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Wet and Ready

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 10/29/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

If there is one thing that separates Sweetheart Video from the rest, their ideas and films are always evolving. Wet Panties Trib is a series that does not come out but maybe every other year. Now, what I will tell you porn fans from having seen this series before is that this series is the cream of the crop when it comes to girl/girl action. This series focuses on one of the kinkiest concepts in lesbian porn. It is simple, you get to see two of the most beautiful women on the planet get each other so turned on, their white cotton panties tell a story that must be seen to be believed. This series is always home to women who genially love women. Any porn fan knows that there are films where the performers are not always the most enthused. We will not harp on the negative so what I will say is that Dana Vespoli has always made this series something that shines with the brightest stars who have the biggest appetite for female flesh. Reagan Foxx has been climbing the charts here at the end of the 2018 year with bigger roles and more lethal pairings. Gia Derza is her scene partner for this one and what is a very sweet irony is that both of these ladies may be the best-kept secrets in porn but after this 2018 year, I do not see the lid being held on much longer with scenes like this. If you are a fan of either woman, you know that they are women who bring it all, every single time they create a fantasy for our viewing pleasure. Now the question is, what will happen when two unstoppable forces collide?

Reagan Foxx and Gia Derza 

Scene Duration: 35 Minutes 13 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @DanaVespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: October 17th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older / Younger, Teen -vs- MILF, Teasing, Tribbing / Scissoring, Fingering, Shaved, Big Boobs, Big Booties, Ass Licking

Wet and Ready

Scene from the Film: Wet Panties Trib 8

Starring: Reagan Foxx @ReaganFoxx_ and Gia Derza @GiaDerza

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The Reveal:

Reagan Foxx and Gia Derza From the start, you are enticed with the curves of the lovely Gia. The camera work is superb as your mind will wander into an amazing place once you see Reagan enter and the fantasy really begins. Gia is the troublesome neighbor who desires a dip in Reagan’s lovely pool. Bothe women are superb setting up this scene. Gia sells the college student innocence and Reagan is scorching as the hot older woman who you can tell is just going to eat Gia alive as the dialogue gets steamier and steamier. This scene is so well presented to the fan. The back of the DVD showcases steam and that is exactly what you are getting from second one of this scene. The intro is a very long, vivacious tease where the camera angles are always keeping you right there in the most amazing spots. As both models get each other naked look for the facial expressions to add a little zest to your fantasy. Watching Gia’s big beautiful eyes look up as Reagan sits her down to lick and suck on her hard nipples is a fantasy all in itself. The camera work is amazing.

The Sex:

The tribbing is first? What kind of madness is this? The sort that only the most genius minds can create like Dana Vespoli. There is something about these cotton panties that grab ahold of you and keep your mind day dreaming. Gia is a very intense performer, no matter the aspect or angle, watching her get pleasured is a fucking treat and some. Her enthusiasm is amazing and when you have the sexiest voice in the industry whispering dirty things in your ear, it makes this scene go to that next level of porn film perfection. The wet panties are the perfect touch to the world of lesbian cinema. It is kinky, it is unique, and it will take hold of your mind in every aspect. This is one of the most unique sexual encounters. Just the way that the scene unfolds is enough to warrant a purchase from any girl/girl fan Yes, I do say that now before any of the true action starts because this is some very provocative footage. It is hard to know where to place the words truthfully. That is how unique this scene, series, and footage is. This is five-star kitty licking. The tease as Reagan makes Gia’s panties even wetter is so amazing. This is the type of scene that creates monumental orgasms all the way around especially with the performers.

Reagan Foxx and Gia Derza

The tease is so intense when the pussy licking begins, you are simply already on cloud nine. The quick flick of Reagan’s tongue is something that could melt the biggest iceberg. One of the sexiest things about this scene is how Gia never takes her eyes off Reagan. There is so much passion in this scene, it may indeed cause memory loss. So, if you are watching this scene at work, lock the fucking break room door beforehand. The tight shots of Gia are amazing, what a feline she has, it is gorgeous and watching Reagan suck on her lips may cause you to lose more than just your mind. Fast tongues and fast women are what dominates this scene. Big butts, big booties. There is so much about this scene that will appeal to everyone no matter their flavor. The end payoff of seeing one of the most spectacular asses in the game is heaven and one amazing climax for a scene that is wonderful beyond words and worth the price of admission.

Reagan Foxx and Gia Derza Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Two big points to make. First, finally, a director who has put Reagan in a role where she gets to showcase every spectacular feat and skill that is her. This is one of the best damn Reagan Foxx roles. She is everywhere and my oh my is it a fucking site to see.

Second point, Gia Derza is the real deal. This beauty is one of the leading starlets of this new type of model we are seeing more and more in the adult industry. Natural boobs, natural booty, natural good looks and a sex drive that is insanely amazing.

These two together are thunder and lighting. Something that when together are a force to be reckoned with. This scene truly is one of the most unique of the 2018 year. It may be Reagan’s best girl/girl scene of the year. Both of these women mix everything from sensual to exotic.

The sound at times cuts in and out a tad leaving you to wonder what they are saying as the sex starts and then just some minor glitches during sex. Besides that, this is the perfect fucking scene. Porn lovers here is a scene for you and honestly, if you're a website member, this certainly warrants an exploration of the rest of the film.

It sure sparked that in me. This scene is highly recommended, and I do see this as a springboard for so much with both performers involved.

This scene is a constant heat wave and no matter where you pick up or leave off, you will simply be thrust right back into something hot and heavy. That is truly the rarest of things in porn these days.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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