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Drilled 2

Studio: NSFW » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/25/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Anal

Directors: Uncredited


Chapters Menu

Chapters Menu

Cast: Avi Love, JoJo Kiss, Casey Calvert, Riley Nixon, Carter Cruise, Markus Dupree, James Deen, Bill Bailey, Mr. Pete

Length: 2 hours 38 minutes

Date of Release: April 24, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good overall. Nicely lit, one-camera gonzo shoot that is presented in widescreen. Some of the audio tracks for the teasees I could definitely live without.

Overview: Straight up stroke porn with an emphasis on anal. Five starlets are put through their paces by four cocksmen. Everyone here is top tier, so it should have appeal to many fans of anal action.

Scene 1. Avi Love, Markus Dupree

Avi Love

Avi spends a few minutes on a couch being interviewed. She's wearing a tight yellow top and some form-fiting short shorts, a sparkly collar adorning her neck. When Markus enters, he quickly peels off those shorts, burying his face in her butt crack. The rest of her clothes come off quickly, Dupree also dropping his drawers so she can swallow his sword. Her eyes redden as Markus rams his cock in and out of her throat, her French manicure showing off nicely as her hand works his shaft. Once he's all slobbered up, they move to the couch for a cowgirl ride, Dupree digging his fingers into her derriere, Avi replacing them with her own as his hands grip her ass cheeks.

Avi Love

The shots go from wide to close via the cameraman walking in and out, a technique which while effective is not my personal favorite. Love's tiny titties are pert and nipples alert as Markus manhandles her around in variations of the rodeo theme, her thich bush displayed nicely as he lays her on her back for some rapid pumping, Love's fingers constantly rubbing her clit. She holds her legs wide as her anal probing begins. Markus occasionally stops to lube her up with his tongue, his drilling growing more feverish, his face pressing close to hers. Her eyes take on a dreamy look as he plugs away. He bangs into her butthole balls deep once she's in doggie, fectally reaming her in a full-nelson followup. As he nears explosion, he pins her head to his abs and jerks himself into her mouth, Avi licking up what she missed.

Scene 2. JoJo Kiss, James Deen

JoJo Kiss

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This scene starts out in closeup, with Jojo slinking around on the couch, fingering her ass and drooling on her chest. A soundtrack so frenetic is playing that I actually stopped to make sure I wasn't on fast forward. Deen strolls in and spanks her a few times, the soundtrack finally going away, thankfully. With it gone I start to relax and notice she is wearing pretty, striped black stockings that pair well with her pink stripper shoes. Tossing her face down, James probes her holes and then grabs some lube for her to work into her ass, following that up by inserting a fat, purple buttplug. Once they've shed their clothes, Deen works his limp dick to stiffness in Kiss' slobber-filled mouth, really making her work.

JoJo Kiss

Penetration begins in cowgirl, JoJo jamming her buttplug back in as she rides. She bounces as James slaps at her ass. Kiss mumbles some "baby talk" as she holds a bullet vibe to herself while Deen pounds into her ass, yanking on her hair. The two continue their rough rectal romp, screaming things like "use my whore hole" and "I'm just going to fuck you how I want". Jojo gets jammed down, pinned down, and slapped around. She looks completely cum drunk by the time she gets pulled into a reverse cowgirl, mumbling bad words as they smile at each other. She's managed to cum again and again, forcing her to beg for him to blast on her slutty face, which he does.

Scene 3. Casey Calvert, Bill Bailey

Casey Calvert

Industry vet, Casey Calvert, dances around in short shorts and a pink bra. No matter how many times I see this starlet, she always looks fresh. She just has one of those really photogenic, pretty faces. Once the shorts are off, a full-on matching hot pink lingerie set is revealed as she squirms around, fingering herself. The fingers get ditched and replaced with a giant glasss dildo that she isn't afraid of sticking in either hole. Bill joins the party, stripping off her panties so he can lick her slit while she twirls the dildo around in her booty.

Casey Calvert

His oral efforts are reciprocated and then the rodeo begins, her pink-stockinged feet resting on his thighs. The camera moves in close and tight as she moves his rod into her rectum, panting and grunting as she bounces along. Her nickel-sized nipples are beautifully displayed as they move into a spoon, her body milky white, her face reddening as Bill grips her throat for leverage. Tongues, fingers, and phallus are use all of her holes freely, rotating through them as if browsing for a tie on a rack. Casey watches intently, whispering encouragement as Bill brings himself to a volcanic finale all over her ass cheek, his jizz running down it as she lies sideways and it coats both cheeks.

Scene 4. Riley Nixon, Mr. Pete

Riley Nixon

Our cat-eyed starlet is kneeling on the couch, rubbing her breasts through her pink top, sporting what appear to be vintage Brittania jean cutoffs but are most likely a modern reinterpretation. Her electric blue stockings match the throw pillows on the couch, framing her dark love triangle nicely as she tosses the jeans and breaks out a contrasting pink, ribbed glass dildo. That seems to pique Pete's interest and he saunters over to see how well it works in her butthole. He determines that it works well enough but decides to snack on her for a bit and then let her work her mouth magic on him as he strips off his shirt.

Riley Nixon

As the pair move into doggie, he begins drilling, his upper arm tat matching nicely with the pillows and her stockings. Riley rubs herself frantically as she gets drilled from behind, giggling softly as she bites her lip. She rides forward and reverse, her ass up close and plump for the viewer. Her boobs jiggle as she gets jammed in a missionary which leads to Pete drizzling his laod onto her crotch for her to play with.

Scene 5. Carter Cruise, Markus Dupree

Carter Cruise

Carter's tease goes down in a black bikini, the top having neon splashes of color, her shoes a brilliant black and yellow pattern. That's enough for Markus who quickly buries his face in the booty. Dupree isn't here to mess around, he has her kneeling on the couch and just jams his cock right into her ass, slowly at first and then switching to his trademark rabbit ramming.

Carter Cruise

He pulls her head backward so he can stare into her eyes as his slamming continues, Carter becoming short of breath as she moans "oh god yes fuck oh fuck". She starts pumping her ass while rubbing herself, Markus pulling in and out of her to show off her stretched ass, Cruise's neck now glistening with sweat as he puts his foot on her face for leverage. Carter slides off the couch and sucks his shaft balls deep and then lies on her back so Markus can keep ramming her rear with two fingers buried in her slit. The man is a machine, ladies, and gents, and Carter's consummate professionalism shines through here as they roll from one butt ramming position to another, their eyes often locked together. She's hot, red, and sweaty as she's tucked into a full nelson while rubbing herself furiously. It's a ball-slapping banging from behind that ends up getting her face drenched in his goo.

Final Thoughts: It's five scenes that feature pretty girls which each have their own style and appeal. Our cocksmen give them a bit of licking for prep and then start using their holes at will. Production wise, there isn't much to say, it's one roaming cameraman who does manage to keep focus and never gets all shaky. Avi Love adorns the cover and performs with Markus Dupree but I preferred the closeout rectal romping between Markus and Carter. The extras section is lacking and because the scenes are fairly predictable and repetitive I think most people will want to rent this once and move on. Watch On Demand.

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