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Nacho Loves MILFs

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 4 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Gonzo; MILF; European; Mature

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Blondie Fesser, Frida Sante, Bianka Blue, Helena Kramer, Sofia Star, Nacho Vidal

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for My Curvy Girlfriends, Suck My Ass & Say Nacho, Young Latina Pick Up Sluts; Websites evilangel.com, evilangelvideo.com, nachovidalhardcore.com; Evilangel.com Preview


European mega porn stud Nacho Vidal shows he knows how to make love to mature MILFs in his flick Nacho Loves MILFs. He says after 24 years of fucking, choking, spitting and destroying pussies and asses on film, he realizes that the best way to have sex with a woman is to make passionate love to her. This flick is about teaching viewers new sex techniques we can all use to keep a woman satisfied. In this five-scene flick that runs over 3 hours, Nacho brings everything he has learned about fucking on film to the fore, making five eager beavers creamy through passionate strokes. He satisfies mature starlets Blondie Fesser, Frida Sante, Bianka Blue, Helena Kramer, and Sofia Star with love-making motions. I recommend this movie. There are no rough sex moves here, which is a big departure for this fan favorite hardcore master. Nacho says this flick is about making a sexual connection with a woman and loving her. He says this is the style of sex he plans to have for the rest of his career in the porn industry.

Scene 1:  Blondie Fesser and Nacho Vidal

Argentinian babe Blondie Fesser is the first to enjoy the softer side of Rocco. At the start of the scene, he explains his new style of lovemaking when it comes to beautiful mature women, and Blondie is in full agreement. Her pussy is getting wet just listening to Nacho explain the way he’s going to pleasure her. She loves to suck cock and she starts by slurping on his big thick dick. Her pussy gets even wetter as Nacho fingers it. She lies on the couch missionary style and he eats her twat until she cums, stuffing his fingers deep inside her while tonguing her clit. Blondie squeezes her big tits as her body writhes in ecstasy. She has a case of the giggles from the sensation of his tongue. Blondie straddles his hard cock cowgirl style then guides it inside her cunt. It takes a while for Nacho to work it into her tight pussy, slowing stretching her walls as he drills deeper and deeper into her. They kiss passionately as Blondie bounces up and down on his pleasure pole. “Oh fuck,” she screams as Nacho hits the spot.

Blondie’s wet pussy creams all over his cunt as she rides it faster and faster. She uses her giant jugs to titty fuck his dick then lies on the floor missionary style for steady drilling. He sucks her toes and squeezes her tits while stretching her pussy. Spoon fucking sends his dick deep inside Blondie’s quivering cunt, making her cum again. She kisses him as a reward for his lovemaking. She grinds around and around on his prick in reverse cowgirl position then lies on her stomach for a session of downward doggy. A final round of titty fucking makes Nacho pop, covering her jugs with jizz. “I fucking love that,” she tells him. “I like that you cam on my tits,” she says as she sucks the remaining cum off his cock.

Scene 2: Frida Sante and Nacho Vidal

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Mexican MILF Frida Sante is up next. At the opening of the scene, Nacho explains his new approach to sex. He says this is about making real love to a woman, so she can enjoy it for real. “Eat her, touch, her, feel her,” he says. “You have to treat a woman to sex that nice, slow, soft and sweet,” he explains. Nacho begins his new way to fuck by kissing Frida and asking her if she agrees. Frida agrees totally. They engage in passionate kissing that leads to Nacho sucking on Frida’s pointy nipples. He kisses his way down her body to her clit and licks it, making her moan. Frida rubs the back of Nacho’s head while he smacks on her twat then he lies her on her back, spreads her legs open wide and eats her some more. Frida closes her eyes and whimpers in ecstasy as Nacho feeds on her wet pussy. She kneels on all fours to suck his thick prick. She swallows the head of his cock hands-free at first, lubing it up with her spit before she grips it with one hand and jerks it back and forth on her tongue.

The lovemaking shifts to a slow cowgirl cock ride for Frida. She sits on his dick and grinds back and forth on him, swallowing u his cock deep inside her cunt. They never stop kissing. Frida is soon cumming in uncontrollable moans as she keeps grinding on his dick. Nacho grips her ass cheeks and pumps her pussy until it’s stretched all the way out. They exchange roles with Nacho lying on his back missionary style and Friday lying on top of him, fucking his cock in a reverse play on missionary fucking. She licks his toes while she bounces up and down on him. He flips her over on her back and fills her twat up with his cock. He spoon fucks her until she creams all over his dick then he drills her wet hole from behind in doggy position followed by downward doggy. Frida sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth. She tells him she really loves sex with Nacho.

Scene 3: Bianka Blue and Nacho Vidal

Spanish starlet Bianka spends some time cleaning in the kitchen before joining Nacho on the couch. She sits next to him and grabs hold of his cock, jerking it and making it hard while he pinches her nipples. Bianka bends over and sucks on his cock and enjoys the way Nacho fingers her pussy, making her wet. He helps her into doggy position and penetrates her tight MILF twat. It’s so tight, Nacho has to work to get his cock inside her. He penetrates her pussy with slow, long strokes at first, making Bianka scream and moan. “Si,” she moans over and over as Nacho’s cock fills her up inside. Downward doggy has Bianka’s eyes rolling back in her head as she enjoys Nacho’s lovemaking. He spoon fucks her tight twat then pulls out, revealing how much pussy cream is covering his cock.

Bianka reaches her climax in reverse cowgirl position as Nacho squeezes her nipples and pumps her pussy. She turns around into cowgirl position and pleases her pussy by bouncing up and down on his cock. Bianka’s bouncing soon makes Nacho pop. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass cheeks. Bianka smiles and goes back into the kitchen with jizz on her ass.

Scene 4: Sofia Star and Nacho Vidal

Spanish siren Sofia Star makes love to Nacho in this scene and when it opens, she is hungrily waiting for Nacho to suck her pussy. This babe from Barcelona is kneeling in the windowsill, shaking her ass for Nacho. He pulls her skirt up and fingers her pussy through her white panties. He pulls her panties down, spreads her ass cheeks open and tongues her pussy and ass hole. Nacho takes his time tongue whipping her openings. He stands up, revealing his hard cock for her and penetrates her pussy from behind doggy style. Sofia presses her hand against the window as Nacho pleases her pussy. She holds a leg up while he stuffs her twat.

The pair takes the lovemaking to the bed where Sofia’s super wet pussy covers Nacho’s cock in cream as he fucks her spoon style. He pulls out and teases her ass hole with his dick, attempting to fill her anal cavity. Her hole is so tight, he has to try again and again to get the head of his cock in her ass. He pulls out and goes back to fucking her pussy and making her moan. She rides his cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style for her pleasure, then lies on her back and screams out in surrender as Nacho drills her pussy missionary style. He fucks her doggy style then she jerks his cock until he cums, swallowing his spunk as it splashes on her lips.

Scene 5: Helena Kramer and Nacho Vidal

The last time Nacho had sex with Helena was 24 years ago. They performed a live sex show together and he has never forgotten about her. Helena is from Portugal and is as beautiful as ever as she walks up the stairs to meet Nacho. Once she meets up with him, she puts on a solo tease for him, reminding him of the fun they had 24 years ago. She shows off her big boobs for him, then slowly pulls her see-through lingerie off, showing him her pussy and ass from behind. They kiss with a strong passion and connection with each other, then Nacho works his way into kissing her pussy. She stands over him as he kneels and sucks her clit. Helena closes her eyes and bites her lips, enjoying the way his tongue feels. Nacho spreads her pussy open, admiring her wet, pink hole before getting her to kneel doggy style on the couch so he can eat her ass.

Helena uses her lips on Nacho next, sucking his big cock and jerking it back and forth while he finger fucks her wet pussy. She sits on him cowgirl style and moans while she grinds on his cock slowly and steadily. His dick disappears deeps inside Helena as these two rekindle the passion they had for each other 24 years ago. The cowgirl session gets more intense and Helena moans louder now as Nacho works his cock deeper inside her twat. She turns around into reverse cowgirl position and uses his prick to please her pussy. Nacho puts her in spoon position and stuffs her cunt, making it cream all over again on his cock. He stops thrusting in and out of her in order to stop himself from cumming. They lie still for a few minutes then start fucking again. He takes her pussy from behind in doggy position, making Helena’s mouth gapes open and her eyes close tightly. He thrusts harder and faster in downward doggy position then feeds her his dick to suck. She sucks and jerks his cock then goes on a final cowgirl ride. Nacho turns her over and fucks her tits until he shoots his load all over her boobs.

Final Thoughts:

Mega porn superstud Nacho Vidal is exchanging his hardcore fucking, choking, spitting, and destroying of pussies and asses for a more passionate way of making love to mature women. No more rough sex acts. In his flick Nacho Loves MILFs, he says he has learned after 24 years of fucking on film that the best way to have sex with a woman is to connect with her sensuality. He wants to allow the mature babes in this flick to control the way they want to be penetrated, and that’s what these MILF starlets say turns them on the most. Blondie Fesser, Frida Sante, Bianka Blue, Helena Kramer, and Sofia Star fall in love with Nacho’s new love-making strokes and they each reach a moist peak. The five scenes in this movie run for over 3 hours, showcasing the big cock monster’s softer side. I recommend this movie. It’s a departure for Nacho, taking him away from the hardcore, rough sex action we’re used to, but he worships each babe and shows a softer side of his sexual manhood.

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