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Run Far Away

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/22/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 37 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: 18+ Teens; Feature; Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Bree Mills and Craven Morehead

Written and Produced By Bree Mills

Cast: Elsa Jean, Haley Reed, Reena Sky, Xander Corvus, Small Hands, Ryan Driller

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Trailers for Daddy’s Girl and Half His Age


Director Bree Mills has managed to rack up a number of nominations for best director from across the porn industry over the past couple of years (AVN, Spank Bank, XBIZ, XCritic, and XRCO). She has been credited as director on roughly 35 flicks to date, but when you watch one of her movies, you understand why she has received so many nominations. Bree knows how to put a good fuck flick together with a full storyline and hot, often taboo, sex that’s a turn on to watch. In Run Far Away, she joins forces with director Craven Morehead in two scenes, the first called Run Far Away, featuring Haley Reed in a two-cock bang with Small Hands and Xander Corvus. The second scene called Girl Tagging, features Elsa Jean getting fucked by the horny couple, Reena Sky and Ryan Driller, who are out to make Elsa pay for the damage she did to their house. Overall, I highly recommend this flick. Bree and Craven combine hot and rough taboo sex, especially in the scene with Haley, with great storylines and great production for an overall enjoyable movie.

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Scene 1:  Run Far Away with Haley Reed, Small Hands, and Xander CorvusHaley Reed is not doing well in school and she is not happy at home either. She’s 19 years old and she misses Los Angeles. Her parents moved her away from L.A. to a small shitty town and Haley can’t take it anymore. She wants to pursue her career in modeling and there are no opportunities in her small town. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She packs a bag, leaves a note for her parents and runs away. It’s a long way to L.A. and the only way she’s going to get there is by hitchhiking. She walks down a dirt highway holding a sign that says, Los Angeles. A van stops to pick her up, but Haley tells the guy she doesn’t need help. He’s not taking no for an answer, so he stops anyway and gets out of the van to pursue her. Small Hands and Xander drive up right then and stop the guy from harassing Haley. He drives away. Xander and Small Hands are on their way to L.A., too. They’re in a band and they’re trying to get discovered. They offer to take Haley to L.A. with them. She agrees. L.A. is nine hours away. The guys decide to take Haley to the house where they’ve been staying. They agree to spend the night there and pick up the rest of the drive to L.A. tomorrow. Haley is super impressed with the house and gets comfortable on the couch with Xander. He takes her blouse off and kisses her.  Small Hands watches them from across the room as Haley takes off her bra. She is shy in front of Small Hands who is sitting on the couch next to her jerking his cock, but Xander convinces Haley to trust him and to ignore Small Hands. Xander tells her to close her eyes as he caresses her body and fingers her pussy. Small Hands gets close and puts his cock in her face, enticing her to put it in her mouth. She can’t resist and starts sucking on his cock while Xander keeps teasing her pussy. Soon Small Hands is fucking her throat, making her drool. She turns around into doggy position to suck Xander’s dick. Small Hands takes advantage of her pussy, pounding it from behind while Haley gags on Xander’s prick. “You’re a big girl; you can take it,” Xander tells her as she gets pounded from both ends. Xander stretches her pussy doggy style while she chokes on Small Hands’ cock. “Don’t fucking run away from me,” Xander tells her as he fucks her pussy and fingers her ass. A reverse cowgirl ride on Small Hands’ dick leads Haley into double vag, taking both guys’ cocks in her cunt reverse cowgirl style and then cowgirl style. “Fuck my dirty little cunt,” Haley screams. The guys focus on fucking her pussy and stuffing her throat at the same time, banging her from both ends. They fuck her missionary style and pop off one at a time on her stomach and face. Small Hands is first, pounding and popping on her. Xander is next, blowing his big load all over her.

The cum-covered Haley asks Xander what time they’ll be leaving for L.A. in the morning. It turns out the guys aren’t going to L.A. after all. He tells her to leave his house now. They picked her up to fuck her and put her back on the street. “Welcome to showbiz,” Xander shouts as Haley leaves.

Scene 2: Girl Tagging with Elsa Jean, Reena Sky and Ryan Driller

Elsa committed an act of vandalism on Reena and Ryan’s house and now she’s paying the price as she listens to the judge’s order in the courtroom. Elsa is guilty of tagging and faces six weeks of community service and she must remove all damage to Reena and Ryan’s home. Elsa is nervous about having to meet the couple. She’s afraid of what they might to do her. Her lawyer assures her that the homeowners won’t hurt her. Once Reena and Ryan hear about the verdict, they’re not happy. Reena is upset that Elsa has ruined the house they worked so hard on. Ryan agrees that Elsa should be taught a lesson for her wrongdoing. Elsa shows up at the house with a bucket of cleaning supplies. Reena is still upset about the whole thing and she leads Elsa to the side of the house where she needs to clean up. It’s hot outside and beads of sweat drip from Elsa’s body as she scrubs the walls. She takes her top off and gets frustrated that nothing is working. She has been scrubbing for an hour and nothing is coming off the wall. She convinces herself that she should just leave. She hasn’t seen Reena and Ryan for an hour and she decides to make a run for it. She sneaks back into the home to get her stuff. “What do you think you’re doing,” Ryan asks her as she attempts to sneak past them. He locks the door, preventing her from leaving. “Are you trying to cheat on your punishment?” Reena asks her.

Elsa begs Reena and Ryan if there’s any other way she could make this up to them. Reena wants an eye for an eye, a little revenge. “I think we should be able to use you as we please,” Reena tells her. “Submit to us for the day. Let us do anything we want to you,” she adds. Reena is willing to sign off on the court papers and overlook this whole thing if Elsa submits. The couple convinces her to give herself over to them. Reena squeezes and slaps her tits and tells her to get Ryan’s cock hard with her hands. “Kiss my husband,” she tells Elsa. Elsa unzips Ryan’s pants and grabs hold of his hard cock. She jerks it back and forth with both hands and obeys every order given to her by Reena. “When we’re done with you, you won’t know what the fuck hit you,” Reena tells Elsa. Ryan stands up and aims his hard cock toward Elsa’s mouth. Reena helps guide his cock down Elsa’s throat. She shows the couple just how sorry she is by sucking his dick. Reena writes the word slut on Elsa’s forehead, defacing her the same way she defaced their home then she makes Elsa deep throat her husband’s cock. Ryan fucks Elsa’s face while kissing his wife. Reena bends over doggy style to suck Ryan’s cock. She smoothers Elsa’s face with her pussy, making Elsa lick her cunt.

Reena fucks her husband reverse cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his cock while pinching Elsa’s nipples. Ryan pulls out and Elsa grabs his cock and sucks the taste of Reena’s pussy off it. It’s Elsa’s turn to ride Ryan’s pole. As Elsa bounces up and down on his prick, Reena writes the words “fuck me” all over Elsa’s body with an arrow pointing to her cunt. Elsa lies on the couch missionary style and Reena lies on top of her in 69 position while Ryan bangs Elsa’s naughty teen twat. Reena force feeds Elsa her pussy, slamming in and out of her while telling Elsa to beg for Ryan’s cum. Ryan drills Elsa’s pussy and Reena fingers Elsa’s clit. “It feels so good in me,” Elsa mumbles. Ryan pulls out and both girls drop to their knees, looking up at him, waiting for his load. “I feel really bad for what I did,” Elsa says. “Cum on my face,” she tells him. Ryan pops in her mouth, covering her tongue in wads of cum. Reena grabs Ryan’s cock and puts it in Elsa’s mouth, making her suck the rest of his cum out of his cock. Reena rubs Ryan’s cum all over Elsa’s body and she writes the word “slut” on Elsa’s forehead again, telling her to never come back near this house again.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Run Far Away which features two scenes from directors Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead for Pure Taboo. Bree has caught the attention of several industry folks as a notable director and she has racked up a number of directing nominations over the past couple of years. In this flick, we watch two scenes, the first called Run Far Away, which features runaway Haley Reed, who is picked up along a highway, hoping to hitchhike her way to Los Angeles. Xander Corvus and Small Hands agree to take her to L.A. but only after they get some rest at Xander’s house. It’s a long drive to L.A. Once at the house, the guys treat Haley like the teen slut she wants to be, double stuffing her twat in hot double vag action and banging her from both ends with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, making her gag. After painting her face in cum, Xander kicks her out of the house. It turns out that these guys weren’t on their way to L.A. after all. Welcome to showbiz! In the second scene called Girl Tagging, naughty teen Elsa Jean pays the price for defacing Reena Sky and Ryan Driller’s home. When Elsa is ordered by a judge to clean up the mess she made at the house, the horny couple decides to take advantage of her and do a little defacing of their own.  The couple makes Elsa submit to hot sex with Ryan fucking her pussy and Reena force feeding Elsa her cunt.  Reena defaces Elsa’s forehead and stomach with the words “slut” and “fuck me” before Ryan coats her tongue with cum.  They send the naughty teen back home to her mom, making her promise never to come near their house again. Pure Taboo creates its scenes around strong storylines, full characters, and hot, often rough, sex with taboo overtones. This flick is no different, giving us the teen runaway who gets fucked by two horny, wayward guys and the naughty teen whose pussy pays a hefty price exacted on her by a swinging couple in the hills. 

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