggy position again, encouraging him to fuck her ass hole. He pulls the butt plug out of her ass then replaces it with his hard cock. “That’s a lot of cock in there,” Riley moans as Ramon starts drilling her cavity. “I need it,” Riley screams as Ramon fucks her harder and faster. “Don’t fucking stop,” she yells out right before cumming. Reverse cowgirl up the ass is followed by cowgirl up the ass. Her rectum is totally stretched out now and Ramon’s cock disappears deep inside her. “Fuck my ass,” Riley says. He drills it in standing cowgirl then missionary style, filling her pooper up balls deep. She finally gets her anal cream pie when Ramon shoots his load deep inside her gaping ass hole. Riley spreads her ass cheeks open, allowing his cum load to drain out.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend Anal Cream Pies Vol. 3. Director Mason has culled some of the best cock-craving starlets for 2 hours and 30 minutes of complete anal satisfaction, resulting in cum-filled ass holes. These girls wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m talking about Lena Paul, Riley Reyes, Ivy Lebelle, and Nina Elle, who’s ass cheeks bounce like pillows when their anal cavities get pumped balls deep. Manuel Ferrera, Ramon Nomar, and Markus Dupree drill deep inside each’s girl’s rectum and produce gaping holes hungry for spunk. After a full fill up, each starlet pushes the cum load out of her stretched ass hole, leaving a warm cream pie that drains slowly down her butt cheeks. Assgams abound in this all anal flick.

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