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Sex-Crazed Lovers

Studio: Verso Cinema » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Artcore, Couples

Directors: Mark Lopez, Sadrac Gonzalez, Julia McDonnell. Lucia, Alex Bosch


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Cast: Julia Roca, Carolina Abril, Sicilia, Ena Sweet, Gala Brown, Miyuki Son, Luna Ruiz, Lobo, David Santos, Juan Lucho, Pablo Ferrari, Vic Leon

Length: 2 hours 7 minutes

Date of Release: July 6, 2018

Extras: Cumshots

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot and presented in 'Scope. That's a 2.35:1 aspect ratio for those that aren't familiar with the old widescreen format that on today's monitors and TVs ends up having black bars above and below it. Most scenes are dimly lit, so between those two factors, you will want to view this in a darkened room on the biggest screen available. This is not "phone/tablet-friendly porn".

Overview: This is six scenes seemingly compiled from Verso's website and some archival footage they seemed to have gained from Nubile Films. It is all very "soft" by today's standards and shot in a very "European manner" with dim amber lighting and angles we normally don't see in most stuff these days. The camera work, for the most part, is very nice, and the stories (very little if any dialog) are easily understood universally. It will appeal to a select group of couples but I don't see it reaching a wide audience overall.

Scene 1: Luna Ruiz & Lobo 'Girl In The Mirror' (2017)

Luna Ruiz

Luna and Lobo are a mystery to me. Both have only performed in a handful of films that I can find, all having been shot for Nubile or Verso. Are or were they a real-life couple in Spain? I can't answer that. Here, in this compilation, she appears to him as he lies on the floor, arranging tile-sized square mirrors. Almost all, if not all, of the actual sex between the two, is filmed in those mirrors, which gives it a weird feeling. There is a soundtrack at the start of the scene that comes back in after a ten minute or so recess. It's artsy. The kind of porn you could put on in your resort hotel room as you enjoy drinks on the balcony while not really paying attention to the video. Unlike most "American porn", this is soft and subdued, showing the sex acts in a very non-blatant way and devoting almost 2 minutes at the end (after unloads on his own abs while Luna rides him in reverse) to overlaying the cast and crew credits as he lies spent on the floor.

Scene 2: Miyuki Son & David Santos 'The Photographer and The Model' (2017)

Miyuki Son

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Miyuki is an Asian/Latin lady that hails from Hiroshima and appears with David here, who only has a credit or two to his Spanish name so far. He plays 'Marc', a model that shows up at Miyuki's photography studio. The dialog is foreign but there are English subtitles as he poses shirtless and she shoots him with her Pentax camera. He seems a bit tense and she invites him to join her on a sofa, placing soft kisses on his bare torso as the sounds of the city pour through the open window. That window gets closed at his request during a BJ and then they spend a moment or two undressing while he scribbles sticky notes to plant on her body instructing himself to suck certain parts before she climbs on for a ride. They share some oral time, and some riding time before they finish him off handjob style to complete his relaxation.

Scene 3: Gala Brown & Juan Lucho 'Potter In Love' AKA 'Clay Love' (2016)

Gala Brown

Juan Lucho is a 2018 nominee at AVN for Foreign Performer of the Year. He's spinning clay on his potter's wheel in a dimly lit dining room when Gals joins him, trying to get his mind on other things, namely her nude body. He reacts quickly to her advancements, placing her on a baker's table, licking her for a moment and then hammering his hardon into her after they spend a few minutes painting each other with clay water. She reciprocates his oral endeavors, Juan pausing at times to jerk himself as her tongue waits patiently (is this an editing error?) and then he sits on a chair so she can bounce on his boner. They move to a standing slam by the sink, Gala's clay chest tattoo seeming more like a giant branding in the dim, amber light. That doesn't phase Juan though, he just finishes himself off on her ass and they share a kiss.

Scene 4: Ena Sweet & Sicilia 'Two Girls and a Sofa'

Ena Sweet & Sicilia

Ena's a dark-haired Spaniard, which is a nice contrast to her blonde Hungarian counterpart in this sunlit (finally) scene. The pair sits on a sofa, kissing softly while wearing only their pretty undergarments. The lust-filled kisses morph into softly exploring each other's bodies with their hands and tongues. Their eyes are bright and sparkly as they move into a 69 position followed by Sicilia slowly introducing a vibrator into the action, Ena wetting it with her mouth before it gets rubbed across her near barren box. The toy play ultimately gives way to some deep fingering and more passionate kisses to close the scene.

Scene 5: Julia Roca & Vic Leon 'Milk' AKA 'Teasing' (2016)

Julia Roca

Julia Roca, 2018 Nominee for AVN Foreign Performer of the Year, is paired up with Vic Leon, who only has four credits to his name at IAFD. She saunters over to the fridge wearing her pretty underclothes to grab the only thing in it, a carton of milk. When Vic enters the room, she smiles and removes her bra so she can pour some milk onto her pert little breasts for Vic to lick off. She works him to stiffness with her hands and gets placed on the countertop in return, Leon's fingers and tongue probing into her. She bucks a bit, apparently achieving an orgasm, and they move to a standing counterside drilling. Moving to another room, they share some oral favors and she rides him in reverse, her breathing short and heavy. They move from floor to couch as they swap positions, Julia biting her knee during a missionary variation and then spreading her legs wide so he can work himself up to orgasm which appears to be forthcoming on her tummy but ends up happening on her chest after she swallows his sword.

Scene 6: Carolina Abril & Pablo Ferrari 'Home Fun Sex'

Carolina Abril

The final scene of this disc is between two performers, both nominated multiple times for Foreign Performer of the Year. It starts with him helping her brush her hair as she stands in front of a large mirror, the brushing becoming a passion-fueled stare between them as she turns to kiss him and then drops to her knees to take him into her mouth. He returns the favor as the camera pulls back to reveal that they are in an empty closet which incites them to head into the other room where the bed is. Her nipples stand erect as his cunnilingus continues, her body now ready to slide onto him for a moment before moving to sit upon his face as she whimpers softly. Standing up and holding onto the ceiling beams, they slowly bang into one another, their efforts becoming louder as they bang harder. They utilize the built-in architectural features of their surroundings as they romp in one position and then another, Pablo finally popping onto her tummy before settling into a cuddle with her.

Final Thoughts: I've reviewed Verso before and was less than impressed but I looked at this disc a bit differently than the last. Their official company statement reads: "Verso Cinema is a collective of internationally multi-awarded filmmakers under another identity. We seek to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative. We want to awaken your mind. We want to inspire you. We want to excite you."

There's no doubt that there are talented filmmakers behind these efforts, even those that seem to originate from Nubile Films archives. However, the choice to film and display it all in 'Scope format kind of forces modern viewers to think of it differently. It really belongs on a BIG screen, like say a 10' screen in your media/playroom. It's artsy, it's soft. It would make great background visuals during a lifestyle party but I don't think it will see much replay in the average bedroom. Maybe they still do things differently in Europe and XXX films are still shown in theaters? That's really where this belongs, not on your shelf. I appreciate the cinematography elements within it but ultimately it is not my style. If you are into softcore penetration in dimly lit rooms than by all means, Watch On Demand.

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