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Studio: Sweet Sinner » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 9/25/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The worlds that Jacky St. James creates, are always something to marvel at. This amazing director can take a daily and make you drool just as heavily as you would from seeing one of the A-List stars in her films, let their dress fall to the floor. There are few in this game that can match the storytelling ability of Jacky St. James. Any artist will tell you, no matter if he or she uses a paintbrush or a camera, when one falls in love with a muse, they are sometimes forsaken to never be able to shake the passion that they have for this intricate part of their creation. Jacky St. James and Abella Danger have a relationship built on such a passion I believe. Jacky has always been one of the strongest voices for Abella and has cast her in some of the most tantalizing films and roles of her career. This alone was fuel for me to watch this film. Not because I did not have faith in either person or that I was rooting on a failure of some sort. No, that is so far from the case and it should be the case for every fan who gets a chance to buy this film and view it as well. This film sports a line-up of true male talent that wonderfully get the job done when it comes to dramatics and sexually explicit content. The female cast possess a uniqueness as well. These are all women who truly define modeling in this business. An array of possible stills danced in my head as I imagined where this film would go with these ladies and gents. Especially when Jacky’s pen is guiding it. Needless to say, I think this film has the possibilities to be a career definer for many involved. So, let us find out, shall we?

Film Cover 

Film Duration: 2 Hours and 20 minutes

Director: Jacky St. James @jackystjames

Studio: Sweet Sinner / Mile High Media

Release Date: September 26th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Big Budget Feature, Boy/Girl, Deep Story, No Condoms, Couples & Kinksters, Rich Acting, Tattoos, DP, Threesome, Aggressive Sex


Starring: Ivy Wolfe, Jade Nile, Mona Wales, Small hands, Ramon Nomar, Tommy Gunn, Chad Alva, Sergeant Miles and Shawn Alff with Scarlet De Sade, Maxim Law, and Penelope Reed

Chapter 1: Abella Danger @Abella_Danger and Chad Alva @ChadAlvaXXX

Scene Features: Great Acting, Heavenly Head, Missionary, Couples Friendly Sex, Soft and Sensual,

The Reveal:

Abella Danger and Chad Alva

The start of this film can only be summed up in one word, epic. The visuals are stunning, the camera is crisp and the story, it is something that grabs hold of you. Every fan can relate to what they are seeing on the digital screen. Abella’s narration begin with some familiar tones but as she begins to tell the story, I honestly hear a different Abella. That is very fucking cool. I do not know many directors who will allow Abella to do that. She is obviously our protagonist and she does a great job of leading us into the belly of the plot. We see Abella break her camera as the amazing opening credits come to a close and as we discover that Abella is not going to be able to pay the bills, a shirtless Chad Alva awaits at their cottage. My goodness, miss Danger starts things off with a bang. She is able to act with her eyes and body movement and Jacky shows us that Abella’s character has some depth as a photographer posing as a paparazzo to put a roof over her head. The two lovers begin things off with a great intro. Chad is believable as the boyfriend trying to get the best out of his girl and keep her spirits up. The action starts quickly, and I think a film always shines when Abella starts things off with her acting and her sex appeal. Brilliant planning.

 The Sex:

Abella’s body is looking as flawless as ever. Her aggression with Chad is very subtle. The audio picks up everything in this opening encounter and that is true music to the audience’s ears. If you have never seen Abella Danger in action with a male co-star, be prepared to see her dance a very hypnotic motion with Chad’s manhood. It is sexy and smooth. Abella truly flourishes in this aspect of her sexy portfolio. This is some amazing oral that will have you ready to explode upon impact but with the amazing visuals that Jacky showcases with what could be the best ass in the business showcased as stunning as can be in those black panties, I implore the viewers to hang tight just a little longer and I do mean that in the literal sense as the build up in story and sex appeal is worth the payoff.

Abella Danger and Chad Alva The action is not super aggressive. Ideal for couples and when you see Abella’s pure look of innocence while she is in missionary, you see that she is becoming a performer who is adding something more to what she is capable of while the camera is rolling. I love that we hear every little detail of this erotic encounter. From “cum drunk” whispers into each other’s ears, to the bed getting its springs tested for durability, the audio truly adds a nice touch to the authenticity of the scene and adds some reality to the encounter. No matter how you swallow it, Abella is a treat to watch. She has a different pace to her action. Unique in so many ways. I guess you can say there is “vintage” Abella with her dirty talk but there is also some very kinky aspects like the way she is engaging Chad at every level. Meeting him with as much enthusiasm. Their actions are almost identical. There is a couple’s passion to this scene. You get to see Abella in a different light and she does one hell of a job grabbing our imagination. I love how natural the end climax is. The scene has “truth” to it and that is truly what made the films of past pave the way for the world we now have today. So wonderful to see a scene that gets back to the basics. I think Abella’s fans will be pleased both new and old  and my goodness, Chad was the perfect pick for this scene. Everything from his “meaty” member, to his characters reserved nature fits perfectly.

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Chapter 2: Ivy Wolfe @alittlewolfe and Tommy Gunn @TommyGunnXXX

Scene Features: Amazing Acting, Award-Worthy Performance, Amazing Oral, Fetish, Foot Fucking, Intense Orgasms, Stunning Camera Angles, Virgin Sex,

The Reveal:

Ivy Wolfe The opening sequence at the “Dirty Dish” is award-worthy dialogue and story. It is real, and it sucks you in with grit and honesty. Jacky, you are a true fucking actor, my goodness what a piece of dialogue. I love how truthful this scene was written. I think few know what it is like to be in this moment and see how a gossip magazine is really created and what type of people run and work for any publication. I was mesmerized. As Abella returns to narration, you get a true feeling that this going to be Abella Danger like you have never seen her before.

It is at this moment you see this film step it up a notch again. The competition is no other than Small Hands himself and it looks like the star in the cross-hairs of the paparazzo will be no other than Ivy Wolfe. When you hear this woman speak in a southern accent, all I can say is that this woman wants more than one trophy come January. This is one of the best damn story lines I have seen in 2018. It seriously has you focusing only on what is going on in front of you. Few directors know how to create that. “I pray for them every day” and when you hear that, you better have prayed that you called in sick to work, or that you were going to be fashionably late because that is the turning point where you will decide it is time to stop fucking around and get your popcorn ready for one hell of a show. Can anyone say, sex scene of the year? The way that Tommy and Ivy create a true fantasy and showcase the acting talent that is just beyond words is something that will have you jumping up and down. Ivy knows how to diabolically bring you into her character’s realm of seduction, not her own. To see this stuck-up ass bible thumper sin with the best of them, is hot and hell fucking yes, her words are what guide you into the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. She is amazing. This is one of the best acting segments I have ever seen in a film. You do not even see a kiss or a stitch of clothing come off and you are already panting like a dog. The story is wonderful, and I cannot believe they made such magic in such a short window. We see Abella starting to push the envelope of what is moral and what is not, and we get a peek at what really happens with every mother fucker in Hollywood.

The Sex:

Ivy Wolfe and Tommy Gunn So far, I have never seen Ivy falter in a sex scene. What is even more amazing, she is having sex every second as her character. So, what does that mean to you, the fan? It means you see a true innocence in her eyes. The dialogue is genuine as she asks if she is “doing it right” while Tommy guides her through the ordeal as a good Christian would. This is so tastefully done.

Ivy Wolfe If you want reality, watch how Tommy reaches for a kiss, looks to try and decide which amazing piece of flesh to grab, lick and touch. You thought you had trouble deciding which angle of Ivy's body is the sexiest, try being in Mr. Gunn’s place. This is something so erotic. It fits the bill for any type of fan. I do not care if you are watching this on couple’s night, or trying to squeeze the scene in as your girl goes to the store to pick up dinner, you will be gazing with your tongue on the floor and your wits somewhere that you simply can not remember. Don’t forget to lock the fucking door if you are the guy in scenario B there, because this scene has length and pure bliss within every second. The comical glances of Abella taking pictures of this once in a lifetime photo opportunity add something extra that keeps you watching no matter if you can withstand the heat or you succumb to it. Tommy and Ivy really create something magical and from striptease to fetish glimpses here and there, the chapter of this film has a living presence. It is masterfully done. It does not matter how vast or small the number of positions, this scene is something that has its own flow and path. The more the better with these two. Ivy is able to produce a sex scene that I do not think I have ever seen a rookie produce since maybe Debbie Diamond. That is how lethal the combination of her acting and sexual performance is. So, I guess that means have your local doctor’s number on standby as you prepare for a coronary as this scene rewards you in ways that few scenes can. This is an instant classic and the way that every player contributes, is nothing short of five-star cinema. I simply can not say any more of this scene, I will never get the rest of my work done if I do so. What I will say to close out this scenes story, is that when you see the glistening shaft of Tommy throbbing member get wetter and wetter with each pounding thrust, you simply will feel a high that beats the fuck out of any drug. That is the mind trip that is created with this award-worthy scene.

Chapter 3: Jade Nile @justkeepflowing and Small Hands @thesmallhands_

Non Sex Roles: Sergeant Miles @sgt_doe and Shawn Alff @ShawnAlff

Scene Features: Amazing Story, Natural Boobs, Pussy Rubbing, Tattoos, Heavenly Head, Aggressive Sex, Amazing Chemistry, Voyeurism,

The Reveal:

Jade Nile One of the coolest things you will ever see is the way that only a master storyteller can show you both sides of a story in one film. You get to see Ivy’s character stoop to levels she did not want to and have regret doing so. She also shows how people do judge performers and entertainers of any kind. The showcase that unfolds on the bed with Chad Alva being a moral compass for Abella is something I liked, and it was very well acted. When you see the tabloid graphics skew across the screen only to be triumphed by an aggressive Small Hands tapping into his animailistic side, you will find that perhaps you were not that tired after all and you let the film keep rolling.

I will tell you this sports fans, few films I have ever seen can do this. When you see Abella Danger's stunning naked body in the shower you are impressed but you will be even more hungry for, is this story to unfold as well if you give in fully to what Jacky is trying to tell you. Here is something that makes this film so spellbinding. You do not know if this character Abella is becoming has always been her. She really creates skepticism in the viewer with her amazing acting. Chad is the perfect igniter to set the screen ablaze with doubt in where the story is going. There is a deep truth to what Abella is facing. This is something many people in this very industry deal with all the time. It is the price of success and my goodness, Jacky understands how to make it explainable within just a few minutes of screen time. I love it and so will you. The plot twists to where we see everything was done for love, isn’t is always. Jade and Small Hands really are able to omit and aura of carnal passion. It is almost like watching the footage of Mount St. Helens getting ready to blow. That is the fire you see in these performers’ eyes. Jade looks as sexy as can be and the amazing lighting takes you into a scene that looks as if it will deliver another angle that is beyond immaculate.

The Sex:

Jade Nile and Small Hands 

Jade Nile has one of the most seductive and spectacular looks in the all the adult industry. She beauty is one of a kind and her body, it is something that is right off the pages of Penthouse. I mean this striking creature has it all. Blend that together with Small Hands, who is the best male pussy licker and foreplay man in the business. He is deserving of trophy after trophy for his acting, but this scene demonstrates how a male can make scene sensual as well as passionate. The way that Jacky makes Jade come into your living room with dazzling camera angles and amazing posing, it is right off the pages of Penthouse. This chapter of the film is so beautiful. It is how a truly sensual scene should be shown. The attire that Jade has one really teases the viewer's imagination. It is very stimulating, to say the least.

Jade Nile and Small Hands As Jade begins to swallow Small Hands whole, the way that she teases him and talks dirty, you truly get that feeling that these two really have something going. This is real chemistry and what that turns into is a part of sex that I think is not as common as people think in this industry. The way that each one smiles and that gets incredibly kinky with words or movements. It is a couple’s paradise to watch but just like with scene number one, I think you everyday ordinary pervs will love this as well. It blends in raunchy and glamour so well. The huge selling point of this scene is that you do not know if these two are in character or if they are really this hungry for each other. The way that things start to get aggressive. I mean you can create this, but it is also something you see in an everyday sexual encounter. What is so brilliant about what these two are doing, is you do not know what it is you are seeing. The only thing you should do is sit back and watch a show that is another five-star encounter. The enthusiasm that Small Hands brings to this scene is unmatched. He is truly the top male star in the industry. He knows how to make a scene sexy. He showcases that he wants to be there, and you see these two having so much fun. It is not a nasty scene either despite what the reverse box cover may show. The facial expressions are that of pure joy and release. Nothing that is vulgar, and I love it because that is true erotica. Small Hands is commanding, and Jade is not submissive all the way but is in on an equal seduction. She simply manages to capture every fans eye within this scene. It is wonderful, yummy and served up on a silver platter. Jacky really made this scene come to life with the background. The length of this scene is so amazing because nothing is forced, everything is felt and when you see that happen on set, you know that you have invested your money wisely in a purchase, no matter if you are making the film or you are buying it. Having Sgt. Miles watch is something so awesome. Yes, this type of kink is real. It is one of my favorite things to do with someone I love, watch them get pleasured in a way that makes them scream. The taboo feel is there and it is so wonderful Jade, she is a true super star. A talent beyond words. This scene is worth it's weight in gold and my goodness, how lucky we are to get to see these folks do what they do for a living


Scene 3: Abella Danger Official_Abella_Danger , Mona Wales @MonaWalesXXX, and Ramon Nomar @RamonxxxnomaR

Non Sex Roles: Scarlet De Sade @scarletsadexxx Maxim Law @Maxx_attax and Penelope Reed @PReedXXX

Scene Features: Threesome, MILF, Amazing Acting, Amazing Story, Toys, Strap-On Dildo Play, Pussy Rubbing, Fingering, Face Sitting, Ass Licking, Double Penetration

The Reveal:

Mona Wales The enthralling story continues without missing a beat after another amazing climax. The intro to the film’s conclusion is very steamy. Once again, leave it to Small Hands to create a vibrant spark with a woman he is not even going to have a sexual encounter with on this film. The mutual seduction is masterful. It is still up in the air how the story will end. It is something so entertaining you do not want it to. As Abella is headed on her final assignment, we see that the one and only Mona Wales jumps in to put a quality stamp of "guaranteed" on the end of this film. I love the fact that Jacky brought in these stunning performers to be extras. Each lady is sexy and they are all true hidden gems of this business. Look the up on twitter, the are amazing performers. It added so much to this film's essence by having such beauties be apart of this production. The conversation on the bed is very deep and heartfelt. It has a realism that few will ever know outside of the industry. Mona is such a wonderful actor, the way she takes the audience by the hand on this lesbian encounter is amazing. You get to see another side of Abella’s character. The protagonist's return to glory. As you see both ladies start to have feelings for the other, the film takes another turn into uncharted waters. You see Abella allow Mona to take control and you see Abella give in. Once again, something rarely seen with Abella Danger and it creates a true type of curiosity for the viewer to watch on.

The Sex:

The start of the encounter has a lot of sensuality and romance behind it again. Not as much as the opening chapter but enough to really make the fans keep their eyes glued on everything that is going on. Camera angles are great again and I love how Jacky fit in this great lesbian encounter before Nomar joins the mix. The kissing is very heated between Mona and Abella. The strap-on action is a delight as well. Miss Danger showcases some unique abilities to let the older woman lead the action and it makes for delicious cinema. The best part about this scene is the when the ladies are just about to let the rest of their desires explode upon the camera, then, ... in steps Nomar. Abella was chosen to be the person that snaps pictures of a professional baseball player during an orgy. The tables turning on Abella and having her put center stage in this debacle it is awesome. It is a brilliant story and even better sexual fantasy.

Mona Wales, Abella Danger and Ramon Nomar Nomar, what a stud. This guy will really get any room fogged up with how well he gets the girls to just submit and ravage him. The Latin fireball, he makes the women’s kinky sides come out and when you see Abella swallow that sword whole, my goodness, you will once again dig in for one hell of the show ahead. The action is so unique, it just has something that only comes from a threesome like this and how badass is it that Mona is going to use the strap-on. That is a level of sex and sexuality few have the guts to film and put into a wonderful story like this. It is the cherry on top of a sexual sundae that has had everything in it. Mona, what an amazing performer. It is not easy to keep the action flowing in a scene like this and she is the woman licking pussy, sucking cock, fingering and kissing at a furious pace and never and I mean never making it look mechanical. I am in awe of how she was able to do this. Especially when you see Abella cumming multiple times and pulling away due to the intensity of the orgasm. Nomar, he is what you call the silent lead. His charm and charisma lead to that type of sex on screen that makes every mother fucker on the planet tap out who watches his scenes. The man is truly one of the best in this business and he is who you want fucking two women when you are trying to spice up the night with your girl and you throw on a little adult entertainment. The action is the type of end all climax that had to happen in this film to end it correctly but that is not all. The sweat on his brow, the fact that Mona and Ramon tag team Abella in one of the sexiest combinations that may have ever been seen is a level of outstanding rarely reached. Yes, I think this has been attempted before porn fans, but I do not think it has ever been pulled off with this much success. The motion is not forced, the speed and tempo are so remarkable. As you see just how the story truly ends with a return to the stories climax, which I will not spoil, all I can say is that this end climax, it may be the best of all the 2018 features. That is for damn sure.

Abella Danber Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

What a fucking film! There is so much to celebrate in this massive accomplishment of adult cinema. From start to finish this film has some of the best acting, the best storytelling and yes, the best sexual encounters for all types of fans. The only small miss was production and they are small misses in editing, sound and zoom fluidity. On a scale of one to ten, this is a 9.99 and it gets that rating because, despite the misses, they do not take away from the film's heart and soul. I love how Jacky cast this film to the strength of each performer. It shows a true passion and love for this creation within the soul of Jacky St. James. Each chapter gets better and better and you see her push the actors to places they may not be comfortable. If you are a social media person and who isn’t these days, you may have seen how much Jacky has truly given Abella Danger a backing that few have. After seeing this film, I know exactly why Jacky said what she did about Abella. It was a truly wonderful performance by her. I have not seen Abella in this light before and I think the only place she can keep going is up after this film. Now, to get to the awards because this film will win many. I think it is the film that solidifies Jacky as director of the year, I really do. This is one of the chart-toppers, the meat and potatoes of her 2018 film library. Ivy Wolfe, my goodness, fuck best new starlet, this beauty is making a serious case for performer of the year. I do not know if she has enough starring roles to get the award but my goodness, this woman has truly thrown her hat in the ring for best-supporting actress with this role as well as her best new starlet trophy, for no one else compares in 2018. She is a superstar in the making. She basically makes your heart race and your mind think, no wonder. I can not remember the last time a rookie had that type of ability. Most cannot grasp that understanding of the second part of performance I just mentioned until their third or fourth year in the business. Ivy, she makes this film worth buying with her scene alone but what follows is a true one of kind experience in adult cinema. The encounter with Small Hands and Jade is nothing short of magic, then you are followed with one of the best endings in the industry today. Jacky really makes the story come alive and the sexual fantasy and both are done like no other. This is a must own film that will deliver to every type of fan. Your money is well spent when buying a ticket for this show and the one thing I will leave you with in closing to ponder, is how many times have you watched a big-budget film get better as it went along? It does not happen very often these days and it shows just how important it is to make a film that has depth and contains actors that fit the part and are not just pretty faces and stunning assets. Jacky has truly created a masterpiece and you must get your hands on this film any way that you can.

Don Juan DeMarko 

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