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Stepsister's Love, A

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 10/31/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This has been a scene I have been dying to view for so many reasons. One of the things that I do and love doing in this business is finding the films, finding the scenes that are the best in the world of fantasy so that you, the porn fan, do not have to weed through half-assed scenes and lose your hard-earned money. This film, Wet Panties Trib 8 is really getting some great reviews across the board from social media to pay as you go sites, as well as on the site to get the best of the bunch, SweetheartVideo.com where you could have downloaded this scene sixteen days before the DVD release. Now, if that is not enough reason to get you updated into the digital age and join the home website, I do not know what will. Now, once again, Dana has paired two of the most stunning Models in the business together. Abigail Mac and Athena Faris. When I say dashing, I mean two women who with one sight will make you forget what fucking state you are in when you see the box cover of this film. The Don Juan bottom line is both women have a bite that goes with their purr. Abigail is the epitome of what a porn superstar is. She warrants a DVD buy with just a green light on social media. Athena, she is a young starlet who every director has said is just the cream of the crop. Porn has a bright future with this beauty. I am anxious to see if this film is as tasty as it looks porn fans. So, pull up a chair and let’s find out.

Abigail Mac and Athena Faris 

Scene Duration: 27 Minutes and 55 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @DanaVespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: October 17th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, All-In-The-Family, Scissoring / Tribbing, Big Tits, Teen, Face Sitting, Dirty Talk, Intense Orgasms, Ass Licking, Fingering

A Stepsister’s Love

From the Sweetheart Video Production: Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties Trib 8

Starring: Abigail Mac @MsAbigailMac and Athena Faris @AthenaFarisX

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The Reveal:

Abigail Mac and Athena Faris 

First things first, the roles are stepsisters and not MILF with a stepdaughter, thank the good Lord and I will tell you why. First off, Abigail Mac will never be a MILF because the title is reserved for someone who honestly not atop the food chain. That is just the fact and the film that spawned the phrase proves it by who gets laid by the “MILF.” Now, my opinion aside, the other reason I love Dana casting Abigail as the “sister” is miss Mac can play any fucking role and play it well. The shorts, the flannel. Your fantasy is alive and running with this beauty behind the wheel. The shot of Athena in the wind is fucking as magnificent as it gets. You want to stop and stare at a woman in awe for so many reasons, that is the moment to do so. These two really create the fantasies story well together.

Abigail Mac and Athena Faris OK, now no one, well, almost no one will say they take the acting over sex, this is porn after all but the ladies dialogue is wonderful. The tone, the rhythm, everything, it is simply what you want with lesbian erotica with an older woman and a younger. As the kissing begins, Athena slips Abigail tongue right from the get-go and that is your signal to start your mother fucking engines race fans. From that start, the action is lust filled and erotic. There is chemistry and want. Hell, I do not think there is anyone alive on the planet who would not go all in after they got a kiss from Abigail Mac.

The Sex:

Abigail Mac, damn it is beyond fantasy to watch her lick and suck. There are a majesty and a kink that is unmatched in the business. The fact that she has all of Athena’s breast and nipple in her mouth, ring and all, is so sexy. It shows a want. That is the big selling point in this scene. You can tell both performers have been wanting to fuck for a long time I can imagine. That is the beauty of porn when you get to see that kind of passion. The ass grabbing, the touching, the licking, it is enough to drive you crazy. Fuck an Aerosmith video, this is what you want to see two models doing, I mean damn, you are screaming mercy every six seconds.

The thing that is so brilliant about this film, not just these scenes is just much something like a standard regular pair of woman’s underwear can become so sexy when it is on the bodies of these two beautiful models/actors. The tribbing is the focus and my goodness does it ever deserve center stage. The beauty of a scene like this is half way through you still have not reached the true passion and kink yet. That is something that means you get your dollars’ worth in every way possible, especially the replay value. When you get to see these beauties go into round two. You can always count on Abigail to devour a pussy in any scene she is in. The touch that is Sweetheart Video is that there are always these intense moments of orgasm. You have to witness Athena twitch and gyrate as she cums while watching it is five-star erotica. The action never stops. I can not give away the end of this scene but when you see Abigail position Athena in the sexiest of ways, be prepared for instant heat.  Fuck a portable lamp or stove, all you need is these beauties to keep you warm on a winter’s night.

Abigail Mac and Athena Faris Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

The cover of this film is truly an insight into what this scene is. Artistic, beautiful and eye candy every which way the eyes will take thee. Abigail is her usual tour de force where she can make you sweat profusely with just moans and purrs. I think this may also be young Athena’s best girl/girl scene to date. At least that I have seen. She makes a lasting impression and it is more than her stunning good looks that linger with you. Every film I see of Athena she gets better and better. This is a porn superstar in the making and she honestly has a composure and sex drive that takes her out of the “cute” or teen category in a flash. She reminds me of a young Micky Lynn, with an almost identical look but where she differs, you simply can not say the word. It is this oomph that is in her beautiful derriere and with the tip of her tongue when she kisses another woman. She has the makings of a sexual dynamo and I think that when you get her in the room with Abigail, you will not be able to do anything else until you finish this scene. Here I am at 4 AM and I'm still anxiously waiting to see the last seconds of this film as I write. It draws you in. This scene has a touch of everything. You simply can not ask for more when it comes to adult cinema. This is the type of scene that alone makes the scene worth buying. There are many factors that make this scene one of Dana’s best of the year. I truly do give this scene the title of Highly Recommended. It is something that truly deserves a look come awards season.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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