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Love Junkies

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: Britney Amber, Bridgette B., India Summer, Karma RX, Kenzie Taylor, Derrick Pierce, Jay Smooth, Lucas Frost, Seth Gamble, Small Hands, Alison Rey (non-sex), Kiki Daire (non-sex)

Writer/Director: Mike Quasar

Release Date: Aug. 22, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 8 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: 3 Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, 6 Trailers and a Wicked Pictures Promo Reel


Overview: In Mike Quasar's Love Junkies, Britney Amber leads a support group for women addicted to infidelity and the rush they receive with every tryst as they cheat on their husbands. This is an anthology film as each one of the women recounts an affair they had in flashback form. It's an incredibly steamy and sexy couples film from the master of the genre, the brilliant Mike Quasar, with amazingly hot performances from the ladies. I don't want to give too much away about Quasar's plot to the film, so I'll just describe the stories.


Scene One: Bridgette B. and Jay Smooth


The first encounter has Bridgette B. retelling about an affair she had in her house while her husband was upstairs. She greets her lover Jay Smooth at the door and they immediately start making out. They head to the couch, passionately kissing each other. Jay undoes Bridgette's dress, kissing her neck and back as he cups and rubs her amazing tits. Soon he's nuzzling them, sucking on her big dark nipples as his hand goes between her legs. He rubs her pussy, getting it nice and wet before pulling off her dress and going down on her.


He gently and passionately sucks and licks her pussy sending Bridgette over the top in ecstasy. After making her cum his pants are off and Bridgette starts sucking his cock. Slowly and passionately she makes love to Jay's cock with her mouth, her lips massaging the head when she's not flicking it with her tongue. After getting it hard and wet she climbs up and starts riding him. She glides and bucks her pussy up and down on his cock, Jay grabbing her ass and maneuvering her up and down on his dick. She twerks her ass on his cock until she cums and then they go into a missionary. They passionately kiss as Jay slams his cock in and out of Bridgette's pussy. He then puts her legs together making her pussy tighter for his cock as he glides it in and out. He hammers away at her pussy and then goes back down and eats her out, fingering her hole until she cums again.


They then start spooning, Jay kissing her neck and rubbing her clit as he fucks her from behind. Bridgette smiles with pleasure as Jay works his cock in and out of her pussy and they hold hands as he gives her multiple orgasms. After Jay sucks and licks her juices out from around her pussy he t-bones her for a few seconds before he shoots his load on her ass cheek, sweetly and passionately kissing Bridgette as the streams of cum rest on her ass. A very passionate and romantic interlude of infidelity.

Scene Two: Kenzie Taylor and Lucas Frost

Next, we have the group's newcomer Kenzie Taylor relating her story. She and her husband are jogging together when they separate down two different paths. On Kenzie's path, she meets up with Lucas Frost whom she met on Tinder. She tells him she only has about 30 min so they need to make this quick. They start making out and Lucas heads to Kenzie's boobs, nuzzling and motorboating them. He starts rubbing her crotch under her jogging pants and soon Kenzie is on her knees with Lucas' cock in her mouth. She gives him head before pulling her pants down and Lucas fingers her from behind. Kenzie then lays back on the park bench and Lucas starts eating her pussy. With her legs in the air Lucas laps at her clit giving Kenzie a screaming orgasm.


Lucas then gets up and fucks Kenzie missionary. With one of the tits in his hand, he slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He rubs her clit and stabs her hole making her scream as she cums on his cock. They then switch around and Kenzie starts riding him, cowgirl. Lucas plunges his cock up and in Kenzie's pussy while Kenzie bounces on his dick. This gives Kenzie multiple orgasms which she sucks off of his cock and climbs back up for some more.


After bouncing and grinding on his cock some more Kenzie then bends over the bench and Lucas fucks her standing from behind. He pounds her dripping wet pussy making her cum several more times before Lucas pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene Three: India Summer and Small Hands


In this truly incredible scene, the beautiful and wonderfully talented India Summer relates her position as a professional, uptown woman who loves her husband but is bored with her marriage. When her girlfriends take her to a seedy club she catches the eye of the house band's lead singer, the charming bad boy Small Hands. She meets with him in his dressing room, telling him she never does things like this. Small Hands puts her at ease and soon they're kissing. He pulls her top down and sucks on her nipples. The rush of doing something so forbidden really gets India's juices flowing, as Small Hands undresses her. He kisses her body, worshipping her ass and rubbing her pussy under her black panties. It doesn't take long before India is cumming on Small Hands' fingers and soon he pulling her panties off and eating her pussy. Small Hands munches and sucks on India's pussy, and India displays the beautiful sensuousness she is so wonderfully famous for as she cums in his mouth. 


Small Hands drops his pants and India marvels at his hard cock, taking it in her mouth and giving him amazing head. India then lays back, her waiting pussy open for him and he starts fucking her missionary. He pounds her hole, shoving his cock in balls deep giving India one beautifully sensuous orgasm after another. The juices from her pussy make it glisten as Small Hands works his cock in and out. India then puts her legs together and Small Hands t-bones her tight pussy, making India cum even harder. He then picks her up and bounces her on his cock standing. “This is exciting”, India says as Small Hands slides her pussy up and down on his cock. He then bends her over the couch and fucks her from behind, first with her legs closed and then holding leg open to get better access to her clit.


They kiss as he rubs her clit to multiple orgasms on his pounding cock. Small Hands then lays back for India to climb up and ride him. India slides and grinds her pussy on his cock, Small Hands hanging off of the couch as India fucks him with her pussy. Small Hands eats India's juices off of her pussy and then lays her back to fuck her missionary once more. He makes her cum a couple more times before pulling his condom off and spraying her belly and tits with his cum. A fantastic scene, brilliantly filmed by Mike Quasar with phenomenal performances from India and Small Hands.

Scene Four: Britney Amber and Derrick Pierce

Real estate agent Britney Amber shares her story of infidelity next. She's showing a house to a potential client, Derrick Pierce. Everything is going like normal until he sees the pool, where Derrick proceeds to strip and skinny dip, asking Britney to join him. The shocked Britney insists on closing the deal inside, so Derrick gets dressed and they go in. Once inside they're sitting on the couch when Derrick starts hitting on her. The befuddled Britney tries to resist the urge to cheat on her husband, but Derrick wears her down and soon they're kissing. Derrick undoes Britney's jacket and kisses her tits. The now very weak Britney pulls off her skirt and sticks her ass up to Derrick who kisses and worships it. He starts rubbing her crotch and by now all of her defenses are gone as she removes her bra and Derrick sucks her tits. Derrick pulls her panties off and kisses down her body to her pussy.


His tongue flicks over Britney's clit and soon she's cumming in Derrick's mouth. Derrick then stands up and immediately Britney takes his cock in her mouth. She gives him slobbery head, stroking the shaft and sucking his balls, and then Derrick sits on the couch for Britney to ride him. She climbs up and lowers her pussy down his shaft, bucking and grinding her hips on his cock and giving herself multiple orgasms. She then gets on all fours and Derrick fucks her doggy style, his balls slapping against her clit which drives Britney crazy with ecstasy.


After having a couple of intense orgasms on Derrick's cock Britney sucks him a little bit before laying back and letting Derrick fuck her missionary. He works his cock balls deep in and out of Britney's pussy giving her several more deliciously intense orgasms until he finally pulls out and shoots his white creamy cum on her pretty blond patch, her pubes matting up with his load.

Scene Five: Karma RX and Seth Gamble


The final story is told by Karma RX. She relates about how she was being shown a house by agent Seth Gamble. It's fully furnished so she asks if he would like to try out the bed with her. She attacks him, rubbing his crotch and planting kisses on him, and soon she's on her back on the bed. Seth sucks on her tits and kisses his way down her body to her pussy where his tongue starts flicking on her clit. After getting her juices flowing with his tongue Seth stands up and drops his pants while Karma drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. She gives him exquisite head, massaging his cock with her mouth. Soon she's on her back again on the bed and Seth starts fucking her missionary. He drives his cock in and out of her pussy while she rubs her clit bringing her to orgasm.


He then lays back and they start spooning, Karma holding her leg open as Seth fucks her from behind. Seth rubs her clit as he pistons his cock in and out of her and soon she's cumming on his cock again. She then flips over on all fours and Seth starts fucking her doggy style. He pounds her pussy and gives Karma several more orgasms before pulling out and cumming on her ass.

Bonus Scene One: “An Inconvenient Mistress” starring Bridgette B. and Brad Armstrong


Bonus Scene Two: “Axel Braun's Inked 4” starring Karma RX and Seth Gamble


Bonus Scene Three: “Snapshot” starring Kenzie Taylor and Ella Nova


Final Thoughts: The master of couples porn is back. With Love Junkies he's brought us a very well written film about women battling against the demons of infidelity, with great dialog, scorching hot sex scenes and a terrific twist ending that comes completely out of left field. It's the performances, the writing and Quasar's camera work that shines in this film. I absolutely love his very fluid filming technique of slowly keeping the camera moving giving a very sensuous feel to his scenes. You always get the feeling of the camera simply caressing the performers, while all the while it moves the scene along at just the perfect pace. All of the scenes are great, but scene three with India Summer and Small Hands is the definite standout. It's such a powerful scene of passion and erotica with India delivering a standout performance. I also thought that it was very interesting how there are no facials. All of the cumshots are either on the lady's ass, stomach or pussy. A very nice touch from Quasar on that point. This is a great erotic film for couples from one of the best in the genre, and I Highly Recommend it.

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