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Trailer Park Taboo, A

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Feature

Writer/Director: Joanna Angel Producers: Bree Mills & Craven Moorehead
Editor: Woody All-In



Cast: India Summer, Abella Danger, Kenzie Reeves, Joanna Angel, Small Hands, Tommy Pistol
Non-Sex Roles: Bree Mills

Disc 1 Length: 1 hour 56 minutes
Disc 2 Length: 1 hour 54 minutes

Date of Release: May 1, 2018

Extras: 3 Slideshows, Menu-Selectable Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good overall. Hi-def capture and anamorphic widescreen presentation. Audio is clear for all dialog. The scenes that take place in the trailer park are dark and moody so this is a movie you will want to watch in a darkened room, not during daylight hours, especially if you want to see the sexual action in the trailer!

Overview: Joanna Angel penned this tale for Pure Taboo and it is a pretty good collaboration if you ask me. In the Pure Taboo tradition, it's a twisted tale about seemingly real-life possibilities, although the disclaimer at the start tells us that is entirely fictional. It centers around Jack (Small Hands) and his step-sister Kenzie. Jack is trying to grow up and get out of the squalid trailer park they live in by attending college but Kenzie seems to like the lifestyle and is Hell-bent on making sure they all stay there, together as a happy family. Will Jack succeed in his quest to further himself or will his family drag him back into the darkness of the trailer park? You'll have to watch it to find out, as I won't be giving any spoilers away below.

Scene 1. Kenzie Reeves, Small Hands

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves is looking a bit like a young Tara Reid as she puffs away on a cigarette in her see-through shirt while pestering her step-brother who is trying to study. Finally, against his better judgment, Small Hands gives in and shoves his cock into her throat. That's not the only place he plans on sticking it, either. His step-sister drives him crazy to the point that he just has to grudge fuck her now and then. Luckily, for him, she has a tight and firm little body that's built for speed and she loves to use it, or have it used.

Kenzie Reeves

As I mentioned above, in the A/V details, this action goes down in a dark trailer bedroom, so you'll want to watch this in a darkened room if you want to see all the details of the drilling and filling as our duo gets down. Small Hands manhandles his step-sister from one position to another, Kenzie's nipples seemingly growing harder by the second as her step-brother bangs her relentlessly. She's on top of him, holding him by the throat, accepting his load gleefully inside of her before enjoying another smoke.

Scene 2. Joanna Angel, Small Hands

Joanna Angel

Joanna has developed some sort of crush on the tattoo-covered guy in her school and wants to hang out while they kill some time between classes. Small Hands is cool with that idea and things progress quickly at her on-campus housing, with Angel propped on the kitchen counter becoming Hands' mid-day snack. As things get more heated, she is hesitant to admit that she's a virgin. That gives Small Hands a moment of pause and a chance to show off his acting ability but that only lasts a moment until Joanna mentions that she's cool with him sticking it in her ass.

Joanna Angel

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Moving to the living room, Joanna slowly peels off her clothing to showcase her sleek, tattooed body in all of its glory as Small Hands lies on the sofa. Soon, his member is deep in her mouth, her head pumping as she slobbers on his shaft in preparation for its entrance into her ass. Their chemistry is palpable as they roll through a slew of ass-slaying positions that regular porn viewers will be familiar with between the real-life pair. Every time I watch these two on-screen I think to myself - 'oh, it must be 10 am Tuesday at the Burning Angel house", the sex is so natural between them, no matter how rough or sensual it may be on-screen at the moment. In the end, Small Hands unloads all over her ass and they get dressed while chatting about regular life stuff because, why not?

Scene 3. India Summer, Tommy Pistol

India Summer

Tommy looks as if he spent weeks without showering or shaving in preparation for his scene with Ms. Summer, whose ass he worships under a table lamp outside of their trailer as he probes her with his fingers. As India gets busy bobbing, Pistol lets his freak flag, instructing her on exactly how to grip his balls and yank them. He jokingly mentions the neighbors getting a show as he bends Summer over on a chair to give her the ol' in and out.

India Summer

The pair banter as they bang each other using random crappy trailer park props as handholds and pedestals, the attention to detail from the producers even showing up in India's well-worn and dusty boots. As always, I snicker as Tommy makes random adlib and odd requests and comments while he slams into Ms. Summer. India's remarks aren't quite as random as Tommy's but they are witty and delivered with perfect timing while she pumps her award-winning ass up and down and back and forth on her partner. The pair doesn't miss a moment to inject some comedy into the scene, ending it by trading jabs as Tommy's load spills out of India's overflowing mouth.

Scene 4. India Summer, Kenzie Reeves

India Summer & Kenzie Reeves

Many fans will feel right at home here. I mean, who hasn't seen Ms. Summer get it on with her step-kid before? Well, here she does it outdoors in the trailer park with Ms. Reeves. In fact, astute viewers can hear a semi-truck toot its horn as it drives by unseen. It seems as if Kenzie may have had a longtime wish to get it on with India, her nipples could cut glass in this scene as her stepmom buries her tongue below her razor stubbled patch to make her cum.

India Summer & Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie shows off her own cunnilingus skills as "mom" directs her to the end of her landing strip with the casualness of an airline worker in the middle of a shift. They trade fingers and tongues, India getting finger rammed while leaning on a lawnmower handle. As the camera moves around the duo, I kept expecting to see a couple of dudes with cheap beers standing in the background and watching as the two tribbed among the trailer park discards. As I mentioned before, I really believe Kenzie has long had a fantasy about India because she appears to be working out some seriously pent up sexual tension as she grinds on India. It's a pretty hot girl-girl scene overall, with India sporting her lightened locks!

Scene 5. Abella Danger, Joanna Angel, Small Hands

Joanna Angel & Abella Danger

Joanna and Abella propose a threesome to Small Hands who, of course, agrees. Abella blindfolds Small Hands for plot purposes but she does it so deftly one might think that she may have blindfolded people a few times in her life. He gets to enjoy the tag team throating of his cock as Danger perches on his face to make sure he isn't peeking and then the girls share a giggle over Joanna's virginity and Abella says "so what, just put it in your ass" and Joanna slides her sphincter onto Small Hands' stick. That doesn't phase Abella at all, she gladly puts it back in her mouth once Angel dismounts.

Joanna Angel & Abella Danger

After Joanna's finished with her rectal rodeo ride, she pats her man on the back and encourages him to plunge into her friend. Danger finds herself moaning, surrounded by inked flesh as Joanna mounts her mouth while Small Hands slams away in her slit. Small Hands has his way with the ladies, swapping pooper for poon as he sees fit, the ladies lying atop each other at one point to aid in the trade. Joanna and Abella look deep into each other's eyes as Danger gets drilled, Small Hands finally popping on Danger's patch for Joanna to lick up.

Scene 6. Kenzie Reeves, Small Hands

Kenzie Reeves

Small Hands hates his life and his step-sister but he uses that negative energy to get to Poundtown, which Kenzie loves. It's a love-hate relationship between them and that works well for her. She ultimately gets what she wants, which is her step brother's big boner shoved between her thighs. Doggie seems to be his preferred position so that he doesn't have to look at Kenzie's face but he isn't against pulling her onto his lap and letting her do some of the work once in a while, he just makes sure to muffle her words with his hand.

Kenzie Reeves

Reeves is just glad to be getting his dick once more, letting him use her like the whore that she believes herself to be. As the hate-fueled fuck session continues, Kenzie reiterates over and over that she's a whore and that nobody fucks her like he does. Small Hands is aware of that and keeps pounding into her as he insults her much to her delight. She would love for him to cum inside of her but he decides his load would look much better coating her face.
Final Thoughts: This is a well-crafted film which covers a lot of territory over the course of its run-time of 4 hours. Film fans will have a 50/50 shot of guessing the outcome because similar tales have been told many times before but the flow of the movie is good, although the threesome scene does seem to be a bit long in the tooth. Now, I know that Abella, Joanna, and Small Hands all have big followings so that's not entirely a bad thing as he gets to rail and nail not only his real-life, beautiful wife but "DangerAss" too!

Kenzie Reeves is outstanding in her role, as is Small Hands. They both deserve nods come awards time (which is coming up quickly). Bree Mills makes a cameo as Joanna and Jack's professor and she does that pretty well too. Joanna looks great in this movie and gives up her ass to Small Hands like she might have done it once or twice before. She plays a pivotal role and plays it well, perhaps a Best Supporting Actress nod is in order for her. Tommy Pistol's sex scene is cloaked in darkness, seemingly lit only by a table lamp as he gets to rail the ever-popular India Summer but he does get a few moments of screen time to show off his acting ability. India does get some screen time in the daylight when she seduces her step-daughter in order to take Kenzie's mind off of other matters.

Like many of the Pure Taboo releases I've reviewed, I have to point out that this studio is making films for film aficionados not necessarily for stroke porn viewers. There are no jump to your favorite sex position chapter stops. This is a story and is intended to be watched as one, the sex is just part of the story. If you like your porn dramatic and story-laden then you'll want to check this one out. It is definitely Recommended for viewing but I don't think it will hit your replay stack very often which is why it won't make a Highly Recommended rating.

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