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Teenage Breeder

Studio: Teen Fidelity » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/22/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 8 minutes                                                          

Date of Production: 2018


Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens; Creampie; Older Men

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K HD. 2 Disc Set

Director: Fumigalli          

Cast: Lexi Lore, Amilia Onyx, Charlotte Sartre, Vienna Rose, Steve Holmes

Bonus Scenes: Scene from Teenfidelity.com called Cum In A Teen

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers; Behind the Scenes footage with over 40 minutes of interviews with each starlet; Q&A Content featuring questions of each starlet like “What is your favorite sexual position and why?” and their answers; BTS Photo Gallery showing the girls getting hair and makeup done; Now Available; Commercials


Steve Holmes stars as the teenage impregnator in Steve Holmes is a Teenage Breeder. He has tried to get help, but his strong desire to impregnate teenage girls has taken over his life. Charlotte, one of his teen breeding victims is determined to stop Steve from fucking and filling teen girls, even if she has to allow him to fuck and fill her one last time. This is a dark but clever movie I highly recommend that features Steve as a troubled old man addicted to cumming inside teen twats. Lexi Lore, Amilia Onyx, Charlotte Sartre, and Vienna Rose are all victims of Steve’s oozing creampie. This flick has a backseat blowjob, motel room sex, and a visually bizarre sex ritual involving candles and flower petals that has Steve breeding his stepdaughter. Steve does a good job in his role as the dirty old man fixated on young pussy. Each scene has a different mood and the locations and lighting become part of this dark story.

Scene 1:  Lexi Lore and Steve Holmes

This creampie focused movie starts with Steve on his psychiatrist’s couch. He explains his insatiable desire to impregnate every teenage girl he comes in contact with. He explains that he hired someone to clean up his house one day when his wife was away. The house cleaner arrives. It’s Lexi, a teen beauty. He watches her every move around the house as she gets things in order. Steve pays her a large sum of money for trouble. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Lexi asks him. “Anything?” This opens the door for Steve to act on his desires. Next, we see him kissing Lexi up against the wall, pinching her perky pierced nipples. He strips her out of her clothes and kisses his way down to her pussy while squeezing her teenage tits. She stands over him as he looks up and tongues her teen twat. Steve makes her his princess by dressing her in a flowing dress. He tells her to finger her clit as he sucks her toes. Lexi obeys his orders. He stands up and caresses her pussy with his hard cock then sits in a chair, jerking his dick as he tells her to finger fuck herself.

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After putting on a show for him with her teen pussy, Lexi joins him to suck his big dick. Steve asks her where she wants him to put his hard cock. She wants him to fuck her pussy. Steve tongue fucks her twat first with Lexi bent over the couch in standing doggy. He penetrates her from behind, drives his dick deep inside her wet cunt. Her pussy is so tight, it takes a few minutes for him to stretch open her pussy. He pulls out and spreads open her gaping pussy then tongues it some more. She gets in missionary position and pulls her dress aside, so he can bang her some more. Spoon fucking comes next, making the tiny Lexi moan. He spanks her naughty ass then pumps her pussy more. Steve pulls out then feeds her mouth with his pipe. He sits her on his cock reverse cowgirl style and pumps her cunt while fingering her clit. She turns around and rides him cowgirl style then is back on all fours to take every inch of Steve’s prick. Lexi tastes her pussy off his cock each time he pulls out of her. He positions her missionary style for her teen creampie. Steve pumps her pussy then pops inside her, filling her up with jizz. He pulls out and watches her push his sperm out of her pussy. Just as his cum drains out of her cunt, his wife walks in on him. “Not again,” she screams.

Scene 2: Vienna Rose and Steve Holmes

It’s time for Vienna’s photo shoot. She does it in the streets underneath an overpass. As she moves around from location to location, she soon is doing her photo shoot right next to Steve, who is sitting in his car. The teenage breeder watches Vienna pose for the camera. After a few minutes, the photographer asks Steve if he minds if they use his car as part of the photos shoot and if Vienna can get changed in his back seat. Vienna sits in the passenger seat, posing for the photographer as the shoot continues. She finds Steve attractive, telling him he has pretty blue eyes. Soon, Vienna has climbed into the back seat and is about to change clothes. She pulls down her shorts and asks him if he likes her body. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be touched by an older man,” she tells him. Steve joins her in the back seat, fondling her tits and encouraging her to suck his cock. She gives him a back-seat blowjob, jerking his dick and sucking it. Cut to Steve finger fucking Vienna’s throat on the bed of a motel room. He fingers her pussy and asks her if she wants to be a famous whore.

Vienna is soon sucking his cock again. She gets naked, showing him her body. Once she lies on the bed, Steve works on her pink pussy, tonguing it until she cums. He beats her pussy with his dick then fucks her, stretching her teen twat all the way out. The pair plays rough sex games as Steve chokes her around the neck while pounding her pussy. He pulls out and stuffs her throat with his cock, face fucking her until she gags. She sucks him off before riding his pipe cowgirl style. Steve makes her kneel in doggy position and spread her ass cheeks open. Her young pussy is dripping wet as Steve penetrates it again, this time from behind. “Spread your cunt like a good slut,” he tells her. She gets adventurous an gets on all fours on the vanity. Steve walks up and slams her cunt from behind, keeping her satisfied. The sex gets all wet when they take the action to the bathtub, fucking in reverse cowgirl position with the water from the shower spraying all over their bodies. Standing doggy in the shower comes next and it’s hot to watch. Vienna gets back in bed and hers her pussy pounded as she lies on her side. Steve fucks her and fills her with cum. When she sits up, his load drains out of her pussy, forming a puddle on the bedsheets.

Scene 3: Amilia Onyx and Steve Holmes

Steve rushes home, trying to wash away his addiction to fucking and filling teen twats. His daughter Cat asks him where he’s been. He makes up and excuse and asks her if he’s getting along with her stepsister, Amilia. She says they’re making progress. As Steve shaves, Cat and Amilia get to know each other even better through some girl-girl action. Cat helps Amilia into the bathtub, giving her a sensuous rubdown. Cat tells Amilia she must pass a test in order to become part of this family. Cat blindfolds Amilia and leads her up the stairs into a dark room light by candles. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by candles is Steve. He’s waiting with his hard cock. Cat leads Amilia to his dick and tells her to open her mouth. Once his cock goes into her mouth, she starts sucking it. Cat caresses her body, encouraging her. She drops flower petals around Amilia and Steve as part of this bizarre ritual then she sits in the corner of the room to watch.

Amilia lies on her back, missionary style as Cat says, “Breed her, papa.” “Put a baby sister inside of her.” Steve opens her legs and starts fucking Amilia’s pussy. She grips his arms as he drills her warm cunt deeper and deeper. The fucking family ritual progresses and there’s no turning back for Amilia. Her blindfold is off now, and she looks up at Steve as he pounds her hole. “Sit on it,” he tells her. Amilia rides his cock cowgirl style. Steve grips her ass cheeks, spreads them open then pumps her pussy from below. They move to the couch where Amilia gets in doggy position for more pussy pounding. Her eyes roll back into her head as she cums from the sensation. She sucks his cock and balls for a few minutes once they move into the bed. Cat gets close to the action kissing her as she sits on Steve’s dick reverse cowgirl style. Steve readies her for her creampie. He eats her cunt then quickly penetrates it missionary style until he cums. Her pussy is stuffed with spunk that she makes flow out of her when she fingers her pussy. “Don’t worry,” Steve says. “There’s enough inside of you.” Cat kisses Amilia, sealing the ritual.

Scene 4: Charlotte Sartre and Steve Holmes


This scene flashes back and forth between Charlotte taking a tennis course from Steve and Charlotte sucking and fucking his big dick. The scene begins outdoors on the tennis court as Charlotte joins a few other classmates to learn the techniques of tennis. Cut to Charlotte kneeling in front of Steve in his office and sucking his dick. She really needs to pass this class and sucking his cock is a lot more fun than a sweaty workout on the court. She worships his dick and balls, slobbering all over them. Steve stands up and fucks her throat until she gags and drools all over his dick. Cut back to the court where Steve gives more pointers to the class. Then when we cut back to his office, Charlotte is eating Steve’s ass as he lies on his back on the desk. He instructs her to get on the couch. She bends over doggy style and Steve tongues her pussy and ass. “I want your cock inside my slutty little holes,” Charlotte begs him.

Steve fucks her doggy style, having her spread her ass cheeks open while he drills her pussy. He keeps one finger on her ass hole while he pounds her pussy. Charlotte screams out in ecstasy while her older instructor teaches her a thing or two. She turns over into missionary position and spreads her legs wide open, inviting Steve to eat her dripping wet cunt. He smacks on her hole then penetrates it again, fingering her clit while drilling her cunt. She tastes her pussy off his cock then wants some anal love. Charlotte sits on his dick reverse cowgirl style, riding his cock up her ass. Steve spoon fucks her ass then pulls out and fucks her face. He spits in her gaping ass hole then position her in standing doggy over his desk and drills her ass hole until she has an assgasm. He pulls out and fucks her pussy then her ass. Charlotte lies on the armrest of the couch and fingers her clit as Steve stretches her twat. She sucks him off then sits on his cock cowgirl style for a full fill up. Steve fucks her cunt and shoots a big load inside her.

This time Charlotte has something up her sleeve that will stop this teenage breeder in his tracks. She pulls a sharp object from her sleeve and stabs Steve, killing him. She climbs off him, spits on his cock and walks away, leaving him on the floor dead.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Steve Holmes is a Teenage Breeder. This flick has a dark overtone as it features Steve as the dirty old man addicted to breeding teen twats. He fucks and fills four innocent teens, Lexi Lore, Amilia Onyx, Charlotte Sartre, and Vienna Rose, leaving each of them in a puddle of cum, oozing out of their twats. His last victim, Charlotte, is determined to put an end to Steve’s reign. She puts her dark plan into action after showing up for Steve’s tennis lesson. Every scene climaxes in a creampie and Charlotte takes cock up the ass in the final scene. The dark overtones of this flick can be seen in the lighting and locations, like the dirty motel room where Steve bangs Vienna. The most visually interesting sex scene is the one where Steve fucks Amilia in a bizarre family ritual surrounded by candles and flower petals. Once he fills her up with warm cum, Amilia is now part of the family. Steve does a good job portraying the tortured old man whose cock rules his life. Charlotte gives him what he deserves in the end.

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