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Angela By Darkko

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/30/18

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Genre: Showcase, gonzo, anal, gangbang, blowbang, bukkake, squirt, lesbian


Cast: Angela White. Kristina Rose, Marcus Dupree, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes, Eric John, Robby Echo, Filthy Rich, Eddie Jaye, Anthony Gaultier, Jason Moody, John Strong, Mr. Pete

Director: Jonni Darkko

Release Date: Sept. 5, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 33 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Cumshot recap, Squirt recap, three trailers


Overview: Angela White and Jonni Darkko join forces to produce this spectacular showcase dvd. Through the skilled eye of the amazing Jonni Darkko we see Angela in one of her rawest and most hardcore releases starting with an anal extravaganza with Marcus Dupree to an incredible eight man blowbang followed by Angela and Kristina Rose double teaming Mick Blue and finishing with an extraordinary five guy gangbang featuring Angela doing double anal and double vag, taking three guys at once. It's another extraordinary chapter as Angela continues her journey to explore and conquer every conceivable aspect of pornography, this time expertly shot by one of the most extreme and gifted filmmakers Jonni Darkko.


Scene One: Angela White and Marcus Dupree


We start with an amazing sci-fi tinged teaser from Darkko of Angela in silver glitter and a silver one piece bathing suit. The photography is breathtaking as Angela seductively poses for us in her futuristic look. No time is wasted after the tease as Marcus throws Angela onto a couch and buries his face in her ass and then fingerbangs her pussy where she immediately cums, squirting showers of juices in the air. This becomes the Jonni Darkko scene we all know with lots of fluids and juices flying everywhere as Marcus furiously ass fucks Angela in every conceivable fashion. After making her cum Marcus sticks his cock in Angela's ass and plows it in and out of her, stabbing it from time to time where we get to see her puckered asshole winking at us. He has a container full of lube that he squirts inside of her constantly throughout the scene, sucking it out of her ass and spitting it into her mouth as he fingerbangs her to another squirt. Angela then sits on Marcus' cock and he fucks her from underneath, rubbing her swollen pussy to one squirting cum after another. She then rides him sidesaddle and Marcus just squirts lube on himself as he pounds Angela's asshole.


They then go back into a missionary where Marcus squirts more lube in Angela's ass and fucks her while plunging her pussy with a black double dong dildo. With his cock still inside her he makes her gag on it before fucking her with it again. He then feeds the lube from her ass to her mouth first with the dildo and then with his dick, Angela shoving it out of her nearly prolapsing asshole. They then go into an oral, Angela furiously gagging on his cock before having Marcus titty fuck her. Marcus squirts more lube on it making a big mess all over Angela's tits. Angela then sits on Marcus' dick again, her legs pinned behind her head as Marcus plunges his cock up in and out of her. Angela then quirts the lube up in her pussy making her cum as Marcus rubs it while it squirts. They then go into a doggy and Marcus fucks Angela's ass from behind, lube puring out of her ass like lava with every plunge of his cock. Angela gags on the dildo while Marcus fucks her and then masturbates her pussy with it. Marcus then fingerbangs Angela to another squirt, both of them screaming as she cums.


The ass fucking continues with Marcus feeding the lube out her ass with his dick and squirting it out of the bottle into her mouth. After fingerbanging her again Marcus has a screaming orgasm as he cums on Angela's glitter and lube smeared face before throwing her on the couch and making her squirt one more time. This is definitely one of the messiest and most extreme scenes I've ever seen from Angela, but then again it's also a very typical Jonni Darkko scene, which is saying a lot because nobody beautifully photographs such an extreme hardcore scene like Darkko.


Scene Two: Blowbang scene with Angela White, Steve Holmes, Michael Vegas, Eric John, Filthy Rich, Robby Echo, Eddie Jaye, Anthony Gaultier and Jason Moody


After an incredibly sexy slow motion teaser of Angela in a black one piece bathing suit under a spinkler, we cut right into the scene with Angela on her knees in black underwear taking on two cocks, her head going back and forth on them. The guys all tag each other out and soon Angela is tackling all eight cocks as they surround her head. Angela gives each one them equal mouth time as she makes a round robin with them while she jerks off two at a time. There's some titty fucking and neck fucking (don't ask, just watch) as Angela enjoys the room full of jerking cocks.


She then lays on her back and they tea bag her, all of them fucking her face until the drool cascades down it into her eyes. She gives a few of the guys rimjobs and some of them eat her pussy and ass out making her cum while she's deep throating and jacking off the others. Angela then gets on all fours and the guys take turns fucking her face, sometimes two at once as they alternately stab her throat with their cocks. In the end they all jerk off on her face giving her a bukkake and making it look like a glazed donut.


Scene Three: Angela White, Kristina Rose and Mick Blue


After an absolutely beautiful teaser of Angela posing in her underwear and feather boa and drenched in a blue light over a red background, we open to a shot of Angela and Kristina kissing while a naked Mick blue watches. They start deepthroating and fellating the ends of a black double donged dildo (presumably the same one from scene one) while jerking Mick's cock. Angela then decides she wants the real thing and starts sucking Mick's dick while Kristina fucks her throat with the dildo. Kristina then spits on Mick's cock and Angela takes it all down her throat and then they switch, Kristina taking Mick's cock while Angela sucks the dildo. As the both take turns with the two cocks (one real, one fake) Angela then gets on all fours with her ass to the camera and Mick and Kristina take turns worshiping it, each licking and sucking her asshole while they rub her pussy. Mick then sticks his thumb in her pussy while Kristina sticks one end of the dildo in Angela's ass and fellates the other end.


She fucks Angela's ass with the dildo and Mick fingerbangs her pussy with his thumb and soon Angela is cumming on them. Kristina sucks on Mick's cock while she fucks Angela's ass with the dildo until she pulls it out and Mick replaces it with his dick. He fucks Angela's ass, Kristina spitting on it for lube giving Angela an assgasm which Kristina sucks off. They do this for a while, Mick pulling his cock out and Kristina opening up and licking Angela's beautiful cherry red gaping asshole. The scene then transitions to Kristina sucking on Mick's cock while Angela eats her ass out. Angela buries her face in Kristina's ass while she gags on Mick's cock before Kristina climbs up and lowers her ass down on him. Kristina anally fucks Mick's cock, sliding her ass up and down his dick while Angela spits on it making it nice and wet for Kristina's asshole. Kristina has several assgasms on Mick's cock while Angela gags on the dildo and spits on his dick lubing it up very nicely for them. Kristina climbs off and sucks Mick's dick before Angela lays on her back and Mick fucks her asshole while Kristina fucks her pussy with the dildo. Mick grabs the dildo and DP's Angela while Kristian spits on Angela's pussy. Jonni Darkko's photography is astonishing as Mick fucks both of Angela's holes while Kristina kisses her.


Kristina takes the other end of the dildo in her mouth and fucks Angela's pussy with it while Mick keeps fucking Angela's ass. Mick pulls out and fucks Kristina's mouth after giving Angela multiple orgasms before the scene transitions to Angela sitting on Mick's cock sidesaddle and Mick fucking her ass from underneath while Kristina rubs Angela's pussy. Kristina then fucks Angela's pussy with the dildo as she sucks on her tits before Angela starts bouncing on Mick's cock and slapping Kristina in the face with her amazing all naturals. Kristina's hand, the dildo and Mick's cock give Angela orgasm after orgasm as she furiously fucks Mick dick. We transition once more to Kristina sitting on Mick's cock,


Mick holding her legs up while he plows her ass with his dick and Angela eating her pussy and fucking it with the dildo, making the incredibly sexy Kristina Rose cum over and over, her juices flowing out of her pussy and down Mick's pistoning cock. We then cut to Mick jerking his cock as he shoots his load in their mouths and faces, Angela and Kristina licking it off of each other and snowballing Mick's cum.


Scene Four: Gangbang with Angela White, Mick Blue, Marcus Dupree, Steve Holmes, John Strong and Mr. Pete


The final scene starts with a tease of Angela standing in the snowfall wearing a full length fur coat. The coat is stripped and we see her in a white one piece moving seductively on the fur as the small white flakes gently fall around her. We then cut to her inside on the couch alone when the guys all come in at once. Their hands are all over her and soon their cocks are out fucking her face. A lot of the times the guys faces aren't shown, so you really don't know who's dicks are doing what. But really, who cares? This is Angela White fucking five guys at once. For me that's enough.


As she gags on one guy another starts fucking her from behind while the others stand around jacking off. They each take turns fucking her from behind, sometimes in the ass, sometimes in the pussy, while she jerks the others off while a cock is in her mouth. She then starts fucking Steve Holmes, riding his cock with her pussy when someone else comes up behind her and sticks his cock in her ass while Mr. Pete fucks her face. The assfucker then sticks his cock in Angela's pussy along with Steve's, and Angela is absolutely loving it screaming at them to destroy her holes. They then go back to a DP and the guy fucking her ass starts stabbing it giving us a clear shot of Angela's gaping asshole. She then goes reverse cowgirl and gets DP'd again, two cocks plunging in and out of her holes and Angela crying out how much she loves it. With one of them rubbing her clit she has multiple orgasms on the cocks and then leaps off and cleans her juices off of them with her mouth.


They go back into a DP and the men take turns fucking her pussy and making Angela cum all the while be fucked in the ass. This goes on for a while, all of the dicks making her cum nonstop before she goes into a doggy and gets DP'd while sucking on a dick. She then takes two dicks at once in her mouth while being assfucked and DP'd again. She then does a double anal and the vision of two dicks fucking her asshole at the same time gives her multiple assgasms. The guys all take turns double plowing her ass, all of the going from DP to DA on Angela. But it's the triple penetration that takes the cake. With the absolutely brilliant photography of Jonni Darkko who perfectly frames the shot, Angela takes two cocks in the pussy and one in her ass all at the same time, proving just how much of a pro Angela White is in the industry.


And then after that she sits down on Marcus Dupree's and Mick Blue's cocks at once, riding them both together as they plow her very flexible asshole. She grinds down on their cocks while Steve Holmes rubs her pussy until she has an Earth shattering orgasm. The guys then all bukkake on Angela's face and Angela scoops up all of the cum and eats it. An amazing ending to an amazing scene AND an amazing disc.


Final Thoughts: The one thing Angela White fans always anticipate about her new releases is to see just where she's going to go next. To what limits will she reach in her exploration of all things erotic and sexual. With Angela By Darkko we see her very extreme side from one of the most extreme and hardcore directors today. From an extremely messy anal scene, to a truly fascinating multiple penetration gangbang scene Angela is a true artist in her field, never afraid to push the envelope and always striving to bring her followers something new and different. This has been such a fabulous year for Angela, working in conjunction with all of the industry's top filmmakers, from Bree Mills to Greg Lansky. Her work here with Jonni Darkko is an extremely ambitious piece, months in the making, that truly pays off in spades in erotic fulfillment and genuine hardcore pornography. It's a brilliant, very challenging piece, and it gets the XCritic Pick from me. I simply can't wait to see where Angela goes next from here.

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