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Wilder and Wilder

Studio: Iron Horse Studios » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 11/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Genre: Amateur, Star Showcase

Date of Production: February 7th 2015

[Editor's Note: We just received this title directly from the studio and were asked to review it. It appears to be out of print and unavailable at the time of this writing.]

Director: Richard Wright and Joe Rubin

Cast: Olivia Wilder, Li Dekker, Lyon Valentine

Length: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Extras: Behind the Scenes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Classic VHS quality. The film appears to have been shot on old 16mm film without substantial lighting. The result is a grainy picture with tinny audio that evokes that 80’s-90’s home video feeling.


Wilder and Wilder is a quirky amateur star showcase featuring Olivia Wilder. It dabbles with story elements, but is primarily an all-sex feature highlighting Wilder in a variety of sexual scenarios with one solo, and three boy-girls including one bizarre story-based short based on a rotating sky pig that has enslaved the human race.

Special features are sparse, but it does include a ten minute behind the scenes that serves as a solid blooper reel, more than many big companies are willing to provide.

Scene One:

Wilder and Wilder opens with little warning as to the madness that will ensue. We are greeted by the sight of of Wilder undressing while a stuffed teddy-bear looks on. The opening feels like a casual strip-tease with a dose of ass-shaking and breast play, but Olivia wastes little time getting to business.

There are about five minutes of masturbation with some sweeping shots of her body and couple positions and angles. I like how they give Wilder’s face adequate attention and take a moment to focus on her knee-high cowboy boots. Whereas a lot of amateur productions zero-in on close-ups, Iron Horse shows restraint and preserves the eroticism of the moment.

Camerawork is shaky at times, but they adhere to basic film concepts like framing, or the rule of thirds, and Olivia Wilder is clearly an experienced adult performer, putting this scene squarely in pro-am territory.

Scene Two:
Although technically the same scene, Iron Horse puts a short break between Wilder’s brief solo and this boy/girl sex scene featuring Li Dekker. He walks in on Wilder and gets upset that she wouldn’t wait on him. But hey, there’s always time for a little more sex, so they get to copulating.

Dialogue is improvised and the transition to sex feels forced and rushed. You’ll find the regular blend of mostly vanilla sex acts ranging from oral, a touch of ass-eating, and a whole host of positions. And there’s a sizeable cumshot on Wilder’s back to boot. Good job Dekker!

The trouble is that the small bedroom is not a good place to film porno. It feels as though space is a real problem, with the camera noticeably dodging hands and legs in order to set up each shot. Maybe you could get around that with some editing, but the studio is going for that one-shot gonzo look. They achieve it, but it just isn’t smooth.

Scene Three:

Lance Thornton is practicing his guitar work when Olivia Wilder knocks at the door. She comes in and immediately starts making out with a nervous Thornton. It’s another scene with no setup--just sex for sex’s sake.

It’s definitely an amateur production, which gives rise to some unexpected humor. Thornton struggles to take his shirt off, eventually ripping the last button and saying “fuck it.” Then he hits another obstacle: getting her tight Daisy-Dukes off and working around Wilder’s big boots. It doesn't seem scripted at all.

Finally, action time right? Wrong. The next obstacle is Thornton’s belt, and then the struggle for his shoes. I am reminded of “It’s Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords.  It’s hilarious and Wilder breaks into laughter numerous times.

They do get into the action by fucking on the couch. One moment stands out--Olivia Wilder’s reverse cowgirl. She pulls out her pornstar moves and grinds Thornton’s cock into submission.

Unfortunately, the focus is wildly fuzzy. That, combined with our performers’ lack of makeup give way to shiny skin and a ‘70s porn vibe.

Scene Four:

In the immortal words of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “and now for something completely different.” Set deep in the future, sometime after the fifth world war, humanity finds itself under the draconian rule of a rotating sky pig. No, it’s not a metaphor, there is actually a giant pig head that spins in sky dishing out random punishments to the citizens of Earth.

For an amateur production, director Joe Rubin and crew pieced together an interesting world. Through the use of a sepia tone and admittedly corny visual effects, they digitally converted an ordinary park into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You’ll see skulls, signage, and laser blasts for random citizen punishments.

Wilder confronts Li Dekker for being late for something, that part isn’t clear. She pulls out a cattle prod and zaps him as punishment. Cut to the same couch as Tornton’s scene, where Wilder starts rubbing her pussy with the zapper. Dekker walks in and rough sex ensues.

Every aspect of this scene is more polished. The film isn’t quite so grainy and the lighting is more even. Better yet, Rubin captures the sex with more traditional porn-angles that allow Wilder to open up and show off her sexuality. And then there’s all these ‘90s shock-cuts that pay tribute to some of Michael Ninn and Andrew Blake’s work of that decade.

Final Thoughts:
There’s two types of amateur porn: professionally produced content with an amateur spin, and a de-facto amateur production. Wilder and Wilder is the latter, as such it deserves some leeway.

This first-attempt at pornography by Iron Horse Studios is ripe with creativity and potential, particularly in its insane final scene. But it isn’t cohesive, and sex scenes come out of nowhere, killing the potential for any chemistry or engagement in the buildup.

It also suffers from a host of technical issues. Tight spaces and awkward angles make it hard to see the action, and lighting issues lead to grainy film.

Sound is another issue. Much like the majority of old-school pornos, you’ll note a tinny quality to the audio. Sometimes you can’t even hear the dialogue. At other times, the camera physically bumps into things overwhelming the scene with that dropped-mic sound.

Yes, that’s a lot of criticism, so what’s good? It has this stoner cult-classic feel to it. This is a bizarre and goofy home-video with authentic amateur fucking and a bonafide pornstar. Wilder and Wilder is not the sort of film meant for the masses. It looks like some friends got together with their pornstar buddy and simply had a blast. For all of its faults, there’s an honesty inherent in Wilder and Wilder.

This is not for everybody. And unless you are keen on amateur productions, I have to say Skip It, and maybe watch Portraits of Amanda Palmer, a more polished film from much of the same production crew.

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