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Club VXN Vol 2

Studio: Vixen » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 11/7/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All-Sex

Date of Production: June 6, 2018

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Nicole Aniston, Adriana Chechik, Megan Rain, Marley Brinx, Jean Val Jean, Manuel Ferrara, Xander Corvus, Mick Blue

Length: 2 Hours, 38 Minutes

Extras: Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: High quality, but with some background noise and distractions present.


Typical of Vixen releases, Club VXN 2 follows Greg Lansky’s formula of four lengthy all-sex features. It’s an all boy/girl film that showcases more hardcore action than the usual Vixen product, sporting two anal scenes compliments of Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain.

Compared to other studios, Vixen doesn’t completely skimp on the special features. Inside, you’ll find galleries, a trailer and the ever-popular cumshot recap. Granted, it’s not much, but at least they put care into the compilation by including sufficient buildup and post-pop play in each edit. That’s more than most studios are willing to do today.

A movie with two creampies, there are obviously no condoms in play. And with a focus on straight-up boy/girl sex, you won’t find any toys, props or BDSM elements. It’s simplified fucking with an emphasis on the sexual chemistry itself--something that comes naturally to this all-star cast that hold 46 AVN awards combined.

Scene One:

Nicole Aniston has a certain knack for portraying a character and delivering lines naturally. Rather than a porn performer, she’s more an actress who specializes in pornographic scenes.

Her acting chops are obvious in dialogue laden moments, like her phone conversation in the intro, and the way she greats Jean Val Jean. Nothing is forced, and the timing is impeccable. And those talents translate directly to the bed. 

In addition to breathtaking sexual maneuvers, Aniston improvs line after line in character and mid-fuck, leading to the sort of dirty talk that I haven’t seen since Penny Pax’s last performance in the award winning Emma Marx films.

Lansky’s shots are artful as ever, and deliver a pop of color and scenery through a great window in the background. Natural light flows in, creating a strong backlight that pop Aniston and Jean’s bodies right off the screen. It’s a dynamic and high-contrast image and, when viewed on the right TV, feels like you could reach out and touch them.

Aniston and Jean are passionate lovers. Better yet, they tell the story through sex. Jean’s been off on a trip, which means no sex for Nicole for who knows how long. She embodies that hunger--that need to fuck that we all get when it has been too long.

Aniston’s lustful greeting is relatable to anyone who deals with travel in their relationship. Jean hasn’t even stepped out of the car, and she’s already sampling pre-cum from his eager shaft. And Nicole looks as though she’s tasted the finest dessert the moment she mounts Jean in cowgirl.

Her performance is sublime and borders on the surreal. A ride so captivating, that I dropped my pen and found myself staring, jaw open and awe-stricken for multiple viewings.

Nicole Aniston is well-respected in the porn fan community for her long history of memorable creampie finishes. Now, she graces Vixen with the first of two excellent au-natural cumshots after an outstanding cowgirl fuck.

Cum-play fans will love this. First Jean blasts a satisfying load up her vag. Then, she lifts up allowing drops of white juice to fall onto Jean’s throbbing member. Anybody else would yell cut, but Lansky’s lens lingers to glimpse Aniston licking Jean’s rod clean, savoring that bittersweet blend of pussy and cream.

Scene Two:

Here’s one of those cases where Lansky’s minimalism pays in dividends. Like the majority of his scenes, the performers are surrounded by white. White walls, white curtains, white bed sheets. It’s practically a chroma-key green-screen setup, but white. Yes, it’s a beautiful and clean aesthetic, but there is purpose: no distractions.

There is nothing of interest in the background, leaving only the intensely sexual performance to gaze upon. That puts a lot of pressure on talent to make the scene happen, but we’re talking about two pros.

Just like a great band, Manuel Ferrara and Adriana Chechik riff off of each other without trying to outplay the other. Case in point: we all know how wild Chechik can be, but she shows restraint and lets Ferrara showcase her body for her. One of my favorite shots has Chechik being penetrated doggy style. Manuel finds an angle that creates this dramatic flex across Adriana pussy and ass, so he slows it down allowing the camera to catch every sinuous movement.

That’s the story for much of this scene. Chechik’s body does something beautiful and amazing, and so crew and talent diligently focus in and show it. It’s very special sex, and it is portrayed with the greatest interest and respect.

Even in the more hardcore bits, that remains true. Watch the way her breath changes and intensifies. See how her vag responds and practically begs for attention with each anal penetration. There’s the sway of her breast, the light in her eyes, just an ever-changing manifestation of lust.

But it’s not all soft and pretty. Chechik shows her usual vigor with hard fucks and maddening moans. She squirts, rims, and takes a hard anal banging with a back-door creampie to boot!

Scene Three:

Rain’s opening blowie is awesome. She throws herself at Xander’s cock with reckless abandon, striking a balance between sloppy and clean. Megan even throws a couple deep throats in for good measure. Adding to the eroticism, she remains clothed, which allows an exciting shot of her cleavage that will keep viewers itching for more.

Known as the Little Sex Buddha, it’s apparent that one can attain a state of Nirvana through Megan Rain’s hypnotic cowgirl. She also sports beautiful labia that, once properly aroused, reach out and hug Corvus’ shaft from doggy-style.

For anal, it may not be as intense as Chechik’s scene, but Corvus does get risque’ by repeatedly going ass to pussy with alternating strokes.

Teamwork is essential in bed, and cooperation leads to a strong internal orgasm for Rain. She reaches deep into her pussy putting pressure on her top G-spot as Corvus continues to pump her bum. After a little warning, “I’m gonna cum!” every fiber in her body tenses up and Rain goes to her happy place.

On the finish, Corvus jerks himself to completion. Although this might be a peave to many fans, the result is a picture-perfect dash of white across Megan’s cheek that somehow makes her look cute and innocent.

Scene Four:

Marley Brinx plays a happily married wife with just one problem. She’s more sexually adventurous than her husband. Acting on advice from her mother, she’s having an affair with her boss, Mick Blue. Yeah, porn can be weird.

Brinx’s voiceover feels a little forced, setting up the scene with a heavy valley-girl tone. But her dialogue with Blue is passable, good even. Maybe she’s just not well versed in soliloquy.

She’s quite vocal in the sex scene, talking dirty to Blue and calling attention to her body with lines like “my nipples are so hard,” or “it looks so good going into my pussy.” Brinx uses that dialogue to reverse the usual boss/employee relationship by asserting herself as the dominant as she commands different positions.

It is an imperfect scene, suffering from technical details that distract from otherwise excellent sex. Shadows of the crew can be seen passing in the background, sometimes accompanied by audible footprints. At one point, a radio is heard playing music in the distant background. All very unusual things for the such a well respected artcore studio.

Despite these issues, the scene remains the 18th most popular video on Vixen.com thanks to Marley Brinx’s sexual feats. Although there’s no anal, there’s plenty of oral sex and lots of different ways to penetrate pussy.

Although Marley fucks energetically, the first part of the scene feels flat. I think it has something to do with the slow and easy pace. In an interview at AdultDVDTalk, Marley Brinx said “I really like rough sex.” And once the pace picks up, it shows.

The most exciting part has got to be Marley Brinx’s second go at reverse cowgirl--her favorite position. Blue hoists her like a trophy and pounds her vag like Mayweather working the speed-bag. Suddenly, Brinx’s nipples harden and she loses herself in one of those leg-shaking orgasms.

From then on, Blue has cracked the code. He bangs with vigor, keeping a steady pace as she claws the bed for support in at least one wild O before he has to pull out and blast his load all over her eager face.

Final Thoughts:

Taken as four independent sex scenes, Club VXN 2 is one art-porno that you cannot get enough of. It offers a little bit of everything with excellent boy/girl, a few anal scenes and a couple of creampies--Chechik’s in the bum and one delightful explosion inside Aniston’s pussy.

Production value is high, which should come as no surprise to fans of Greg Lansky’s work. Longtime Vixen viewers might find the setting a bit repetitive with familiar locales and white-on-white backdrops dominating the film.

For an all-sex feature with minimal story, Club VXN 2 is rewatchable. More than the same old sex-acts displayed in a random order, the scenes flow naturally from one action to the next. Each scene feels like a movement in a greater symphony, expanding and playing with variations on a sexual theme.

Club VXN is a concept at play in numerous scenes throughout Vixen.com. It’s a sort or sex club that allows the studio to play with elements of kink, BDSM and control. But none of the scenes have anything to do with the fictional club, and may leave fans of the original film wanting.

Club VXN 2 is a positively delightful of Lansky’s modern art-porn and it continues to hold the bar high as an example of what is possible with pornographic productions. Despite a handful of technical nuisances, this is a very good porno for any fan of classic boy/girl sex. Highly recommended.

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