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Blind Date, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 10/23/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

You can make a pretty good argument that April O’Neil may be the most prolific performer in Girlsway.com’s history so far. Her scenes are something that have not only garnered her legions of fans who from the moment of their first scene, actually swear off every other performer. April’s “cult” following is something that truly creates wonder in the business and it is not something that is undeserved. Her scenes are always sexy, well-rehearsed and shot with care. April is a woman who has so much range, she is hands down one of the top five actors in the adult world today. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. No wonder they named the queen city after her. She has honestly become an overnight sensation in the business. Following in the likeness of porn superstars like Georgia Jones and Teri Weigel, she is a performer who has a model’s face, a porn star's drive and a type of dark charisma that only true actors have. One thing you can say about Charlotte, it is that she will shock you in ways that you did not see coming and wow you in ways that will turn you into a fan even if you believe her not to be your cup of tea. Her ink makes you truly wonder what lies beneath and paired with April in this scene, my first thought was where will Alan take us. The mystery is what will once again cause you to press play, let’s see in the story and performance can be what causes you purchase another monthly membership.

Charlotte Sartre and April O'Neil 

Scene Duration: 46 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: July 29th, 2018

Formatting: MP4 that translates into 1080P down to 160P

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl / Girl, Lesbian, Tattoos, Romance, Soft, Sensual Kissing, Sexy Teasing, and Foreplay, Fingering, Ass Licking, Bush, Pussy Grinding / Tribbing

 The Blind Date

Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: Ele

Starring: April O’Neil @undeux and Charlotte Sartre @GothCharlotte

#TripleX Appetizers: The pictures that come along with this set are great. Before or after they are polished shots that go along with any collection. May I also suggest you check out the Charlotte Sartre glamour set to complement this one. Amazing shots there as well.


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The Reveal:

Charlotte Sartre and April O'Neil 

As I have followed Charlotte’s career, one constant has always remained, and I will be honest about it, whenever I thought I knew what was coming, Charlotte would do the exact opposite and wow me with how well she can adapt and perform.

I have learned to stop rooting against her. The best thing about miss Sartre is that she makes every steam sexy and steamy. My problem at the beginning of her career was not believing that a volcano of sexual aggression and romance could arise from such a delicate looking flower.

Her look as a model is one of innocence and a reserve that is seen in the eyes. Which in all honesty, is just how good of an actor she is!

This scene is romantic and quick. Alan has had some of the most brilliant creations as of late by pairing some of the most passionate women. This is a story about getting stood up and the only thing I will say about this magnificent short opening is that Charlotte sells that scene with that one smile. When you see it, you will be hooked in a heartbeat.

The sound effects were a cool addition that the editing crew patched in. It does give that vibe of an outside café. Fans, especially Charlotte’s faithful will see her in a light that is new and done so well. She steals the show with her dialogue and amazing smile.

The way they constantly go back to the kissing, it truly makes this erotica you will not soon forget. This is not pussy licking, this is pussy sucking and it is done with such heartfelt lust and sexiness. The way that April looks back at Charlotte from that side view will melt you like a snow cone in the desert heat.


The Sex:


As the lady’s garments fall to the floor, one of the most striking things ever witnessed in the history of this business is April O’Neil’s perfect body. As Alan begins to really showcase this pairing, stunning shots of April’s wet pussy is displayed in the most orgasmic manner. There is true passion here. You see it, you hear it in the luscious, passionate kissing. I can only imagine how long April has been waiting to get her hands-on Charlotte. Alan, you picked the ultimate inked performer. She has class, elegance and when you see her softly kiss and suck on April perfect ten breasts, you see that she has many different sides to her sexual aggression and passion. April is beyond words in the start of this scene where foreplay, softness and time dominate. The thing that truly stands out, is how Charlotte becomes that true specimen of desire. This is romance, this is two women making love. It is sexy and has that type of feel like you are not to be seeing this because of how intimate the ladies make this fantasy. This is taboo, this is pure voyeuristic fantasy, complete with all the trimmings from a story, to lust filled intimacy and embrace.

Charlotte Sartre and April O'Neil 

It is no wonder Charlotte is one of the most sought-after stars these days. Her beauty can range anywhere in this business. Here, she displays this type of innocent, natural beauty that is one of a kind in this industry. No other performer can do what she does here. She is petite, beyond beautiful and has bite that is as soft as ever, despite the fact you always see exuberance in her eyes at all times. This is an encounter where you are getting let into both ladies’ worlds, at their most vulnerable and these women explore every part of each other with thirst and true romance. You can not create this type of softness out of thin air. You are seeing both ladies’ inner passions and true sexuality. There are few things that can top watching April get her kitty licked by Charlotte. I mean wow, you will have to take a moment to catch your breath after. The timing of the scene and the camera work is pure cleverness. Every way you want to see Charlotte or April coming is put on display and the cameras rotate the flow perfectly. Especially when Charlotte is getting what for. This may be the best pussy licking combo of the year. Just as I was about to write about how scrumptious April’s tongue skills are, Charlotte locks firmly on miss O’Neil’s box and never lets go. This is a girl/girl fans fantasy plain and simple.

Charlotte Sartre and April O'Neil 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

As always, hair and make-up get these beauties looking primed and ready to pounce. The attention to booties is wonderful in this scene, especially as the heat is getting turned up early on. What really stands out more than anything is that these are two women of pure performance. These two create something not long and drawn out but a true ride through two lesbians discovering each other, from introduction to orgasm. The sexiness and the way that they both create a magic world that the viewer will get lost in, that is something only the best fucking actors in the world can do. This is one of the longest sexual encounters on the Girlsway.com site in terms of the encounter. The performers still make the set-up flawless and they manage to keep more than your attention throughout. This is one of the most unique scenes that this company has ever produced. You see exactly why April O’Neil is the coveted prize that she is on our industry, but you see so much more. The end of the vignette shows just how much these two are into everything. This is an encounter with girls at the helm and it is amazing where they take the audience. This scene showcases one of the best damn young starlets in the industry. Charlotte creates something I know no one expected. She makes you remember every second of the action and it is not the tattoos that do it. No, it is her amazing acting ability, it is her stunning figure and beauty and most important, it is her ability to showcase why she is in this business in the first place. This is one of the best lesbian scenes of 2018 and this is a must-see for any fan. Your curiosity will be rewarded no matter what when you take a leap of faith on this one. I hope to see more of Charlotte with Girlsway. She simply is the type of performer that thrives in these scenes. She satisfies every type of hunger and will quench the thirst of the thirstiest viewer. That you can take to the bank.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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