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First Class Anal

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Anal

Director: Jessy Jones


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Cast: Angela White, Ariana Marie, Adria Rae, Luna Star, Jessy Jones

Length: 2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Release: June 6, 2018

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Menu-Selectable Trailers, Cast List, Filmographies, Websites, Evil Angel Preview, BTS 14:34 minutes

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good overall. Hi-Def capture and widescreen presentation. Voices are intelligible for the most part.

Overview: Four all-sex scenes that feature fan faves getting butt banged by a veteran performer that is making his directorial debut. It's a bit repetitive when viewed in its entirety but titles like this aren't really meant to be viewed in one long session. The chapters are easy to get to and they get right to the action you seek after the ladies show off their offerings.

Scene 1: Angela White, Jessy Jones

Everyone's favorite Aussie porn star starts things off with her assets on display as she teases to the soundtrack. Now, what you have to understand about Angela if you've never met her in person, is that even though she always appears larger than life on-screen, off-screen she's really only a tad over 5' tall so that ass and boobs everyone goes gaga over really do dominate her diminutive frame and she embraces that wholeheartedly.

Angela White

Finger beckoning our director into the frame, she makes it clear that she wants his big dick in all of her holes today and Jessy kneels down to inspect her nether regions closely before taking his cock and sticking it in the strap on the back of her g-string. Angela's eyes toy with the viewer as she performs some oral duties while addressing the lens directly. A game of cock vs titty pattycake takes place before our still-clothed male takes her from behind while they stand by the glass patio door.

Angela White

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Moving to the couch and doffing his drawers, Jessy takes Angela in spoon, making her even wetter before he slides it into her back door as she spews dirty words and compliments. Their eyes burn with lust for each other as Jessy plays the hole swap game and Angela climbs aboard his boner, cramming two fingers into her ass as she rides. They're going at it hard and heavy in missionary, Angela on the border (or maybe in the midst) of orgasm when her eyes open wide and she pushes him away, realizing he's going to cum inside of her and she's going to miss the fun of seeing it happen. She slaps his cock but it's too late, his juice is already dribbling out and she squeezes it into her mouth while watching him to make sure he's able to go on. No worries there, mate. In just a moment, he's driving back into her with a vengeance. When he's ready to pop again, she presses her jugs underneath a Lucite barstool as he jerks himself off on top of it for her to slurp up as he continues to bang her from behind as she gargles his goo.

Scene 2: Ariana Marie, Jessy Jones

Miss Marie is teasing in a white lingerie ensemble and black fishnets to a track slower than the one that accompanied the first scene and it seems a bit shorter than that scene before Jessy rushes in to join her, his package sticking out of his jeans for her to stroke. Her shoes are cool but Jessy quickly removes them before she inhales his hardon.

Ariana Marie

Jones reciprocates her oral endeavors and enjoys some finger time in her holes as he laps at her. Ariana also participates in the hole fingering, which looks like a very delicate and precise operation given the length of her nails here. Then, our starlet "cowgirls up", exclaiming "holy fuck that's so big" as she slides down his shaft. It's about time to get serious and Jessy removes his pants so she can ride him in reverse before they move onto stage 3.

Ariana Marie

As you'd expect from a title with this name, stage 3 is backdoor banging into her tight ass. Ariana's face constantly faces the camera, her bright smile lighting the screen as Jessy slowly works into her rear. He penetrates her pooper in a number of positions, Marie often taking him ass to mouth in the process of position changes. It's a missionary butt banging that leads him to blast pretty much everywhere along her tiny frame.

Scene 3: Adria Rae, Jessy Jones

Adria Rae is next up in the pooper plowing series of scenes which as a reviewer I have to say makes one careful about their brain-to-fingers coordination. Why? Well after having typed 'Ariana' a bunch of times just moments ago, now one must adjust to a very similar but totally different finger sequence!

Adria Rae

Normally, Adria is a brunette but here her hair is tinted auburn and fades to a blonde at the tips which works very well for her if you ask me. Like the preceding scenes, our starlet is joined by Jessy in his jeans and she gets on with the act of slurping and jerking his stiffness. Jones enjoys some finger and tongue time in Miss Rae and then slowly slides into her.

Adria Rae

Adria is soon bouncing high and hard followed by the enjoyment of Jessy's back door jamming. Her long, white fingernails look nice as she grips her buttock while sliding her booty down Jessy's boner, his hands replaced hers on her tiny tushy. She's panting and squealing away as she slams up and down on his dong, giving both entries equal screen time. There's a bit of aerial action as he lifts her off the couch to place her in missionary followed by some ATM as they move to a standing slam where she occupies herself licking a mirror as the drilling continues. A final round of fellatio back on the couch leaves her smiling face blowing cum bubbles as the scene fades.

Scene 4: Luna Star, Jessy Jones

The lovely Latina, Luna Star, closes out the disc sporting long blonde locks, a bra, and some waist-high fishnets. This time around, Jones is the first to go down, Luna speaking to him through clenched teeth as he munches away at her. Before she gets to return the favor, he dips his wick into her so she can slurp off her own wetness.

Luna Star

Straddling an acrylic perch, she gets railed in the front and rear, her words of appreciation hard to discern as Jessy fills her holes with his phallus and fingers while she lies there in a balancing act with her legs spread wide. Jessy doesn't take that risk, preferring the confines of a comfy chair as she slobbers all over his stick.

Luna Star

One by one, she gives up her holes in cowgirl, the pattern on the chair and their flesh balancing nicely with a background that is awash in light. Balancing on the chair arm and getting bungholed, she rubs herself to a squirting o, multiple times. Goo drips from her derriere each time Jones pulls out to swap targets. They move to the back of the sofa where she twerks on his thickness, her pussy dripping as he switches from hole to hole. Being only mortal, Jessy has her drop to the floor to receive his jizz in her mouth which she proceeds to spit onto a glass coffee table and suck up, only to be spit back out as she hovers above it to and the camera as she rubs herself to another geyser of an orgasm that she also plays in.

Final Thoughts: I guess when you've held the title of Foreign Performer of the Year (XBIZ 2017) then your producer(s) give you some leeway on who and what you get to do in your directorial debut because Jessy comes out of the gate guns blazing. Four scenes with butt banging of some of the biggest fan and industry faves of the moment. That's a pretty good start, don't you think?

Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again: gonzo isn't really my preferred forte. I prefer multi-camera shoots and a bit more artistry but I hold nothing against the run and gun feel of trying to capture all the gushing, gulping, slobbering, and squirting that is involved in a title like this one. In fact, it's a nice change of pace when done well and it's done well here. Sure, there are a few camera bobbles but they really aren't distracting. Everyone's words were audible and intelligible, barring much of what Luna muttered through her clenched teeth as Jessy drilled into her with abandon, so that's understandable. Overall, anal fans will get what they came here for, Evil Angel-style ass drilling that features close-ups of gapes, gashes and good ol' fashion anal fun. It'll have a replay value to many and it offers a decent value with the included extras which give it an advantage over streaming options. Buy it. Recommended.

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