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Flapper Girl Story, A

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/1/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The best there is and the best there may ever be are under the same roof for one of Girlsway.com’s biggest productions of 2018. Upon this scene's release, there was a buzz from second one of something that was going to have a little bit of everything when it comes to production. After marketing material filled up every online media site’s mailbox, what was left to see was a scene that truly does have star power beyond belief. Especially when you have a G/G Performer of the Year and Best New Starlet nominee going at it in the same scene, mixed with a talent that has always been the glue of this business, Miss Eliza Jane. The scene looks like something out of a Hollywood backlot. There is something that captures the mind and the emotions when you have such a pairing like this. All three women are incredible actors. Especially the uncanny Eliza who always steals the show no matter where she is or who she becomes. Telling the story of something from the 1920s will not be easy. I think today’s industry fans may truly be looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and who better to give it to them than Bree, Alan and the team that is Girlsway.com

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 39 Minutes, 1 Second

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: May 24th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, 2018 Award Nominated Vignette, Story, Lesbian Threesome, Ass Licking, Voyeurism, Pussy Rubbing, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Make-Shift Sex Toys


#TripleX Appetizers:

The number of extras on the website are amazing. The picture count is off the chain on the website. You can not go as far as to say that Alan and team do not supply the fans with a great number of stills for each vignette. Girlsway.com is one of the best sites for pictures to go along with the films but this scene, it simply has some gems. Models being models and my goodness, every single woman looks dashing, radiant and sexy. This vignette really got a push and the company went all out on this one. The big winner is you the fan. More the better I always say.

Ivy Wolfe, Jenna Sative and Eliza Jane 

A Flapper Girl Story

Starring: Jenna Sativa @JennaSativa , Ivy Wolfe @alittlewolfe and Eliza Jane @SoVeryEliza

Non-Sex Roles: Olive Glass @GlassOlive , Liv Revamped @revampedlyfe  and Alyce Anderson @alyceandersonxx

Story Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: PJFEARLESS


The Reveal:


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The intro to this vignette is everything you would think it could be. Jenna is reliving her grandmothers’ memories of heading to a ladies only speak-easy. What I found so brilliant is that everything is so alive and true to the fantasy. The wardrobe is amazing, the music is swinging, and you do not have the girls get engaged in heavy conversation. From the start of the fantasy, it looks as if Jenna Sativa is looking to test the waters of a “girls only” retreat and see where her passions can take her. Ivy looks amazing but who stands out again is the amazing Eliza Jane. Her outfit, her makeup, she truly fits the part in every way possible. Every single woman looks amazing. Olive Glass as the bartender was a hell of a call and when you see that these three beauties are hot for each other, the bar becomes the focus of one of the hottest encounters of the year. Notes are passed, no words are spoken, and I think what you are about to see is passion at its very best when it comes to this business. As the women go right after each other, Jenna’s smeared lipstick should tell you that this is not going to be your ordinary, everyday scene.

Ivy Wolfe, Jenna Sative and Eliza Jane 

The Encounter:


Liv Revamped, Olive Glass and Alyce Anderson add the perfect touch to this scene. As the girls make out, you are treated to seeing some of the most stunning models in the industry watch a sex scene just like you are at home. Of course, they have ringside seats to the action but never the less, these women score something massive with the combination of such massive appetites in the room. I can not stress this enough. The hottest body in the business today must be the best new starlet nominee Ivy Wolfe. It is this woman’s ability to make a hip turn become something sensual and erotic that has created a massive fan following that is just getting started. As the ladies all get undressed, we see that Ivy’s perfect ten derriere simply keeps climbing the meter into lands uncharted by new performers. The visuals are stunning and the way that each model is shown at breathtaking angle, after breathtaking angle will have you begging for mercy. There is a true controlled chaos to this scene. Every girl is helping the other and it keeps the viewer's eye always wandering and that is a good thing when so much beauty is on display.

Ivy Wolfe, Jenna Sative and Eliza Jane 

Everything about this fantasy is so authentic. The ladies are even speaking with a twenty’s vernacular. If I have to say one thing truly astounding about this scene, it is that this may be one of the greatest uses of performers in a non-sex role. Olive Glass and Liv seem to always be engaged in the action at the highest levels. They are voyeurs to the utmost degree and their participation is not forced, it is willing. I can only imagine how much fun those three ladies had just getting to watch all the fun.  What a call it was to pack these six ladies in such a small space. These superstars of girl/girl cinema really shine in a setting like this. Eliza Jane steals the show and that is not an easy thing to do with who is in the room with her. Alan brings you right next to the girl of your dreams with high shots showing her lovely leg almost hitting the bar ceiling with her hard nipples getting stiffer and stiffer as Jenna sucks with all her passion and might. These three performers are three of the most passionate and carnal girl/girl performers on the planet, there is not one moment where the action is not steamy, authentic and passionate as can be. These are the scenes that can run with any other hardcore style because these three love the taste of what the other has to “offer.” The way that the three performers in the background keep commentary fun, mixed with these facial expressions of pure wonder makes this fantasy must see. The sex is as good as it gets, and you will be watching all forty minutes guaranteed. Eliza and Ivy steal the show in such different ways. My goodness, the model beauty of Ivy Wolfe is going to go places that only a shooting star dare tread. This is one of her most stunning roles in terms of her peak physical condition and lovely everything. It does not get better than Ivy Wolfe in 2018. Eliza, her ferocity, the utter chaotic way she cums, licks, fucks and sucks is a sight to always see. When paired up with the other two, you simply have something worth saving. That is no bullshit.

Ivy Wolfe, Jenna Sative and Eliza Jane 

Sight & Sound:

The lighting can get a tad dark at times, but I think that part plays so much into the fantasy. The audio is crisp, and the editing team has ensured that everything fits like a glove. I truly recommend downloading the scene in its highest quality that Girlsway.com offers. There are a few moments where the camera work is not the sharpest, but it is a small hindrance when things get out of focus. Nothing major that takes away from the fantasy.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Fans do not make the same mistake that I did. Do not let pre-determined thoughts or notions keep you from seeing this vignette. This production is award worthy and something that is even better than advertised. A story I think scares off some porn fans and I do get that. You are here first and foremost to see these stunning ladies indulge in their own sexuality by taking you along for the ride but what I have truly discovered with a scene like this, it is that the story, the attire, the camerawork, they are just as big a part of the sexual fantasy as the girl/girl action is. You can not have a woman cumming all over the other’s lips be a five-star type of encounter if you do not have the proper attire, makeup, dirty talk, and movement. That is a fact and it is something so many viewers overlook in fantasies like this one. The steamy parts of this scene are more in with the three voyeurs at times than with the actual participants. How many times can you ever say that about an adult film? This is something that is risqué, yes, but it has all that flair for you to be able to sit down yourself, or with a date, lover or significant other and just melt into your viewing quarters and drift off on a cloud of fantasy. That is where this scene takes the viewers. This vignette deserves so much more than the buzz that it got in its initial launch. This is a flavor of lesbian cinema that is rarely seen in this day and age. The last time I have seen something this unique was the heyday of Nina Hartley, in a little film called Anal Annie. This is the stuff that sets the bar even higher for others. It is a unique combination that has the potential to go so many places. This is truly a five-star scene, worth every penny of a membership, I kid you not.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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