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Lesbian Psychodramas 30

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Couples


Cast: India Summer, Prinzzess, Whitney Wright, Romi Rain, Kristen Scott, Bree Daniels, Milana May

Director: Unknown

Release Date: July 16, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 37 min.

Extras: Three trailers


Overview: Girlfriends Films continues it's series of intriguing sapphic stories with a mental edge to them. Surprisingly these two tales of lesbian encounters aren't as psycho as the rest of the series. The first involving Prinzzess obsessing over India Summer's potential marriage proposal while the second involves India again as a medium who convinces Kristen Scott and her friends that they are latent lesbians. The humorous stories are interesting enough, but it's the terrific cast (headed by the always wonderful India Summer) that really makes this disc worth watching.


Scene One: Prinzzess and Whitney Wright


India Summer and Prinzzess are roommates and lovers. When India tells Prinzzess she's going to be a little late on the rent Prinzzess automatically assumes India's money is going towards and engagement ring. She becomes totally obsessed with finding it, searching in Easter eggs with Whitney Wright and inside muffins with Jenna Sativa and her friends. Well, unfortunately it's for an engagement ring, but just not for Prinzzess. Heartbroken, she confides in Whitney who serves as more of a comfort when she confesses her love for her. This is when the beautiful art of lesbian love that Girlfriends Films specializes in starts. They start making out and soon Prinzzess takes Whitney's top down, tenderly feeling and sucking her tits. She then starts feeling Whitney's pussy as Whitney feels Prinzzess' tits. Clothes start coming off and soon Whitney is on all fours and Prinzzess is rubbing her pussy from behind. Her fingers get replaced by her mouth as she starts eating Whitney's pussy.  Whitney flips over and spreads her legs wide for Prinzzess as she fingers her clit and then goes down on her. Prinzzess fingerbangs Whitney while sucking on her clit and soon Whitney is cumming on Prinzzess' fingers.


Prinzzess then goes into a missionary position and Whitney buries her mouth into her cunt. Prinzzess spanks Whitney's ass with her foot as she devours Prinzzess' pussy and it's not long before she's cumming in Whitney's mouth. After her sweet and convulsive orgasm Whitney climbs up and starts tribbing her. Whitney grinds her pussy against Prinzzess' until they both cum together and then Prinzzess starts fingering Whitney. She edges her a little bit, laying her down on her back and fingerbanging her while licking her clit before Whitney has a truly explosive orgasm in Prinzzess' mouth. Terrific performances by the beautifully glamorous and the equally beautiful wonder that is Prinzzess.


Scene Two: India Summer and Romi Rain


The scene starts with some nice witty and flirty banter between India and Romi. As the banter subsides the two start feeling on each other and soon they're making out. Romi (wearing some really gnarly looking claws) starts sucking on India's toes and soon her top is down showing her magnificent tits. India plays with Romi's tits with her foot and soon her foot is rubbing against Romi's crotch.


She then strips off her clothes and lays back on the bed for Romi to down on her pussy. Romi slobbers on India's pussy, lapping up her spit and driving India crazy. She simply devours India's pussy making her orgasm in her mouth before getting on all fours and India fingers her pussy from behind. Romi flips over and India eats her out missionary. India engulfs Romi's pussy with her mouth giving her multiple orgasms, at one point Romi arching her back from the ecstatic pleasures administered from India's mouth. Romi sucks on India's tits and rubs her pussy to orgasm before laying her on her back eating her some more before climbing up and tribbing her. Romi rides India's pussy first facing her, then side saddle and then facing away from her, both of them cumming over and over and having multiple orgasms on each other.


Romi then goes on her hands and knees again and India fucks her pussy with her thumb bringing her to another orgasm. She then flips Romi over and plants her knee on her pussy, getting her off with it she rides Romi's leg bringing them both to one more last orgasm together. Very good highly charged scene from two great legends.


Scene Three: India Summer and Kristen Scott


Kristen and her friends Bree Daniels and Milana May are upset that they can't get off to the latest porn scene floating around school. They seek the help of mystic medium India Summer who instructs them to place their hands on her glowing orb. After looking into the orb she tells them that they are all latent lesbians and can't get off to straight porn. She then tells Bree and Milana to go home and meditate on what they've learned while she helps Kristen. She goes to India's bedroom where India tells her to relax and to just go with it as she gives Kristen a kiss. As the kissing starts to get heavier they undress each other and they sweetly and tenderly kiss each other's tits, Kristen circling India's nipples with her tongue. India then lays Kristen down and plants her body with kisses, heading her way to her pussy. With Kristen breathing heavily in anticipation India starts slowly flicking her tongue on Kristen's clit making her twitch and convulge, and soon India is lapping at Kristen's pussy bringing her to a leg shaking orgasm.


They then switch up with India laying back missionary while Kristen kisses her tits and down her body to her pussy. Under India's instruction Kristen starts circling India's pussy and sucking on her clit and soon India is having one of her beautiful silent by intense orgasms. India then wants to instruct Kristen on face riding and Kristen climbs up and sits on India's mouth. As India's tongue laps up inside her pussy Kristen reaches back and rubs India's. India gives Kristen multiple orgasms before Kristen climbs up and sits back in India's arms as India fingers her pussy. She pinches Kristen's clit with her fingers and brings her to a couple of orgasms before Kristen lays back and India climbs up to ride her face bringing her several more orgasms. A surprisingly sweet scene of sapphic awakening from two of the finest performers today.


Scene Four: Bree Daniels and Milana May


Bree and Milana contemplate what India told them and decide to explore their lesbian tendencies. They start with some light kissing which gets heavier until soon their tops are off. They worship each other's bodies, stripping their clothes off until Milana is down between Bree's legs and eating her pussy. She makes Bree cum and then rubs it with her hand while kissing her before going back down and devouring her pussy bringing her to multiple orgasms.


Milana then climbs up and sits on Bree's face, grinding her her beautiful tanned body on her mouth until she doubles over cumming on Bree's tongue. Milana then lays down and Bree rubs her pussy with her hand while kissing her and sucking her tits bringing her to another orgasm. Bree then goes down between Milana's legs and fingerbangs her while sucking on her clit, driving Milana crazy until she cums again in Bree's mouth. Bree then gets on all fours, ass in the air and face buried in the mattress as Milana eats her out from behind. She eats Bree's ass and rubs her pussy, stretching her lean figure over Bree's to kiss her while she makes her cum.


Milana then lays back and Bree rides her face, grinding her ginger red pussy down on Milana's mouth. Bree reaches behind and rubs Milana's pussy while Milana devours her and soon she's having an intense orgasm in her mouth. Milana then gets on her knees and sticks her ass in the air as she buries her face into the mattress and Bree fingerbangs her pussy with her thumb. After another intense orgasm Milana flips over and Bree eats her pussy missionary. Bree sucks on her cunt giving Milana multiple orgasms before Bree lays back and spreads her legs for Milana to go down on her. Milana's tongue makes Bree cum again and then Milana climbs up and starts to trib Bree, grinding her pussy against Bree's while kissing her until they both conclude with extremely intense earth shattering orgasms. The scene ends like the rest, with the two sapphic lovers nestled in each other's arms, enjoying and reveling in each other's sweet love after some both very intense and beautiful feminine sex.


Final Thoughts: I have to say I was a bit surprised with this one. I'm so used to the past Lesbian Psychodrama's storylines to be more extreme, sometimes even unsettling. These stories are very tame compared to previous ones. They still hold a bit of humor, and they do explore the lesbian psyche. What really makes this title stand out is the fantastic cast. India Summer is just such a phenomenal performer, always giving a beautifully subtle and completely natural delivery. And I really wish I could see more of Prinzzess. She's one of the most underrated performers today, so beautiful and sexy with talent to boot. The whole cast is great, all of them so sexy and giving such terrific performances that truly shine in each scene they're in. Despite the tame storylines as compared to the rest of the volumes from this series, this is still a worthwhile dvd because of the great cast and it's still Recommended.

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