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Future Darkly Volume 1

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 46 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: 18+ Schoolgirls; 18+ Teens; Feature; Science Fiction

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead

Cast: Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright, Carolina Sweets, Nina North, Alison Rey, Gracie Green, Tommy Pistol, Michael Vegas

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers; Behind the Scenes


I recommend Future Darkly Vol. 1 directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead. Once again, Bree and her directing partner Craven write/produce a three-dimensional story that’s woven together with scenes of hot sex. In this case, Future Darkly Vol. 1 is made up of two scenes that take us far into the future. In the first scene called the White Room, the mild-mannered school bus driver, Michael Vegas, takes DNA samples from the girls he drives to and from school each day. He uses those samples to create a virtual world of his own where the girls exist solely to fuck him. He fucks them one at a time, day after day until an internal server error helps Whitney Wright plan a way to get all of the girls out of Michael’s dark virtual world. In scene two called Artifamily, Tommy Pistol puts his acting chops on display, portraying a depressed father suffering PTSD after his wife and daughter were tragically killed. He goes to Artifamily to have them recreate a clone of his loved ones. They clone his daughter, but she’s not quite the same, especially when she grabs his cock and tells him to fuck her. Bree proves her creativity and talent in writing and producing these high tech tales of futuristic sex that comes with AI shortcomings.

Scene 1:  The White Room with Alison Rey, Carolina Sweets, Gracie May Green, Nina North, Whitney Wright and Michael Vegas

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In chapter one. The scene opens with the four girls in an all white room. Michael has made the girls his digital slave, putting them in virtual reality. They exist in Michael’s digital world for his pleasure. It all begins with Michael driving the girls home on their college bus. The girls pay him no attention. He’s just the driver. He drops the first girl off at her stop then the next two girls. None of them say anything to Michael as they exit the bus. When Michael reaches the stop for the last girl, Alison, she says goodbye and mentions how strange it is that she has never spoken to Michael all year, even though he drives them back and forth to school everyday. Alison throws her lollipop away in the ash tray of the bus then leaves. Michael collects the lollipop and puts it away. Once he gets back to his place, the devious Michael hatches his plan, using the lollipop to collect a DNA sample of Alison. He runs the sample through his DNA scanner and uploads it to his virtually real world. There we see that he has turned all the DNA samples he has collected from the girls into virtual profiles. In his virtually real white room, all of the girls lie trapped at his disposal. He fucks them each day, one at a time. Those are the rules the girls explain to Alison. Once Michael arrives, they refer to him as the general. As we walks past each girl, they each tell him their name and age and they explain their purpose. “I’m here to fuck you,” they each tell him. When he walks up to Alison, she doesn’t answer as quickly as the other girls did. He questions her then tells her to get down on her knees and massage his cock. He orders the other girls to the other side of the room to watch the action.

Alison is ordered to suck Michael’s cock as she kneels in front of him. The general fucks Alison’s face then turns her around into standing doggy position over a stool. He pounds her pussy as the other girls watch. They all wish they were being fucked by the general. Alison turns around and sits on the stool, facing Michael. The other girls help out by holding Alison’s legs open as Michael walks up and drills her tight cunt. He pulls out and eats her pussy, making it even more wet then he stuffs her cunt again and bangs it hard and deep, cumming inside her. After blasting Alison full of cum, Michael speaks the command “exit game” which immediately takes him out of the virtually real world and back to reality.

In chapter 2, Michael is now back in the real world driving the girls home from school in the bus. As Whitney begins to leave the bus at her stop, Michael stops her. He pulls a strand of hair from her head, capturing what will become the DNA he needs for his next victim. Later that night he loads Whitney’s profile into the virtually real system, but before he can enter his world, his mom calls, interrupting his process. He accidentally turns on the system, waking up all the girls. Whitney tries to talk to the girls. She recognizes them from school, but they don’t recognize her. She screams for help but it stopped by one of the girls who tells her to be quiet. She must pretend as if she’s happy. A few minutes later, Michael arrives inside the virtually reals white room. As he walks down the line of girls, they each introduce themselves, tell Michael their age and school homeroom and then they say, “I’m here to fuck you.” When he reaches Whitney, she doesn’t say anything. There’s an internal server error that has corrupted the system causing Michael to exit. That error also makes Whitney remember everything. She tries to explain to the girls who they really are and that Michael put them all in a video game. It’s working. One of the girls remembers. Whitney tells them they can beat Michael at his own game. The virtually real world only allows the general to interact with one girl at a time. Whitney explains that there’s a way to get out of here if they work together. When Michael comes back, Whitney pretends to be part of the game. She drops to her knees and sucks his cock while the other girls watch and beg to suck his cock. “Get him,” Whitney tells the girls.

They all surround him, kissing him and reaching for his cock. Michael is overwhelmed but enjoys the attention. “Somebody give me your hole,” he yells. Alison takes his cock doggy style over the stool. The other girls pleasure each other in girl-girl action. Michael pounds Alison’s pussy harder and harder. When he pulls out and turns to a different girl, Alison slowly disappears from the white room. As he fucks one girl after the other, they each disappear out of the room. Whitney is the last girl left. They fuck cowgirl style on the floor then in standing doggy. Michael pulls out and blows his load all over Whitney’s face. The system has a major malfunction as Whitney disappears. Michael is forced to exit the system. The next day on the bus ride home, Michael drives the girls quietly, smiling to himself about starting his process all over again.

Scene 2: Artifamily with Jill Kassidy and Tommy Pistol

In Artifamily, Tommy waits impatiently to see the doctor. Nina Hartley greats Tommy, explaining the Artifamily is the global leader in the treatment of PTSD and deep grief. Six months ago, Tommy lost his wife and stepdaughter in a tragic accident. He’s here at Artifamily to help him get through his deep loss. Artifamily takes the DNA from loved ones and recreates a perfect match. On Tommy’s intake form, he forgot to specify which one he wanted cloned. Artifamily took the most viable DNA specimen and cloned it. Artifamily brings the clone in. It’s Jill, a perfect replica of his daughter. Tommy loses it and can’t stop crying at the sight of his cloned daughter. He wishes he had been there to protect his daughter, but he wasn’t. He signs all the necessary papers and takes his daughter home. She looks around the place and remembers every detail of Tommy’s life, down to specific dates. The situation takes a weird turn as Jill asks him why she can’t sleep with him tonight. Tommy explains that she has her own room, but Jill doesn’t understand why she can’t sleep with him. “Sexual intercourse,” Jill says as she goes on to define it. “When are you going to penetrate me, daddy?” Jill asks.

Tommy is very uncomfortable with this. He thinks Jill has malfunctioned. Jill bends over and pulls her clothes off, saying “I just want to please you daddy.” Tommy tries to sit her down, but Jill pushes him onto the couch, hurting him. She grabs his cock, saying, “I want to please you daddy.” He tries to stop her, pressing her forehead, which shuts her power off. Tommy’s PTSD gets worse and worse as time goes on. Jill is still in the off position as Tommy goes out of his mind. He turns the power on Jill again, waking her up. He stuffs his cock in her mouth, ordering her to choke on his cock. “Take the fucking dick down that throat,” he tells her as he skull fucks her. “Show me what you can do, robot,” he says. Jill gags and spits all over his dick. She stands up to be fucked doggystyle as she leans against the wall.

Tommy pulls her hair as he bangs her pussy. She bends over the couch for more standing doggy fucking then she goes for a reverse cowgirl and cowgirl ride on this cock. Tommy stands up and jerks off, shooting his load on her face. Jill is robotic in her excitement. “Thank you, daddy,” she says with cum all over her face. She won’t stop saying it, driving Tommy crazy. Jill malfunctions and falls to the floor. Tommy screams for Artifamily to help fix his robot daughter.

Final Thoughts:

Writer/Director Bree Mills and her directing partner Craven Moorehead craft two scenes of a futuristic world where sex is artificial in her flick Future Darkly Vol. 1. I recommend this sexual sci-fi fantasy. In scene one, the White Room, Michael Vegas creates a virtual world populated by the digital versions of the school girls he takes to and from school each day on the bus. He uses the DNA he has collected from each of them to create virtual sex slaves that he fucks again and again. A major error in the system creates an opening for the girls to fuck their way out of Michael’s twisted tale. In the second scene, Artifamily, Tommy Pistol orders a clone to replace his daughter who was killed in a tragic accident. Once he gets her home, he realizes something is wrong with his robotic daughter when she grabs hold of his cock and orders him to fuck her. Bree is a talented force in the adult biz who combines well-written stories and characters with taboo-style sex that you don’t see anywhere else.

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