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Black Anal AssesVol 3

Studio: Hard X » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 25 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All sex; Anal; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Mason

Cast: Amethyst Banks, Daizy Cooper, Daya Knight, Noemie Bilas, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Ramon Nomar

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with over 5 minutes of after-sex interviews and footage with the girls


I highly recommend Mason’s Black Anal Asses Vol. 3. She picks the hottest Ebony starlets in the biz with even hotter asses for this anal extravaganza. Daizy Cooper is the featured DVD cover girl and she has a sizzling scene with Mick Blue. This is Daizy's first anal on film. Her excitement is palpable as her dick stuffed, gaping ass hole gets the attention she has wanted for it for so long. Opening the flick is Amethyst Banks in a backdoor banging scene with Ramon Nomar who tongue fucks her ass hole. Daya Knight has a squirt-filled creamy anal scene with Markus Dupree who makes her dick drunk in the end. The exotic Noemie Bilas has the final scene of the flick with a horny Mick Blue who annihilates her pooper, wedging his shaft deep in her rectal chute. She has multiple assgasm and even squirts in prick submission. There’s great chemistry in each scene of this flick. The girls bring with them an insatiable fire for cock up the ass that can only be extinguished by prick pumping machines like Mick, Markus, and Ramon.

Scene 1:  Amethyst Banks and Ramon Nomar

Amethyst is a beauty. She stands at the top of the stairwell in her leopard-print G-string, twerking her perking ass in a tantalizing tease. We see her walk across the room to do her solo dance for us. Next, Amethyst is kneeling on the couch doggy style, shaking her booty. Ramon walks up and fucks her ass with his tongue. He buries his face in her ass while penetrating it with his tongue. He turns to her pussy next, lying underneath her and sitting her on his face so he can eat her twat. “Show me that pussy,” he tells her as he moves her into missionary position, rattling her clit with his tongue. Amethyst sits up and slobbers all over his dick, sucking it and jerking it, pleasing Ramon. He holds her head in place and fucks her throat, making her gag. She licks his balls and shaft then gets back in doggy position on the couch for her first round of fucking with Ramon. “That’s tight,” he tells her as he works his cock inside her pussy. He bangs her hard, slamming up against her body and sending his dick deep in her wet twat.

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Amethyst moans out in pleasure, enjoying the pussy stretching he’s giving her. “I wanna cum,” Amethyst screams as she reaches her peak. After making her cum, he pulls out and stuffs her ass hole with his hard cock. Amethyst stays in doggy position for the anal onslaught. She holds her ass cheek open and watches his dick slam her shit box. “It feels so good,” she moans. She cums again, having an assgasm on his dick. She sits back on his cock, transitioning into reverse cowgirl position for more anal romance. “Come all over that cock right now,” Ramon orders as he pounds her pooper. She turns around to sit on his cock cowgirl style and bounce up and down on it. A little ass to mouth follows before she rides him some more. She lies on the couch and gets spoon fucked until she cums again. “You want my cum?” Ramon asks her as he drills her rectum. He stands up and pops all over her face, filling her mouth with cum. Amethyst isn’t finished. She sucks the remaining cum out of his cock then gets back on the couch in doggy position to twerk her ass for him.

Scene 2: Daizy Cooper (1st Anal) and Mick Blue

This is Daizy’s first anal scene and she’s doing with Mick Blue. She is so excited about it, she’s planning to have 12 assgasm today. She is looking forward to adding more to her sexual pallet. “Adding anal to my sex life is like putting a cherry on a cake,” she tells Mason. “I hope you guys enjoy seeing my butthole deliciously fucked,” Daizy says. Cut to Daizy and Mick making out in the living room. These two have great chemistry together as she straddles him in a standing cowgirl. Soon she’s kneeling on the couch, sitting on Mick’s face. He tongue fucks her pussy, making Daizy moan “fuck yes.” He’s tonguing her slit just the way he likes it. “Look at this ass,” Mick tells her as he moves her into doggy position and eats her ass hole from behind. She spreads her ass cheeks open for him as he licks her trap door. Mick is ready to put his cock inside her ass. He penetrates her booty from behind, slowly filling her up. Daizy’s mouth gapes open when Mick starts drilling her poop chute.  

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Daizy screams as Mick’s ball-slapping banging in her ass makes her scream. He pulls out and Daizy tastes her ass off his cock then rides it cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his hard pole, sending his dick deep inside her anal cavity. She climbs off for more ass to mouth and then she lies on her back for missionary up the ass. Mick annihilates her winking ass hole. He eats her ass some more then positions her in reverse cowgirl position to bang her through the back door. This time the cock stuffing makes Daizy cum. She lies on her side for more anal assault as Mick’s dick drills her. Daizy thanks him for making her cum so much. Missionary and cowgirl up the ass keep Daizy cumming. In between, Mick pulls and fucks her throat. Her creamy ass hole is stretched open and Mick keeps it stuffed with cock. She cums again when he slams her ass hole in squat thrusting action. He pulls out and skull fucks her then pops in her greedy mouth.

Scene 3: Daya Knight and Markus Dupree

Daya is kneeling doggy style on the couch twerking her oily wet ass cheeks. She tells Mason she really loves getting her ass slapped when she’s getting fucked. She’s never been a stripper, but she has the perfect body and ass for it. Markus agrees as he buries his face in her ass cheeks and tongues her ass hole. He spreads her cheeks open then finger fucks her butthole, making Daya’s body shiver. She sits on his face and this time he smacks and sucks on her pussy. Keeping her in doggy position, Markus quickly slips his dick in her ass and pounds it. He spanks her ass cheeks just like Daya likes and it drives her crazy. When Markus pulls out, we see Daya’s pink, gaping ass hole. “Stretch my ass out,” she tells him.

The hard and fast dick drilling from Markus makes Daya’s ass hole get creamy. Her tits bounce back and forth in this intense round of doggy style fucking. She turns over onto her back and opens her legs for missionary fucking. “Choke me,” she screams at Markus. He chokes her, spanks her ass and fucks her hole then quickly pulls out and finger bangs her until she squirts. Daya cums again when he pumps her ass hole some more. Her eyes roll back into her head. Her ass hole is in total submission to his cock. “I love it,” she mumbles as he drills her shit box in reverse cowgirl position. She goes on a long cowgirl ride, taking Markus’ dick in her ass hole. The final round of doggy up the ass leads to a huge pop shot from Markus, all over her face. He’s not done with her yet. He lies her on her back and pumps her ass until she’s ready to cum again. He pulls out and finger fucks her pussy as she squirts all over him and herself. She spreads her ass hole open as the camera pans from her cum-covered face to her gaping ass hole.

Scene 4: Noemie Bilas and Mick Blue

Noemie brings up the rear in this final scene of Black Anal Assess Vol. 3. She’s dressed in all-black lingerie and leather boots, showcasing her sexy, flawless body. She takes a walk around the pool outside then sits to reveal her boobs. She smiles seductively into the camera, giving us a hot solo show. She’s on her knees now, doggy style on the couch, bouncing her tight ass back and forth. Cut to Noemie inside on the couch doggy style with Mick’s tongue deep in her ass. She closes her eyes and spreads her ass cheek open for him as he gorges on her bountiful booty. He turns her over onto her back and spreads her legs wide open, revealing her tight twat. He tongue fucks her pussy first then goes back to her ass hole, drilling each opening with his tongue. Noemie fingers her clit while he tongue fucks her. When Mick stands up, Noemie puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it. She sits still for a minute so Mick can fuck her face, making her gag. She licks his balls then lies on the couch on her side.

Mick stretches her pussy out for a while, pumping it while choking her. Noemie screams out in an outburst of ecstasy. She gets on her hands and knees and hosts Mick’s dick in her ass doggy style. She looks back at him in submission then turns around and eats his meat, gobbling on it and sending it down her throat. She takes a round of backdoor splitting thrusts from Mick in cowgirl position. He grips and spanks her ass cheeks as he spreads her gaping ass hole even wider. His dick slips out of her ass and he puts it in her pussy for a second before pumping her rectum some more. The reverse cowgirl fuck up Noemie’s rectal shaft is the hottest part of the scene. She fingers her cunt while Mick bangs her hole, making her cum. He pulls out, revealing a wide gaping pink chute. Ass to mouth leads to missionary up the ass with a clear shot of Mick’s balls-deep stuffing of Noemie’s ass hole. He pulls out and fucks her throat then drills her ass and repeats. This time when he pulls out, he finger fucks her pussy until she squirts. He finishes her pooper missionary style, slamming her hole until he’s ready to pop. He pulls out and paints her face in cum. She looks up at him with cum draining down both sides of her nose and sucks his cock. Mick puts her in doggy position again and penetrates her ass hole. Starting another round of booty banging that makes her cum again.

Final Thoughts:

Director Mason has put together an Ebony anal delight that I highly recommend in her flick Black Anal Asses Vol. 3. The four starlets in this flick have some of the hottest asses in the business and it’s only fair that they be plunged by serious anal fiends. Daizy Cooper graces the cover in the DVD and she has one of the hottest scenes in the flick, enjoying her first on-camera anal experience with Mick Blue. His pipe pries Daizy’s pooper wide open in an anal gaping scene you won’t soon forget. Joining Daizy in this rectal caper is Amethyst Banks, Daya Knight, and Noemie Bilas. Daya’s twerking, winking ass hole gets plugged and pounded by the piston pumping prick of Markus Dupree. From assgasms to squirting blasts, Daya’s ass hole gets fully satisfied. Amethyst opens the flick in an anal takedown with Ramon Nomar and Noemie closes the movie with an asstastic performance with Mick’s dick. One of the things that makes this flick good is the chemistry and energy of the couples. It’s palpable.

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