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Shush - Disc 2

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Web Series, Feature, BDSM, LezDom

Director: Fivestar


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Cast: Eliza Jane, Kira Noir, Bella Rossi, Cherry Torn, Helena Locke, Angel Allwood, Mia Li, Julia Ann

Length: 2 hours 41 minutes

Date of Release: November 28, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both counts. Crisp, clear, Hi-Def video and the audio is captured very nicely in both the interviews and the scenes. That's a key factor as there is some Domme/sub banter throughout each scene.

Overview: Shush is a collection of an entire season of Kink.com's Hush, eight episodes in all. The website describes it like this: "Set in an internationally renown lingerie company, SHUSH follows the sexy, wicked staff with the most revered and reviled Cherry Torn at the helm. When Eliza Jane is hired as a designer she has no idea that she'll soon be ensnared in 3-way Lesbian Blackmail by the power hungry Kira Noir and Bella Rossi. The 8 part series dives into just what happens when everyone from the bottom up gets exactly what they wanted!"

This review will cover episodes 5-8 which are on disc 2 of the 2-disc set. I reviewed the first 4 episodes separately.

In the usual Kink.com style, each scene begins and/or ends with an interview of the participants in order to prepare them for and decompress them from the BDSM scene they are participants in. In my usual style, I will mention that this is real BDSM performed by trained professionals on a closed course. Safe words and/or indicators are thoroughly utilized and enforced.

Scene 5: Eliza Jane, Kira Noir, Bella Rossi

Eliza, Kira, Bella

Eliza has agreed to be a participant in the bondage line the company is developing but she feels she lacks the experience necessary to make it great so she turns to her coworkers for some help. The ladies think that's a great idea and she is soon sporting a breast tie, her foot strung up to the rig point on the office ceiling while her other is tied to her thigh, and Kira is sitting on her face as Bella lightly canes her. Kira takes over caning duties as Bella opts for a flogging of Eliza's landing strip.

Eliza, Kira, Bella

Kira straps on a dildo as Bella makes sure their sub is ready for a nice big plastic dick, Eliza's nipples a clue to the viewer that she's more than ready. Eliza is soon whimpering and biting her lip as Bella's flog gives way to a wand vibe as Kira drills into her. After a quick spit lube on the dildo from Eliza, Kira slides it onto her ass, Bella's fingers probing Eliza's fuck hole. With Eliza at their mercy, they probe her, and sit on her face, amusing themselves with vibrators and flogging one another until they decide they have inspired the newbie enough and walk away, Eliza left strung up.

Scene 6: Mia Li, Helena Locke, Julia Ann (NS)

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Mia is someone I feel I don't see enough of but that could be due to the fact that she does a lot of web scenes for kink.com and I only delve into their material when it comes across my desk in DVD format. Maybe I'll have to correct that situation!

Mia Li, Helena Locke

Julia calls Helena to address a Human Resources issue that has come up with Cherry. Helena is aware of the issue but Julia decides she will deal with it directly. As the call ends, Mia comes into Helena's office for some advice with her mixed feelings about her new found sexiness due to the lingerie she is wearing. Helena is very understanding and Mia is soon on the ground worshipping Helena's snakeskin-shod feet. Going with the flow, Mia kisses her way up to Locke's box as Helena unbuttons her own blouse. With the formalities out of the way, Helena rips off Mia's clothes and strings her up in a 3-point hang involving her hair, breasts, and thigh. Walking around with a strap-on attached, Helena flogs the employee, much to Mia's delight.

Mia Li, Helena Locke

Mia sways a bit as Helena penetrates her with the plastic cock, the ladies both moaning. At times, the plastic dick is replaced with a number of Helena's fingers, Locke whispering reassuring things to Li. Fingers and strap-ons aren't quite enough, so Helena brings in the Hitachi, making Mia giggle with delight and beg for an orgasm. She shrieks with delight and Helena lowers her to the floor for some soft butt banging in multiple positions, the Hitachi again joining the action as Mia screams as she cums and kisses on Helena's toes.

Scene 7: Cherry Torn, Julia Ann, Helena Locke (NS), Angel Allwood (NS)

Cherry is kind of fangirling out as she sits next to Julia Ann during the interview, Julia almost blushing as she does. It's a cute interaction between the two legendary performers as they discuss the upcoming scene.

Cherry Torn

Cherry is in Julia Ann's office for some disciplinary action. She has some excuses lined up but Julia is not having any of it and quickly takes her employee over her knee, quickly reddening Cherry's ass with her hand. Cherry can't afford to lose her job so she's quickly on her knees licking Julia's shoes to a shine. With the shoes shiny, she moves onto Julia's feet themselves, taking her toes almost to her throat at times as Julia drops her skirt to the floor. Legs spread, Julia gets her lovehole licked by a now smiling Cherry. Wrapping a hand around Cherry's throat, Julia reiterates that she is very disappointed and wants to make sure it will never happen again. That sentiment is reinforced with a riding crop slapping Cherry's ass as she is forced to the ground.

Cherry Torn, Julia Ann

Once her ass is cherry, Julia moves onto making the soles of Cherry's foot soles match her derriere. Forced to lie on her back, Cherry gets another hand wrapped around her throat as Julia's fingers probe her roughly and then softly. Two fingers, four, two...the number of digits alternate as she torture teases her employee, Julia's breasts hanging out as she brings the crop back into play to bring color into Cherry's thighs and calves to match her ass. Lying back against the leather couch, Julia gets her kitty licked, her legs spread wide as Cherry stares up at her. Julia appears to have a body-torquing orgasm and disciplines Cherry for touching herself without permission. The crop makes a reappearance against Cherry's chest and then Julia's fingers probe Cherry's nether region relentlessly until they make way for the Hitachi. With Julia's hand covering Cherry's mouth, Cherry's boobs shake with the vibrations of the Hitachi as Julia makes sure that Cherry is committed to her position.

Scene 8: Cherry Torn, Julia Ann, Angel Allwood

Similar to Mia, Angel has appeared in a multitude of kink.com scenes that have apparently escaped my attention but she's been shooting for around five years at this point. This is my first time seeing her that I can recall. Her hard limits are stated as "no spitting in my mouth" which I fully understand because it never has appealed to me either.

Cherry Torn, Julia Ann, Angel Allwood

The scene opens where the other left off, with Angel walking in on the action between the other two and getting hot and bothered. The active pair doesn't seem to mind at all as she strips down to join in on the fun. Julia's eyes light up as Angel mounts Cherry's face, Julia moving down to Cherry's crotch to pinch and probe it. Apparently, Cherry has regained some favor with Julia and is allowed to do the flogging of Angel's ass, the trio all standing in the office in black stockings and assorted pieces of remaining lingerie. Julia takes a place on the desk in front of Angel to get her kitty licked yet again and then takes her place behind Angel once her strap-on is in place.

Cherry Torn, Julia Ann, Angel Allwood

Cherry's flogging resumes across Angel's back as Angel gets drilled in doggie, her nipples getting pinched by Cherry when the flogging stops. Pinching turns to kissing, the trio now moaning consistently as Julia inspects Ngel's butthole to make sure it's ready for her plastic dick. Meanwhile, Cherry is busy donning her own strap-on to fill Angel's mouth with. Angel is a secretary prepared for anything that comes her way and is soon getting DP'ed by the two black strap-ons from her cohorts.

Cherry and Julia take up some vibrators as Angel dutifully fingers them both, licking their juices off of her digits. Our three starlets are all satisfied as Julia makes the announcement regarding everyone's future employment with her firm.

Final Thoughts: One thing I've come to really like about kink.com productions are the before and after interviews in addition to the action in between them. They are some of the best interviews in the biz if you ask me, as the people involved seem so relaxed and natural.

The ending here makes sense but seems a bit disappointing if you ask me. Sure, it makes sense from the standpoint of the storyline but it could have been way better if it all culminated in some sort of fashion week runway debut where the company's lingerie made its debut on a bunch of strutting models. Yes, I understand that is an unrealistic expectation in the world of porn but it would've been cool!  Overall, this is a great cast with a nice storyline that all gets tied together throughout the series. I really like all of the performers here and got the pleasure of being introduced to Angel and getting to see Mia in an element I hadn't witnessed her in yet! I think kink should definitely pursue this concept further and I look forward to other storylines. Like the first disc, Highly Recommended.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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