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Becoming Elsa

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 11/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Awards season is here and one thing is for sure, the films that lie within the girl/girl genre are truly getting the attention they have long deserved. Ricky Greenwood has truly showcased some of the most brilliant casts, stories, and production with Sweetheart Video. Today, we take a look at Becoming Elsa, a film that is truly Ricky’s first massive production of 2018. If there is one thing about Ricky that has stood out since his directorial debut, is that he combines some of the most amazing performers that you simply will not see anywhere else, with deep stories that are written with care and guidance. His selection of actors has been spellbinding when it comes to Talk Derby to Me and Confessions of a Sinful Nun and this film is no different. The big push from parent company Mile High Media has truly put Ricky on the map as one of the hot new writers within the industry. The fact that he is pairing up so many unique personalities in the industry shows that he has guts and he has a true passion for filmmaking. It is amazing to see such a cast and I think once you flip that DVD cover over, there are few people that will not make that purchase. Let’s find out just how worthwhile this film is of your hard earned dollar.

Becoming Elsa Cover 

Film Duration: 2 Hours, 19 Minutes

Director: Ricky Greenwood @RickyGreenwoodX

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: April 18th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Feature, Older/Younger, Interracial, Teen, Feature, Threesome, No Toys


Becoming Elsa

Starring: Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely, Ana Foxx, Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Jade Kush, India Summer.


Chapter 1: Abella Danger @Abella_Danger and Jade Kush @JadeKushXIII

Scene Features: Passionate Kissing, Amazing Oral and Breast Play, Fingering, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, Tribbing


The Reveal:

Jade Kush The film opens with a great story and decent narrative from Elsa Jean. This is a true feature and you can tell within the first few lines and distance shots, this will be an attempt to tug at your thoughts, heart, and intelligence. The natural lighting plays hell for the first few moments of the story unfolding but in a heartbeat, some wonderful editing takes over and really allows for a great scene to come about. Highlights of this intro have India being India. A great actor who can make you believe in anything. We see Jade Kush and Abella Danger. A pair that the entire porn world has been dying to see. The acting gets a little thin as we head into a game of truth or dare. When Abella gets a tad wild with her character's dancing, it shifts the focus of the audience. All that aside, a very wonderful aspect of this scenes set up is watching Elsa play that innocent teen better than she ever has. Her facial expressions, her gaze of pure incorruptibility, it sells the story so much. Her kiss with India is amazing and the unfocused shot of Abella and Karla getting hot for each other with some very wet kisses truly will get any viewer in the mood. The intro pokes and does not lose you but it does not grab you tight either. The sexual encounter looks delicious upon entry and one thing Abella Danger does better than almost anyone in the business is get you in the mood with her aggressiveness.


The Encounter:


Perversion is always Abella strong suit. That and the fact she is one of the best lesbian oralists in the game makes this happenstance become something all must witness. The breast play is amazing and yes, I will say this, Abella is her typical aggressive self but she plays it so damn well. Jade is righteous to let Abella steer the ship. You cannot knock Abella for being someone who loves women. I think Abella truly makes lesbian sex on film look as close to the real thing as there is. There is a lot of truth in her performance. Ricky takes us on a guided tour with money shots of Abella’s award-winning derriere and Jada’s lovely kitty and cleavage. The lighting is good. It gives you just enough light to really add something supplementary to this scene. This one of the best shots of Abella eating pussy of 2018. The camera gets in nice and close and trust me on this one, you will want to kick things into fifth gear when you see Abella get nasty with Jade’s wet pussy. The sucking and slobber are heaven-sent. The camera work does lose focus here and there. The first aspects of watching Jade chow down on Abella’s box are difficult to see and this is an aspect fans do want to see and many of them. Jade has some amazing appeal, when you see her stick her long tongue into Abella’s mouth the scene gains a ton of ground back. The action slows down a bit as we end the scene, but it is still a scorcher. Jade Kush, she is truly the strong silent type. The way that she flows with Abella, it makes this fantasy. There are some noticeable errors with camera work in this scene but nothing that is too major. All in all, it is a fair start to this film.

 Jade Kush and Abella Danger

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Chapter 2: India Summer @MsIndiaSummer and Cherie DeVille @CherieDeVille with Elsa Jean and Charlotte Stokley

Scene Features: MILF on MILF, Super Star -vs- Super Star, Wonderful Acting and Dialogue, Teasing, Masturbation, Intense Orgasms, Perfect Ten Pussy Licking, Face Sitting, Fingering


The Reveal:

Cherie DeVille 

Seeing Elsa in the bathtub as scene one fades is a sight to behold. The way that you see Elsa in the mirror, the majesty of one of the best bodies in the entire world on display as it is, captivating does not describe it. Her characters speech on loneliness does tug at your emotions. As Elsa looks in the mirror, you truly feel her character. Cherie and India are spot-on flawless with everything from the story to the way they tease their audience with long smacks upon each other’s lips. Then enters Charlotte Stokely, a woman who truthfully is the Liz Taylor of the modern industry. She has some sass as this mysterious new character who walks in. I like where this scenario goes. Having done this myself with performer and civilian alike by listening with comfort, with someone who shares your kink and perversion is a truly badass touch to this scene. I love it. It adds an original twist to that age-old scenario of two girls listening in one room as others get it on in the next. As we begin to focus on Cherie and India, this is truly every fan's dream come true. This is a prize fight, the super bowl of lesbian scenes, the best of the best having at it. When the camera slowly pans up and the sounds of wet kisses fill your brain with fantasy the trick is to just let the moment take you.


The Encounter:


The timing is everything in this scene. The pace flows like poetry in motion. The way the ladies softly kiss, softly suck on toes and gently tease the audience with their tongues as they begin to eat pussy. The back and forth from Charlotte and Elsa running one out together then back to the kink fest that is India and Cherie is pieced together so brilliantly. There is a moment that best describes what the combination of masterful editing, brilliant story, and hungry performers bring into this erotic encounter. Cherie Deville look India right in her eye as her wet tongue deeply runs over India clit and penetrates her pussy to make India quiver, then we cut back to Elsa Jean and Charlotte as Elsa begins to finger her perfect pussy in a distance shot that shows both women anxiously playing. Oh, it is a stick of TNT in a DVD case. The mixture of two porn superstars “cumming” together in so many ways will make every fan unable to gain motor functions after they have watched every second of this sexual encounter.

Cherie DeVille and India Summer 

Another massive selling point to this scene is seeing both women in their natural splendor. My goodness, Cherie is one of the most stunning natural beauties in the world. Hardly ever do you get to see her with this minimal amount of makeup. I think that factor gives every ladies die-hard, hardcore fans something that can truly be added to their personal film library of the stars they love. The lighting is spot on in this scene. It is low lit, but it does not have you squinting to see the intense parts of the sex and passion. The action is as real and natural as the performers make-up. The director chooses to focus on the performer’s facial expressions and the sound effects of a creamy, wet pussy getting slippery prodded with India’s fingers is simply another live round of ammunition in a scene that will leave your senses looking like a paper target after a firing squad. I mean this is luscious intense action. Everything you would expect from India Summer and Cherie DeVille meeting on film. The scene ends in the gentlest way, once again perfectly timed. This scene has an impact and simply has you wanting more and more. These two superstars give you everything you could want in such an encounter. From start to finish, this is just a five-star scene.


Chapter 3: Anna Foxxx @anafoxxx and Charlotte Stokley @Char_Stokely

Scene Features: Interracial, Fingering, Face Sitting, 69, Amazing Chemistry,


The Reveal:

Ana Foxxx 

Elsa begins to move into her skin in terms of her character. The acting is wonderful. There are few that can deliver a line like India Summer. You really see something start to take shape with her and Elsa Jean. Charlotte Stokely continues to make her character stand out among a sea of amazing talent. The plot is that she is going to take Elsa a bit further down the rabbit hole. The sexual tensions are in the air and what a site it is to see the amazing Urban X Performer of the Year, Anna Foxx steps into the scene with another wonderful natural look. Anybody who snuck a peek at the back cover knows that these two amazing ladies are going to get down in a second but the seduction and the way that Ricky Greenwood takes you on a detailed tour of their hands touching, their kisses meeting, it really adds a type of zeal that this film has at every turn of the corner. The sex appeal is simply always calling, and it is not overbearing. It simply whispers at your silently like the call of a siren.


The Encounter:


The sex starts off a little too quickly in my opinion. The kissing, the hard nipple sucking that these two performers are known for, it is absent. So, I guess in a way there is a change of pace when for these ladies of grandeur within the business. Both women are playing characters who are a tad shy and you can truly pick up that vibe as the sex starts. Everything that Anna Foxxx does is simply what dreams are made of. This woman was so deserving of the Performer of the Year award. This scene has her patented magic, watching her suck and run that long tongue across Charlotte’s rock-hard nipples is a slice of heaven that you want to finish as slow as possible so that it can last forever. I think it intriguing as hell to have the cute skater babe banging the hot trendy college babe. Both women stay in their characters even during sex and my goodness, it truly makes for one hell of a fantasy.

Charlotte Stokely 


There is something so gracious, kinky and glamorous about there two superstars. No matter what, they put on a show that leaves a lasting impression for decades.

Ana is s delight to watch and I can not stay she steals the show because of how great Charlotte’s performance is but Ricky really makes Ana the focus point of this scene as a giver and receiver my goodness, few things in this business measure up to Ana’s wicked long tongue wiggling up and down all over miss Stokely’s amazing kitty in POV angle.

This scene is filled with so many breathtaking views.

Charlotte Stokley has been described many times as the best pussy licker of the modern era.

Since the start of the new millennium, she is a woman who can lay claim to that feat with action like this. There is a lot of sensuality with attitude in this scene.

That is what you get when you mix two stars of this caliber.

The sexual encounter is a tad short but I think the scene before was as well, but you are not left with a feeling of getting shortchanged at all.

These two simply dazzle the senses and having Elsa watch as the voyeur is the perfect touch to an award-worthy scene.



Chapter 4: Elsa Jean @ElsaJeanxxx , India Summer @MsIndiaSummer, and Charlotte Stokely  @char_stokely

Scene Features: Threesome, Teasing, Sensual Sex, Face Sitting, Fingering, 69, Stunning Visuals and Camera Work, Amazing End Climax


The Reveal:

Elsa Jean 

The grand finale in a girl/girl film may never be as anticipated as this one is. You have the best of every world. You have the starlet who truly is rising to the top faster than almost any other is Elsa Jean, you have hands down this past year’s top girl/girl performers and you have India Summer. The woman who simply made the older woman, the go-go fantasy for man and woman alike since stepped foot in this business. The end story is Charlotte getting Elsa to become who she is meant to by hitting on the amazing India. Her crush, her secret love. When Elsa steps in and that cool jazz is playing in the background, you get that vibe that there something out of the ordinary in the best way that is going to happen here. As you watch Elsa look for that perfect moment to make a move there is some true to life parts of her in that shot. Ones that any loves would feel chasing someone they desire. Her eye movements and smiles are so well captured by the director. As Elsa moves in for a very sweet kiss, you once again get that grandiose feeling that something amazing is on its way.


The Encounter:


When you wait this long to see Elsa Jean, no matter if you follow the story to get all the just of the entertainment or you skip through the scene to get to the action what you get here is a sex stew well simmered. Then, you see that Charlotte is apart of the meal and honestly, it does not get much better than this in an adult film. The way that all three of these ladies explore every curve of each other’s body is a sight to see. I love how much Ricky focuses on the beauty of the female body in this scene. India’s booty, Elsa’s amazing pussy. For the record, if there is one thing worth buying a ticket to and lining up around the block to see. It is Elsa Jean’s pussy. My Lord, she has the best looking pussy in the industry. It is beyond perfect and the fact she has on these types of panty-briefs is hot.

Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely, India Summer 

Every moment of the scene is one that is visually stunning. You see the women posing and showcasing the assets that got them into this business so well. The videography is wonderful. The editing throughout this entire film is amazing. You have those occasions where each moment takes you deeper into the splendor of woman. That is something cool to see when a film splices something together so well that the next frame shows one of the ladies with less clothing, but you are just to mesmerized to see them sneak in the excellent editing. This is one of India Summer’s best roles of 2018. This threesome goes into high octane when you see Charlotte’s fast tongue thrust into fifth gear. It is the simple pleasures of lesbian sex that make this scene what it is. When is the last time you have seen a film where you simply see the ladies taking turns eating pussy without a ton of extra nonsense? The build-up to everything in this scene and the film just gets better as the counter keeps going. Every single time that the ladies take you to a mountaintop, James Avalon and Sal show you another peak that must be scaled and the ladies to the most wonderful job as tour guides. Everything that you are waiting to see unfolds before your very eyes and you are rewarded in so many ways by the way that this film ends. The crew did one hell of a job making this one of the best of 2018.

India Summer 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

This is truly a complete film and, in my opinion, Ricky Greenwood’s best work. You simply must add up how much is good about this film and it will see the light. The cast is amazing. From start to finish you have great acting, great story, and amazing sex. The way that everything is presented is simplistic and that is a huge bonus with a film like this.

It is an art film but one that every type of fan can enjoy. The star power alone makes this film worth the purchase but when you see what Ricky Greenwood has invested in the story, you will be thoroughly entertained.

There are films that over deliver when you have a cast with this much talent. Far too often, a director assumes that you must make everything high dollar and you simply do not have to. I think this film got passed up by many fans and critics and my goodness, people are missing out on one hell of a film.

Becoming Elsa delivers, and you are not left at any second feeling as if you have been shorted. The story is one of the best in the business of 2018. Elsa does a great job in the lead role. I think once again, she deserves the nomination for this work as she can truly make her character believable from act one.

There is not one fan of these ladies that will not be happy with this film and I think that what you must be ready to see is some very sensual, glamorous sexual encounters. There are small tidbits like cream covered kitties and small amounts of dirty talk here and there but the women with their seduction and their timid ways creating something unique is what makes this film so good. This is a true must-see film for any porn fan of the 2018 year.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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