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Episode 6: Private School

Studio: Girlcore » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Schoolgirls

Cast: Angela White, Georgia Jones, Emily Willis, Aidra Fox (featuring Chloe Foster, Bobbi Dylan, Natalie Brooks, Athena Rayne and Bree Mills in non-sex roles)

Writer/Director: Bree Mills


Overview: Principal Angela White instructs Georgia Jones in how to administer proper discipline to her unruly students in episode six of Bree Mills' upcoming 1980's themed lesbian series Girlcore. The series will be dropping on Oct. 23. This is sneak peek.


Private School” starring Angela White, Georgia Jones, Emily Willis, and Aidra Fox


Georgia Jones plays Miss Virginia, a substitute teacher hired to teach at an all girl private school. She's prim and proper and takes her job very seriously. So when her unruly class, lead by Emily Willis and Aidra Fox, gives her a hard time by blowing spitballs at her and calling her Miss Vagina, she can't wait for first break. 


In the teacher's lounge, she meets the Principal Angela White. She comforts Georgia and tells her that all the girls need is proper discipline. Back in the classroom, she catches one of the students with a book of lesbian porn. After confiscating it she gives the class a pop test when there's a knock at the door. It's Bree Mills as a pizza delivery woman (straight out of Fast Times At Ridgemont High). This sends Georgia over the edge and she dismisses the class except for Emily and Aidra whom she gives detention. Angela notices the girls leaving and asks Georgia what's going on. She relates to her all that happened and that she's holding the ringleaders Emily and Aidra for detention. Angela asks the two “naughty” girls what they did. They tell her about how they were talking about lesbians, and about the book. It's at this point that Georgia starts to notice something peculiar about Angela's line of questioning as she asks them about the story and the two giggling girls relate the tale of pussy eating. The smiling Angela then goes to the desk and pulls out a ruler, telling the girls they need to be punished and for Georgia to clear the desk. Georgia does as she instructed, rambling the whole time about how she doesn't see this as necessary.


Meanwhile, the girls go to the desk and hike their skirts up revealing their bare asses, as it's obvious they have done many times before. Angela hands the ruler to Georgia and tells her if she plays along it will mean a permanent position. The girls then tell Miss “Vagina” that they deserve to be punished, that they have been so naughty and disrespectful. The beratement from them, plus the promise of a permanent job, pushes Georgia to the edge and she starts smacking the girls on the ass with the ruler. Angela compliments Georgia on her disciplinary technique and says she prefers the more tactile method as she spanks them both with her bare hand. The girls start kissing and Angela tells them to strip. She then tells the now naked Aidra to lay across her lap and for Emily to spread her pussy open for her. She spanks Aidra much to her delight and then instructs the girls to remove Georgia's shoes. Angela has the reluctant Georgia sit on the edge of the desk as Aidra and Emily remove her footwear and start licking and sucking her toes. They work their way up her legs, breaking down Georgia's resistance, and soon they're stripping her out of her clothes. The girls then start licking and sucking her tits while Angela continues to spank them and before long Georgia is on her back, legs spread wide.


As Emily climbs up onto the desk to ride Georgia's face and Aidra goes down to lick Georgia's pussy, Angela begins to disrobe, bringing those glorious all naturals out for us. Emily grinds on Georgia's face until she orgasms while Aidra continues to suck and munch on her pussy. As Emily climbs off Aidra furiously rubs Georgia's pussy and soon she's cumming on her hand. Then Angela gets Georgia into a doggy position and starts to eat her out from behind. She sticks her face upside down between her legs and eats her pussy while Emily eats out her asshole. Angela masturbates as she munches on Georgia's clit and before long the sensation of their mouth gives her multiple orgasms as Aidra kisses her. Georgia has fully given into her sapphic lust and starts kissing Angela, tasting the juices of her pussy on her mouth. Aidra then lays down on the desk and Emily goes down on her while Angela and Georgia make out. Angela lays across Aidra's body and lets her suck her tit while Emily continues eating her out. Georgia goes down between Angela's legs and licks her pussy, running her tongue up and down it while Emily makes Aidra cum in her mouth. As Emily gives Aidra multiple orgasms Angela has a convulsive one as she cums on Georgia's tongue.


They all kiss, sucking all of the pussy juices from their mouths, and then they form a train on the desk, Georgia in front getting eaten out by Emily who in turn gets fingerbanged by Aidra, with Angela in the rear eating her pussy from behind. They all have orgasms on each other, all cumming on their fingers and in their mouths. Angela and Aidra then start making out, Angela sucking and slapping her tits while Georgia and Emily rub each other's pussies while facing each other. Angela then starts fingerbanging Aidra while Georgia goes down between Emily's legs and eats her pussy. Angela starts choking Aidra as she fingers her pussy and soon she's cumming on her hand while Emily cums in Georgia's mouth. Angela then gets on all fours and Aidra starts eating her out while Georgia devours Aidra's cunt from behind. Aidra takes her mouth off of Angela's pussy as she climaxes on Georgia's tongue, allowing Emily to lick Angela's asshole as she rubs her pussy, making her cum on her hand. Angela then goes down on Emily, licking and sucking on her pussy while Georgia keeps eating Aidra out from behind. Angela then lets Georgia take over the munching of Emily's box as Aidra sucks on Emily's tits.  Angela rubs Emily's clit while Georgia gives it a tongue lashing and soon Emily is cumming on Georgia's tongue.


They then sit Georgia up on the desk and Emily and Aidra ravage her as they both rub and fingerbang her pussy bringing her to an explosive orgasm. Angela then says she wants to see Aidra trib Georgia, Aidra climbing up between Georgia's legs and rubbing her pussy against hers. Aidra grinds her pussy against Georgia's until she cums and then Emily gets a turn. She climbs up and bumps her clit against Georgia's and soon their both cumming together. And finally Angela climbs up and tribs Georgia, rubbing their pussies together until Angela has a convulsive orgasm on top of Georgia and then allowing the girls to eat her pussy, making her cum one last time and welcoming Miss Vagina to her permanent position under Angela White.


Final Thought: I really loved this scene. Being someone who actually went to high school in the 1980's the retro feel brought back a lot of fond memories. The wardrobe and makeup on the girls are spot on with the style back then. And I really liked the tribute to the pizza scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. That was a nice touch. The performances are fantastic as well. Aidra and Emily did great, delivering their lines with natural ease. And the always great Angela White played the strict but still naughty disciplinarian to a tee. But I have REALLY got to hand it to Georgia Jones. She played the befuddled and exasperated substitute wonderfully, giving a terrific performance as she tries to deal with her unruly class and make sense of what's going on between Angela, Aidra, and Emily. And the sex is absolutely blistering. Bree Mills keeps the scene going at such a wonderful pace, quickly moving from one sequence to another without ever lingering too long. I really liked this scene, from the performances to the direction to the very faithful '80's retro feel. Highly Recommended

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