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After Dark

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/30/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 55 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Feature; Interracial; Group Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Executive Producer: Greg Lansky

Written and Directed By Kayden Kross

Cast: Tori Black, Adriana Chechik, Janice Griffith, Ivy Wolfe, Angela White, Ana Foxxx, Mia Malkova, Jessa Rhodes, Vicki Chase, Kira Noir, Abella Danger, Juan Lucho, Ricky Johnson, Markus Dupree, Johnny Sins, Mick Blue, Alex Jones, Ryan Driller, Bambino

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Behind the Scenes with over 13 minutes of exciting background footage, including interviews and sex. The girls talk about how much fun it was to be part of this movie; Website Info


The epic and much anticipated first feature film from Vixen is here. After Dark boasts a mega cast list, and sweeping cinematography from the mind of celebrated director, Kayden Kross, who also wrote the script. The intense sensuality of each sex scene, impeccable production, and a cohesive storyline make this movie a must have for any porn enthusiast. The movie follows the reigning Vixen Angel, Tori Black, on a sexual journey toward satisfaction in one night in L.A. She has an appointment at 6 a.m. that she must keep, and this one night of sexual freedom leading up to that appointment means everything to her. I watched this movie a few times before I began writing about it and am still blown away. Kross’ “Last Supper” orgy scene at the end of this movie is like no orgy you’ve ever seen. Not only is the cast incredible, but the visuals and imagery of horny bodies tumbling along a grand table, feasting on each other’s warm, wet pussies and hard, throbbing cocks is mind-blowing. Executive producer Greg Lanksy was spot on to choose Kross for this flick. I have watched and reviewed lots of Kayden’s and Greg’s movies and they often get a highly rated recommendation from me. This time around, there’s no way a movie of this visual and sexual caliber could rate at that level. That’s why I’m choosing this film as an Xcritic Pick, the highest rating I can give it. Lansky and Kross are setting the bar off the charts in the field of porn production.

Scene 1:  Tori Black and Juan Lucho

Tori loves a punctual man. That’s what turns her on about Juan. He shows up at the office exactly at six o’clock, just like she asked him to. “You want to see me?” he asks her. Tori responds with a kiss that starts her sexual journey in the belly of the L.A. nightlife. “Take off your clothes,” Tori orders Juan. Their bodies meet on the couch with the city skyline outside the window. “Eat my fucking pussy,” she tells him. Juan spreads her legs open and tongues her twat then tastes her ass hole, pleasing the dominating Tori. He gets her pussy all wet then slides his hard cock inside her while she rests one leg over his shoulder. Juan does what he does best; he fucks Tori’s tight hole until she cums. He drives deep inside her, keeping her moaning and begging for more cock. He keeps a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of her wet pussy. She sits on his dick cowgirl style screaming “give it to me!” Juan grips her ass cheeks and spreads them open, drilling her cunt.

The sun is setting over the city’s high rises and Tori and Juan’s fucking is getting more and more intense. The cowgirl cock ride continues, satisfying Tori’s demanding pussy. Doggy style comes next when she gets on all fours. Juan owns her pussy, pounding it from behind while she screams “oh shit!” He stands over her, fucking her face until she drools. Standing doggy is next as Tori puts a leg up over his shoulder. She loves the way he fucks her and cums from his drilling. The pair turns to passionate missionary fucking that has Juan grinding his cock around and around in Tori’s cunt. “Open that fucking pussy,” she orders him. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then stands against the glass walls overlooking the cityscape, begging him to fuck her harder. Juan positions one of her legs over his shoulder and sends his dick deep inside her. He chokes her, squeezing her neck while stuffing her cunt. Juan pulls out and pops into Tori’s gaping mouth. She catches all his cum on her tongue then sucks his hard cock. Tori swallows his load and sucks his cock some more, never taking her eyes off his. Her sexual journey has begun. Juan wants to go with her tonight, but she says there’s no room. She needs him back there at 6 a.m. to pick her up.

Scene 2: Tori Black, Adriana Chechik, and Johnny Sins

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After a satisfying fuck with Juan, Tori drives across town to a dinner party. She walks into a high stakes game of poker, taking $100,000 in chips to get started. Watching her from across the table is Johnny Sins and his eye candy Adriana Chechik. Adriana sits quietly watching the game with a huge yellow snake wrapped around her neck. Tori is intrigued by Johnny and knows that he comes with his eye candy package. Tori is having lots of luck tonight at the table. It’s time for the last hand and Tori is all in, betting it all. She knows she has a winning hand. Adriana tries to distract Tori and the other players with her snake, but Tori sees right through it. Johnny is using Adriana as a distraction while he cheats. Tori walks up to Adriana, who is still wrapped in her snake, and starts kissing her. The snake eventually wraps both of them while they kiss, enticing Johnny to join. “Come on over here,” Tori says to Johnny. “She’s my eye candy now,” she adds. Tori sits Adriana on the piano and fingers her pussy while biting the strap of Adriana’s dress loose. Johnny can’t resist any longer. He joins the girls, kissing his way down to Tori’s pussy. Adriana joins him and they both tongue fuck Tori’s cunt making her cum on top of the piano.

“Eat that fucking pussy,” Tori screams out. Adriana and Johnny tag team it again and soon Tori is moaning in deep ecstasy. She climbs off the piano and worships Johnny’s dick, sucking his balls. Adriana joins in on the cock sucking, deep throating his shaft while Tori swallows his balls. Now, it’s Adriana’s turn to get her pussy eaten. She kneels on the piano, groaning in pleasure as Johnny sticks his tongue in her cunt. Tori never lets up on sucking his cock. Her night of sexual exploration just gets better and better. Now’s she’s getting fucked standing doggy style over the keys of the piano. She buries her face in Adriana’s pussy while Johnny buries his cock in her twat. Adriana reaches her peak now as Tori tongue fucks her. Johnny starts fucking her deep and hard, using her pussy for pleasure. Adriana wants some of that. She does standing doggy over the piano keys and takes Johnny’s dick deep inside her. Adriana cums all over Johnny’s cock then sits on it cowgirl style. Johnny is lying on the piano with Adriana riding his cock and Tori sitting on his face.

He sits on the piano bench and Tori takes advantage of his dick, bouncing up and down on it cowgirl style. Adriana sucks and licks his balls, ordering Tori to take every inch of Johnny’s prick. The girls share in sucking his cock some more then Adriana gets into pussy slamming acrobatics over the piano bench with Johnny stretching her cunt with his cock.  Tori lies on the floor missionary style and opens her legs to receive more of Johnny’s thrusting. She eats Adriana’s pussy at the same time. Johnny and his eye candy have a passionate round of missionary banging on the piano bench that sends Adriana to her G-spot again. Johnny bangs her hole and pops inside her, filling her up with a warm creampie. Tori tongues Adriana’s pussy, sucking the creampie out of it. She shares it with Adriana in a round of cum swapping.

Scene 3: Janice Griffith and Ivy Wolfe

With two sexual escapades behind her, Tori hits the road to pursue more of her sexual pleasures. It’s late, and after a long drive, she takes a smoke break on the hood of the car. Later she goes for a walk down the street as we listen to her narration about the differences between men and women. She checks her account balance over the phone and it’s all good. Her balance is well over $100 million. She shows up at a friend’s mansion late that night, knowing just where to find the keys to his place. “Fucking idiot,” she says to herself. She walks in and smokes a cigarette but hears Janice and Ivy splashing around in the pool. They shouldn’t be here either. It’s girl’s night out for these two and Tori enjoys watching the show. Janice and Ivy kiss and splash in the pool then Ivy climbs out of the water and onto the edge of the pool, seducing Janice with her eyes. Janice swims up to the edge and eats Ivy’s pussy, sending Ivy into an immediate tailspin of ecstasy.

The girls have no clue that Tori is watching them from the balcony overhead. Ivy is in pleasureland from Janice’s tongue. Janice takes two fingers and fucks Ivy’s cunt, making her scream out in fulfillment. After Ivy cums, she coaxes Janice up to the edge of the pool, pulling her bathing suit off and running her fingers down her body. Janice sits at the edge with her legs open and Ivy tongue lashes her clit, making Janice giggle and moan at the same time. She spreads Janice’s pussy open then tongues it some more. Both girls get back into the pool for lots of kissing and splashing that keeps them turned on. This party for two is far from over. It’s Ivy’s turn to sit on the ledge again. Janice finger fucks her, making Ivy’s eyes roll back in their socket. Then Janice tongues Ivy’s cunt, keeping her pleased. The two climb out of the pool together and grind their bodies against each other’s until they cum then Janice bends over the firepit, spreading her legs open so Ivy can eat her twat from behind. Ivy finger fucks and licks Janice’s cunt until she cums again then Janice takes the reigns, controlling Ivy’s pussy with her fingers. Ivy reaches another orgasm just as the girls hear someone laughing. They look up to see Tori watching them. The girls scramble to grab their things and run away.

Scene 4: Tori Black and Markus Dupree

After watching the girl-girl show between Janice and Ivy, Tori walks into the bedroom to find Markus asleep. She plans to have her way with him to satisfy her cravings over this long night. She pulls the covers off him and sits on his cock, waking him up. “Baby, I need to sleep,” Markus mumbles to her as she starts riding his prick. She tells him she leaves tomorrow. She needs his cock right now, and she promises to allow him to fuck her ass tonight. Markus wakes up and starts fucking her tight ass hole cowgirl style. Tori is insatiable for his cock as he thrusts it in and out of her ass hole. “Take that fucking ass,” she tells him. Markus spanks her ass cheeks and pulls her hair in a tight wad. He turns her over onto her back and drills her ass hole. Tori screams “give it to me” as Markus sends his cock deeper and deeper in her anal cavity. Her ass hole is gaping open now. He pulls out and finger fucks her pussy until she squirts all over herself.

He fucks her ass hole some more, making her cum again then he lies her on her side for spoon fucking. Tori’s ass hole surrenders to his hard cock, opening up with each deep stroke. “Don’t stop, give it to me,” Tori screams. He fingers bangs her pussy some more until she squirts then he leads her to her knees and feeds her his balls. She licks his sack then tongues his ass hole. Markus stands up and fucks her throat until she drools all over his cock. He stuffs his cock in her gaping mouth, making her gag. She takes more cock up the ass in standing doggy position over the fireplace then he pins her to the floor for downward doggy that makes her go into rounds of primal grunts. The anal takedown moves outside to the balcony where Tori begs him to fuck her tight ass hole reverse cowgirl style. She leans against the balcony in standing doggy position for more anal romance. Markus pulls out and cums all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene 5: Tori Black, Abella Danger, Ana Foxxx, Angela White, Jessa Rhodes, Kira Noir, Mia Malkova, Vicki Chase, Alex Jones, Bambino, Mick Blue, Ricky Johnson, and Ryan Driller

The final, much-anticipated orgy scene begins later that night with Tori walking the streets and smoking a cigarette. She knows where she’s going. It’s to a dinner party with her clients that will be like no other. She arrives at her location. It’s one last supper before her 6 a.m. appointment. Her clients have all been meaning to thank her. She walks in to see that the party has already started. Jessa and Mia greet her with a kiss. “Nice of you to wait on me,” Tori says to Jessa. She fits right into the last supper action as the camera pans the length of the table, revealing a super cast of pornstars all snacking on each other. Tori sits in the center of the table as the grand orchestrator of this wild night. Mozart’s Requiem plays dramatically in the background, accompanying this visual sensation. The camera pans the length of the table again, but this time each naked body falls in line on the table in slow motion, creating more visual intensity in this scene.

Now, the fucking begins with 13 horny bodies on the table. Vicki gets fucked doggy style by Alex, while Ana rides Mick’s dick reverse cowgirl style. Kira is in a two-man bang with Ryan fucking her pussy doggy style and Bambino fucking her mouth. On the other end of the table, Angela and Ricky are locked in passionate kissing. Jessa and Mia lie in 69 position, pleasing each other’s twats.  The camera goes close in on the action, capturing the girl’s faces as they get pleasured. Ana helps Mia please Jessa’s pussy by finger fucking it. Abella and Mick kiss and soon she’s riding his dick cowgirl style. Angela squeezes Mick's balls. There’s no shortage of action at this orgy of a last supper. Ana melts in ecstasy as she sits on Mick’s face for a tongue lashing on her pussy. Tori helps please Ana’s clit. Ricky moves to the center of the table, adding his hard cock to Tori and Jessa’s tryst. The girls share his cock, sucking it and then turning it over to the other. Kira rides Alex reverse cowgirl style while Vicki hosts Bambino’s dick cowgirl style. It’s Jessa’s turn to get fucked and Ricky obliges, banging her balls deep in doggy position.

Jessa and Tori are stacked doggy style and when Ricky pulls out of Jessa, he stuffs Tori with his cock, giving her a hard pussy slam from behind. Abella is cumming from Mick’s reverse cowgirl fucking and Angela’s eyes roll back in her head as Bambino pounds her pussy missionary and doggy style. The girls make their way down the line and back, moving from cock to cock and from pussy to pussy, tasting everything on the table. “Make me take it,” Tori screams to Alex who is fucking her missionary style over the edge of the table. The action heats up and the table is covered in sweaty, twisting bodies, writhing in ecstasy. Tori cums from the intense finger fucking Mick gives her then she begs him for his dick, bouncing up and down on him cowgirl style. Angela eats Kira’s pussy while Alex fucks her throat. This is a never-ending orgy of pleasure. Bambino fucks Mia’s pussy doggy style then pulls out and pops, covering her ass cheeks in cum. Kira quickly licks the spunk off Mia’s ass then spits it in Mia’s mouth. Ryan fills Ana’s pussy with cum, leaving her with a creampie while Angela and Vicki grind their bodies together, making each other cum. Tori chokes on Mick’s dick, sharing it with Abella, just as Jessa screams for Ricky to cum all over her. He shoots his load on her hairy pussy and Ana licks it up. Now that everyone has reached their climax, they huddle together in the center of the table with Tori as the focal point, ending this fulfilling last supper.

In the final minutes of the flick, we watch Tori continue her walk down the street, reclaiming her power as a strong, punctual woman in control of every part of her life. She’s no slave to cock. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to take it. As the morning creeps on and it gest closer to 6 a.m., we learn why Tori has spent the night living out her sexual fantasies. She has been convicted of fraud in a Ponzi scheme and must begin serving her 12-month prison sentence today at 6 a.m. Her long night out was her last night of sexual freedom before her prison term. The always puntual Juan shows up on time to take her. Tori isn't worried. She factored the prison time into her Ponzi scheme when she defrauded everyone out of millions of dollars. She sees her 12-month sentence as a small price to pay for the money she stole. All that money is still sitting in her bank account.

Final Thoughts:

Vixen’s first feature film is here and it’s epic. Starring Tori Black, Vixen’s current Angel of the Year, After Dark is a satisfying collision of visionary Executive Producer, Greg Lansky, and director Kayden Kross. These two minds come together to produce a flick with a star-studded cast, unbelievable visuals, intense sensuality, and hot sex. The well-orchestrated storyline takes us on a thrilling journey in one night as Tori takes charge of every sexual experience in the L.A. nightlife. Her experiences culminate in the “Last Supper” orgy scene featuring a mega cast of tumbling naked bodies along a gigantic table, feasting on each other’s pussies and cocks. I have watched this flick several times now and am still enjoying it. To give this flick a highly recommended rating wouldn’t be enough. The concept, production quality, hot sex, visuals and overall experience of this movie go well beyond that rating. That’s why I’m listing this as an Xcritic Pick. I use this rating sparingly. After Dark is a movie every porn enthusiast must see. Greg Lansky and Kayden Kross are a dynamic duo in sexual storytelling. They are raising the bar off the charts when it comes to porn production.

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