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Blacked Raw Vol. 11

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/10/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 25 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Tori Black, Elena Koshka, Haley Reed, Arya Fae, Isiah Maxwell, Jason Luv, Jason Brown, Julio Gomez

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer;


I highly recommend Blacked Raw Vol. 11. Tori black gets fucked by Jason Luv’s big black cock missionary style on top of a room service cart in the hotel room. This hot action is part of the opening scene in the movie and it’s a big turn on. That’s not the only turn on in this flick. The petite Haley Reed hosts 14 inches of BBC in her tight twat when Julio Gomez bangs her bonkers in their scene, and a sizzling coupling between Elena Koshka and Jason Luv leaves her pussy stuffed full of cum that streams down her thighs for a gooey creampie. The closing scene is a group sex session that has the birthday girl, Lily Rader, getting banged by Jason Brown and Isiah Maxwell while her girlfriend, Arya Fae, films the whole thing. With late night strolls along the streets of L.A. and New York, the girls in this flick bounce their way on top of hard black cocks bent on banging their tight white twats until they cum.

Scene 1:  Tori Black and Jason Luv

Tori enjoys spending time with Jason at a rooftop party, having a few drinks and kissing him. In the middle of her fun, she gets a call on her cell phone from her hubby who is disappointed she missed her flight. Tori tells him she is disappointed she missed her flight, too, but she’s tired and she’ll take the first flight home in the morning. Tori isn’t too tired to have a night of sex with her black cock beaux, Jason. After the party, they go back to the hotel where the fun begins with Jason eating Tori’s pussy from behind. She is bent over in standing doggy position with Jason’s face buried between her ass cheeks. She cums a couple of times from getting her pussy tongue fucked. She turns around to taste her pussy off his lips then begs him for his cock. Jason undresses and feeds her his dick. Tori savors his cock on her lips, jerking and sucking him off on the couch. Jason films Tori gorging on his cock on his cell phone. He plans to watch the video later and jerk off to it. She sits on his big cock cowgirl style and bounces her tight pussy up and down on it. Jason grips her ass cheek as she rides him and tells him to give it to her deep.

“Make me cum all over that fucking dick,” Tori screams as she cums on his cock. He spanks her ass while she rides him. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she yells out as she cums again. This time, Tori sucks his cock, tasting her pussy and cum off it then she gets in doggy position. Jason tongue fucks her cunt, making her cum again before he pumps her pussy from behind. “Fuck, yes, make me take it,” she tells him. Jason slams her twat hard and deep, making her cum again.

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Tori bites the armrest on the couch in ecstasy. Jason pulls out and leads Tori by the hair to the room service cart, shoving the food off it to the ground and sitting Tori on it, positioning her leg over his shoulder. He bangs her cunt on the rickety cart that slides further and further across the room with hard thrust Jason makes. He picks her up and takes her to the bed for more fun that begins with a round of mish. “Open the fucking pussy up,” Tori moans. Jason takes that as his cue to drill Tori’s twat even harder. The camera goes in close on the ball-thumping action of Tori’s slit being stretched open. Her reverse cowgirl ride on his dick is the most intense for Tori. She cums again and again, losing her breath from one orgasm to another. A round of downward doggy pushes Tori over the edge of the bed as she takes more cock. Jason pulls out and feeds her a mouthful of sperm, coating Tori’s starving throat. The fucking doesn’t end there. This horny couple picks up the sex in the shower with a steamy round of standing doggy.

Scene 2: Haley Reed and Julio Gomez

Haley is enjoying a night of bright lights in the big city streets of New York. It’s New York Fashion Week and Haley is having the time of her life, using her phone to record selfies around town. She sends Julio a text and he invites her over to his place. Cut to Haley sitting on Julio’s lap, kissing him while they record themselves. She stands up to give him a show, pulling up her skirt and showing him her ass. Julio stands up to put his big black monster cock in Haley’s mouth. “Spit on it,” he tells her as she eats his meat. “Lick the whole thing and squeeze it,” he says His cock is so big, Haley can barely handle it, but she tells him she wants all 14 inches of his dick to fit inside her cunt. She sucks on his balls then jerks his cock back and forth, squeezing it with both hands. When he sits in the chair, Haley puts her oral attention on his balls, sucking and swallowing each one while he jerks his cock. Then she tongues his ass hole, making his dick even harder. She stands up and bends over, positioning her pussy on his face. Julio tongues her twat then tells her to take all his dick when she sits on it cowgirl style. She rides it slowly, taking more and more inches deep inside her with each stroke.

Haley picks up the pace, bouncing up and down on his prick faster and faster. “Make me take all that big black dick,” Haley says. Her pussy creams all over his mega meat, lubing it up and causing more inches of it to spread her pussy open. He picks her up and lies her on the bed, tonguing her pussy and ass hole for a few minutes before reopening her cunt in missionary position. Julio stuffs her hole, encouraging her to take all of it as he opens her legs and pins them to the bed. He pumps her pussy then pulls out and beats it with his dick. Haley cums in screaming excitement. Julio starts another round of deep pussy drilling, filling her hole with 14 inches of black cock. “Give it all to me,” Haley screams. Doggy and downward doggy come next and it’s easy to see just how much cock Haley’s cunt is hosting. He pulls out and Haley eats his ass hole right before he pops all over her face and in her mouth. “It’s fucking delicious,” she tells him as she sucks and swallows his load. “That was the best dick I’ve ever had,” Haley continues.

Scene 3: Elena Koshka and Jason Luv

It’s Elena’s last night in L.A. She’s on her way to the club and films a selfie video that she posts to all her friends. Later that night, Elena is sitting on Jason’s lap in the club, enjoying her time with him. Later they make their way to the hotel room but can’t keep their hands off each other in the hallway on their way to the room. Once in the room, they engage in passionate kissing that soon leads to Jason sucking Elena’s nipples. He kisses his way down her body to her pussy. “Right there,” Elena says as Jason eats her cunt. She leans against the wall, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure. Jason holds one of her legs up and tongue whips her clit until she cums. They’re both naked now and Elena is eager to suck Jason’s cock. He sits and she kneels, crawling up to him and putting his dick in her mouth. She grabs her phone to record a selfie sucking his dick. She licks the head of his cock then all the way down to his balls. Jason picks her up, sits her on his shoulders and tongues her pussy. Elena screams out and cums. He sits her on the mantle and continues to eat her pussy. “It’s so good,” she whimpers.

He positions her in standing doggy position against the wall and fucks her tight pussy. It’s so tight, he has to stuff her slowly, working his big cock inside her. “That’s good,” she says. They move over to the couch for missionary fucking that stretches Elena’s pussy out. She rides him cowgirl style then climbs off and sucks his cock. She gets into some gymnastic cock sucking, slobbering on his dick in a standing 69. Jason takes her over to the bed with his cock still in her mouth and lies her on her back where he continues to fuck her throat 69 style, causing her to gag. He finger bangs her twat at the same time. A round of doggy style fucking gets them both hot and bothered. She lies on her stomach for a quick transition to downward doggy that leads Jason to pop inside her warm hole. He pulls out, leaving a stream of cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs. She runs her fingers through his sperm and licks it up then fingers her cunt, squeezing more jizz out of it.

Scene 4: Lily Rader, Arya Fae, Isiah Maxwell, and Jason Brown

This final scene of the flick is the only one featuring group sex. It’s Lily’s birthday and her friend Arya has planned a fun night. Once the girls go out, Arya meets Isiah, and Jason and invites them to hang out at the amusement park. After enjoying the park, the group decides to hang out at the hotel. Lily’s boyfriend calls her, wondering when she’ll be back home. Lily promises it will just be another 20 minutes. Once the group gets back to the hotel room, Arya gets frisky with Isiah, kissing him in bed while Jason and Lily talk. Arya wants Lily to have more fun. She walks up to her and kisses her then brings her to the bed. The guys join in, making Lily the center of attention. Jason eats Lily’s pussy while Isiah kisses her and hands her his cock. Arya films all the action on her cell phone, but eventually joins in, sharing Isiah’s cock with Lily while he films the two girls sucking him off. Once Jason puts his dick in Arya’s mouth, both girls each have a big black cock of their own to suck on.

Jason eats Arya’s pussy, making it wet then he penetrates it, drilling in and out of her. Isiah fills her mouth with his cock at the same time. Lily watches and films her girlfriend getting banged from both ends. Lily gets on all fours, doggy style, and takes a deep, hard fucking from Isiah. He pounds her pussy while Jason stuffs her throat. It’s Lily’s birthday bang and she’s is in big cock ecstasy. The celebration continues when Jason pours champagne down Lily’s throat while Isiah drills her twat. Arya gets fucked in downward doggy and both girls suck on Jason’s dick. Lily rides Jason’s cock and Arya sucks his balls as they bang against Lily’s ass. Isiah fucks Arya silly in doggy position and Lily cums on Jason’s prick. Both girls suck the taste of their pussies off the guys dick then go on a side by side reverse cowgirl ride on each dick. Lily becomes the center of attention again as the guys sandwich her in a doggy bang with one cock in her pussy and the other in her mouth then in a missionary bang with Jason fucking her cunt and Isiah fucking her throat. Isiah blows his load on her face and in her mouth and Jason soon follows, coating her tongue with another load of sperm. “Happy birthday, babe,” Arya tells Lily as she licks the cum off Lily’s lips. The group continues the celebration in the bathtub.

Final Thoughts:

Tori Black orders room service but her pussy ends up being the main course when Jason Luv pounds it out on the room service cart until she cums. That’s part of Tori’s opening scene in Blacked Raw Vol. 11 and I highly recommend you watch it. Tori’s flick opener is hot to watch as she experiences multiple orgasms in a late-night pussy bang with Jason. Not to be outdone, Haley Reed meets Julio Gomez in his hotel room and chokes on his 14-inch dick when she tries to put it in her mouth. He uses it to drill her pussy open, pounding it into creamy submission. Jason sits Elena Koshka on the mantle of the fireplace where he heats her twat up with his tongue. He pumps her pussy with his prick until he pops inside her, stuffing her with sperm that oozes down her thighs. The closing scene features a group session that makes the birthday girl, Lily Rader, the center of attention from Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown’s big black cocks. They bang her from both ends while Lily’s girlfriend, Arya Fae, films it all. Both girls get fucked silly then cum swap both loads of spunk from their BBC boy toys.

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