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Big Butt Babysittters

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 14 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Anal; 18+ Teens; Big Butt

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Featuring Candice Dare with Daisy Stone, Kimber Woods, Rharri Rhound, Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes, James Deen, Chad White

Bonus Scenes: Karlee Gray and Tommy Gunn

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Big Tit Babysitters, The Cute Little Babysitter 3, The Cute Little Babysitter 2, Behind the Scenes with close to 10 minutes of interview footage with the girls; Pick Your Pleasure with Tease, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, and Popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info



I recommend Eddie Powell’s Big Butt Babysitters. This movie features big botty Candice Dare in the opening scene taming Ramon Nomar’s hard cock in an intense cowgirl ride. She shows up for a job interview for his babysitter job but ends up showing him more than her resume as she bounces her big ass up and down on his throbbing dick. He splashes her with cum then tells he’s not sure if she’ll get the job after all. Kimber Woods, Daisy Stone, and Rharri Round bounce their booties on screen in this flick. Once James Deen catches Kimber masturbating with his wife’s vibrator, she knows she has lost her babysitting job. To her surprise, James wants to see her masturbate until she cums. After that, he pounds her pussy and leaves her in doggy position with a cum-filled face. Daisy and Steve Holmes take advantage of the extra time they have while his wife’s away. He drills the babysitter’s cunt then reminds her to clean up the place before his wife gets home. Chad White offers to help his babysitter, Rharri, with her workout, but he ends up bending her over the bench press and pumping her pussy, ending this workout with blasts of cum. These four vignettes are all well produced with great short storylines. Kimber has the most fun in her scene with James and is hungry for her boss’ cock and cum.

Scene 1:  Candice Dare and Ramon Nomar

Candice shows up at Ramon’s house to interview for the babysitting job. He asks for her resume and walks her around the house, showing her where everything is.  As she walks up the stairs, Ramon can’t take his eyes off her ass. Ramon continues the interview process, asking for Candice to show her credentials and ID. Ramon goes off to make a copy of her ID and when he returns, he is mesmerized by her ass again as she stands at the window looking out. “Are you enjoying the view?” Candice asks him. “I’ve seen you looking at me.” She puts her hand on his cock and rubs it. Ramon puts her in doggy position on the couch and starts tonguing her pussy. “I didn’t expect this today,” Candice tells him. This is the best interview she has ever had. She bangs his face with her ass then sits her pussy on his face for more tongue fucking. He stands up and takes off his pants, aiming his hard cock at Candice’s mouth. She gobbles down his dick, covering it in spit. She shows his balls some love, too, licking and sucking them.

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When he sits on the couch, Candice bends over doggy style to continue sucking his cock. Ramon fingers her pussy while she eats his meat. He guides her on top of his cock for a cowgirl ride. She bounces up and down on his cock as Ramon tells her to use his cock for her pleasure. Candice slams her big ass up and down on Ramon’s dick. “Fuck up in that pussy,” she tells him. Ramon slaps her ass cheeks and encourages her to ride him harder and faster until she cums. He stands her up into a standing cowgirl then positions her doggy style on the couch for more pounding. “Slap my big booty,” she screams out. Candice sucks his cock, swallowing her own pussy juices then she sits on it again, riding it cowgirl style. She smothers his face with her wet pussy then lies on her side for spoon fucking. Ramon loves her wet young pussy, pounding and stretching it with his big cock. “I wanna taste your cum,” she screams. Ramon stands up and blows his load all over her face and chest. “Did I get the job,” she asks him. “We’ll see about that,” he says.

Scene 2: Kimber Woods and James Deen

Kimber has been a naughty babysitter. She rummages through the Deen family’s things and finds his wife’s vibrator. She grabs hold of it, lies in bed and masturbates, rubbing it back and forth on her clit. James comes home early only to hear a moaning and groaning Kimber. He walks up to the bedroom door and watches her masturbate for a few seconds. “Is that my wife’s vibrator?” he asks her. James calls his wife and tells her about the whole incident. The shocked and mortified Kimber knows she has been busted and figures she’s about to lose her job. “Mr. Deen, I’ll just get my things,” she says. “No, finish your orgasm,” he tells her. The surprised Kimber is thrown off at first but grabs the vibrator and sits it on her clit, screaming out in ecstasy until she cums. James watches her then just as she peaks, he fingers her pussy, kisses her and spanks her naughty ass. James tongues her twitching twat until she has another orgasm then he puts his cock in her mouth.

Kimber sucks his dick then sits on it, cowgirl style. “Rub my little ass hole,” she tells him. James fucks her cunt and fingers her ass hole until Kimber cums all over his cock again. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” the babysitter screams. James slaps her tits as they bounce around while she rides him. Kimber has another orgasm. “Thank you, Mr. Dean,” she says. James continues the cowgirl onslaught. “Right there,” she begs as James pounds her pussy missionary style. He pulls out and strums her clit then stuffs it with cock again until she cums. Kimber likes getting fucked deep and James is pleased to deliver. After sucking his cock, Kimber bends over doggy style for another round of banging. She holds her ass cheek open while he drills her hole. She lies flat into a downward doggy and cums once more from the pussy pounding. A reverse cowgirl ride on his cock leads to a blast of cum all over Kimber’s face. She sucks his dick then gets on the floor in doggy position. James stuffs her cunt, making her cum one last time then pulls out and tells her, “pack your things; you’re fired.”

Scene 3: Daisy Stone and Steve Holmes

Steve comes early and is excited to learn that his wife won’t be home for several hours. Daisy, the babysitter, has taken care of all her duties and these two have lots of time alone together. Cut to Steve spanking Daisy on her ass, attempting to make both cheeks red and sore. She bends over in standing doggy position and spreads her ass cheeks open for Steve. He eats her cunt and ass hole from behind, making the babysitter moan. He admires Daisy’s beautiful booty then fucks her face just like she asks him to. Daisy lies on the bed and plays with her pussy while Steve watches. She fingers her cunt and he sucks her nipples.

She lies on her side and invites him to stick his dick in her. He drills her twat and squeezes her young tits. “Oh fuck,” Daisy moans. She fingers her clit while getting stuffed with cock. Steve thrusts deep inside Daisy’s cunt then tells her to stick her ass out for him. She gets into doggy position and enjoys the tongue lashing he gives her ass. “Put your face in it,” she begs him. He pumps her pussy doggy style, sending his dick balls deep down her tube. “I love when you play with my titties when you fuck me,” Daisy tells him as he stretches her pussy in reverse cowgirl position. She cums after he strums her clit. “I’m so wet,” she says. Daisy turns the tables and rides him cowgirl style then gets on her back for a round of mish. He pulls out and eats her wet pussy then opens her hole up again with long, hard thrusts. Doggy style then one last go at cowgirl caps off this coupling. Steve jerks off in her mouth sending strings of cum down her throat. “You can’t tell your wife,” Daisy reminds him while wiping cum off her lips.

Scene 4: Rharri Rhound and Chad White

The sexy Rharri is irresistible to watch on the treadmill. She’s been working out while Chad has been away from home. He comes home and watches her ass shake from side to side as she workouts. He approaches her and offers to help her with her workout. He instructs her to get down low as she walks on the treadmill. He sticks his finger in a small hole in her tight gym shorts that are wedged over her ass hole. “You have such an incredible body,” he tells her. “Do you mind?” he asks as he rubs her ass and legs. Rharri doesn’t mind at all. “I just learned how to twerk,” she tells him. “Wanna see?” she asks. Rharri jiggles her big butt cheeks for Chad, turning him on. He caresses her body all over, asking permission as he rubs her body against his. “You’re a naughty girl,” he says then he spanks her ass as he pulls her gym shorts off. He squeezes her ass cheeks and positions her doggystyle over the workout bench to finger her pussy. He turns her around, sitting her upright on the bench then he dines on her pussy, licking and sticking it with his tongue, causing Rharri’s body to shake. Her pussy is creaming in her mouth and he licks it all up.

Chad sits on the bench next and feeds her with his hard cock. “How deep can you go?” he asks her as he stuffs his cock and balls down her throat at the same time. Rharri bends over doggy style on the bench and looks back at Chad as he starts drilling her pussy. She slams her big ass back on his dick, creaming all over it. “Fuck that tight pussy,” she screams. “Pound that pussy!” She turns over and puts one leg over his shoulder and gets her banged. Rharri’s big booty shakes as Chad pounds her twat. Cowgirl on the bench press sends Rharri into ecstasy. She lies on her side on the bend for more deep fucking. Standing doggy over the weight bars leads to a big popshot from Chad. He pulls out and shoots thick threads of cum all over Rharri’s face and down her throat. “Tastes so good,” she tells him.

Final Thoughts:

Big Butt Babysitters is a flick I recommend. It features Candice Dare with Kimber Woods, Daisy Stone and Rharri Round, each with a big round booty. These naughty babysitters bounce up and down on their boss’ cocks making for some hot scenes. Candice opens the flick, turning her job interview into a big booty exploration as Ramon Nomar bangs her twat. Kimber has great chemistry with James Deen, especially after he catches her masturbating with his wife’s vibrator. He watches her cum then makes her cum again and again in a big booty takedown. With Steve Holmes’ wife not scheduled to come home for hours, he fucks his bubbly babysitter, Daisy Stone, and sends threads of cum down her throat as he reminds her to clean up the place. Rharri has an athletic fuck session with Chad White who offers to help train her pussy. He bends her over the bench press, stretching her pussy with deep thrusts of his cock. The scenes are all produced well and the short storylines make for great vignettes.

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