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I Love a Hard Pounding

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 11/27/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

They say that you truly do not know what you have until it is gone. That ain’t no bullshit. Karla Kush will forever be one of the most charismatic blonds in the history of this business. As she suits back up to jump right back where she left off, I think there are many fans that have been waiting to see how much of a return to form will be in the stars for Karla. As she tended to the woman behind the alter ego, fans have been privy to only see her in compilations and a few spots here and there. This is one of the first newly released scenes where we get to see just how much has changed with Karla and one thing I am willing to bet on, is that we get even more then we bargained for. This beauty has always put everything into all endeavors dating all the way back to her camming days. If this is your first-time seeing Karla, one thing is for sure, you are in for a treat. As I mentioned earlier, Karla has more than an enthusiasm for what she does and a beauty to match her insane sex drive that has produced some of the best scenes in the business with the biggest companies. Her massive following has always been rooted with a true notoriety because this gal truly is in this business for all the right reasons. There are very few performers that I am willing to say that I am a fan of. Karla Kush is a performer who I truly believe is the most underrated in this business. Let’s find out if she has lost a step or if she is back and more badass than ever.

Film Cover 

Scene Length: 29 Minutes, 24 Seconds

Director: Mime Freak @MimeFreak

Studio: Archangel

Release Date: November 16th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, No Condoms, Petite, Toys, Masturbation, Ass Licking, Dirty Talk, Intense, Real Orgasms, Squirting, Aggressive Sex


I Love a Hard Pounding

From the Archangel Film: Freaky Petite 4

Starring: Karla Kush @KarlaKush420 and James Deen @JamesDeen


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The Reveal:

Karla Kush 

The dirty blond hair, the baby blue eyes. This woman knows what she is doing and my goodness, she looks as stunning as she ever has. Legs, booty, boobs. The “Total Package” is what you have to always call Karla, she has always been known as this petite performer but when you see her move and slide with refinement and precision, you forget how tall she is, and you definitely do not see anything that she is not trying to show you. Mixed with Mime Freak’s always thumpin’ soundtrack intro, the fantasy is alive and kicking in this scene. Now those are freckles! She has always had something so different to offer the casual porn fan. Her look is one of a kind the detail to everything about her is elegant and beautiful. Sporting perhaps one of the top five best booties in the business, Mime Freak knows how to make that our focus point as fans and that pink lingerie keeps your eyes fixated on every move and shake. When you see that sexy top drop to the floor, veteran fans will remember all too quickly how flawless this stunning model is and once the vibrator gets turned on, all bets are off as to when you may get through watching this scene. The timing of this intro is perfect not too long or short and you have Karla crawling her way into the imagination of every drooling viewer.


The Encounter:


The pairing with James Deen is brilliant and when you get to see how much his switch is turned on by her whimpers and dirty talk, you know damn well you do not stand a chance of making it out of this scene without breaking out in a massive sweat and having the room temperature rise without even moving the lever on the thermometer. Karla has not lost a step; her voice will continually make you forget more and more about reality and place you within this amazing fantasy. I think this was brilliant casting for the simple fact James is going to show as much charisma as Karla will and that is how you welcome a beauty back into any brand, especially when it is Karla Kush. I think that there are few performers that can match the energy of Karla Kush and James Deen is one. This is a wonderful semi-hardcore romp, showcasing both performers doing what they do best.

Karla Kush and James Deen 

As the “little things” of wonder add up, like Karla contorting to amazing positions, or her orgasms getting so intense she is looking for something to grab on the leather couch and as her hand slips time and time again, she simply must just succumb and go further into her arch as James Deen thrusts quicker and quicker, making her cum harder and harder. This is vintage Karla and James. This is not “going through the motions” or trying to make things go “over the top.” No, this is simply two aggressive hyper-sexual phenoms going at it with all guns blazing and both partners pushing each other further and further in so many ways. The sex in this scene is intense, nasty and something that says welcome back Karla in the best ways possible. You get all the bells and whistles. Dried cum around Karla’s mouth from blowing more than Deen’s mind. You see Deen pop out his throbbing member so that he can lick Karla’s pussy on a few occasions and she trembles with a mighty orgasm. They simply broke the mold when they created these two performers. The chemistry of these two performers is so good, you will not even realize that thirty minutes pass by. I mean these two create one long take filled with heavenly head, amazing dirty talk and the best kind of boy/girl aggressive sex you will see anywhere. The shot of Karla in reverse cowgirl is something beyond words that does two things. Shows every fan why is the draw that she is and number two, that she is back with a vengeance in the industry. I think that few stars can return with this much momentum. Only a brave few have ever been able to do so. Two that come to mind immediately are of course Jeanna Fine and Sahara Sands and I think this beauty is truly on her way to gaining that same notoriety of such porn legends that came before her.

Karla Kush 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

I do not think that I have ever seen two sexual dynamos cum at the same time on film. Call it whatever you will, that they are two legends in the making, that they are incredible performers, the bottom line is that it is something steamy, sexual and as delicious as it gets in the world of porn. This is a scene that any porn fan will love and yes gentlemen, this is a scene where you will be able to get your significant other hot and bothered with aggressive sex. Oh, if ever there was a moment that a performer deserves the cover of a film, it is within this movie. From start to finish, you will be sucked into the moment and you will not be able to escape. Karla Kush, my goodness, what can I say. I will never be a person who ever ranks and woman out for the way she looks, especially in this business but, these are models who make a living off their looks and what you see with Karla is one hundred percent her calling card and always has been. Perfect skin, make-up is spot on. Her body looks as amazing as ever. The best boobs, the best butt and when you mix that with a sexual charisma that makes scene number one hundred and twenty-three, look just as good as scene number one, you have the makings for something that is only seen in this business maybe once or twice every twenty years. This scene alone makes buying the DVD worthwhile. It is a scene that you will watch many times, even after you have gone back to see all the little things that come with a Karla Kush performance. Each time you do, you are greeted to something kinkier and kinkier. I think that is what a lot of modern fans have forgotten about. The foundation of this industry was built off of buying a VHS with an oversized box cover for seventy-five dollars and you got your money’s worth almost every time because they were films you would watch over and over and over. Not because they cost so much or because the industry was smaller. Oh no, it was due to the fact that performers like Karla and James were in more abundance and what they brought was always something so savory to the table. Highly recommended it in every way possible and a must own for every porn fan out there in the land of fantasy.

Don Juan DeMarko 



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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