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Shared Experience

Studio: Mommy's Girl » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 11/8/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What happens when worlds collide? Most times it is total devastation and things are never the same after. Bridgette B is a force of nature in the adult world and always has been since she stepped foot in this business. In a way, the same can be said about Kenzie Reeves a woman who has taken no prisoners since day one and always speaks her mind about all things industry. What these beauties have in common is a passion for their fans and a respect for what they do that matches their lust for the flesh. You never see a moment where these beauties are not enjoying everything in the present time to the fullest extent. These ladies are humble, they are kind and they truly deserve all the success they have gotten. I wonder how much of that went into Alan’s planning of this pairing. On paper, it may not look like a fit but any die-hard fan of the ladies will tell you, these two have shot with the best because they are the best. The time frame looks like something simmered to perfection. What better time to take a taste and see if this scene has just that perfect amount of spice to warrant another helping.

Bridgette B and Kenzie Reeves 

Scene Duration: 33 Minutes. 54 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlway.com / Mommy’s Girl

Release Date: May 19th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, MILF -vs- Teen, All in the Family, Story, Teasing, Tattoos, Big Tits, Face Sitting, Tribbing, 69

 Shared Experience

Starring: Bridgette B @iamspanishdoll and Kenzie Reeves @KenzieReevesxxx


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The Reveal:

Bridgette B and Kenzie Reeves

What sweeps you away in a flash is the fact that these women can act, and they are some of the best in the business while doing so. This is a cool, funny rendition of a stepmom and daughter talking shit and hating each other. Both women did such a great job. I mean they keep you interested, and you will not be hitting fast forward, I do not give a shit how much you may hate dialogue because these two are genuine. They really paint a picture that will be so scrumptious to unfold, undress any way you wish to call it. The eye movements, the tones of voice, the way that seduction is on the cusp of every corner in this intro makes it something of pure brilliance. This is a heavy amount of dialogue and both women ensure that we are kept in this story with their wonderful performance abilities. Kenzie, my goodness, what a talent. It is not as easy as you may think to try and convince an audience that you are hesitant to Bridgette’s advances. I see why the blond beauty was picked Girl of the Month. She does grab your attention, she makes you simply begin to wonder what can be. When do you ever hear “fuck me eyes” in an adult film? It is genuine this performance and it is one of the best displays of acting I have ever seen on a Girlsway.com vignette. The way these two sell not only the stepmom and daughter aspect of the lust but also the younger getting seduced by the older, it is to die for. The true porn fan is going to be on cloud nine with just the way these ladies create their characters. Even before you see Kenzie’s long tongue quickly flick Bridgette’s hard nipples you are sucked in one hundred percent of the way into the fantasy. This is the type of scene you will be able to press play and forget all your troubles for a half hour. If that does not spell the wonders of sex, I do not know what does. Kenzie, damn she is a giver, one of the best young pussy lickers in the business. Being able to hang with Bridgette is amazing. The way these two keep the ride going all while making you sweat more and more is one hell of a thrill ride. Not one second is wasted in this fantasy. The end climax, one of the best on the Girlsway.com site period. This is a scene that you simply can not watch only once.


The Encounter:

Bridgette B and Kenzie Reeves 

Kenzie is simply one of the most charismatic young performers in the industry. Dare I say that this fireball may be the best in this business when it comes to the next generation of porn superstars? I do not know? What I can tell you is that she is right in that argument as to who is the best. Kenzie is enthusiastic, she is well paced, and she has that ability to turn on any fan with either her acting or dynamic sexual hunger. I mean this petite blond will knock your fucking socks off in a heartbeat if this is your first time seeing her. It is cinematic genius to put Bridgette with her. You feel the lust in the air, it is thick due to the fact she will get the steam rising in your neck of the woods no matter where you are. You know, so few starlets know how to change pace and have sex as their characters. Not these two sexual dynamos. Kenzie will have you following her every movement as she orgasms sitting on Bridgette’s face and no matter the angle, you see that Kenzie Reeves literally has a perfectly sculpted body. Never once is there even a bad angle. As Alan and his team take you on a tour of Kenzie scrumptious body, every moan and jolt is captured so perfectly.

Bridgette B and Kenzie Reeves 

Bridgette is simply one of the best to ever slide on a G-string. Her movements are cat-like and amatory, ensuring that you stay right where you are, even if the action got too steamy for you and you retired to the bedroom yourself. I love how Alan brings you in for these amazing face sitting shots where Bridgette is riding Kenzie’s tongue. The shots are not grotesque or vulgar. They are erotic and beautiful. No one on the planet can take control of a scene with such passion and mystery like Bridgette can. This scene has so much flavor and nastiness to it. And I think that this pairing is one that people will be downloading and paying to see for years to come. Scenes like this always survive the test of time.

Bridgette B and Kenzie Reeves Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Ferocious in the best of ways. Everything in this scene just flows like wine and never skips a beat. Bridgette, she is a woman who will be in every single hall of fame there is in this business and it is all due to scenes like this that go above and beyond.

The levels that she takes her kink and her sexuality to are only matched by such legends in the business as Lauren Phoenix, Kim Chambers, and Raven Richards. I think that whenever Bridgette is paired in ways that truly make her and her co-star shine, it is an instant sign to buy that film. Kenzie Reeves, my goodness, what a performer.

What makes this beauty the wave of the future is that she creates so much in every single scene that she has been in since 2017. She is known as being one of the best young girl/girl performers in the industry. I saw a quote of hers once that said she does not like to get her pussy licked. Well, the mark of a true performer is that they give you a show no matter what and I dare you to say that you would have ever been able to guess that as a fan who has seen her create magic in the lesbian realm of this business.

I see great things in this beauty’s future. She pays attention to her body, you can tell. She also understands the value of creating fantasy at any length. This may be a year where she picks up more than a few trophies come awards season. If you have not seen Kenzie, you do not know what you are missing. Aside from spots with audio and acoustics, this is a perfect scene. The film crew really showcased each woman to perfection, especially Bridgette. This is her best Girlsway.com scene of 2018. I think a scene like this is exactly why you join member sites and fork over that monthly fee willingly.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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