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Episode 4: Lesbian Twins

Studio: Girlcore » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 10/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The innovators of the industry. Gamma has long been a company that puts forth quality, not quantity. This Canadian brand has spawned some of the most unique companies that feature some of the most brilliant eyes and minds within the adult entertainment industry. Girlcore is a series that every single starlet has been dying to be in. Word of mouth spread throughout the industry when Bree was beginning pre-production on this series that it was going to feature things that are beyond the realm of what fans believe adult films to be. XCritic’s task in this mix of things is to bring you the first words of the end result and if it is worth viewing. I was chatting with Pepper Hart as I begun my critique on this film and she spoke about how much she was dying to be a part of this series and how much she had heard from her fellow porn stars. It was at that moment that I had to find out for myself what this series is going to give. From the outside looking in, the series looks to run like a TV show, a mimicked version of the Lifetime channel with a bit racier programming. This six-episode series promises to bring out some of the best performers and actors as well as stories and encounters that every fan wants to see no matter their passion. My task, Episode 4. So, let us see how all this plays out.


Scene Duration: 58 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Director: Bree Mills @TheBreeMills

Cameras: Matt Holder, AJ Bucks  & Craven Moorhead @BadBoyCraven

Studio: Gamma Films / GIRLCORE

Release Date: October 23rd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla:  Story, Feature, Girl/Girl, Feature, Lesbian Threesome, Fingering, Face Sitting


Season: 1 Episode: 4 - Lesbian Twins

From the Series: GIRLCORE

Starring: Kristen Scott @krisscottxxx Jenna Sativa @JennaSativa Shyla Jennings @shylajdotcom (Non-Sex Roles) Tommy Gunn and Chanel Preston


The Reveal:

 The way that you are brought into this universe is something fresh and exciting. The aerial shots follow a gorgeous Acura NSX and bring us back to the 80’s. The hairstyles, the outfits, it is something that is alive within itself in this shot. Tommy, he is brilliant as the out of sync Dad who just does not get his daughter. Kristen Scott, you can tell within seconds of seeing the big hair that you are in for one hell of a show and you are going to see something magical from her bag of tricks. The cinematography is brilliant. The lighting gives you that feeling that you are stepping back in time. This is not your everyday boring porn story either.

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Girlcore Few in this world can play roles of innocence with conviction like Jenna Sativa and Shyla Jennings. Two women who redefine the girl/girl genre and in my honest opinion are changing the genre forever. They play a set of twins who are spoiled by the privileges of the upper class. Kristen is your typical 80’s brat who is far too fucking cool for anyone. This not an easy part to play. The cameras take you to so many places within the mind. The robotic movements of Jenna and Shyla are haunting yet so nostalgic of a lost era of 80’s brilliance. It is a mix of Stranger Things and Weird Science in terms of the shoot location, background, and amazing wardrobe. This is some of the best acting I have seen in a long time in the world of fantasy we all know and love. Bree really chose this cast well. The multiple cameras are able to cue you in on the diabolical true nature of Kristen’s character. Flight of the Navigator aside, people of my age group are going to go ga-ga over all of the 1980’s grandeur including VHS. The way that this scene unfolds may be Bree’s best work ever. Kristen Scott is as brilliant as ever as she corrupts both Jenna and Shyla into discovering their passionate side. The body language, the looks of disbelief and curiosity they are something that makes this world come to life in the boldest way possible. Kristen is amazing as the leader of this threesome. She brings the ladies into her domain and that is something that is not easy when you are dealing with the two greatest girl/girl performers on the planet. Kristen showcases where she stands in the pecking order of this business as one of the best performers who star seems to catapult to the next level with every film she stars in.

The Sex:

Jenna Sativa, Kristen Scott and Shyla Jennings The way that this film flows even in the raw cut is seamless. You are taken on a journey from front to back and side to side as slow as possible as these three discover something about themselves. The transition is so perfect you just can not put a finger on when the sex truly begins. All three women put on the performance of a lifetime. They stay in character and melt into the sexual mixture of passion, story, and depth at all levels. There is something to be said when each jiggle of delicious flesh is captured, when each kiss hits its mark with sexy sound effects to go with it. This is one of the greatest reveals I have ever seen. The ladies take almost ten minutes just to get completely nude. As the speed increases, the nastiness begins to come out in each superstar. I mean this is erotica, sexuality, and story with heart and conviction all wrapped up with a bow of art and flavor. Kristen is in uncharted waters as the leader of this threesome, or should I say instigator and when we begin to see Kristen shed her garments for a place at the table you may have already had your mind blown by how luscious, sensual and sexy the start of this encounter is.

Jenna Sativa, Kristen Scott and Shyla Jennings This is exactly what you want to see in a film. There is no bullshit when it comes to lighting, when it comes to trying to go overboard to get a shot. This is lesbian kink at it’s best. You get to see the stars you love looking as good as can be, but you get so much more. The background and the props of the film become one with the performers to turn the sex into something very inventive. The shot of the VHS cassette holder in the rear as Jenna Sativa’s gorgeous derrieres and dripping wet pussy are in forefront of the shot is some of the best damn cinematography of 2018. The scene has a lot of “old school” feel to it. You are seeing things changed up to show the ladies faces as they are ravaging one another. Something you do not see emphasized as much as it should be these days. When the twins get their turn with Kristen the scene comes to a close in a very fitting fashion. Now, what I will say to fans, is that this is not a sexual encounter and fictional creation that has just one purpose. Oh, hell no. This episode is something that is a mixture of art, drama, comedy, and creation. This is not the end all, two hundred and fifty a mile an hour Indy car race to the finish. This is three of the biggest names in the industry having real sex and being allowed to take their roles and run with them. Fans, you have never seen Jenna Sativa or Kristen Scott like this. Mark my word, every second of the action will have you staring forth with your jaw on the floor.

Jenna Sativa, Kristen Scott and Shyla Jennings Don Juan’s Bottom Line

It is so hard to compare this episode to any other vignette or film or scene. There is a magic with this episode. You get to see a pairing that only industry insiders will know is as good as it gets. You have dialogue that is long and lengthy, yet it is entertaining and fulfilling. There is some wonderful humor and nostalgic brilliance that will make the almost one-hour episode length seem very, very well spent. Even as we view the raw cuts of these films, we are seeing that these locations and characters that were very well put together. Tommy Gunn is so amazing as the father and that says something when you have such a great cast that the “father” character is getting nods for his acting in a girl/girl series. That’s simply what dreams are made of. Besides the fact you have two future porn legends paired together, you have Kristen Scott showcasing the talent that is someday going to make her one of the best there ever was, is and ever will be. Yes, you are hearing me say this right now. Kristen takes command as both the “ringleader” of this threesome sexually and in character. She never breaks the fantasy and the big hair is a reminder that she is going all out. The talent that this woman has, it is something you do not learn. She is a natural born artist and Bree has captured her in a way that I do not think anyone ever has. I see this as a grand return to true filmmaking. Just like when they first began handing out awards in this industry, they did it with real films. Plots, story, creation, and wonder. This is not porn, it is true to life cinema. Bree has hit a monstrous home run with what she has here, and I think that fans will not be able to get enough. This scene gets a grade of recommended. I think that as fans become adjusted to what Bree is producing, it will take some time for fans to be won over. There is a lot left to the imagination and that is the essence of all fantasy. The lighting will throw off some viewers as well. This episode is something great. It has so much going for it. For the seasoned porn fan, this is truly a must own and I see Bree creating more and more as time goes on. This is a winner for sure. Something that is worth all the hype it has received. From start to finish, the music, the cameras, the end story. It is complete, and it is wonderful. Bravo Bree Mills, this is simply brilliance in a bottle. A time capsule that truly sends a fan to a land of fantasy that is not forgotten.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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