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Leigh Raven Prove Something

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 11/29/18

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If there has ever been a film that simply had everything line up to perfection, no matter what angle you observe, critique or study, it is Leigh Raven Prove Something. John Stagliano has selected the perfect performer to capture our attention and bring out what lies within his amazing mind. From the surface, you see what I think most fans see. Leigh Raven, the perfect performer in terms of beauty, mystery and confusion and I do not mean that in a bad way. Leigh is a woman who is changing not just the way we see porn but the way that we see a woman. You can not write in a thousand words a basic description of Leigh Raven, that is how complex not only her beauty is but her abilities to model, act and perform. The marketing on this film promises a mixture of what Leigh is known for, gorgeous hardcore with surprises at every corner. The cast looks like one that will have every “perv” in the room ready with their popcorn pre-purchased. Now, here is the curveball, this story has been receiving buzz as one of the best that Evil Angel has ever produced in a showcase like this. So, let us see what this film truly is and if it is worthy of all the early 2018 award season accolades.

Film Cover 

Film Duration: 3 Hours, 33 Minutes

Director: John Stagliano @JohnAStagliano

Studio: Evil Angel

Release Date: October 22nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Performer Showcase, Feature, Threesome, Girl/Girl,


#TripleX Appitizers: The extras on a John Stagliano film are for the true fans in porn who want to see how a porn set operates. You are the true fly on the wall when it comes to BTS with this porn legend every single time. The length of the four combined behind the scenes clips shows so much from the assistants, to the stars themselves. Seeing Leigh trying to burp for the camera and John showing his veteran prowess by saying, "we finally got it, now stop burping" is film gold. The BTS are a true insight for fans to see what a model goes through, how much you have to give of yourself to create a film like this. The EvilAngel.com website also features some of the most amazing photo galleries from this film. You are once again taken all over the "realm of Leigh" with these pictures. They are stunning, dark, vivid and artistic. They are outrageous in the best of ways and they truly shine a light upon this film in so many ways.


Leigh Raven: Prove Something

Starring: Leigh Raven, Riley Nixon, Owen Gray, Kissa Sins, Tony Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Markus Dupree, Kacie Castle, Megan Winters, Lea Lexis and Dolly Leigh


Chapter 1: Leigh Raven @LeighRavenx , Owen Gray @veryowengray and Riley Nixon @RileyNixon_

Scene Features: No Condoms, Story, Threesome, Boy/Girl/Girl, Toys, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, DP, Gagging, Heavenly Head, Spit, Spit and More Spit, 69, Toys, Anal, Squirting


The Reveal:

Leigh Raven

What an intriguing spell this siren begins to sing for us right from the start of the film. Leigh is such a natural actor, the cinematography at LAX is amazing. There is a true feel of reality, an honest look at the “City of Angels” and it is alive everywhere within this opening chapter. Seeing Leigh in this role is wonderful. Her die-hard fans have been waiting for this for a very long time. Now, to be fair, Leigh has been in films like this before but not with this much behind it. Evil Angel and Mr. Stagliano are royalty within the business and I will be damned if they simply did not create something so outside their comfort zone as far as story and surprises go. I love it. The dream sequence is alive and haunting. This film starts to take your imagination on a joyride of sheer darkness. You see how talented a performer Leigh truly is in certain spots, then, you are thrust upon the booty of the stunning Riley Nixon, a woman who just embodies the same stunning type of allure that Leigh has. Owen Gray is the lucky photographer and as the director takes us on a tour through Riley’s “assets” you get the sense that your emotions and your wits are about to be fried in this film and that is something so fresh and wonderful in this business.


The Encounter:

Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon

The making of this mock photo shoot will drive you insane. Sit on your fucking hands if you must because when you see Riley’s curves bust loose, all bets may be off, and this threesome is going to be explosive. Riley, she is truly one of the top ten hottest stars in the industry and it all goes to that natural beauty of hers. If you have never seen her perform, my goodness, you are in for one hell of a show. Leigh has this anticipation that never lets up and Owen does a great job as the rigger/prop man of the scene. Owen is such a great actor. His flow mixes perfectly with Leigh. The soundtrack is once again kicking, and it serves as the biggest aid in keeping your flag flying and your eyes glued upon one of the steamiest photo shoots I have seen on film in a while. This scene has Leigh touch of “girly” delight in every aspect of the sex. It is all so glamorous to the eyes and mind and then it has that type of kink and nastiness that you think you always see coming from these three performers, but you are never prepared for. The savagery that comes from Leigh alone, it is heart melting, make your ass swoon in a millisecond style fantasy that is simply Leigh. Wow, you get your money’s worth within the first ten minutes of this sexual encounter, my God how are you going to take fifty-two more?

Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon 

This is one of the coolest shows of the year. There is this type of unseen gentle caring between all three performers. Most fans may not be able to spot it, especially between Riley and Leigh. When you see Leigh gag her with her fingers, there is care and warmth of a kind that can only come together in a scene like this. This is one of the most amazing displays of hardcore three-way sex I have seen in a long time. Owen and his massive manhood were the perfect selection for the ladies. The editing in this scene is so/so but it does not steer you eyes or attention elsewhere. Leigh has this type of playfulness that really stands out above any other characteristic that she possesses. She chokes Owen, she smiles with glee as she sticks her tongue down Riley’s hot, wet hole and as she is getting railed with speed and force. She is like no other performer when it comes to hardcore like this. Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon


It is amazing that this tattooed beauty can create that “innocence” and quick change to aggression better than almost any other starlet in the game. This scene is nasty, and I mean in the most delightful way. There are so many position changes and kinky perspective, you just can not list them all here but what I will tell you, no matter if you are a girl/girl fan, a soft bow ties and pink doylies kind of person, or if you are the fan who loves your porn as sweaty and rough as possible, this scene has it all and it will please all. The animalistic qualities of the ladies must be seen to be believed. This is one of the coolest fucking scenes I have ever seen created. The way that the ladies are having fun and being playful it will have you smiling the entire time and yes, you will laugh during moments of pure sexual intrigue, when they start rubbing each other’s head and the endorphins start to rush, be prepared the blood from your head may be quickly drained and most likely some other things. Honestly, when you can make something like a male performer getting ass licked look this hot, you are venturing into the type of wonder and taboo that make this industry what dreams are made of. The squirting, the toys, the anal play, the rough women and the sex play that is just out of this world when balls being tied up looks this hot. This is a masterpiece of an opening scene. One of the things that will happen is that you will fall head over heels for Riley. This is truly America’s porn sweetheart. She is a performer who has something I have seen in no other. She will make you yearn to see more of her work within five seconds of watching her work her magic. Leigh, my goodness, I am just speechless, and this is just the start. May I also say, Mr. Owen, he may be the most underrated male performer in all the business. His facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission for this film. The end of this scene is haunting. Shades of Winona Ryder are what come to mind when seeing Leigh Raven look into the abyss of the camera. Once again, your brain is rewired for act two. Holy shit, I can only imagine what comes next. Warning you may encounter brief paralysis after watching this scene.


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Chapter 2: Kissa Sins @KissaSins and Leigh Raven @LeighRavenx

Scene Features: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Ass Licking, Amazing Chemistry, Food Play, Ass Licking, Scissoring, Squirting, Fingering, Toys


The Reveal:

Leigh Raven and Kissa Sins There is a technique for watching a woman’s yoga class in session. John Stagliano really captures the beauty of each woman and really keeps our focus on Leigh and Kissa.

Mystery once again surrounds this scene. You do not know which way things are going to go.

The one thing you do see once again is that Leigh’s character is the odd woman out. Her character does not stick out like a “sore thumb.” She is far too beautiful for that description, but her character speaks with so many facial expressions and eye movements.

This is Leigh stepping into a larger spotlight than ever before and as a fan, you will be mesmerized. Kissa, she simply gets better in terms of acting with each role.

She is a sexual turbine plain and simple. Now, she is learning to craft character into her portfolio and this is some of her best work.

Kissa can sell that role of ample instructor looking to get a piece of her client.

Every man’s and woman’s fantasy come to life. The dialogue may be short but these perfect ten models sell a seduction and sexual encounter that is adult filmmaking at it’s best.

Upon the first kiss, you see how much passion lies within each performer. Both women stand out so much among a sea of talent that is cast as extra’s like the beauty Dolly Leigh and that says a lot. The lighting is a tad overwhelming as the action gets going but the chemistry these two share, it corrects any and all visual flaws.


The Encounter:

Leigh Raven and Kissa Sins 

From the first kiss to the first lick, this is lesbian passion in a way that you have never seen it. The unorthodox timing to everything is so breathtaking. Leigh is sticking her tongue in Kissa’s asshole within ten minutes. I love how we are getting to see how perverse and kinky the female mind can be. That is the wonder of this scene. The way that Mr. Stagliano takes you on a scenic tour through each lady’s oral obsession is visually epic as can be. It is old school to the max to see the hand-held camera come out to circle around both ladies as the eat pussy in this yummy POV frame. Hot damn, Evil Angel seems to always bring out the best in Kissa Sins. This is something so one of a kind for many different reasons. My favorite is that you get to see her wild side, something she is known for big time when the camera is on or off. The camera work is astounding in this chapter. It starts with Kissa squirting and the round beats of pure heaven seem to come raining upon the camera and floor in the coolest way. It is like watching an artistic waterfall, no bullshit. This is some of the best pussy licking you may ever see. When Raven basically speaks to the camera without speaking and tells us to watch closely as she glides her tongue all over Kissa’s spread pussy, I do not give a shit how numb you are to the world, this type of lust can raise the fucking dead and zap any vegetable out of a comma, or put them in one perhaps. There is something when it comes to Evil Angel and Kissa Sins.

Leigh Raven and Kissa Sins

Now, this scene has length and you will feel its grasp over you throughout this scene but not one-minute feels like it is a wasted moment. The toys, the kink, it is captured so perfectly. In what may be one of the best sexually charged moments captured on film this year, watch Kissa lick and suck Leigh’s gorgeous kitty as she ass fucks her with this cool looking glass piece as Leigh watches and quivers with delight. It is one of the most stunning angles I have seen, and it will send you to places rarely reached by an adult film, let alone a true sexual encounter. This is one of the most passionate encounters due to the fact the crew lets the camera roll and most of all, the women truly are into each other. That pool of cum that they slosh back in forth in is a sight to be seen for any porn fan and it is a testament to how original this film is. I have seen a lot of lesbian cinema. Probably more than any other critic that is in the industry today and what you get with this delicious scene is one of the best lesbian encounters ever filmed. I can not give away any more. This is cinema that must be seen with your own two eyes and vivid imagination. Where the women take this scene to in the last nineteen minutes is something no one sees coming. It honestly makes you glad that you stuck around to see the climax of the show. The other thing I will let you in on is that Leigh becomes Kissa’s cake in every way, shape and form. The content is simply lust filled and kinky as hell. These two ladies are on the top of the mountain for a reason and after you see where these two go with everything, the fun that they have you may never see lesbian scenes the same again. You may be wanting more each time. That is how unique and amazing this scene really is. Five-star scene round two.


Chapter 3: Leigh Raven @leighravenx and Markus Dupree @MarkusDupree

Scene Features: Aggressive Sex, Squirting, Mutual Domination, Anal, Multiple Orgasms, Anal Gaping, Rimming, Double Penetration,


The Reveal:

Leigh Raven 

Well, after you have indulged in a scene where the person who stained that wood floor, earned his money times twenty, we are taken back into Leigh Odyssey. As Leigh dreams, it seems to be reality or is it that we are seeing reality mesh into a dream? We get to see Leigh conceal her being and it is something so fascinating to watch. No, there is a part of me that truly loves the artistic metaphor here. We see Leigh, this innocent character who keeps having the lines of reality destroyed by judgments of all kinds in this film, always with our heroine coming out the victor. This intro is something every viewer has thought about when watching an inked performer. Especially if they have shot with companies that cover them up. I can not tell you how cool it is to see a web designer telling a client, “you picked this color last week.” It is a captured impeccably. You can see that Markus is a man who is all about dominating the women in his life. Leigh has command and authority her character and you truly see her inch the audience closer and closer to this passionate encounter with ever undertaking and every word. The fire and heat that comes off, it is not wasted for one second. I think that many fans were waiting to see this scene take place. Two of the most aggressive performers in the industry get ready to battle. Fuck yes! I can not remember the last time I was this excited to watch a scene. I mean this is the stuff that grabs you like a heavyweight boxing match. You know that it is going to be good and you know that there will be action every second. Let’s get ready to rumble!


The Encounter:

Leigh Raven and Markus Dupree

Within milliseconds Markus is fucking her face with his stiff rod and Leigh is handling every quick glide, telling him, “do your worst” with her beautiful eyes. What can you say about a sexual encounter where the female squirts twice within five minutes? Fuck the editing, fuck the magic of production, this is pure annihilation and it is both performers offering their body to the other to do with as they wish that brings about such sexual grandeur. This scene is another visit to the water park and I mean things truly get as slippery as can be. Markus and Leigh Raven truly showcase what animalistic sex is and how beautiful it can be. You see Markus cater to her likes and passions with things like sticking his tongue down her gaping asshole and he goes in multiple times to lick her gorgeous pussy. That is the kind of sex fans want to see. Because each time, if you freeze frame every angle, Leigh has a smile beaming from ear to ear and that is the true forgotten sexiness of woman when it comes to fantasy on film. Eyeliner has never looked sexier when running. Remember I told you Markus was catering to Leigh, well Leigh returns the favor with some of the most amazing 69 positioned head that you may ever see. She plugs her nostrils to cum a little harder as Markus laps up her pussy juices in the rear view. This is some of the most entertaining anal of the year. The pace is smooth, it is not over the top aggressive with fake passion. These two performers slip into each other’s hands like putty and what is formed is something that I think every fan will enjoy, including ones who do not like anal, like me. The only snafu of the entire film is presented in this chapter. You do see them filming another scene in the background during some of the best sex and it takes you out of the illusion for a brief second. No matter how brief that it is, it snaps you out of your so far almost two-hour sex-trip through the land of Leigh. The pros that they are at Evil Angel, they quickly catch it and the rest of the intense anal is shown at a more shifted angle that still shows Leigh in all her glory. The way that these two romance each other is amazing. I mean every chance that Markus gets he is trying to make Leigh squirt and there is almost as much wetness as the slip and slide session that came before. It is so sexy to watch these two passionate performers get together to make movie magic. The scene is strong, and it delivers in ways that few aggressive scenes can. Markus and his ability to show his enthusiasm is a cherry on top to a sundae filled with so much sweetness that is Leigh. A boy/girl scene for the ages people.

Leigh Raven and Markus Dupree 

Chapter 4: Leigh Raven leighravenx , Tony Ribas and Ramon Nomar @RamonxxxnomaR

Scene Features: Threesome, Boy/Boy/Girl, Anal, Heavenly Head, Sweaty Sex, Ass to Pussy, Gapping,


The Reveal:

Leigh Raven 

This story has some very entertaining factors within it. The acting is wonderful; you truly do want to see where this film goes. Truly, one of the best descents into madness that I have ever seen. Or, maybe it is more like a darkness that is revealed within all of us. Leigh is remarkable in this closing chapter. The way that she truly makes you sit and gasp with both lust, horror and surprise, it is something very nonchalant. This is the film that I think Leigh was destined to help create. There are things she brings out that many fans will not know she possesses and that is the cleverness of John Stagliano. Most know Leigh as the “supermodel” bad girl of the business. A woman whose dazzling looks trump everything else. This film and this conclusion cement her in a realm that few adult actors can go. Most just lack the raw talent she has. The stunning camera work showcases her in a way that is so “in your face,” I dare you to look away. As the two male performers use their slick accents to really start to take the scene into the sexual realm, the mood intensely shifts gears again. It is fucking steamy to see Leigh’s diabolical ways earn favor with the two masculine performers. I think there will be a few fans who would have wished to see this charade go a bit further. The insanity is all over the viewers' minds and thoughts as Tony and Roman begin to show this beauty what they are made of. The background music is amazing. As it takes you to this film’s encounter the only thing I can think of at this moment to describe this set-up is “one of a kind.”


The Encounter:

Leigh Raven, Tony Ribas and Ramon Nomar 

The action that follows is truly one of the best boy/boy/ girl threesomes in terms of passion, visual beauty and aggressive nature with style. Both chiseled men look every bit as stunning as Leigh, they have the same type of sexual demeanor and they have a thirst that they ensure is quenched by scene's end. I do not think there is a performer who can go from blow-job to blow-job and show the type of enthusiasm and kink that Leigh Raven can. Every edit shows her in a more beautiful way. The accents of these two studs assorted with Leigh’s dirty talk is just what the doctor ordered to close out this brilliant film. No matter how aggressive they get, Leigh rolls with the punches. No matter how kinky the men think they can get, Leigh's wild animal composure takes their lust to deeper realms. There is a part in this scene where Ramon grabs Leigh to get aggressive and asks her, “who is your boss?” “Not you" she so defiantly replies. That remark sums up exactly what we are seeing in this film’s conclusion.   

Leigh Raven, Tony Ribas and Ramon Nomar 

There are moments in porn history when a first does not live up to anything. The build-up to Leigh's double penetration is very tasteful and it is very well timed. Most fans can become bored with this much build up in a lengthy movie, but this scene does the entire film justice and rewards the fans for their patience. Let’s be blunt here. This is one of the best three hours and thirty minutes you will spend at the movies this year. The way that both male leads take Leigh into another world of kink is done with precision. Creating a sexiness that is so thick, you can slice the air with a butter knife. Stagliano’s classic camera work takes you on a tour where all you truly need to do is see Leigh’s face as she is slapped, choked, and pleased at every inch of her perfect ten body. She looks like a volcano ready to explode at the fifteen-minute mark. This scene is just a bottle of wine. Smooth, very refreshing and something that comes to life with time. The way that Leigh is devoured and given the chance to take a chunk out of the gentlemen’s hearts and minds is one of the most unique features of this scene and the movie for that matter. The sex is something where you just know that Leigh had a blast and that every single type of fantasy was explored well. The double penetration and cum shot climax are something to write home about. They do not fail to deliver, nor do they press anyone’s buttons too hard. The symbolic hair being thrown into the trash can is something that ends this film right. I guarantee you will be watching this scene over and over again just to see all the little tidbits that are, Leigh Raven.


Sight & Sound:

The technical aspects of this film are spot on. You are not always hearing that acoustic feedback like you do on so many adult films. The soundtrack to this film takes you to places of darkness that you simply could not go without. The lighting, the editing, it all comes in to create a type of gift wrap around this film that truly makes it one of the best presentations of 2018. The thing that I was hoping from second one, was that they were going to be able to create a type of audio and video standard that matched who Leigh Raven is and how unique of a performer she truly is. John and his crew did just that. You can truly see a lot invested in this film and they did not skimp in this department. True dedication of excellence.


Leigh Raven Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Truly, one of the best performers showcases of all time. Evil Angel does everything right in this film. The legendary John Stagliano adds his two cents and creates something unique for Raven. This is truly a film where the title character and performer come out of their shell in more ways on one. This film puts Leigh on the map in ways that she has not been before. We get to see Leigh put on a show by becoming this character that leaves everyone watching spellbound. Leigh has come into her own. Adding this ability to create a character and add pieces of who she is to each scene, it is that type of brilliance where you do not know if what you are watching is real or staged. That is how well Leigh puts on a show and becomes the character that makes this film five stars, XCritic Pick all the way. This film has so much going for it. Let us look past the unique kinks and taboos. If you really just analyze this from a genre standpoint, you have one of the best threesomes ever filmed and one of the most one of a kind girl/girl scenes you may ever view. The casting of this film is amazing, and you get a piece of everything from the adult world. You get glamour, you get aggression. You are given performers who are simply every shade of the rainbow and they steal your imagination with what they create. Especially if you did not think that they were capable of such a feat. I can see why this film and Leigh are getting such massive praise in the film world. This film is a diamond of kink. It is something that I think gives a fan a new insight into what the modern porn star can be. Leigh’s aggressive attitude, aggressive sexuality, it is the fuel for a film that shows women have every bit the passion as men do. It is also a film that has Leigh showing the world that beauty comes in forms that if you take the time to see what they are truly about, you yourself may be changed forever. That is the power of films like this ladies and gentlemen. Must own film, get your ass online or to your nearest adult bookstore and do not waist a second. You are going to need all the time in the world to see what this film delivers in so many ways.

Don Juan DeMarko  

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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