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Nerd's Revenge, The

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/11/18

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Genre: Drama, Double Penetration, Family Roleplay


Cast: Kristen Scott, Carolina Sweets, Lily Rader, Xander Corvus, Seth Gamble, Johnny Goodluck

Directors: Bree Mills and Craven Morehead

Release Date: June 6, 2018

Length: 93 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Two trailers


Overview: Kristen Scott plays a loner who's simply trying to go about her day at school when she's tormented by two bullies played by Xander Corvus and Seth Gamble. Their protagonism pushes Kristen to the edge as she plots sweet revenge on them in her anti-bully story The Nerd's Revenge. It's joined by another story of bullying as Carolina Sweets involves her friend Lily Rider to join her incestuous tryst at the hands of her domineering step brother Johnny Goodluck in Girls Night.


The Nerd's Revenge” starring Kristen Scott, Xander Corvus and Seth Gamble


Kristen Scott is carrying a box of muffins for the school's back sale Xander and Seth knock them out of her hands. Later she's outside doing her homework when they pelt her with water balloons. No, they're not nice guys and their bullying makes Kristen snap. She plots a scheme to get back at them, the next day selling cookies for the mathletes. Xander and Seth decide they're going to sample some for free. Big mistake. They start to hear a ringing noise and they next thing they know they're waking up in a gym filled with exercise equipment and mannequin parts to the buzzing sound of a naked Kristen Scott using a Hitachi on her pussy. The panicking bullies ask her what's going on and she tells them to do what she says or she'll blackmail them with some very provocative photos she took of them while they unconscious, starting with Xander eating out her ass. He buries his face between her cheeks and devours her anus and pussy. She then calls Seth over and makes him lick her pussy before going over and sucking Xander's rock hard cock. She gives him head while Seth eats her out from behind and then stands up and sticks his cock in her pussy.


Kristen delights at the feeling of Seth's cock plunging in and out of her hole while Xander fucks her mouth. She stands upright and Xander chokes her bringing her to a screaming orgasm as Seth continues to fuck her from behind. She then spins around and the fellas trade places with Xander in her pussy and Seth in her mouth. Kristen gives Seth slobbery head as Xander pounds away at her pussy making her cum again. She then sits on Seth's cock and rides him, sliding her pussy up and down on his cock, before Xander comes up behind her and sticks his cock in her ass. Xander and Seth DP Kristen, she backing her ass up and fucking both of their cocks giving her multiple screaming orgasms. Xander then pulls out and Seth sticks his cock in her ass. Kristen rides him as he alternates between her asshole and pussy while she sucks Xander's cock. She spins around Seth's cock and Xander starts fucking her pussy missionary while her asshole glides up and down on Seth. Seth pins her legs back and they both go to town on her giving her more screaming orgasms. She then climbs off and sucks her ass juices off of Seth's cock while Xander fucks her pussy from behind.  He hikes her leg up in a ballerina pose as he gives her the dick, pounding her pussy to more orgasms as she cleans Seth's cock with her mouth. He and Xander trade places again and Seth ass fucks her while she sucks on Xander's cock. Kristen then climbs up on Xander's cock and engulfs it with her pussy as Seth fucks her ass.  He slaps her ass and Xander chokes her as she cums over and over on their cocks.


Then, in a very difficult move, Xander and Seth both fuck her standing, Xander holding her up by the leg while Seth holds her by the shoulders and she forms a bridge between them with Xander fucking her missionary and Seth fucking her mouth. VERY impressive! She then gets on her knees and gives them both very slobbery head before the both make a bukakke on her face, coating it like a glazed donut.


Girls Night” starring Carolina Sweets, Lily Rider and Johnny Goodluck


It's been six months since Lily Rider has seen her BFF Carolina Sweets and wants to have a sleepover before she goes to college. At Carolina's house they're talking and catching up, and everything seems ok until Carolina's step brother Johnny Goodluck comes home and all of a sudden she becomes very nervous, clutching her pillow tight. Later in Carolina's room Lily notices cuts on her wrist. When she asks Carolina about it she tells her it's nothing and suggests that they should go to bed even though it's still daytime. Lily goes to take a shower, giving us shots of her soapy nakedness, and catches Johnny standing in the bathroom watching her. He quickly runs out, Carolina denying ever seeing him. They then lay down to go to sleep, but Lily is soon awakened to a shaking bed and the moans of Carolina as Johnny fucks her from behind. This freaks Lily out, telling Johnny to get off of her. But Carolina tells her it's ok and that she wants her to join them. Lily tells her she won't do anything with him, but that she'll do it with her, and the two start kissing. Soon Lily's shirt is off and Carolina starts sucking Johnny's dick. She begs Lily to join her and the two both are giving him head.


Carolina pulls Lily's shorts off and starts licking her pussy as Johnny t-bones her. The feel of Carolina's tongue flicking on her clit along with the sight of Johnny fucking her from behind starts to tear down Lily's barriers and soon she's cumming on Carolina's tongue. Johnny bends down and eats Lily's pussy along with Carolina, and then lays down for Carolina to ride him. She bounces and cums on his cock before climbing off and letting Lily suck off her juices. After being coaxed by Carolina, Lily hops on and rides him, Carolina stroking her clit and making her cum. He then lays Lily down and licks her pussy before sticking his cock in her and fucking her missionary while Carolina rides her face. He pounds her pussy and both girls cum simultaneously. Johnny then makes Lily eat Carolina's pussy while he fucks Carolina's mouth, and then makes Lily suck his cock while he rubs Carolina's pussy to orgasm. He then starts fucking Lily doggy style until she cums on his cock and then makes Carolina suck her juices off. They both give him head before Carolina climbs back up and rides him again, grinding her pussy up and down on Johnny's cock while Lily kisses him. Lily then starts rubbing Carolina's clit as she fucks Johnny him making her cum on his cock. Lily then climbs up and sits on Johnny's face as Carolina sucks his cock, and then Lily takes over riding him, grinding her ass down on his cock with her pussy. He pulls it out just long enough for Carolina to suck Lily's juices off before she sticks it back into Lily's pussy.


She grinds her hips and sucks his cock to multiple orgasms as Carolina rubs her pussy. Johnny then watches them make out before making Carolina lay down and he fucks her missionary as Lily rides her face. Lily cums on Carolina's face and kisses her before getting on all fours on top of her and letting Johnny fuck her doggy style. He pounds at her pussy making her cum again before she climbs off of Carolina for Johnny to fuck her missionary some more bringing her to another orgasm. Lily jumps back onto Carolina's face and cums on her mouth before sucking Carolina's juices off of Johnny's cock. He keeps fucking Carolina some more before she switches up with Lily and Johnny starts fucking her missionary. He pounds away at her pretty bald pussy until he pulls out and cums on Lily's face and tits, Carolina licking it all off. All three then lay naked together, Johnny hugging his step sister telling her what a good job she did in telling him about Lily visiting as a tear falls from Carolina's eye.


Final Thoughts: Pure Taboo has always prided itself with telling challenging stories that push the envelope, dealing with heavy topics others wouldn't touch. After tackling the issue of body shaming with Weight Of Infidelity, they along with writer Kristen Scott set out to tell a story dealing with bullying, and the damage it can truly cause. Kristen Scott is one of the brightest starlets we have today, turning in tremendous performances with Half His Age and Camgirl. With The Nerd's Revenge, we applaud her effort, but it feels incomplete. It has good execution but little substance, and in the end you're actually wanting more from the story. As for the ending, which I intentionally didn't reveal, you may ask if it's right or wrong, that's up to you. It just seems like a lesser effort from Pure Taboo, and I was slightly, just slightly, disappointed with it. In contrast, Girls Night is a much better experience because of the amazingly harrowing and heartbreaking performance from Carolina Sweet. I'm really becoming a fan of this young starlet who is truly making her mark in the industry, and in this story she delivers a wonderfully troubled depiction of a girl trying to appease her overbearing and abusive step brother. The hurt in her eyes is so convincing, and she truly seems frightened as to the consequences of disobeying him. Again, I'm not revealing the ending, but it is a shocker, and in my opinion this one should have been the titular title of the two. Overall I can't really recommend the dvd, nor the title feature. But since I really did like Girls Night I'm going to recommend you Watch On Demand.

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