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PCU Anal Majors #5

Studio: Perv City » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/8/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, Anal, Gonzo

Director: Maestro Claudio


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Cast: Whitney Wright, Giselle Palmer, JoJo Kiss, Vanessa Sky, Chris Strokes, Justin Hunt, Ramon Nomar

Length: 3 hours 14 minutes

Date of Release: May 15, 2018

Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Website Promo

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent hi-def capture which is extremely up close and personal in true Maestro Claudio fashion with an anamorphic widescreen presentation. No problems hearing the interviews or every breath our starlets take while getting drilled.

Overview: Maestro Claudio is back with yet another installment of his Anal Majors franchise which features pretty young starlets getting drilled and filled by top-tier male talent. No holes are barred in this anal banging bonanza. If you aren't familiar with Perv City's work, it is unique in the fact that it is gonzo that gets very up close and personal. The longtime performer and Award-nominated director, Claudio, has no qualms about sticking his water-resistant, hi-def camera inches away from the action to make sure you can see every inch of what is going on in exquisite detail. Fans of anal action really can't go wrong with this series.

Scene 1: JoJo Kiss, Chris Strokes

Miss JoJo Kiss hails from Florida and has been in the biz for a couple of years now. If you haven't seen her yet, where have you been? She's worked for just about every major production company out there and is a huge fan fave due to the fact that she's a cutie, with bright eyes and a pretty smile but she's not as innocent as she looks and she's at Perv City in this one to show off her dirty side.

JoJo Kiss

She's in the mood to suck something and our interviewer hands her a lollipop and has her spin to show off her hiked up tutu as he asks her questions. As she spins around and sucks her lolli, we see she's wearing a small furry backpack and giggling seductively as she learns the terms "spitroast" and "airtight". The lolli isn't quite satisfying her so they bring in Chris Strokes, my hopes for the scene falling slightly as he is wearing his trademark ball cap which drives me up the wall. I mean, come on, even "The Bandit" (Burt Reynolds) took his hat off for one thing! Obviously, Chris isn't here for his fashion sense, he's here for his sword which JoJo quickly swallows a majority of. Strokes isn't timid and tries his best to bury it n her throat up to the hilt.

JoJo Kiss

An edit brings us right to Strokes sliding into Kiss' butthole as she holds a wand vibe to her clit while mumbling daddy references in a baby voice. They pause for some ass-to-mouth action before swapping into a doggie derriere drilling which shows off her peach of an ass nicely. They roll through a few position variations, the scene consisting entirely of oral and anal action. As she kneels for the pop, she outstretches her blue-tinted tongue (remember that lollipop at the beginning?) to receive Chris' load but he's got more than that for her and ends up coating not only her tongue but her entire face.

Scene 2: Giselle Palmer, Ramon Nomar

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Texan, Giselle Palmer, is a 2018 nominee for Best New Starlet at both AVN and XBIZ and is racking up both web scene and DVD credits at a rapid pace. Our interviewer is enamored with the length of her legs and her color-coordinated outfit as they discuss that it is her first time at Perv City. The conversation turns to her ass and she shows off her favorite ass workout and then peels off her skin-tight jean shorts to reveal her bright red V-shaped one-piece as she shows off her sphincter control. Next up, her double-D's are on display, which she suspects may be bigger as they are constantly spilling out of her bra.

Giselle Palmer

Ramon, like Chris, enters wearing one of his trademark pieces of clothing: his tight black tee. He starts things off by lapping at Giselle's labia and ass, driving her crazy. He anally probes her with his finger, letting her taste it as he keeps lapping at her. Once his jeans are off, she lubes his shaft up and rubs it between her feet, an intense look on her face that turns to a wide smile as she settles into a rhythm. The foot job becomes a blowjob that becomes a titty fucking, Maestro's camera smoothly gliding along the length of his torso toward the action in closeup.

Giselle Palmer

The pair starts off the penetration with a reverse rodeo, Palmer's unshaven bush bouncing high and hard as Ramon stares into her eyes whispering words of encouragement and appreciation as Giselle's moans border on turning into shrieks as she pumps away furiously. Nomar takes some time to lube his shaft again before sliding into her sphincter, Giselle's eyes glazing over as she wails softly. The duo go from one butt-banging position to another but it's PAlmer's vaginal rodeo ride that works him to the point of no return and she drops to her knees, his jizz dribbling off her cheek and onto her breasts as she blows cum bubbles for the camera.

Scene 3: Vanessa Sky, Chris Strokes

Latin lovely, Vanessa Sky, comes from South Dakota and started in the industry in 2017 so don't confuse her with previous ladies that have used that same moniker in years prior. She's lounging on the couch in knee-high socks and a skin-tight ensemble showing off her Spanish speaking skills as she explains she's Cuban while showing off her high-tech shoelaces that light up in patterns. Like JoJo, she too gets a vocabulary lesson as she learns the word "cunnilingus" while they discuss oral sex on nude beaches.

Vanessa Sky

Once Chris enters, we only see her fingers as he starts poking them into her ass. It's not for a minute or so until we see the hat...aaargh. Really? He then spits in her mouth (again, another scene killer for me) as they stand, Sky jerking his cock. He performs a bit of analingus and rubs his cock between her ass cheeks before lubing his cock up with her pussy juices, Vanessa's spinal chakra tattoo on display as he drills her in doggie. Her spit-strewn BJ is filmed in extreme closeup, Sky licking feverishly from his ass hole to the tip of his shaft in between her bouts of inhaling his cock. With his cock thoroughly lubed, the anal penetration begins. Maybe it's not lubed quite enough because Strokes pulls out momentarily to cover her butthole and cheeks with oil, his cock plunging into the depths of her pussy while her and then his fingers explore her ass.

Vanessa Sky

Sky performs ass-to-mouth a number of times as they concentrate on doggie drilling, Chris swapping holes from time to time. She's in charge of the hole swapping as she rides him, her Cuban bootie twerking rapidly as she rides. Just about every position change involves some oral action from one or both performers, Vanessa taking more than one finger in her oiled up holes at a few points. Sky is in a taco-folded missionary variation during a hole swapping session when Chris decides to coat her face and chest in cum. Her eye makeup is starting to streak as she kneels to clean his shaft with her lips.  

Scene 4: Whitney Wright, Justin Hunt

Unlike everyone else, 2018 AVN/XBIZ nominee for Best New Starlet: Whitney Wright, has her interview go down on a bed. She discusses anal in her personal life and the fact that she likes to masturbate with a Hitachi while having a glass candy cane stuffed up her ass. Her dark locks cascade over her shoulder looking like either she put zero effort into her hair today or the more likely scenario where she spent a lot of time in the makeup chair making it look a bit disheveled. If you've read my review of "Unleashed" or you've seen it yourself, then you know Miss Wright is extremely flexible and she demonstrates that ability a bit. Justin's hands enter the scene as she's busy inserting her third or fourth golf ball-sized anal bead in her ass. The beads get yanked out in one quick yank and are quickly replaced with Hunt's tongue and finger.

Whitney Wright

While Whitney returns the oral favor, her cheeks puff up like a hamster getting ready to escape the confines of its cage and make a run for it. Her eyes shine brightly as slobber streams down her body as it streams from her chin toward the camera lens. After a good amount of time is spent on her servicing Justin's nether region, her own gets covered in lube and Hunt slides right into her back door like a good neighbor coming over for an afternoon cocktail. We've had lots of internal discussions at XCritic and we feel that Justin is definitely an underrated swordsman. His plunging is like that of a longtime plumber clearing a clog.

Whitney Wright

While he drills away, Whitney rubs herself with her long, metallic nailed fingers, whimpering something or other that I forgot to pay attention to. Whipping around, she sucks down his shaft like a starving student home for the holidays. She then climbs on for some anal cowgirl, not to be confused with the somewhat similar sounding 'Urban Cowboy'. Maestro's camera deftly moves from close-ups of Whitney's ass to her boobs, to her face and back again and again, his eye apparently drawn to the same things about her that everyone else's is. She's in the "taco fold" position, her eyes glazing over as Justin is jamming away into her ass when it comes time for liftoff, his rocket fuel hitting her squarely below the eye and covering her pouty lips, Whitney diligently wiping it up and sweeping it into her mouth.

Final Thoughts: Okay, I'm going to ignore Chris Strokes' hat. I know he wears it in a majority of his shoots. It's kind of "his thing". So be it. It drives me, and my lady, up the wall but apparently we are the only two people on the planet that care about such minor things. So, with that faux pas forgiven, let's get to the crux of the matter. Here, we have four hot young starlets. Vanessa Sky is the least professionally experienced here but even she carries off her scene extremely well so you know that multi-award nominees like Whitney Wright are going to be riveting to watch if you are an anal fan. JoJo and Giselle have also earned plenty of stripes and carry their scenes off well. I don't lean toward gonzo flicks but when I do, I like to watch Perv City stuff because Maestro Claudio gets crazy close to the action, fluidly tracking along bodies from one body part to another to showcase not only the naughty bits but also the facial expressions of the starlets as they run the gamut of sexual positions. If you are a fan of anal drilling, then you'll be well-served here. If you're a pornossieur that likes to have tons of cool extras, you can knock my recommendation down a bit because this one only really has a photo shoot and a cumshot recap to speak of. For those that fall into the former category, you will want to add this to your stash before one of these ladies runs off with some award gold at the end of the year. Highly Recommended.

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