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Shush Disc 1

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Web Series, Feature, BDSM, LezDom

Director: Fivestar


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Cast: Eliza Jane, Kira Noir, Bella Rossi, Cherry Torn, Helena Locke, Ana Foxxx

Length: 2 hours 39 minutes

Date of Release: November 28, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both counts. Crisp, clear, Hi-Def video and the audio is captured very nicely in both the interviews and the scenes. That's a key factor as there is some Domme/sub banter throughout each scene.

Overview: Shush is a collection of an entire season of Kink.com's series Hush, eight episodes in all. The website describes it like this: "Set in an internationally renown lingerie company, SHUSH follows the sexy, wicked staff with the most revered and reviled Cherry Torn at the helm. When Eliza Jane is hired as a designer she has no idea that she'll soon be ensnared in 3-way Lesbian Blackmail by the power hungry Kira Noir and Bella Rossi. The 8 part series dives into just what happens when everyone from the bottom up gets exactly what they wanted!"

This review will cover episodes 1-4 which are on disc 1 of the 2-disc set. I will review the next 4 episodes separately.

In the usual Kink.com style, each scene begins and ends with an interview of the participants in order to prepare them for and decompress them from the BDSM scene they are participants in. In my usual style, I will mention that this is real BDSM performed by trained professionals on a closed course. Safe words and/or indicators are thoroughly utilized and enforced.

Scene 1: Eliza Jane, Kira Noir, Bella Rossi

Eliza, Kira, Bella

Bella plays the Domme here, with Eliza as the bottom and Kira taking up some middle ground according to our intro interview. As the opening credits fade, we transition to soft saxophone music while Eliza gets dressed to head into her new job where Kira and Bella are already hard at work designing and creating lingerie. She goes into meet with the boss, Cherry, who right off the bat looks and sounds perfect for her role, Eliza doing some amazing acting via her eyes as she gets felt up by Cherry, who needs to inspect the fit and form of the welcome packet lingerie kit that Eliza is wearing.

Eliza, Kira, Bella

After her first day at work, Eliza gets invited by her coworkers out for some "get to know you drinks" followed by a threesome that goes down in a bedroom, Eliza getting her every inch inspected by the others. The inspection is going well but Bella thinks Eliza would look better with some nipple decor and adds some clamps to her while Kira slides a finger into Jane's derriere. With the formalities out of the way, Bella asserts her dominance, Eliza happily obeying her commands. Bella takes a seat atop Eliza's face, while Kira thrusts and grinds her own crotch into the blonde's. Our ladies are prepared, with two cordless wand vibrators, flogs, and strap-ons, each item getting used effectively as Kira takes a strap-on in the sphincter while getting flogged. The strap-on is joined by the other in a plasticized DP as the credits roll.

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Scene 2: Cherry Torn, Eliza Jane

Cherry & Eliza

Cherry is developing a new line called "Restrained Abandon" and wants to bring Eliza in on it if she's interested. She seems more interested by the moment as Cherry undresses her to reveal some very fancy lingerie which Eliza wears really well. It's almost a shame when it gets removed but before you know it, it's replaced by some rope which leaves Eliza hanging, literally. It must be a pretty progressive office as there is a rigging point to hang her from, suspended sideways in a full arm, thigh, ankle binding. Cherry needs to make sure she's fully able to take on this project and strips down to her own red and black lingerie ensemble while smacking Eliza around. Soon, Eliza's tongue is reaching out to taste Cherry's pussy as she dangles in mid-air.

Cherry & Eliza

Cherry seems to really enjoy getting her cracks (front and back) licked, grinding her hips around while trying to stabilize the spinning Jane. As Eliza licks her ass, she masturbates furiously, smiling and panting the entire time. Eliza gets her chance for fulfillment too, by getting a big dick on a stick rammed into her. That stick dick gets joined by a vibrator, Eliza's face showing the edge between pleasure and pain she is succumbing to as Cheery's light-hearted torment continues. With Eliza's hole warmed up, Cherry abandons the stick dick in favor of her four fingers, working her bound designer to a frenzy and finishing her off with a tongue-heavy kiss.

Scene 3: Bella Rossi, Cherry Torn

Bella and Cherry have performed together hundreds of times over the years, according to their interview but Cherry is usually the Top. Fivestar decides to flip that scenario upside down and have Cherry be the bottom here.

Bella & Cherry

Cherry's been caught in a compromising position and Bella is going to hold it over her head until she gets her way. Cherry's quickly stripped down, forced to the ground, ball gagged and strung up from the ceiling. Bella takes out her pent-up frustrations by flogging Cherry's ass which jiggles attractively with each strike. Once her cheeks have taken on a nice rosy glow, Bella reaches for an electric prod, running it around Cherry's nether region, making her anticipate the shocking discharge. She takes the bursts of energy in stride, the camera focusing on her face and eyes as much as the prod popping so that we can see the surprise and sting in Cherry's eyes.

Bella & Cherry

The prod is set aside as Rossi becomes more intense with her queries to Cherry and goes back to using her hands and the flog on Torn's ass. Just as Cherry relaxes into subspace with the rhythm of the flogging, Bella brings the prod back in. Bella's warmed up now and ready to get her slit licked, so Cherry is ungagged and Bella holds a vibe to her own clit as she gets licked. Cherry might think she's about to be freed, but only her ceiling tie is released so that Bella can bury a big black strap-on in her ass. Bella obviously has more pent-up resentment as she then moves onto fingering her boss after she attaches a spreader bar to her ankles. It may be a little out of spite but she does make sure Cherry has a nice, wet orgasm.

Scene 4: Helena Locke, Ana Foxxx

Most viewers will be familiar with Ana, who burst onto over half a decade ago to fan and critical acclaim but you may not be familiar with Helena who has been in the biz for a couple of years but does most of her work for Kink with just a few titles for other studios. You'll get to know her a bit here as she helps Ana work through the stress of her new job.

Helena & Ana

Things start off with soft kisses and strokes but before you know it, Ana's on the floor with her legs tied to her arms and a ball gag in her mouth as Helena smacks the stress out of her ass. The stress is also pinched right out of her nipples as Locke clamps some binder clips onto them and slaps them around. The contrast of Helena's fingers sliding in and out of Ana's box is captured nicely from multiple angles, Helena having been talking to Ana during the entire scene, Ana murmuring her responses through her gag. Helena knows the gag makes it a bit hard to breathe but ups the ante by sitting on Ana's face and rubbing herself around Ana's face. The gag is removed so that Helena can get licked deeply, her dominant banter never stopping. Rotating around, she lets Ana lick her ass as Helena holds a vibe to herself. She's soon screaming in ecstasy as Ana writhes beneath her.

Helena & Ana

Like the other offices in this building, there is always a box of goodies at hand, and a dick stick makes its appearance, getting drilled deeply into Foxxx as Helena dutifully paddles her ass and thighs. Locke is soon ramming that stick in and out of her sub at blinding speed, both hands grasping it for leverage. The stick gets joined by the wand vibe, causing Ana to nearly lose her mind. Helena cools things down with some soft petting and a final kiss.

Final Thoughts: I'm growing more familiar with the vast range of types of scenes Kink.com produces. I started with Hogtied in the woods during a feature film, then moved into the dungeons run by John Paul and his crew, moved to the Upper Floor, and now find myself here in an office building that is equipped with some non-standard office accoutrements. All of these scenarios have impressed me, some have terrified me, but I have enjoyed them all. Whether it is a newbie getting strung up and paddled for their first time or two long-time friends like Bella and Cherry just pushing each other to the limits, it's an enjoyable view into the world of fetish and kink pushed to boundaries that most households just aren't equipped for. Sure, maybe there's some bondage tape or rope under your bed but how often do you find rigging points hanging in an otherwise non-descript room ready for action and placed strategically for camera access? That's part of the beauty of Kink.com, the other part obviously being watching good looking women (and/or men) pushed to their boundaries; laughing one moment and on the verge of tears the next. Screams of joy and squeals of pain. I'll admit it's not for everyone but with this title in particular, I find myself wanting to pop in the second disc right now but since I'm in the middle of Thanksgiving prep it will just have to wait.

I think this series is based on a great premise and the casting is spot on. Helena has a fiery intensity about her and is fun to watch; Ana always just lights up a screen. Bella and Cherry just click together. Then there is Eliza who appears in two scenes with Cherry, Bella, and Kira, all of which are perfectly played. It's all around good lesbian domination fun! Check it out. Highly Recommended.

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