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I Am Angela

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 11/5/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genres: All Sex, Star Showcase, Documentary

Directors: Evil Chris, Jonni Darkko, Dana Vespoli, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano

Cast: Angela White, Joanna Angel, Chanel Santini, Dana Vespoli, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes, Rocco Siffredi

Length Disc 1: 2 hours 8 minutes

Length Disc 2: 2 hours 11 minutes

Date of Release: October 31, 2018

Extras on Disc 2: Cumshot Recap, Cast List, Filmographies, Non-Selectable Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Absolutely great on both counts. Hi-Def capture, widescreen presentation. Really well edited.

Overview: About this time last year, Evil Angel put together a brand new project, Evil Angel Films, in order to bring the world a title called ‘I Am Katrina’, featuring Katrina Jade, which was a novel idea of four superstar directors each filming a standalone scene and Evil Chris documenting the whole thing with his own camera and crew and bringing it together as a whole movie.

Well, to our delight, Evil Chris is back with the same idea and a different superstar to feature, Angela White. So, the XCritic team is back with another collaborative review for this movie. This is ‘I Am Angela’ and it has generated a ton of buzz around here. Over the past couple of weeks part of the team has been reviewing one scene each and as they hit my desk it became apparent that everyone is in agreement. This is a film not to be missed.

Like its predecessor, this film follows the showcase starlet throughout her day to day routines as she drives around LA preparing for and shooting pornographic scenes. You will get a glimpse into the world of porn that few outside of the industry ever do. Angela White even brings you into her own house and shows you around! This is Angela and her co-stars bringing out the best in each other. Together, this band of merry pornographers (some having come out of retirement specifically for this film) break all the rules and raise the bar for the entire industry. Welcome to ‘I Am Angela’.


Scene 1. Angela White, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes – Director: Jonni Darkko

Reviewer: Moutasem “Mutantmo” Seyam

The scene starts off with the signature striking poses that almost all Darkko scenes start with. The deep beats that the director constructs himself will serenade Angela White’s moving body in this intro/tease. She gives her “goddess stares” during the modeling she does for the camera. Angela juggles her titular tits during a close-up camera shot with that thumping music in the background as this intro flies through. The tease visits every inch of Angela’s fantastic frame in this festival of arousal. She’s wearing a pretty pink lingerie full piece as her outfit for the intro dance is captured precisely by Darkko’s camera.

Angela White

The next scene edit goes right into the start of the sex which is oral. It begins with a unique look at each of the male talent briefly staring into the camera before looking down at Angela. Sequentially this happens with Markus Dupree, Steve Holmes, and Mick Blue before we see Angela attacking all three cocks that are surrounding her in this unique startup.

Darkko’s style can be considered fast paced but it is also very organized in the delivery of sex sequences. For example, right after the triple blowjob with Angela’s mouth we now have her up for a double penetration already in this trucking speed of sex. This DP fires off as if it were shot out of a cannon. It’s airtight so expect to see the rotations include a swordsman sliding in and out of Angela’s mouth in between the humping and pumping.

Angela White

The seamless editing continues during this crushing pump-fest of a DP. We’re now in an acrobatic reverse cowgirl DP where all pistons are flying off in this sexual steam machine. As if things couldn’t get any crazier a triple penetration ensues for us, lucky viewers here. It’s a Double Vaginal combined with a cock in her ass to complete this DP trifecta. Thankfully this triple penetration part is a prolonged one with a lot of change-ups. Angela is enjoying this as well… “You know one man will never be enough for me.” She announces this on the screen so triumphantly as she conquers cock.

We come down to some double anal segments with a camera fortified properly in front of Angela White’s open orifices capturing this further. She’ll get up in reverse cowgirl again to take two cocks up her ass for some DA. Right there for every acrobatic maneuver was Jonni Darkko’s trusty camera shot. I saw that in full force here in the DA segment with some top-tier dirty talk from Angela to enhance the overall scene. It’s time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Angela siphons her meal of man seed from these three erect cocks that are ready to blast. This Darkko classic ends with a cum eating Angela White in her conquering stance. This stance includes licking gobs of semen off her boobs. The scene closes with a gleaming shot of her golden “AW” logo resting on her chest.

Scene 2. Angela White, Dana Vespoli, Joanna Angel – Director: Dana Vespoli

Reviewer: J.W. Sharp

This incredibly mesmerizing one-hour monster-of-a-lesbian scene opens with Angela and Joanna, asses up to the camera and making out. Joanna already has the party started as she's sporting a red jeweled encrusted butt plug and Dana slaps their asses before they start sucking on each other's tits. Joanna squeals as Angela pinches her nipple and Dana inserts her whole fist in Angela's mouth as Joanna sucks on her boob. Angela and Joanna swap spit back and forth into each other's mouths before Dana slowly removes the butt plug from Joanna's ass and Angela fellates it. Lubed by Angela's spit Dana reinserts it before pulling it out again and shoving it into Joanna's mouth.

Angela White

Dana then takes a handful of Joanna's spit and lubes her ass with it as Angela fingers her pussy. We then see Dana wearing a strap-on and making Joanna suck on it. Angela then slobbers all over it, getting it nice and wet for Dana to fuck Joanna's ass with it. Angela spreads Joanna's ass wide as Dana drives the plastic cock in and out of Joanna's tight asshole all under Angela's lustfully watchful eyes. Angela rubs Joanna's clit as Dana fucks her making Joanna scream in ecstasy. The wicked look Angela gives into the camera as she makes Joanna cum is out of this world sexy. With only about 10 minutes into the scene, you can tell we're in for one hell of a ride.

The camera turns to Dana's hands as she lubes up the clear tubular butt plug Joanna and Angela bought earlier. Effortlessly, Dana slides it into Joanna's ass and Angela holds her pussy open as they peer into the dark recesses of Joanna's asshole. The look on Joanna's face as Angela rubs her clit is to die for as she and Dana marvel at the sight of the insides of Joanna's anus. Angela tells Joanna she's beautiful on the inside as well as she kisses her. Dana then slowly pops it out and Angela massages Joanna's g-spot, fingerbanging her pussy and making her cum.

Joanna starts fisting Angela's pussy to another orgasm while Dana continues to ass fuck her with a dildo. Angela then climbs off and Dana hands Joanna a brown dildo. Angela lays spread eagle and Dana inserts the strap-on dildo in her ass while Joanna fucks her with the brown one. Joanna sucks on her tits while both dildos plunge in and out of Angela's holes, Angela gently fingering her clit bringing herself to the height of beautiful ecstasy. Joanna starts masturbating herself, the sight of which along with the plastic phalluses give Angela multiple orgasms, to the point where Angela enters another world and Joanna has to slap her back to Earth.

Angela White

After Angela regains consciousness they remove the dildos and Dana inserts the clear butt plug into Angela's ass. She and Joanna gaze into Angela's gape and Angela starts sucking her toes as Joanna fingerbangs her. Things get a little lighter as they have some fun with the butt plug, Angela popping it out of her butt and Joanna reinserting it. Angela then gets on all fours and Joanna grabs a tube of Spunk and squirts it in. Angela shoots out the globs of lube like a cannon and makes it dribble like a waterfall down her pussy. Joanna lubes up Angela's pussy with it and fingerbangs her, massaging her spot as the lube squirts out through the butt plug. Dana pushes the plug in deeper as Joanna keeps fisting Angela and soon she's cumming on her fingers. Angela pops the butt plug out of her ass sounding like a cork and Joanna nearly dies in hysterics.

Angela pulls the butt plug out and Dana pushes the strap-on dildo in. She and Angela DP Joanna until she finally explodes with one more final massive orgasm, cumming furiously on the plastic cocks. Thus bringing us to the end of one of the most incredible lesbian scenes I've seen in a while. It reiterates what I've said before. That Angela always gives her costars equal time. Even though she has top billing, this is just as much Joanna's scene as well as Angela's, with Angela making Joanna shine and bringing out her very best performance. Couple that with Dana Vespoli's amazing photography and you've got one of the most amazing g/g scenes of the year.

Scene 3. Angela White, Chanel Santini

Reviewer: Apache Warrior

Angela White has decided to do her first transsexual scene with Evil Angel since they are the best in making that genre and especially since legendary Joey Silvera is the master director for it. It's nice to see how she gets all giddy while speaking to Chanel over the phone about their scene together. It shows that even seasoned performers can still have those genuine feelings for their upcoming sex partner. I call those feelings "hot flashes". Then, Angela and Joey talk about the reality of trans porn in regards to being a positive branch towards society. After she shows him the matching "high end" lingerie that she has picked out for she and Chanel, the girls take some"pretty girl" photos.

Angela & Chantel

Afterward, the official sex scene begins with Angela sucking the beautiful woman's cock while several balloons are behind Chanel. The very tight close-up shots by Joey make the ladies' connection more personal. She deep throats it with ease and some titty fucking is initiated by Angela on herself. Next, the showcase star is eating the trans beauty's ass and applies some brief foot fetish work. Meanwhile, Chanel is getting off inwardly by all of the hot cocksucking done by Angela. You can see it on her face. We hardly see Chanel react this way on account of a blowjob, but Angela is a special woman and performer. Angela gets on top of Chanel for some brief cockriding, but it's the mish moments that are the most passionate. Then, Angela is really in heaven as soon as Chanel sucks her pussy with her sexy full lips. More hot sex occurs in mish afterward. You did not want to see it end so soon.

Angela & Chantel

Some mouth fucking follows and then, some 69 with the trans lady on top. The two women look so sexy during the doggie screw. Chanel fucks her hard and Angela easily gets off from it. Some ass eating and tongue fucking by Angela follows. She really is fascinated by Chanel's pretty butt hole. Next, Chanel jacks off and Angela tastes her tasty load. After some cum swapping that leads to sweet giddiness, the pair cuddles sweetly.

This scene is definitely one of the best of the year and deserves to be nominated for Best Transsexual Sex Scene. Honestly, it's one of the best in a long time on account of its pure genuineness and authenticity of how these ladies make the other feel and their reactions to it.

Scene 4. Angela White, Rocco Siffredi – Director: John Stagliano

Reviewer: Don Juan DeMarko

What every fan must know about the draw of Rocco is that first and foremost, every aggressive male, female and person of true gumption in this business whether you are a fan, or you are a performer or producer, you love Rocco. He is what pure myth is born upon. Of course, we live within the lifetime of the legendary male performer whose draw is matched only by Ron Jeremy. Rocco is the man who has tested the waters of every true superstar’s capabilities in this business since as long as I can remember. There is a reason that Rocco has what he has, there is a reason he is a man whose lore is actually a truth of hardcore. He is a man who took hardcore to a level no one ever thought possible. I find it brilliant that Mr. Stagliano and Miss White have chosen Mr. Siffredi to be the final act in this brilliant, groundbreaking film.

To tell you the class, the respect that is all in the room, Rocco said something that you may never hear again, that he is looking to actually be with a female director and see where this goes. Now, before any critic of this business reads that and goes crazy, why Rocco never has done such things is that few have the mind that he does for film. A truth of Angela and Rocco is that both of them never ever stop working. What makes this episode so special, is that few know what it takes to make any scene, let alone a grand finale in a masterpiece. You see tension, you see nervousness and you see what must go into a film just to make forty minutes of sex happen. This is no barbaric ritual of sacrifice like our naysayers believe our industry sets and drawing boards to be. This is something calculated and once again, the best minds in the business are leading the way.

Angela White

I think when you see Rocco and Angela simply letting lust and passion control them, that is a look into what this industry’s lifeblood is. The fact that Rocco made this time his own, as did Angela, shows that there is a new type of rebel in the world. A sexual rebellion like something the world has never seen. As Chris and John looked to create something that was a biographical look into the performers, they gave it to them in a way that they may not have seen coming and it is true brilliance on film.

It is nearly impossible to say when “The Reveal” becomes a full-on sexual encounter. I can not tell. My true guess, when Rocco walks in the door and they kiss for the first time. You can see the carnal passion and the color red throughout this entire scene. As a matter of fact, it is there the entire film. What these two feel for each other, it is alive in every second of this film I kid you not. The phrase, “two irresistible forces” has never meant anything until you see Rocco -Vs- Angela. OK, time to get my brain back in review mode. This scene, this end chapter, this end climax, it will make you forget all else. Rocco, I had forgotten how amazing of a performer he is. This is delicious sex. Rocco is still in amazing shape and his member is still the best in the business. His sex drive is epic, legendary, matched by Angela White and her will to bend, submit and command.

Angela White

What makes this part of this scene the best scene of the film is you see the angles of sex never seen. Rocco’s expressions, Rocco’s pants and underwear between his legs as Angela rides him hard. These are all real occurrences that drive fans wild. There is a level of “nasty” that can only be given by these two performers, but this is not a scene just for men. This is a scene for women as well. The part your ladies will love the most? Where Angela screams as I have never seen her scream before? Which occasion you might say? Every single one of them. There is not a woman on earth who has not felt that same lust and had it become once in a lifetime during sex. That is what this encounter is. It is long, it is sexual, it has male dominance, female dominance and most of all you see these two wild animals enjoying it. I can not remember the last time I have seen a male lead showing how much he loves getting his stiff member licked and worshiped. It is steamy, and it is real. I think most performers will tell you that love is not always involved in a scene. Lust and passion they are a cocktail that no one truly has the recipe to, but I think love is there. When you see Rocco switch into an animal in moments like when he masturbates to Angela playing with herself and he kicks the sex into overdrive. There is a connection, there is chemistry but I think there is something more and it is something that has no definition in this business it is truly that rare and that special.

Final Thoughts:

Apache Warrior

The popular Australian rock band Men At Work refer to Australia as "where women glow" in their hit song "Down Under." Well, no one glows more brightly in this industry than Angela White. Since this high in stature, but low in height legend continues to out-do herself, she is head and shoulders above anyone else figuratively. All four scenes deserve to be nominated in their particular category. However, it's Angela's first performance with a trans lady and the one with the legendary Rocco Siffredi that will linger in your mind. She and superstar Chanel Santini have amazing chemistry and passion that is so genuine and authentic that the reactions of them to each other are super refreshing and hot. As for Angela's experience with master Rocco, it's a pretty raw tour de force. They go at it with full abandon not once, but twice in less than one day. Angela will always get better as a performer because it's her nature to always better herself both as a person and as a performer. You have to love yourself in order for others to love you. Angela lives that idea so well. She deserves to win Female Performer of the Year again and this film should give her a repeat win for Best Star Showcase. It's definitely an XCritic Pick.


Ok, you're going to have to excuse me if I get a little fanboyish here, but I'm going to say things that need to be said about Angela White. Recently a well-known adult film director tweeted that there are no more porn stars. I immediately took issue with that. It's one thing for a review site like XCritic to praise the work of an adult performer, but it's another when mainstream periodicals such as the New York Post and HuffPost praise them as well. Angela White is just such a person. Watching ‘I Am Angela’ you get the sense that here is a woman conquering the field of porn, all by herself in her own way. The third film in Evil Chris' docuseries paints a portrait of a woman who works tirelessly at her craft. A perfectionist who puts her fans first by delivering the very best she has and never settling for second best. I mean just look at the star power she has. I never thought in a million years I would ever see Joey Silvera on screen again. He did it for Angela. Why did the legendary Rocco Siffredi fly halfway around the world to shoot just one scene? Because it was with Angela. So yes, Mr. film director, there is a porn star. A real one named Angela White. And in the future, when people talk about the great adult stars of yore, her name will be right up with such legends as Nina Hartley, Jenna Jameson, Annette Havens, and Candida Royale. She is a superstar, and I thank her every day for all that she does for porn.


This is a porn package that’s more than complete. It’s a rare porn package containing an inside look at an industry phenomenon called Angela White. Now I reviewed just one scene so I’m sounding a little biased to one aspect of a favorite fetish of mine: DPs. The double penetration I saw here was second to none in terms of sheer energy. But this triple pen playground wasn’t just for us viewers to enjoy it was for our beloved Angela White to enjoy more. This orgasmic glee is wholeheartedly evident if you watch this scene from start to finish. The whole time this searing scene played along I witnessed some of the most agile double penetration twists I’ve seen in a long time. I realized it was a part of a GREATER package as well. It is a part of I AM ANGELA.

 DonJuan DeMarko

Love making 101. One of a kind scene, in a one of a kind film. A true testament to where your sexuality can take you. I think when all the dust settles and all the sweat and makeup has dripped off each performer’s body, you see that there was so much that went into this scene. If you are saying, how do you figure? It is because the performers spoke with love and not words. It is because these performers created something, and I think only Angela and Rocco had it planned and they planned it subconsciously if that makes any sense at all. This scene is going to mop the floor with everything in contention come 2019 and when that XRCO trophy is handed to Angela because that will be the first awards that it will be eligible [Editor's Note: It will be eligible for awards in January due to a VOD release before deadline], she will receive it knowing she and the masters at Evil Angel created something that was pure magic and something no one will ever be able to duplicate. This had to be something that made everyone nervous to complete. True art always is because you do not know how it will be accepted. Fans, you were given an insight into the life of a true once in a millennium woman. A person who only comes around maybe once or twice in the history books. I do not find it farfetched to give Angela this label. All true heroes never get that title while they create this moment of vast change and that is what Angela is, a heroine in the sexual revolution that will take command of this land and industry. As Rocco says, she is 100% woman. That says it best and that sums up the best film of 2018. No matter who you are, you must see this film. In or out of this business, there is nothing that can prepare you for the fun, the insight and honestly the love that Angela allows you to see within her. I can not express that enough. With some performers, you get their kink, you get their friskiness. Here, you get Angela’s love and that is the stone cold truth.

This is a must own, XCritic Pick.


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