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Fallen II

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Big Budget, Feature, Couples, Cosplay

Director: Brad Armstrong Producer: David Lord
DP: Barrett Blade Editor: Geddy Lee Roth


Chapters Menu

Chapters Menu

Cast: August Taylor, Casey Calvert, Jenevieve Hexxx, jessica drake, Leigh Raven, Luna Star, Misty Stone, Brad Armstrong, Codey Steele, Derrick Pierce, Eric Masterson, Isiah Maxwell, John Strong, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Tommy Pistol, Tyler Nixon (non-sex)

Length: 3 hours 20 minutes

Date of Release: September 26, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Wicked Promo Reel, Menu-Selectable Trailers, Fallen II Trailer

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Bonus Sex Scene: jessica drake, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn from 'Carnal' 7:10 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent. Some low-light scenes are best viewed on a large format TV in a dark room. The "metal" soundtrack works excellently for my tastes.

Overview: I don't like to discuss plot details of feature films, usually I just give you an overview of the plot but Wicked's official summary does a good job of it so I'm just going to use it.

"Wicked Pictures and Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong bring you the most highly anticipated sequels in Adult Entertainment history. The original FALLEN was chosen one of the "30 Greatest Adult Movies of All Time" and has been the company's biggest selling and most critically acclaimed film of the past decade. Now the adventure continues on the 10 Year Anniversary of the epic blockbuster's original release date. In FALLEN II Angel (jessica drake) and Keith (Brad Armstrong) continue on the next chapter of their dark journey. A decade has passed and the world is a colder, darker place. The duo still roam the city streets in search of any sinful pleasures that come their way, but they've become a shell of what they once were, no longer human or angel, trapped in an earthly purgatory, caught between the living and the dead. One fateful night they save a young woman's life. At first she seems like just another lost soul, but they soon realize she's much more. They learn Max (Leigh Raven) is pregnant and is carrying this generation's Savior. Both Heaven and Hell want the child for their own and have sent their most trusted servants to coerce Angel and Keith into handing over the anointed one. Arch Angels Gabriel (Misty Stone) and Azrael (Isiah Maxwell) offer Angel her wings back, as well as the return of her interstellar status. Meanwhile the Devil's minion Pharzuph (Tommy Pistol) has come baring the only gift Keith would ever wish for... the return of his true love Denise. The stage is set for the classic battle between Good and Evil. Each will stop at nothing to get their way and bring "The Chosen One" back to their master. Who will be the victor and will Angel and Keith make it through the battle alive? FALLEN II like it's epic predecessor is destined to become an Adult Film Classic . Featuring brilliant acting performances by the entire cast, a riveting screenplay, stunning production design and is 7 incredible sex scenes. If you liked Fallen you'll love the Fallen II. If you haven't seen the original this is your chance to binge-watch because you get both FALLEN and FALLEN II in this EXCLUSIVE 2 DISC SET."

Scene 1. Casey Calvert, jessica drake, Luna Star, Derrick Pierce, Eric Masterson, Ryan Driller

Casey and jessica hit up a nightclub and without speaking a word, just a soft touch to some key individuals, they head to a back room where Derrick is sitting on a steel cage. Casey walks to him as jessica grabs a seat on a large, leather platform with Luna and Eric strolling into the room behind her. A heavy guitar and drum track grind as everyone finds a place in the red-lit room. Luna starts to unbuckle drake's clothing while Ryan walks in from a side entrance, a Cheshire grin growing on his face.

group sex

The visuals are shot from multiple cameras, some seemingly stationary while others are mobile. That provides good coverage as everyone convenes on the leather platform and clothes start to get tossed aside. Each man gets a bit of fellating and then an edit brings us to everyone getting drilled in one position or another, the partners and positions changing as edits bring us to different camera viewpoints.

It's a visual feast of leather, latex, and mesh with jessica getting plugged airtight at one point with Ryan taking the anchor position, Derrick in the bow, and Eric in the stern. It all culminates in Luna and Casey sharing a load to the face with jessica getting two loads all to herself.

Scene 2. jessica drake, Misty Stone, Isiah Maxwell

group sex

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A lofty orchestral track plays while our trio has a discussion in a dark alley and the music track changes to a more frenetic hard rock-operaesque track as they start to enjoy each other in a carnal manner. As Misty enjoys the taste of jessica, Isiah starts to work himself to stiffness, the girls' mouths joining him in that mission, drool streaming down Stone's chin. Misty hold drake tightly, spanking her occasionally, as Maxwell takes her from behind. Isiah steps away for a while, letting Misty take his place behind the buxom blonde and enjoy a midnight snack before she too gets his sword delivered unto her. jessica gets another chance to be impaled by Isiah, letting him unload himself into her eager mouth.

Scene 3. August Taylor, Jenevieve Hexxx, Brad Armstrong

Another guitar heavy riff track goes down while August and Jenevieve exercise their powers of persuasion on Brad. He seems pretty enamored with August's large gloves while Hexxx is busy pulling his pants down so they can enjoy his stiffening staff.

group sex

August is the first to receive his staff inside of her while she makes out with Jenevieve. Her eyes lock on his as she lies back and gets worked, Jenevieve's eyes also flick towards his seductively as she awaits her turn. The ladies have obviously been raised right, sharing sword time almost equally until Brad blows on their awaiting lips.

Scene 4. Leigh Raven, Codey Steele, John Strong, Seth Gamble

group sex

This scene starts out with Leigh posing as if she was a fashion model, cinematically biting her lip and running her forked tongue on some steel bars, surrounded by winged men. As fashion turns to mouth-fucking, bright spotlights scan the action, casting shadows of the bars across the group. The blowbang is fueled by some seriously fast guitar picking and morphs into a full-on gangbang with our three winged cocksmen. Like jessica earlier, Leigh gets to enjoy some airtight moments as she rides rodeo on Strong, the spotlights continuing to scan the scene. She smiles broadly as the men gather around her face to jerk themselves to completion.

I was wondering how the hell this scene came to fit into the plot and after they unload, it is explained with a universal plot device.

Scene 5. Leigh Raven, Brad Armstrong

Brad and Leigh are having a chat on the couch and she mentions she gets the feeling he wants to fuck her. At first, he denies it but is soon munching on her box and ramming his fingers inside of her as a driving, plunky bass track builds up while Leigh lies back and enjoys the action. His finger banging progresses to a two hand technique, one for each of her holes. Raven seemingly squirts all over his fingers as he's busy ramming his rod into her throat. Brad then starts trading his cock for his balls, stuffing each of them into her mouth one after the other.

Leigh Raven

He strips off her undies and tee, stopping to perform a bit of booty munching before gloving up and taking her in doggie followed by missionary. His cock is joined by his middle finger as he humps away, Leigh's tiny tits swaying up and down with each thrust. He swaps that for a two-handed, four-fingered fucking and then a two-fingered anal reaming which he follows with his cock. Another four-fingered attack is followed by an anal piledrive, Leigh's head on the floor, looking up and smiling. It's in the perfect position to receive his pull-out plastering.

Scene 6. jessica drake, Tommy Pistol

Tommy explains the situation at hand to jessica, pleading his case as if channeling Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves simultaneously. It's a bit over the top but is really hard to not to enjoy. Once they decide to indulge in the carnal pleasures it is nice that Tommy starts things off by just yanking her pants down for a bit of access without removing them completely at first. It's a very nicely tailored outfit and drake looks great in it.

jessica drake

jessica actually looks to be enjoying the feel of the outfit and the atmosphere in the scene as they roll through some rodeo and missionary, her nipples erect as they poke out above her corset. She moans softly as Tommy pumps away but even though her eyes are closed at times, her expression is that of someone who is up to something far bigger in scope than she'd have you believe. It is the mounds that those nipples sit atop that ultimately get sprayed come time for the money shot, jessica cleaning his shaft gladly with her mouth.

Scene 7. jessica drake, Brad Armstrong

Due to the storyline, this is the only sex scene that is based on chemistry and it is apparent as it begins with a shared, passionate kiss followed by jessica dropping to her knees to inhale Brad's boner. He returns the favor, his wings hovering just above the action as he tongue bobs into her. The duo moves into a reverse rodeo bounce, jessica rubbing herself as she slides up and down on his dong.

jessica drake

His thrusts seem soft and tentative as he takes her in doggie but jessica's tiny ass shakes vigorously as she again rides him, her motions seeming very deliberate and calculated. She slaps at her own ass as Brad thrusts into her from below, moans continuously streaming from her lips until they become otherwise occupied catching his dick drizzle.
Final Thoughts: As Wicked states in their summary above, this is a follow-up to what might be one of the most-reviewed titles ever, Fallen. It was critically acclaimed and took home a number of awards, one of which was an AVN award for 'Best Packaging'. Now, that might seem like a weird award but I can assure you that when I opened the envelope this came in I was taken aback by how awesome the packaging is. Unlike its predecessor, however, this one only has 2 discs, not 4. That kind of sucks because we don't get all the in-depth BTS features that the 4-disc'er provided back in the day. We also don't get multiple choices for how we want the film to end (Angel's Destiny), nor the ability to select which audio (include music/no music/just music) track we'd like, although those features are still available on the disc that contains Fallen.

Now on to my thoughts of what is on this disc. Let me start with the phenomenal cast. Brad Armstrong has been making movies for a minute or two now, so it's no surprise that his acting and directing abilities are on point, he does a great job at both here. Miss drake has also been doing this for a bit and is also good here, looking great as her returning character that is ten years older but not really looking like she is. (I don't know if fallen angels are supposed to show aging or not - are they immortal?) Her angelic buddies (Stone and Maxwell) will probably get some nods come awards time, just like the rest of the main cast here, I think. Tommy Pistol, well, he's Tommy Pistol as I've said in many reviews. Here, he gets to play a somewhat bizarre minion of the devil. I'm not sure if writers try to write a scene and dialog with him in mind or if they just write it and let him run with whatever pops into his head as far as how the character should act and sound but I can say that 99.9% of the time it totally works and this time is no exception. Leigh Raven is the central character in this tale and before I give any props to her I have to acknowledge the hair, makeup, and wardrobe departments. She looks phenomenal as a streetwalker in the beginning and totally believable as someone in hiding that is lounging around the house and sleeping on a sofa. She is totally believable, herself, it's not just the wardrobe department that should get that credit. I praised her in her role as "Cindy" for Burning Angel and I'll do it again here. The girl can act. The secondary characters who are mostly involved in group sex scenes don't really play pivotal roles but are cast with a good diversity that fit those scenes very well.

Now let's move on to the crew. The art direction and location scouting are excellent. The camera work is very good, with multiple cams involved in every sex scene and there's even a shot of jessica in a helicopter, which Brad has pointed out on twitter that he's been doing for years, way before it was "trendy". Now, I didn't mention Tyler Nixon in my discussion of the cast but he does have a role (no, he's not jessica's horny stepson) but I'm going to mention him here because he is one of the cameramen credited, for drone footage specifically. Studios like Marc Dorcel have been using drones in porn for quite some time now and I'm glad to see them being used more here in the States. The photography and editing are all very good but I can tell you that this is a film you'll want to watch on a reasonably large, hi-def screen as some scenes are shot in very low-light. The soundtrack, to me, was particularly appealing as it was mostly heavy, guitar-laden tracks that even though they are basically continuous loops sound really good with kind of a Rammstein feel to them.

The sex. That's what you all want to know about, right? Well, jessica is in 4 of 7 of the scenes for a reason. People like to watch her get nailed and railed, I particularly liked the scene where she keeps her clothing mostly on, it looks fabulous conforming to her hard body. Leigh gets 2 sex scenes with the standout being the one with the fashion-modelesque intro. Casey, Jenevieve, August, and Luna all look great on-screen every time I see them and I thought they fit into these roles very well. Oddly, Casey does not get credited at the end, only in the beginning. On a similar note, Seth Gamble's name fades in and out of the opening credits three separate times.

My overall thought on this flick is that couples will be well-served here. For those that are looking for some seriously naughty stuff that involves whips and chains or giant toys or random household objects, you already know this isn't going to be your cup of tea and probably aren't reading this. It's got just enough edgy sex in it to be considered risque by conservative couples while still being approachable. I wish this was a 4-disc version but I realize that simple economics probably prohibited that. Either way, it's worth adding to your collection and does include the original, so that's a bonus for lots of people that don't already own it! Highly Recommended.

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