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Model Perfect

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 10/12/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: All-Sex

Date of Production: July 16, 2018

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Kenna James, Ivy Wolfe, Angela White, Elena Koshka, James Deen, Chad White, Logan Pierce, Steve Holmes

Length: 130 Minutes

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Bonus Scene, Behind The Scenes, Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: HD

Eddie Powell has done it again. Model Perfect is a top-shelf showcase of New Sensations romance and hardcore. The DVD features four incredible scenes featuring A-listers and promising up and comers. It’s very good.

While each scene is set up with ample background and story, the film as a whole is more of a compilation. Aside from some shared themes, like memories and flashbacks, there is no continuity or relation between scenes.

The name Model Perfect conjures up images of fashion shoots and photographers, and as such, is a bit of a misnomer. There is no reference to a single camera, and it is never implied that any of our stars are models of any sort. But don’t let that dissuade you, these scenes are remarkable nonetheless.

New Sensations consistently delivers on special features. You’ll find one bonus scene, a mostly hardcore romp with Layla London and Markus Dupree from 2016’s Hot Models in addition to the usual photo galleries and trailers. They’ve also included a pick-your-pleasure: a way to view your own compilation of specific sex acts from all scenes. And it wouldn’t be an NS film without a thorough behind-the-scenes feature. This one offers four candid interviews with the talent.

Scene 1:
Romantic memories of the night before give way to passionate sex in this well-acted squirt-fest. Kenna James rises early for a glass of water. Passing the kitchen, she has flashbacks of a hard bang right there on the kitchen island.

Deen and James share a level of chemistry and intimacy that extends beyond the screen. An early mentor of hers, Deen was selected for James’ first boy/girl scene in 2017 and has been top-dick in the majority of James’ scenes. The rapport goes deeper than that. Kenna claims “I have had a crush on James since I was 14,” according to an interview at AVN.

Director Eddie Powell draws inspiration from Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 retelling of Romeo and Juliet, inverting the morning-after scene to include a nude Kenna James at the window and lots of atmosphere through a setup that takes its time getting to the action.

Sexually surreal, this is one of those scenes that fosters an appreciation of hardcore pornography. If you’ve never seen the appeal of a hardcore, you will now. Deen and James create the ultimate expression of love and lust. This is what a hardcore scene should be.

Kenna really lets go. Her body is on fire as she weaves in and out of each successive orgasm. Her skin glows red, eyes light up, she squirts, she groans. Sometimes she’s clawing at the bed desperately, sometimes she’s got a devilish smile, while at other times she looks like she’s about to explode.

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The whole thing is something sexual and real. It is a glimpse into a very magical and raw moment. It is currently the top-rated Kenna scene at NewSensations and replaces her threesome with Natalia Starr and James Deen as my personal favorite Kenna performance of all time.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what sort of porn you like. This one falls squarely under the must-watch category.

Scene 2:
Angela White sets up the scene with a voiceover about her love of sampling sex from all around the world. But she reveals that there’s something special about her newest infatuation: Steve Holmes.

Holmes and White share excellent chemistry, walking the line between playful and sexy. And he plays up the idea of fresh infatuation so well. He keeps looking at her, telling her how beautiful she is. It’s not enough to fuck this Australian traveler, he’s got to experience this woman fully.

And what can be said about Angela White that hasn’t already been written? She is a force of nature. White varies the pace, always shifting from high gear to full-on romance. But she’s an actress at heart. Listen to the way she talks, and then the way she moves. It’s a sensual ballet.

There’s one moment where Holmes stops the pace and asks White to massage his dick with her pussy. We all know how fun that is, but you’re never exposed to it in the pornos. Angela White just eats this up. You can see it in her face, especially when he starts thrusting slowly.

Speaking of eating it up, White’s orgasm during Steve Holme’s oral is legendary. She builds up to it in waves, and then something magical happens. Her face locks in pleasure as if in a trance, then, seconds later, she practically launches herself from the couch.

But what makes this stand out, is that Eddie Powell doesn’t yell cut right after the pop-shot. Holmes cums all over Angela’s face, and then she says “I want to cum with your cum on my face.” The two share an intense gaze as Holmes violently rubs her clit to another orgasm.

Scene 3:
Part solo masturbation scene and part boy/girl, Elena Koshka and Chad White are dynamite in this flashback romp. Koshka is rubbing one out to the memory of past sex with a bearded Chad White. Koshka delivers her usual blend of glam and hardcore in a natural and beautiful performance.

Koshka is one of the most vocal performers that I’ve come across. No, she’s not a screamer; but she consistently communicates with her partner, a trait I’ve praised many times over. She’s constantly asking for little variations from White, a change of pace, or a different angle of penetration. She’s in control of her own orgasm, and it shows!

That’s the thing about Koshka’s porn: she is either cumming or on the verge of the big O throughout. Watch her abs tighten and upper chest flush red with each climax--it’s breathtaking. And this scene’s a real treat in that she gives in to a few full-body-shaking orgasms, and even manages to squirt a few times.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but Chad White pulls off a remarkable trick just ahead of penetration. You see him tug his shaft, revealing a shimmering drop of pre-cum, which drops directly into Koshka’s visibly wet pussy.

Her deep-throated blowjob towards the end of the scene is great too. Powell keeps the camera focused at her face, with a delightful view down her naked body. Her nipples slightly soften, but as White starts fingering her pussy and later her ass, the red returns to her chest and the nips sharpen like diamonds. The human body is an amazing thing.

Scene 4:
In her one year of porn, Ivy Wolfe has grown into one of the most dynamic and sensual performers of this generation. She first caught my attention with her outstanding contribution to Vixen’s Natural Beauties 7, and then proceeded to blow our minds with her treatment of Rosalyn Sphinx’s creampie in the follow-up Natural Beauties 9. She gets better and better with each scene, and this is the latest in what we hope to be a long line of memorable pornos.

This is the first time that I’ve seen Wolfe in such a dominant role, strutting towards a bound and gagged Logan Pierce with intensity. She teases and torments him with touches and bites like some sort of sexual vampire while always denying him that next release.

Wolfe is a natural. She is unquestionably in control and a little bit dangerous as she commands Pierce through each progressively more sexual activity.

But the thing that sets Wolfe’s performance apart are her eyes. She portrays this mix of intrigue, lust, and bouts of spite with her sharp gaze. As one commenter observed, she’s like a David Lynch girl. In fact, the scene itself feels a bit Lynchian in tone, if not in appearance.

It feels as though beautiful pornography is on the rise, and Eddie Powell is spearheading the movement with scenes like this. The scene is impeccably shot, with each wide-shot, close-up and transition perfectly framed and purposeful to advance the unfolding sexual story. He uses a mix of crisp shots and dreamy soft-focuses, drawing the eyes from place to place. And the set design--impeccably clean.

It’s not often that I see something unique in porn, but Wolfe delivers a twist on panty play by wrapping Pierce’s pecker in her white lace. And the way she bites her lip and rolls her eyes back deserve several points for style.

Sex acts are diverse, ranging from standard positions to rimming and excellent facesitting, but it’s Wolfe’s oral that takes the cake. She doesn’t just suck cock, it’s like her own performance art--truly breathtaking.

When she finally starts riding cock, it goes from pornographic to pure-fucking-magic. She grinds herself to a fabulous orgasm on top before unbinding Pierce for a sudden role-reversal. He takes charge and fucks her hard in so many positions before exploding over Wolfe’s face.

Final Thoughts:
Model Perfect is the best all-sex film I’ve seen all year. Each scene is outstanding and showcases incredible talent with tangible on-screen chemistry. Sex acts range from soft to risque but are always presented tastefully so as not to scare away fans of more vanilla action.

Eddie Powell and the stars deserve special attention for creativity. In addition to hot sex, you’ll see a few uncommon acts that are refreshing and exhilarating.

It’s hard to find fault with this release. Set design is impeccable, locations are beautiful, and all the fashion elements are in place. It looks like a much bigger budget production than is typical for porns of this nature.

Although short-lived, the acting and voice overs are well done. They flow perfectly with the scene without feeling forced or awkward.

This is a movie that is sure to blow you away and deserves recognition as an XCritic Pick.

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