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Boss Lady II

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 10/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


The main menu for Boss Lady 2

Boss Lady 2 is indeed a sequel as the title implies but that didn’t stop my curiosity from pulling the DVD box closer to investigate. I’ve obviously never seen the first iteration of the series and I’m truthfully new to the works of Paul Woodcrest. The New Sensations logo sits atop the box in a cool fashion coupled with a franchise moniker of “Tales from the Edge”. This makes sense as you’ll see porn’s darling; Angela White with a daring stare. Ramon Nomar in definite passion cradling Angela White’s marvelous boobs in his hand for a serene cover shot on this DVD box. One can only guess who the real boss is in this lustful box design. A great way to pull in a viewer with such artistic mystique with a calmly placed film title right under Angela’s boobs. The cast and director credits are in that familiar mainstream style in barely visible writing. Envision those movie posters you stroll by at the cinema.

Chapter Index of the film.

Flip the box over to get an even more mainstream design style with Boss Lady 2 but here is where you will find the hardcore sex stills from the film. The collages are organized accordingly with superimposed images of the sleaze scenes. A small summary describing what you might see in this film’s plot. The DVD Special Features are placed at the bottom in an organized list. You’ll get the time of the film’s approximate length. The advertisement of such additional features like Photo Gallery, Behind The Scenes, Trailers, and something called “Pick Your Pleasure” which I’m excited to see. The further you go down on this box the more you features you’ll run into like HD support listings and such.

The straightforward menus in Boss Lady 2 will carry the viewers to simple options like to a very decorated DVD Extras section. This houses the "Behind The Scenes" and an interesting option called "Fantasy Lingerie" which is something I haven't seen before. It seems to be a sensual advertisement for sexy women and the silky outfits that they are adorning. The logo for this Fantasy Lingerie line sits cooly at the corner of the screen as the scenes slide by of the pure sexiness. We return to the standard fare extras like the "Trailers" menu which will start a flow of New Sensations features at their briefest.  The unique "Pick Your Pleasure" chapter has all the scenes divided up by a particular sex position. So you can watch all the pops in the film in one blow or watch all of the cowgirls if you are curious enough.  Selecting the "Photo Gallery" option instigates a slideshow of the sex. 

Cast: Angela White, Sofie Marie, Brooklyn Chase, Reagan Foxx, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Lucas Frost, and Chad White.
Directed By: Paul Woodcrest

Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 141 mins.


The title for Boss Lady 2

The more mainstream the box looks for a porno the higher the production values it seems. I also expect it because this type of porn is meant to draw in more than a few fickle fans looking for a tag to fap to, they go for casual viewers too. You’ll get it all in a fashionable package meant to attract. In Boss Lady 2 you’re on tap to get a stellar cast which is instantly noticeable with Angela White being the cover girl for this DVD. She’s surrounded by a strong supporting cast to show off this as a legitimate feature with serious players. If that wasn’t enough I sensed that common care that major studios like New Sensations are known for when it comes to features like Boss Lady 2. I really admire when a studio takes the time to make their product look larger than life. Again, these features have that mainstream style that works wonders for marketing these films to more casual audiences. Depending on the director you’ll see some common porn stereotypes negated. I remember watching one of these more serious features that had minimal facials in it. Boss Lady 2 looks the part simply put. With characters on the box that seem interesting enough to want to snag it off the shelf out of sheer curiosity. Paul Woodcrest’s feature calls you as the box spits the DVD disc into your player. 


Ramon and Angie on screen together

The New Sensations logo zips across the screen before you hear Lucas Frost speaking with his boss Brooklyn Chase. This happens before the film’s logo leaps on the screen and some music cues in an intro. Short clips of the sex will fly by as the bubbly beats guide in the cast of the film. I expected a smoother feature film like a transition from the logo splash to the film start but this intro is welcome. Brief shots of Angela White and other cast members engaging in sexual affairs is what initiates instantly.

Titty fucking with Angela White

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Angel White’s scene is the first on the disc actually and the setup is her, of course, being the boss in the scene. Ramon is playing a frustrated employee on the brink of quitting. You’ll see him cave and call his boss to throw in the towel for this stressful job while sitting in his car. Angela White can’t believe what she is hearing and demands Ramon Nomar reconsiders his resignation.  The man is frustrated with his working conditions so he further states this by saying that all Angela White thinks is about is “work, work, work..” and not the condition of her employees. Angela cuts a deal for Ramon to meet with her personally at her house.

Angela on top.

When he arrives Angela is waiting in her kitchen still shocked by his decision to leave the company. Ramon still in his business attire stands in her presence pushing the notion that he’s not happy. Finally, fed up he leaves but not before Angela hatches a plan on the fly to make him stay...

Angela loving the cock.

In no time both top-tier performers are tearing each other’s clothes off at the feet of some steps in Angela’s home. They run up those steps in a wind gust of passion to start the scene of sex up.  From some hot porno kissing to the tit fuck segment this is a very fast-paced scene. Angela White is a racecar driver when it comes to her sex scenes. Couple this with a rocking male talent like Ramon Nomar and you’ll barely be able to keep up with this supposed feature scene. It’s actually greatly filmed gonzo and you’ll see this as Ramon’s wiener blasts into Angela White’s boobs for titty fuck segment during the opening oral. Sex starts as soon as Angela is slammed into positions like reverse cowgirl and missionary where both performers ooze into each other further. Angela White is really going off during her reverse cowgirl ride. With her boobs bouncing vibrantly as she wails away during Ramon’s reams here. Ramon does a good job of keeping those boobies in his mouth as he’s sucking on them whenever he can. Angela White is flipped into standard cowgirl out of more boob sucking and that really cool reverse cowgirl sequence that happened.

Angela Cum tip suck

Angela’s passion is flaring as Ramon Nomar humps her hard in the cowgirl section which smoothly transitions into a doggy style session. Angela still singing her poetic orgasms loudly as Ramon is flying into her full speed with more humps. The finale is fished out back in missionary as both performers are excited about the ejaculation. Ramon is then ready to launch his cum all over Angela White’s face and tits to seal this sex scene. “So what time is the meeting..?” Ramon concedes. That ever loving smile is then seen with a nice cum coating on Angie's mouth. These words are uttered next, “I knew you’d come around…”. Angela White continues smiling as she licks cum off her boobs.



Lucas and Brooklyn at work.

It looks like Lucas Frost and Brooklyn Chase are sitting at a table across from each other discussing the day’s work events. They look like they’re in the field of real estate as Brooklyn shifts the topic to Lucas’ exceptional work ethic and to her his good looks. She describes him as the “full package”. Humble in his response he acknowledges his schooling in the business field and plays off the flirting that he senses from Brooklyn’s direction. The flirting becomes full-on advances as Brooklyn shows little regard from mentions of Lucas’ girlfriend or his apprehensive demeanor. But once the hands go down the pants it’s all over as Lucas Frost and Brooklyn Chase begin locking lips to launch into a lustful workplace affair. Brooklyn mentions inspecting a room upstairs for what will most likely be the stage for some hot porno sex and that’s exactly where she leads him.

Brooklyn's boobs.

The stripping and kissing continue as Lucas Frost starts to eat his boss’s pussy out. Brooklyn moaning approvingly of these pussy munching maneuvers by her now a sexually eager assistant. This is rewarded with Brooklyn Chase’s exceptional BJ skills as she allows Lucas Frost to “fuck his boss’s face”. Some stringers will dangle from Brooklyn’s wet mouth during the cocking sucking segment. Missionary pounding is the next sequence of events as both performers rail through this sexual scene. Brooklyn excitedly was laid down on the bed after pulling her panties down to allow this. Some alternate camera angles show Brooklyn watching her own pussy getting drilled by her horny assistant. Time for Brooklyn Chase to spin around in doggy and show Lucas her pretty pussy as he’s urged to start insertion once again.  He grabs a handful of her ass as he slaps into her vagina in doggy style.

Brooklyn on top.

They break the doggy pattern so Lucas can sneak some munches of Brooklyn’s pussy. The smooth editing sends us back to some doggy humping once more and a little more fast paced this time around. Brooklyn will leap on Lucas’ cock once more as well out of the doggy style segment. Time for cowgirl as Brooklyn sits on that dick. She’ll rotate in both reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl in this rotation of sex positions. After some good close up shots of more penetration changes, the cum is finally corralled all over Brooklyn’s face and boobs. Lucas Frost being the good employee and following the directions of “cumming all over your boss’s face and tits.” The scene ends with them agreeing to check out the other rooms in the house.


Reagan and Chad set up

Chad White is sifting through some mail with his frustrated co-worker in the form of the flawless Reagan Foxx. She’s stressing over the potential loss of an account yet the cool-headed Chad White brings her down a few notches. He advertises his world-class massaging techniques to a now bewildered Reagan Foxx. She flashes her ring on her finger and simply says, “Married.” This doesn’t stop Chad as the massaging leads to him pulling Reagan’s legs apart and uttering “If my boss isn’t happy, I’m not happy..” Then the pussy eating of his boss begins. He’ll lick and slurp as the panties are pulled apart for access to her vagina. She has his face deep in there in no time. The two the race for another room as they strip each other while running. “Can I have my ring back?” Referring to Chad White ripping it off her hand earlier, exchanges like this showing the fun dialogue in this scene.

Reagan getting on top of Chad White in cowgirl

The exciting sexual encounter is now on a bed as you see Reagan Foxx rip off Chad White’s pants to start up her blowjob. Reagan is amazing when the camera gets close to her face in this hypnotic cock sucking sequence. Reagan plays with the penis,  jacking it, for instance, to get it prepared for a cowgirl mounting. She gets on top and Chad White begins to ream away in this position further exciting this scene between the two. The camera is in a spot to capture Reagan Foxx getting her pussy slammed in regular cowgirl positioning. 

Reagan popped on

After a wild ride in regular cowgirl, Reagan will flip over in reverse cowgirl to get her pussy pounded ruthlessly by a charged up Chad White. The chemistry apparently progressing as the scene goes as well as the camera work as Reagan rides on top. The banging of the bodies is obvious as you hear Reagan yell out “We shouldn’t be doing this!” in character. It is quite funny as you’ll see Reagan Foxx is wearing her wedding ring again. They dash into doggy style next with plenty of ass smacks during the pumping of fornication. After that hard sex sequence, Reagan will turn around for even more cock sucking. She lays down for missionary next as Chad White bores into her further. This leads to a steady fuck to pop as Chad White blasts his load all over Reagan’s amazing boobs. 


James Deen embracing Sofie

James Deen’s character is sitting at a desk doing some paperwork when Sofie Marie decides to drop by and unleash a contract. His shock is understandable since it’s a contract regarding a non-disclosure about having sex with Sofie that day. Her own husband hatched this thought out a plan that only a swinger would think of. Now James Deen has to have sex with another man's own wife, Sofie Marie,  under contract. With the sole purpose of secrecy, the contract is signed for some sex to happen in Sofie's favor.

Sofie Marie sucking James Deen's balls.

Sofie Marie couldn’t be more excited and willing once the deal is sealed she gets up and starts advertising the goods. James Deen and Sofie both meet up to undress and fuck each other. Deen is already unbuttoning his shirt getting ready for the ball-cupping blowjob that Sofie Marie delivers.  Fornication is followed through with a reverse cowgirl with James cupping a titty as he humps into Sofie. Still wearing some of his business attire as he grasping boobs and pounding puss for this wild cowgirl ride in reverse.  Right out of the reverse cowgirl James Deen dives mouth-first into Sofie’s pussy for a quick snack. Next is the standard missionary where Deen will proceed to lay pipe into Sofie Marie. Intense orgasms from Sofie will ensue during the rhythmic humping as she’s opened up in missionary.

Close up CG of Sofie

Chemistry concurrent with the dirty dialogue as James Deen is how firing away in regular cowgirl. The camera angles here sitting right in front of  Sofie’s slamming butt getting rocked in this position. A nice camera to capture a sweet arch on a rocking MILF body. “Stick that cock in me…” you will hear Sofie say as we switch to another position change to watch. Now you see Sofie Marie getting fucked back in doggy style with a unique camera angle underneath the action.  Close-ups shots of this vaginal doggy sequence happen as well. The pop is fucked out of a thrusting missionary segment they sailed into.

new sensations title

The interesting fact that this can be possibly sold as a gonzo title or couples feature really helps Boss Lady 2. I again never watched the first film in the series but that didn't stop me from enjoying a DVD chocked full with extras that I haven't really seen other studios do. The advertisement for the lingerie line is an example of that. Also, there is definite dialogue and expression of characterization in these scenes with totally hot sex and memorable chemistry. High production values on both the disc's front and actual film make this a recommended feature for those into watching something different. Whether it be packaged as Gonzo or a fancy feature.  

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