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School's Out

Studio: Girlsway » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, All Girl, Cheerleaders, Schoolgirls

Director: Stills By Alan


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Cast: Kristen Scott, Lily Adams, Alison Rey, Maya Kendrick, Lana Rhoades, Alina Lopez, Adria Rae

Length: 2 hours 7 minutes

Date of Release: June 4, 2018

Extras: Scene Specific Slideshows, Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Very good overall. Keep your volume control handy for the first scene if you're interested in the dialog, as much of it is in hushed tones that you'll have to crank up a bit and then dial back down once the action starts.

Overview: Girlsway presents 3 curated scenes directed by Stills By Alan that were originally shot for the members' website. The opening and closing scenes are "schoolgirl-themed" with a cheerleader-themed one sandwiched between them. Fans of girl on girl action will be well served here as each scene is about 45 minutes of hot girls having fun with one another and the talent is top-notch. Check it out!

Scene 1: Kristen Scott, Lily Adams "Hot For Student"

Kristen Scott & Lily Adams

Miss Scott has invited Lily over for a party. When she arrives, the house is fully decorated and there are noisemakers available but oddly, all the other guests are absent. As they sit on the couch, Kristen notices Lily's pretty bra and starts stroking her hair. Lily's hesitant to get to know her teacher in that way as she's never been with a girl before. Speaking in hushed tones, Kristen assures her that it will all be okay because she's really attracted to her. After a few minutes of reassurance and confidence building, Lily gives in to her curiosity and they sit on the couch, topless and kissing. Kristen takes it a step further, stripping off her own skirt to Lily's surprise. Even more surprising is that Lily can see right through her sheer burgundy panties. Kristen wants to get to know her student better and peels off her skirt to reveal a beautiful pink G-string which she strokes with her long-nailed fingers, ever so slowly. As Kristen's fingers slide beneath the fabric, Lily's nipples come to attention.

Kristen Scott & Lily Adams

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Miss Adams has fully given into temptation by the time Kristen's tongue hits her barren box and she's soon grinding her hips as Miss Scott gleefully licks away. Lily's eyes are bright and inquisitive as she seeks approval at her own box-licking technique as her tongue explores the area below Kristen's hair triangular patch. Miss Scott's body quivers as Lily shoves her tongue in and out and up and down. The ladies up the ante as Kristen lies her alabaster body atop Lily's bronzed one in a 69 and tongues get joined by fingers. Those fingers move rapidly on each other's clits as they sit side by side, moaning, screaming, and quivering in orgasmic bliss. As they breathe sighs of release, Lily guesses that nobody else is coming to the party and is flattered that her teacher would go to all that trouble just to get in her pants and they share a kiss as they giggle.

Kristen Scott & Lily Adams

Both actresses are very believable in their roles and it makes the whole scene seem plausible while building up the level of eroticism.

Scene 2: Alison Rey, Maya Kendrick, Lana Rhoades "Three Cheers"

Alison Rey Maya Kendrick Lana Rhoades

After cheer practice, the girls head to Alison's house to study but first, they need to shower. Lana's the team captain and wants to be the first to shower which is okay with the others. She heads off to the bathroom and peels off her top to reveal her large breasts. That is shot in the mirror view, with a side mirror present so you get two angles of that which is a nice touch. Outside of the bathroom the other girls are scheming and plotting to take advantage of the situation and fuck their new captain. They run in and pull her to the bedroom where she squirms and tries to avoid the situation due to the fact that she has a boyfriend but it's to no avail, the other girls are kissing and pawing her into compliance with their team bonding experience.  

Alison Rey Maya Kendrick Lana Rhoades

Once she's on board with the bonding, Lana assumes her role as captain again, sticking her tongue right in Alison's ass and ordering Maya to do it too. When Alison starts licking Maya, she has Lana's foot pressing her face into position as she gets her own box snacked upon by Lana who is now issuing more orders for someone to groin grind her. Alison was the original instigator of this whole idea and is just as dominant as Lana as the trio meld from one position to another, tongues and fingers flying, coochies rubbing together.

Alison Rey Maya Kendrick Lana Rhoades

At this point, it becomes impossible to do a play by play and probably quite difficult as a director and editor to decide whether to feature a closeup, a mid shot, or a wide as there is so much going on in a sea of female flesh. The action gets more intense as time marches on, Maya's eye makeup streaming down her face by the time the ladies lock legs in a triangle formation and rub and finger themselves furiously, licking their juices off their fingers. It's an intense threesome that will leave viewers satisfied.

Scene 3:  Alina Lopez, Adria Rae "The Tutor Redux"

Alina Lopez & Adria Rae

Alina's at Adria's house to tutor her in algebra and discovers that Adria hasn't been doing anything in the assignment because she's been too busy reading a Bree Mills' romance novel. As they chat, they discover they have some things in common, the key one being that they both like girls. They immediately put the studying on hold and attack each other, Alina leading the charge as she rips off Adria's clothes followed by her own. They start with an animalistic makeout session in their undies, their breathing hot and heavy.

Alina Lopez & Adria Rae

Their brunette locks are a focal point as their faces press together in passionate kisses, Adria's shaven slit the first to get some tongue time, aided by Alina's fingers. Soon, Alina is working Adria's pussy with both hands as Adria presents herself in doggie. Adria fingers herself as she enjoys a snack between her tutor's thighs, their soft moans filling the air. The revel in each other's body, literally from head to toes as they bump and grind their way to ecstatic bliss.

Alina Lopez & Adria Rae

Fans of tight-bodied brunettes with flowing locks will really like this scene, the ladies show that they are really into each other.

Final Thoughts: I don't review as much girl on girl action as many of our other reviewers here at XCritic but I see plenty of it and this is good stuff. You really can't go wrong with the way Girlsway produces their stuff, much of which is like this and starts out as individual web scenes and then gets compiled onto a disc later on. That explains why each scene lasts about 45 minutes, which seems a bit long to me but I understand that members of a site dedicated to the genre want their money's worth and Girlsway definitely gives them that! You really don't have to look past the cast list to know this will be a good title to add to the stash, it's crammed with fan faves and award-worthy starlets. I picked it because I'm an Alison Rey fan but I have to admit that everyone else looks just as darling as she does here. There's no real hardcore action involving fists or toys, so if that's your thing then you'll feel a bit left out but if you just want to watch some pretty girls having some naked fun with other pretty girls then this is a good bet. It has a high replay value so you should weigh that in but I'm going to stay with a Recommended rating on this one rather than bump it up a level because I felt that it would have been nice to have a Behind the Scenes look into each of the scenes where we could hear the ladies' thoughts.

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