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One Freaky Fuck

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 11/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Some of the best things in life are free, that is how the age-old saying goes correct? I think this is a reference to love and I think it is outdated a tad, don’t you? Love is for sale in video form and one thing that good quality fantasy never is and that is free, especially when it is the debut of such a stunning performer as Athena Rayne. This film has been getting a lot of hype with the amount of mystery that is behind almost every scene. You have male and female performers that social media has showcased as being the next big thing. Both performers are from the Society 15 stable and what Kendra and her team always seem to do best is find some of the kinkiest young performers on the planet and give them a stage to cut loose. I am very anxious to see if Lindell will be able to channel that amazing marketing power into something very appetizing for the masses. Let us find out, shall we #TripleX fans? I think that with what is on paper, you simply have to stop and take a look at what this chapter of the film is all about.

Athena Rayne and Juan Loco 

Scene Duration: 34 Minutes 25 Seconds

Director: Mime Freak @MimeFreak

Studio: Archangel

Release Date: November 2nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Model Debut, Boy/Girl, Ginger, Teen, Heavily Head, Petite Performers, Teen -vs- Teen, Amazing Positions, Chemistry

Athena Rayne and Juan Loco 

One Freaky Fuck

From the Archangel Film: Freaky Petite 4

Starring: Athena Rayne @WildGirlAthena and Juan “El Caballo” Loco @elcaballoloco_

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The Reveal:Athena Rayne and Juan Loco 

It seems that MimeFreak’s films always get a more badass soundtrack and score to go with each sexual encounter as he makes more and more films. The distance shot to bring our dashing heroine into the scene is beautiful and artsy. First things you notice with Athena is a booty that will knock your socks of, maybe even your trousers depending on what country you are in.

Her complexion is gorgeous. She is for all you porn lovers who love that true “ginger” look with milky white skin that upon first glance is flawless and stunning. She has a very natural beauty, one that makes you wonder how much her sexual charisma can add on to a scene.

OK, I would not be a fair critic if I were to say that upon first look, her complexion can be distracting and is not as flawless as you see from the distance. Now, what does begin to happen is you see that Athena does have the ability to steal your imagination in other ways. When she drops in the blink of an eye into the splits, you will see that this beauty has a kinky side to her and it does make you see past the fact that her skin is not looking as flawless as can be on the day of the shoot in the derriere section.

This is something you must look past when it comes to a performer’s first few scenes. Modeling is a trait that is learned, never inherited I do not give a shit how beautiful you are. There are alos fans who do love this type of thing on a woman and I can totally see the attraction.

Athena has that ability to take your mind to the land of fantasy in other ways and MimeFreak has his cameras take you on a journey on all aspects of the sports car that is Athena Rayne. The red nails, the perfect make-up, that gorgeous face, my goodness, this beauty has all the goods and you will be right there in the mix with the way that the director and performer take you deeper into the fantasy.


The Encounter:

Athena Rayne and Juan Loco 

This model’s boobs are stunning, her kitty is even more gorgeous. The up-close shots that take you into a little bit of some toy play before sex is simply amazing. The tight shots show that she is truly “wild” as can be. Her kitty is not perfectly shaved but the fact that her kitty cat is so lovely as she begins to purr more than makes up for any aspect of missed grooming. Hey, not every girl loves a bald kitty. Her asshole is lovely, and she is able to contour her body to every whim that the camera demands. When “El Caballo” sneaks into the scene pants down you may think that the scene is going one way, past the point of no return. Prepare to have your mind blown and some. Athena, as soon as she grabs Juan’s massive manhood all bets are off as to what you think this scene is. I love the fact that both performers are petite. It adds so much to this fantasy. This is the first time that I have ever seen these two performers in action and when you see Juan enjoying this heavenly head as much as the fans are, the scene starts to take shape as something very kinky.

Athena Rayne and Juan Loco 

When you see Athena take control, she takes control. It is hard to believe she is a new starlet with how alluring her purr is and how her sexual chemistry makes the male lead shine. Juan has some speed and stamina and when MimeFreak takes you on a back and fourth tour of seeing the motion in the ocean it is a hell of a sight that any fan will find beyond sexy. Athena Rayne, she moves with precision, the way that she is able to go from position to position is something that is sexy, it never loses momentum and the fact that she is always panting, purring and cumming is simply what saves this scene in so many ways. The positions are amazing. I mean these two really “cum” with their A-game and what you get is a sexual encounter that is exactly what a true teen -vs- teen encounter should be. There is no dialogue, there is very little dirty talk. This is just yummy sex brought on a silver platter for you to swallow whole. When you see Athena’s big beautiful eyes in the scene's climax, you will simply be up and cheering. This scene comes all the way from the rear to take the first-place trophy and that is simply amazing as hell to see in an adult film. It proves that there is a reason to watch every film through.

Athena Rayne and Juan Loco Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

In most instances when I see a scene or a film that does not do it for me or is just so poorly made and put together, I will not even write a review. This scene had the beginnings of that kind of scene. Never in my years reviewing have I seen a young performer grab the scene from the depths of obscurity and make it something yummy and delicious. I shit you not if Athena had her skin and overall presentation one hundred percent solid and on point, this scene would have been XCritic Pick, I shit you not, that is how good the sex is, that is how amazing MimeFreak creates the world the encounter resides within. There is chemistry, there is the allure. There is so much that is good with this scene that it does get a recommended viewing and that means a hell of a whole lot when it comes to a new performer. What I will say is, that Athena has talent. She has the makings that only the best performers come equipped with when they enter this industry. Her ability to contort, charm and steal our imaginations is something I simply have not seen in a new starlet in a long time. Juan Loco, he and his amazing “Caballo Cock” they are a sight to see. I think it was very cool to see him paired in a scene like this. He makes you pay attention that much more. He has a hell of an ability to really take the sex to a high tempo. I would not mind seeing this young stallion in a few themed vignettes to see if he can act. Boy, what a threat in this business he would be if he can. This scene lives up to the hype big time. Visually there are some misses but once again, what really makes this scene shine is that the performers, especially Athena, know exactly what a porn fan wants to see. Everything that was missed can be fixed in this film and if you have a bone to pick, just look at Athena’s amazing attributes. The fact that she is tone, in shape and has attire that is to die for shoes a dedication that the camera does not always give enough time to show. This beauty has a great future ahead of her and I am dying to see what she stars in next.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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