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Married Woman 3, A

Studio: PornPros » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 11/10/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


main menu for married woman 3

With the catchy slogan of “Love is a powerful emotion, but lust wins every time” I immediately got the vibe of this Porn Pros. release as a possible full feature. The cover is a playfully innocent shot of Audrey Grace massaging the chest of the male talent she stars with. A small credit list is right next to Audrey Grace's smiling face. The list shows the group of girls this film called  “A married woman 3”.  The Porn Pros logo cornered at the top of the box above both performer’s heads on this front cover image is what I noticed next.  More sound logo placement and pictures of sex stills with name credits flow with the back box’s design. Underneath the names of the performers are slices of scene descriptions adding a nice touch of educated marketing for this A Married Woman 3 DVD.

Funny quotes like “When’s the last time she put her husband’s balls in her mouth?” are examples of such captions. More hilarity in poetry as the line “The ring on her finger does nothing to help keep her legs closed.” is written in between more photos of sex from the film. Look down further on the back of the box to find descriptions like “No Regional Encoding”, “Chapter Selection”, and “Photo Gallery”. The film is also marked with a symbol showing HD support. A website advertisement for “PornProsDVD.com” is attached along with the info block at the bottom of this DVD design.

The divided chapters menu

You’ll have menus that are very direct in this Porn Pros DVD. For example, if you go to the Scene Selection menu you’ll get each scene divided into two sections per chapter. The Special Features menu has direct leads to such things like the Photo Gallery, Trailers, and even a Cumshot Recap. Standard fare features for an adult DVD which is  required if you want fans to buy more Porn Pros discs.

Directed By: unknown
Cast:  Amia Miley, Audrey Grace, Bailey Brookes, Nina North, Bambino, Danny Mountain, Peter Green, Will Pounder
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 4 mins.


Title of the film

A simple set up is all you need sometimes when you want a viewer to stuff that DVD into their player right away. Especially if you’re a familiar brand in this business like Porn Pros. Yet the sensually placed cover photo of Audrey Grace caressing Peter Green’s chest poolside is a photo that might make this look like a couples feature. When you flip the back over the high definition stills give it that feature-esque vibe as well. Yet with a divided chapter selection, it would seem like no plot flows through the fucking in these scenes. There is only one way to find out and that actually to succumbs to the curiosity of a potential viewer. 


Bailey Brooke's scene tag.

After a brief intro of the scenes where short clips are cycled with the purpose of advertising the film, Bailey Brooke’s scene starts up first. She’s unfurling a blanket on the ground and we’re immediately gifted with an upskirt shot. She’s wearing some very elegant panties that we get a glimpse of. The white panties also have convenient openings to it. You’ll get a good shot of this as she’s on all fours spreading out the red plaid rug for an indoor picnic.  It’s all a part of a surprise as you’ll see Bailey lead out Bambino with her hands over his eyes. Serene tunes guide this romantic themed scene of a loving couple meeting together. Bambino is then fed strawberries in this sensual setup.

Bailey's upskirt shot

The sensuality continues as Bailey feeds Bambino some fruit that she had for the surprise picnic.  From there the couple stands to their feet to get going to another room with a bed in it.  You see zoomed out shots of Bambino and Bailey embracing at the start of the sex. He strips her here to nudity before laying her on the bed for some pussy eating. After an overhead shot of Bambino digging in, we’ll see Bailey Brooke reach for the cock nicknamed after a soda can. She starts the blowjob here as the camera gets a side view of the sucking and an overhead shot of the head giving as well.

Side shot of BJ

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Oral concludes and that familiar pan shot is instituted for the beginning of the fucking. It’s in missionary and we get a sideways view of Bambino railing on Bailey Brooke’s pussy. The overhead shot returns as well while Bambino is dick deep in missionary thrusts. A POV angle is thrown in the alteration of viewpoints of the sex. Bailey Brooke moaning routinely for the camera as she’s getting a dick in her. This shot happens before she’s positioned in a doggy stance. Bailey Brooke is one of those few performers that have a scientific arch to her prime booty. It’s expressed here in this scene as she rocks on Bambino’s cock. That awesome arch is also evident when Bailey is bouncing on top for cowgirl humps. The views move around a bit in that mounting before Bailey Brooke reverses the cowgirl. She’s getting pumped by Bambino in that sterile zoomed out shot that seems so distant yet prevalent in this scene's filming.  The POV angles will return in this reverse positioning too. The scene is sent to the finish line with Bailey Brooke back in that familiar pan shot jacking the cock of Bambino for her share of ball milk. It’s jacked out and gobbled up by Bailey to end the scene.  


Audrey's title tag

This scene starts with Audrey Grace frolicking about in a pool. A bright sunny day graces her with rays of light and joy as she jumps around in the water. Audrey makes this day even more enjoyable by masturbating in the sunshine next to the pool. This will lead to Peter Green catching her in the act. Not a word of dialogue in this scene I have to point out as soft enticing music cues over instead. They will laugh and giggle about the ordeal as the light music will lead to heavy petting. They walk into the bedroom to get the sex into motion. It starts with Peter peeling off Audrey’s bikini bottom to munch on her puss lips. We’re back at that distant pan shot during the prolonged pussy eating part. The camera moves in close but still sticks with that stuck sideways view.

Audrey having fun in the pool.

Sticking with that same side view the blowjob starts with little petite Audrey grasping the dick as it flops out of Peter Green’s bathing suit.  The oral here is steady paced as the sucks produce very little spittle. It’s not too sloppy but just good enough for the camera to coast by it. Lots of hand-jacking from Audrey on her part. The dialogue really missing in this scenes makes me wonder if they are really playing a married couple? That doesn’t matter to them as both of them jump into doggy style next with the fixated side view intact. Peter will grab a handful Audrey Grace’s entire butt cheek as he plows his penis into her pussy in this arching position of doggy style. The camera finally shifts a bit to reveal Audrey opening up more for the camera as the fucking continues. The extreme close-ups will continue more as the penetration in doggy takes the focus for a bit.

Audrey fingering herself poolside

They slide into spoon positioning to continue the fornication. The camera at a fixed angle for this shot too as both performers pump away. Close up variations will happen during the spooning but the fixated shot returns for Audrey mounting in cowgirl. Here you’ll see Peter Green really get some rapid flesh-thwapping pounds in. Audrey Grace starts to fuck back as she rides up and down on the dick in this rapid cowgirl position.  Going into another missionary segment off the edge of the couch this time before the nut is sucked out of Peter Green’s piece. 


Nina North's title spot

For starters, this scene has dialogue as opposed to the last scene’s setup with Peter Green and Audrey Grace. Nina’s narration provides us with the background info of a chivalrous boyfriend. This character is played by Danny Mountain who can’t help but commit polite acts that just isn't enough for Nina North. She wants more from Danny like the hard fucking she gets from him after she makes him jealous.

Nina getting Danny jellly

This is a test for Danny’s character as he brings a surprise package to Nina North that he found in the mail. It’s fine jewelry with a special note that is meant to drive Danny into a jealous investigation. It works as he will find out that it’s allegedly from Nina North’s ex-boyfriend. The cruel bait is taken in this scandalous setup of a porn scene. “It’s not a big deal babe, he’s just a nice guy…” Nina says this to start setting off Danny. It’s working and he’s voicing his thoughts on this “madness” where Nina North’s ex-boyfriend is allegedly sending her gifts to their house. Next, you’ll see Nina dangling the jewelry like a matador waving a red cloth in front of a charging bull. That charging bull is her jealous boyfriend who yanks the necklace away to toss it aside as he grabs his girl for a stern fucking. While carrying little Nina North, Danny is continuing his charge up some stairs to start this sex scene.

Nina getting her pussy eaten passionately

It starts with pussy eating with a view of Danny Mountain sliding his tongue all over Nina North’s beautiful pussy lips. After a sound scene of him lapping up Nina’s pussy we get the blowjob right off the ground as Nina North snatches Danny Mountain’s cock to suck. With a more organic close up you’ll see Nina’s stellar cock sucking skills up front. An overhead POV view of her badass blowjob happens for a bit too. That same sideways shot works a bit better here since we get a great view of Nina’s arched booty as she commits her blowjob.

Nina's pop part.

A variation of reverse cowgirl starts up in the next rotation where you’ll see more fucking. This cowgirl in reverse has Nina’s arch still in activation as she humps Danny back while she lays on his back. All of this action happening on a bed with white sheets.  A more standard version of reverse cowgirl goes into play and with a camera angle that has Nina North’s humping in a more elevated view. Then the regular cowgirl starts in a sensual tone as both performers are making out with each other for a bit of an embrace. Nina’s gyrations do the cowgirl riding as she moans away during the fornication. Doggy style in the sideways camera angle ensues with Danny Mountain sliding in and out of Nina’s pussy with his penis. Good angles of the doggy session are complimented with the fast-paced pumps of Dan Mountain.  An open missionary sex position is next in line for the performers to pile through. With Nina’s legs erect in the air Danny Mountain does his duty of driving his dick into her pussy. The scene is finalized with a fuck to pop. The seed is shot all over Nina’s ready face with pearly globs of ejaculate landing in between her boobies. 



Amia's title segment.

The stunning Amia Miley graces the camera as she goes up some steps walking into a house. She’ll glide past her bodyguard in this ascent to the house. This bodyguard character is played by Will Pounder in an outfit making him look like he works for the Secret Service. Slipping off her clothes slowly matching the pace of the tranquil tunes guiding this scene’s intro. Amia starts to pleasure herself as she’s naked on a couch. A toy is snuck out from behind a pillow on this couch to pleasure her pussy with. The sudden twist of a twisted individual spying on Amia’s private moment occurs as he is outside her house photographing her! Will Pounder like a rabid dog goes after the creeping suspect. He catches the guy and the camera delivering the results of what a protective bodyguard is supposed to do. Next up is a reward from a gracefully horny Amia Miley.

Close up of penetration

The scene starts right up after an edit of Will Pounder eating the pussy right away. More fixed camera angles fill out the sterile style found in this compilation so far. After the oral positions, Amia getting fucked in missionary will happen in the familiar point of view overheard shot from other scenes. In reverse cowgirl is where I saw the most body movement from these two performers. Amia Miley is a slamming hot performer and to see her move in any mode is a pleasant angle.  Thankfully a close up of penetration happens during the reverse cowgirl. Overhead POV decides to show up again this time in doggy where Amia’s amazing arch is visibly apparent. This is a booty arch that is even better to see from the side or in cowgirl which will happen soon. Her badass body art staring back at the camera she fucks back Will Pounder in the POV doggy overhead view.  Amia is really getting it in when you see her flying up and down in regular cowgirl finally.  After both performers are opened up in missionary the pop is jacked out all over Amia Miley’s grateful grin.



A logo from the studio.

It wasn’t long when I realized that this was that typical assembly porn rather than a full feature like I thought.  It’s really just a compilation of soft gonzo scenes. Also if you remember the box had quotes like “This is the type of wife a husband needs to keep busy.” That was written directly under Amia Miley’s collection of photos on the back of the box. Yet I don’t even remember hearing about or seeing a husband in her scene. She banged her lucky bodyguard in that one. In Bailey Brooke’s scene with Bam Bam, I felt more of a boyfriend-girlfriend vibe. It was a fun and innocent picnic that a younger couple were partaking in. It didn’t really give me an inclination that they were both married. This is misleading marketing on Porn Pros part and I’ll have to ask you to Skip  A Married Couple 3. Even those porn fans that will watch anything you put in front of them deserve better than this vanilla compilation. 

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