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Episode 5: Strange Nurses

Studio: Girlcore » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Nurse

Cast: Whitney Wright, Casey Calvert, Sarah Vandella, Ryan Kelly (non-sex)

Writer/Director: Bree Mills


Overview: The nurses at the hospital Whitney Wright is staying at display very peculiar bedside manners in episode five of Bree Mills retro themed lesbian series Girlcore. The series is set to be released Oct. 23. This is a sneak peek.


Strange Nurses” starring Whitney Wright, Casey Calvert, and Sarah Vandella


It's 1984, (We can tell from the Reagan/Bush campaign poster on the hospital room wall? ok.) and Whitney Wright is recovering from plastic surgery after getting her nose done. Her nurse Casey Calvert is very friendly, gently removing her bandages and bringing her candy. Her kindness and constant flirting cause Whitney to develop a crush on her, even asking her out for a date on the weekend. On her final day at the hospital, Whitney's doctor Ryan Kelly removes the final bandage and tells her to stay overnight. When the night comes Whitney is surprised and a little scared when a different nurse she's never seen before, Sarah Vandella, enters her room and tells Whitney she needs a physical before she can go. She tells Whitney to remove her top and proceeds to give her a breast exam. She kneads her tits and pinches her nipples before heading down to her pussy. Sarah tells Whitney she smells “a little ripe” and to remove her panties. Reluctantly Whitney obeys and Sarah tells her she needs to do a taste test. Sarah starts licking Whitney's pussy, sucking her clit and probing her with her finger when Casey enters the room. The frightened and befuddled Whitney pleads for Casey to make Sarah stop. But Casey tells Whitney that Sarah needs to do her job and starts kissing her while Sarah goes back to eating her pussy. Casey then takes her top off and trades places with Sarah, going down on Whitney's pussy while Sarah undresses herself. Whitney sucks on Sarah's tits while Casey keeps eating and soon they're both enjoying Whitney's body, Sarah sucking her tits and Casey eating her pussy.


As Whitney's breathing gets heavier at the sensation of Casey's tongue on her clit Sarah climbs up and sits on Whitney's face.  She rides and grinds her pussy on Whitney's mouth and soon her wiggling ass is cumming on her tongue. Sarah climbs off and Casey continues to lick, her red lipstick smearing itself all over Whitney's cunt. Sarah then takes over licking her pussy and Casey rubs her clit bringing Whitney to orgasm in Sarah's mouth. Casey and Sarah then lay back side by side with their legs in the air and tell Whitney to lick their pussies. She proceeds to eat out Sarah first as she fingers Casey before switching over to Casey and eating her pussy as she fingerbangs Sarah. She licks Sarah one more time before fingerbanging them both until they cum.


Whitney then gets on all fours and Casey fingers her from behind while Sarah sucks on her tits. Sarah sits up and lets Whitney suck her tits before going back and worshipping her ass, kissing it and licking her asshole bringing Whitney to orgasm again. I really like Bree Mills' camera work here as she gets a closeup of Whitney's beautiful blue eyed face biting the blanket as she cums. Whitney then sits on Sarah's face as she masturbates her pussy while Casey sucks on Whitney's tits. Whitney rides her face, wiggling her pussy on her mouth until she cums and then they form a chain with Whitney in a doggy position eating Casey's pussy while Sarah eats her out from behind.


Whitney sucks and fingerbangs Casey until she cums while Sarah's face is planted in Whitney's ass making her orgasm as well. The three all kiss each other before Whitney lays down and Sarah starts tribbing her. With one leg thrown over Sarah's shoulder, she bumps and grinds on Whitney's pussy making her cum before going down and eating her out one more time making her cum again. The scene ends with Casey and Sarah dressing themselves and leaving with the doctor. End scene.


Overview: The one thing I appreciate so much about Bree Mills is how much she's trying to do different things in the industry. Gamma Media has long been a mark of quality, bringing us challenging stories coupled with fine performances from one of the most talented behind the scenes crew in the business. With Girlcore I'm assuming she's trying to replicate 1980's porn and bring it into the modern age. On a certain level she succeeds, but I think she might be pushing the theme a little too far at times. For instance, I appreciate the '80's candy Casey feeds Whitney (Pop Rocks and Bubble Tape), but the Reagan/Bush '84 poster on the hospital wall is a bit much. Still, as far as the performances and sex go, it's pretty good. It's not spectacular like I've grown accustomed to from Gamma, but it's good. I've seen the other episodes and they vary in quality. This one just seems a little too familiar with nothing new added to the same old “nurse” scenes we've all seen before. But I love the performances, and I'm impressed by Bree's direction. I just wish it were a more original story. On the strength of the fine performances from the ladies, I Recommend this scene.

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