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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/19/18

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Genre: Showcase, Feature, Anal, Interracial, DP, Lesbian


Cast: Abigail Mac, Lena Paul, Kissa Sins, Marcus Dupree, Micky Mod, Mick Blue, Prince Yahshua, Jax Slayher (non-sex performances by Ana Foxxx, Romi Rain, Darla Crane, September Reign, James Bartholet, Rocco Bova, Steven Lucas, and Stephen Ross)

Writer/Director: Kayden Kross

Release Date: Sept. 19, 2018

Length: Disc One: 1 hr. 33 min. Disc Two: 2 hrs. 13 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: All extra material is on disc two and includes a 12 min BTS, Feature Trailer, a cumshot recap, a photo gallery and website info


Overview: In Kayden Kross' incredibly and beautifully stylish showcase film for Abigail Mac, Abigail plays a home wrecker for hire, a woman paid to break up relationships by seducing and having sex with a couple's philandering counterpart. With her partner Marcus Dupree, Abigail gives a brilliantly cold and calculating performance of a woman who comes off as strong and professional but is really broken inside from a dark past. This is a fantastic movie, with intriguing plot lines and stories from the incredibly gifted storyteller Kayden Kross coupled with blistering hot anal sex scenes. A truly beautiful piece of work.




Scene One: Abigail Mac and Micky Mod


The first couple to get the Abigail treatment is Ana Foxxx and Micky Mod. After a pleasant evening of friendly conversation, including a soused and gossipy Ana telling a juicy and very graphic story about another cheating couple, the group retire to their rooms. We get a little softcore action from Ana and Micky before she passes out and Micky goes to the kitchen for a midnight snack. While he's at the stove in his underwear the naked and seductive Abigail saunders in and sneaks up behind him. She reaches around behind him to grab his package and he spins around showing us the impressive outline of his cock. Abigail starts massaging it and they start making out, Abigail pulling Micky's cock out and stroking it. The passion and chemistry between the two are smoldering as Abigail worships his cock as they kiss, and soon Micky is simultaneously rubbing Abigail's pussy. She spins her ass up to him, telling him “Jaime (Ana's character) doesn't give you this”, and without hesitation slides his cock in her ass. With some beautiful camerawork, Micky slowly and very sexily works his cock in and out of Abigail's ass as she props one leg up on the kitchen counter. He tenderly and lovingly fucks her asshole giving Abigail multiple assgasm on his cock. She climbs off of it and lays belly down on the counter to suck her juices off, Micky playing with her ass as she gags on it.


She then lays on her back and Micky starts licking her asshole, darting his tongue in and out driving Abigail crazy. He then stands up and fucks her missionary, Abigail rubbing her pussy as Micky glides his cock in and out of her ass. He gives her another orgasm and then picks her up and fucks her standing, bouncing her up and down on his cock. He then lays down on the counter and Abigail goes down on his BBC, sucking and gagging on its rock hardness. She then climbs up and starts riding him reverse cowgirl, lowering opening her asshole and engulfing Micky's cock with it. Abigail rubs her pussy while she slides up and down his pole until she has a shuddering convulsive orgasm, making her grind on his cock. She then climbs off and goes on all fours, her face on the counter and ass high in the air for Micky to eat out. He starts fingerbanging her while he eats her ass out, spreading her little gaping asshole open for the camera. He then gets up and starts fucking her doggy style, still gently and tenderly sliding his cock in and out of her ass until soon he gives Abigail another assgasm.


They then slide off of the counter and make out some more before Micky bends her over it and fucks her from behind again. Abigail heavily breathes out “I love the way you fuck me” as Micky's cock plunges her asshole. He starts stabbing her asshole with his cock until he pulls out and cums on her ass, Abigail squeezing every drop from his cock. The scene ends with Marcus waking up Ana looking for Abigail and leading her to the kitchen where she catches the icy cold Abigail and her boyfriend in the act, to which she throws everyone out. Abigail has done her job, and on to the next job.


Scene Two: Abigail Mac, Lena Paul, and Mick Blue


After receiving her payment from her boss Christian (played with wonderfully calculated hardness by Stephen Ross) she receives her next assignment to break up the marriage of Mick Blue and his wife, the legendary Darla Crane. They're celebrating their anniversary, and Abigail and her associate Lena Paul go to work in their plan. They wrap themselves up with a bow and a g-string and wait for Mick to arrive at his room with a card saying happy anniversary from his wife. Under the guise that the two ladies are a present from Darla, they pounce on Mick, Abigail making out with him while Lena drops to her knees and starts blowing him. In contrast to the first scene which was more seductive and even romantic, this incredible scene is just full on fucking with Mick bending Abigail over the chair and pounding her ass, while his Darla is diverted to the spa across the way waiting to receive a massage from Marcus. Lena kisses Mick as Abigail grinds on his cock, twerking her ass on it. He fucks her ass standing from behind before getting on his knees and eating her asshole. He fucks Abigail a little bit more before pulling it out and letting her and Lena suck her ass juices off.


They go to the bed and Lena straddles his cock with her pussy, riding him cowgirl while Abigail sits on his face. Lena grinds that gorgeous ass of hers up and down on Mick's cock while she sucks on Abigail's tits, the sensations of which make them both cum. Abigail reaches over and fingers Lena's asshole while she glides her wet pussy up and down Mick's cock before bending over and licking it making Lena cum again. The two ladies both take turns sucking Lena's pussy juices off of Mick's cock before Abigail jumps up and sticks it up her ass. She bounces up and down on it while Lena rubs her pussy and it isn't long before she's having multiple orgasms as Lena massages her g-spot. Abigail then lays back on Mick as he continues to fuck her while Lena goes down and licks his balls. Lena sucks on Abigail's pussy as Mick continues to fuck her asshole making her cum over and over again. Abigail climbs off and she and Lena take turns cleaning her ass juices off of Mick's cock with their mouths. We flash back and forth to shots of Darla as she waits for massage and then we see Lena on all fours, ass in the air and Abigail gaping her, licking it while looking at Mick and inviting him to plug Lena's asshole.


In a beautifully shot sequence, Mick slowly works his cock in and out of Lena's butt, the tight hole making the veins pop up on his cock. Mick fucks Lena's ass while she eats Abigail's pussy and soon Lena is cumming on his cock, Mick climbing off and licking her asshole, moistening it some more before sticking it back in and fucking her to another orgasm. He pounds her ass while she makes out with Abigail, she sucking on her tits before Mick pulls her under Lena and spreads her legs open to start fucking her. His cock pistons in and out of Abigail's ass as he sticks his thumb inside Lena's and soon Abigail has having a convulsive assgasm on Mick's cock. Just then, as Mick sticks his cock back into Lena's asshole and they all start fucking each other against the window, the board Darla sees them across the way, Abigail evily smiling back at her as her tits are pressed against the glass, to which the furious Darla storms out of the room.


Meanwhile, Abigail is on all fours and Lena is licking her asshole, inviting Mick like before. Mick inserts his cock in her ass and fucks her while Lena sits back and plays with herself. Lena then starts rubbing Abigail's pussy as Mick keeps plowing her ass. She then starts licking his balls and Abigail's pussy before Mick climbs off and starts fucking her ass missionary. Abigail rubs and finger's Lena's pussy as Mick fucks her ass bringing her to an amazing explosive orgasm. Abigail sucks Lena's ass juices off of his cock before Mick sticks it back in. He pounds her ass again as Abigail eats her pussy making her cum again before they go to the chair and Mick fuck's Abigail's ass from behind while Lena eats her pussy from underneath. He pounds away until he pulls her down to her knees and jacks his cum on their faces, the two ladies reveling in his jizz, snowballing it back and forth. A scorchingly amazing scene with so much fire it might set your DVD player ablaze. The scene ends with Mick being served divorce papers from Darla, and another marriage bites the dust from Abigail's expertise.




Scene Three: Abigail Mac, Jax Slayher and Prince Yahshua


The second disc opens with a flashback of Abigail meeting her future boss Christian (Stephen Ross). He tells her about his business of breaking up relationships for money and how he wants her onboard, the thought, as well as Stephen's cold rejection of her advances, start to turn her on. When he leaves she feels her dripping wet pussy and pulls September Reign off of her customer, Jax Slayher, telling him she wants to fuck him. They passionately start kissing, making out all over the club while the strippers tell them to get off of their stage. While still in a lip lock he carries her outside to the parking lot, Abigail tearing his clothes off. He sits her on the side of a pick-up truck and starts eating her pussy when they're caught by the club's bouncer, the always wonderful Prince Yahshua, who tries to break them up. But Abigail has other plans as she starts kissing him and Jax tells him to join them. Soon they're all making out and Abigail starts blowing them on the truck's open tailgate. She goes back and forth sucking their dark BBC's, expertly working her mouth on them.


After getting them good and hard Jax lays back and Abigail continues sucking him as she offers her ass up to Yahshua. He licks and moistens her asshole before sticking his cock in, fucking her ass as she continues to suck on Jax's cock. Yahshua gives her multiple orgasms before she climbs up and lowers her pussy down on Jax's dick. She looks behind her and tells Yahshua she needs his cock, and he and Jax give Abigail her first DP, Yahshua fucking her ass as she rides Jax with her pussy. And while the fucking is intense, the two gentlemen are very careful with Abigail, the wonderful Prince just gliding his cock in and out of Abigail's asshole. Abigail is constantly spouting out dirty sayings, begging them to fuck her harder and make her cum. And that she does, several times on their cocks.


They then pull out and Abigail goes into a doggy position, sucking on Yashua's cock while Jax eats her ass out. Jax then starts fucking her ass from behind, slapping her ass to another assgasm. He then pulls out and lays back down for Abigail to lower her asshole down on him, riding him reverse cowgirl. Yahshua then comes up and sticks his cock in her pussy, giving her another DP. She holds her legs up and the two fellas go to town on her, Jax in her ass and Yahshua in her pussy, making her cum and cum again. Jax and Yahshua then stand and Abigail starts blowing them, swiveling her head between them to give them equal time in her mouth.


She then steps outside the truck and hikes one leg up on the side. Jax comes up behind her and sticks his cock in her ass while she sucks on Yahshua. Jax pounds her ass with his cock while she sucks and strokes big Prince's cock. After making Abigail cum Jax then sits inside the truck and Abigail starts blowing him while Yahshua fucks her ass from behind. They then stand her up and they DP her one more time in a ballerina position, Jax fucking her pussy from the front and Yahsua in her ass from behind. After a few more orgasms she's ready for their cum. She gets on her knees and they both blow on her face, Abigail bubbling their jizz in her mouth.


Scene Four: Abigail Mac and Kissa Sins


Abigail and Marcus' next job is to break up the wedding between Logan (Steven Lucas) and Kenna (Kissa Sins). They go to the rehearsal under the guise of a magazine reporter and her photographer. While there they meet up with a hilariously flamboyant James Bartholet as the wedding planner, and Ana Foxxx who's three sheets to the wind and falling all over Marcus. Meanwhile, the bisexual Kissa takes a liking to Abigail and makes a play for her. Kissa takes Abigail away to a room away from the crowd for an “interview” and the heat starts to build between them. Abigail wets her fingers and slips them up under Kissa's skirt, rubbing and masturbating her pussy until soon she cumming on them. Kissa pulls Abigail to an oversized ottoman where the two make out undressing each other. The passion is smoldering as Kissa kneels ass up to Abigail. She starts tonguing her asshole, darting the tip in and out while rubbing her pussy. Marcus, who has broken away from the passed out Ana, watches the spectacle from the side, Abigail looking at him as she pleasures Kissa. She eats Kissa's ass and masturbates her pussy bringing her to an incredible explosive orgasm.


They make out some more and beautifully worship each other's bodies before Kissa climbs up and starts tribbing Abigail. She rubs their clits together until they're both cumming on each other and then Kissa goes down and eats Abigail's pussy. Kissa simply devours Abigail, sucking and munching on her fuzzy hole and burying her face in her ass. Abigail then gets on all fours and Kissa starts eating her ass out, tonguing and fingering her asshole, fucking her with her fingers and giving her a convulsive assgasm. But she's not done yet. She gives Abigail a breather, and then goes back and fingers her again, fucking her with her fingers while rubbing her clit with her thumb until Abigail is cumming again.


Abigail then sits up and Kissa straddles her, sitting on her lap and wrapping her legs around her. Abigail reaches down and buries her middle finger up her ass which Kissa bucks and rides on like a cock. She grinds on Abigail's fingers and has multiple orgasms on them before they switch up and Abigail rides Kissa the same way. Abigail rides Kissa's fingers and cums several times, and then Kissa reaches down and masturbates herself, burying her fingers in her pussy and rubbing her g-spot. Kissa then pulls her fingers out and they trib, both of them cumming on each other.


Scene Five: Abigail Mac and Marcus Dupree


In the final scene, we see Abigail's past, in a wonderful and creative plot twist you NEVER see coming and discover what made Abigail become the hard as a rock ice queen she is. Back at Abigail's apartment Marcus tells her he knows her secret, and as a result, she breaks her pledge of associating with him after hours. They start making out and undressing, Marcus stroking his cock as he kisses Abigail. Abigail spins around and Marcus goes to his knees and buries his face in her ass. They then switch and Marcus stands while Abigail drops to her knees and sucks his cock. She sucks on his balls and he jacks it before laying on the couch while Abigail goes down on him. He strokes his cock as she sucks his balls before he has her legs pinned behind her head and he's eating her asshole out missionary. After getting her tight sphincter moistened up he sticks his cock in and fucks her ass in the missionary position. He rubs her pussy while he fucks her bringing her to orgasm which he sucks out of ass. He sticks it back in and this time Abigail rubs her own pussy making herself cum while he Marcus pumps his cock in and out of Abigail's asshole.


He makes her cum several times before they start spooning. With her legs closed, she makes her asshole tighter as Marcus plows her anus giving her several more ass smacking orgasms. As Marcus continues to fuck her ass Abigail starts masturbating her pussy, almost sticking her whole hand in as she rubs her g-spot and makes herself cum with Marcus' pumping. They then roll off of the couch and Abigail sucks his balls again while Marcus stands rubbing his cock. They go to the window and Marcus fucks her ass in a ballerina style, Abigail's leg hiked up on a post. He makes her cum again, the juices Marcus sucks out of her ass before pinning her arms back and fucking her from behind again. Things slow down for a bit as he spins her around with his hand around her throat and she drops to her knees again for Marcus to fuck her face. He pushes his cock all the way to the back of her throat, choking her with his cock before he falls to his knees and eats her pussy before spinning her around to eat her ass. He then starts fucking her from behind again, plowing her ass and almost making her cry from the pleasure. They then go to the table where Abigail sits spread eagle, legs stretched out and Marcus fucking her ass missionary. He then slows his pace and very passionately kisses her while he slowly moves his cock in and out. Only to have it slowly quicken and soon his cock is pounding her asshole again. He reaches down and rubs her pussy until she cums again. He gives her multiple orgasms, making her cum over and over on his cock before he lays back down on the couch and she goes down on his cock again. She then climbs back up and starts riding him, Marcus fucking her asshole from underneath.


He fucks her for a while before Abigail takes over and starts bucking on his cock, fucking him until she orgasms again. She climbs up and rides his face, letting him suck all of her juices out of her pussy and ass before going back and riding him reverse cowgirl. She lays back onto him and lets Marcus fuck her, bucking his hips in and out her asshole while she rubs her pussy until she cums. They then roll over and they fuck missionary one more time before Marcus pulls out and cums on her gaping asshole and pussy. He sticks it back in and fucks her some more before finally finishing with an anal creampie.


Final Thoughts: Where to begin with this very special film? Well, first you have Kayden Kross' impeccable camerawork, delivering the non-sex sequences with such style it almost rivals an Adrian Lyne film and then coupling them with extremely hot and smolderingly passionate sex scenes. The wonderful writing of these extremely complex characters is unparalleled with only a very few exceptions in erotica today. Then you have Abigail Mac's fantastic performance as the emotionless ice queen created by a hurtful past she tries oh so desperately to escape. Even the non-sex performances are terrific, from Stephen Ross as her emotionless male equal whom she tries to break, to Ana Foxxx giving a truly amusing performance as the alcoholic cuckquean. Now, everyone already knows how great a performer Abigail Mac is, but she is just absolutely amazing in this film. From the acting to the sex, she takes total command of every scene she's in, and this showcase title has been a long time coming. It's so great that she was paired up with a wonderful filmmaker like Kayden Kross top truly allow her star to shine. This is one of the best titles of the year and it gets the XCritic Pick. Just a truly great film and an essential title for any enthusiast.

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