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Black and White Vol. 14

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 55 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Kendra Sunderland with Carolina Sweets, Emma Hix, Naomi Woods, Isiah Maxwell, Joss Lescaf, Jason Luv, Rob Piper, Flash Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Photo Gallery; Website Info


More hot interracial sex in stunning locations fills the latest installment in the Black & White series. Director Greg Lansky gives fans more of what they want in Black & White Vol. 14, featuring DVD cover girl Kendra Sunderland who breaks all the rules in her naughty getaway in the Greek Islands. Her boyfriend doesn’t join her on her Greek vacation, but she finds a new male friend with a big black cock who services her hidden desires. She fucks on a ledge overlooking the ocean and on the balcony of her hotel room, hitting multiple orgasms that have her giddy and giggling. Carolina Sweets, Emma Hix, and Naomi Woods find ecstasy when hot black rods fuck and fill their twats in the rest of the film. Naomi and Emma get a special delivery of cum in cowgirl creampies from Jason Luv and Rod Piper that satisfies their stretched pussies. I highly recommend this movie. Kendra’s opening scene with Joss Lescaf and Naomi’s hot session with Jason Luv bring some of the hottest action to this flick.

Scene 1:  Kendra Sunderland and Joss Lescaf

The first scene of the flick opens with Kendra in a breathtaking location, a Greek island with an incredible view. She is on this trip alone, without her boyfriend, and she takes advantage of it. She masturbates in her room overlooking the ocean, getting herself to the right pleasure point. It gets so good to her, she giggles as she hits her orgasm. Satisfied, Kendra decides to get some sun. She looks like a sex goddess, standing near the pool in her red bikini, pouring water all over her body. It’s offseason in this incredible vacation spot and there are only a few people hanging out at the pool. Kendra can’t keep her eyes off Joss, who is swimming in the pool. When he steps out of the water, she is surprised to see his big dick. Joss is naked. She realizes the resort is clothing optional. Joss makes his move toward Kendra, striking up a conversation. They hit it off and he leads her away to the other side of the pool deck where she jerks his big cock, making it hard in her hands. Kendra is letting go of all her inhibitions, forgetting about her boyfriend. She starts sucking his big black cock in view of the other hotel guests who find it amusing. They move to a ledge overlooking the ocean where they kiss and fondle each other.

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Kendra hones her cocksucking skills on Joss’ prick, making want it more and more. She begs him for it, telling him she wants to fuck his big black dick. “Come fuck me in my room. I’m alone,” she tells him. Once there, Kendra lies on the bed, holding her legs open as Joss tongue fucks her pussy. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position and starts riding it slowly. Joss pumps her pussy, causing her to cover his shaft in her natural lube. He pounds her pussy until she screams that she’s cumming. Kendra is so dick giddy, she giggles while he rams her twat. “Fuck that pussy! Fucking give it to me,” Kendra yells as Joss drills her pussy missionary style. “It’s your fucking pussy,” she tells him. “Fucking choke me; I’m cumming,” she screams. She turns over for downward doggy that sends Joss’ dick deep inside her tight twat, making her giddy again. Once Joss slams her pussy doggy style while stuffing her ass hole with his thumb, Kendra reaches another orgasmic peak. The doggy and downward doggy fucking these two have is intense and athletic, making them sweat. Kendra sucks his cock some more then goes on another cowgirl ride. “I want to fuck you outside,” Joss tells her. “But what if somebody sees,” Kendra worries. Joss assures her nobody will as he fucks her in standing doggy on the balcony. “Fucking take that pussy,” Kendra moans. Kendra is ready for his cum and he gets a load full when Joss pops on her tongue and chin. The spunk spills and pools on her neck while Kendra sucks his dicks and blows bubbles with his sperm.

Scene 2: Carolina Sweets, Isiah Maxwell, and Flash Brown

Carolina has a big black cock threesome in this scene, fucking Isiah and Flash for her satisfaction. It all started when she finds out about her boyfriend’s dark side. He’s a gambling addict and he lost a lot of money the night before. He had no more money to gamble away, so he offered Carolina to his debtors in exchange. He delivers her to Flash’s house for the payoff. Carolina admits that she’s both nervous and excited about helping her boyfriend pay off his debt. Flash walks her upstairs to the bedroom where Isiah is waiting. The guys are ready for Carolina to pay off her boyfriend’s debt. She begins by sucking Isiah’s dick, drooling and gagging as he thrusts his long pipe in and out of her mouth. “Let me get some of that,” Flash says as he stuffs his cock down Carolina’s throat. She gets on her knees on the bedroom floor, jerking both guys’ cocks at the same time. She turns from one cock to the other, choking and spitting on each one. “It’s time to fuck that pussy now, homie,” Flash tells Isiah. Carolina sits on Flash’s prick and bounces up and down cowgirl style. Isiah fucks her throat while she gets fucked cowgirl. The guys remind her there’s a big dick debt to pay today. “Take the fucking dick,” Isiah orders her as Flash pumps her creamy cunt.  Isiah wants some of Carolina’s twat. He positions her doggy style and drills her hole. “That big black dick is so amazing,” she looks back and tells him. Isiah digs in deep in Carolina’s pussy, spanking her ass as he drills her. She screams out that she’s cumming, enjoying the pounding he’s giving her. He pounds out her pussy even more, this time in missionary position. Carolina’s cunt squeezes his cock and she cums all over it.

Flash’s cell phone rings and he’s got to go handle some business. He tells Isiah to handle Carolina’s cunt while he’s gone. Isiah’s dick rams the back of her pussy as she rides it in reverse cowgirl position. His balls slap against her twat as his shaft disappears deep inside her. She turns around into cowgirl position and rides his cock, screaming “I’m cumming!” He spoon fucks her next then orders her to the floor to get her cum. He shoots his load on her face then feeds her his cock. “Black cock is so amazing,” she says.

Scene 3: Naomi Woods and Jason Luv

Naomi has been dating her boyfriend ever since high school. They have never cheated on each other. They each have their list of fantasies, but living in Wisconsin, means the chance of anything happening is slim to none. Naomi is at a hotel and notices her biggest celebrity crush hanging out on the balcony. She can’t believe it. She takes a picture of him then has this crazy idea about getting a picture with him to show to her boyfriend. She rushes back to her hotel room and changes into something sexy then knocks on Jason’s door. She explains what she wants and Jason is more than happy to help her. He takes her to his bedroom where she takes selfies of the two of them. He pulls her in closer and kisses her. Naomi is nervous, but Jason relaxes her as he strips off her clothes and squeezes her ass while kissing her lips.

Soon, Naomi is on her knees sucking her crush’s big cock and she can barely fit it all in her mouth. He loves the way her soft lips feel as they wrap around his dick. Naomi takes her cock sucking session to the bed, gobbling on his girth. She gives him a dick massage in between sucking him off then lies on her back with her legs over his shoulder to begin missionary fucking. Naomi moans in ecstasy as Jason’s cock stretches her cunt. “I’ve never had a cock so big in my life,” Naomi screams. Jason thrusts in and out of her warm, wet box with long strokes until she cums all over his cock. He pulls out and she sucks her cum cocktail off his dick then rides reverse cowgirl up and down on his pipe. It makes Naomi cum again. Deep penetrating doggy fucking has Naomi’s pussy’s gripping Jason’s dick. He drills her twat in leg-up action, stuffing her hole. She’s ready for Jason’s cum and she gets it after a long cowgirl fuck session. He pops inside her pussy, filling her hole with jizz. His sperm oozes out of her cunt onto his stomach. She climbs off his cock, sucks it while swallowing his cum.

Scene 4: Emma Hix and Rob Piper

Emma has always been a curious person and sometimes it’s gotten her into trouble. Her roommate only dates black guys and Emma is curious about what it would be like to date one. She never had the nerve to ask her, but one morning when the opportunity presents itself, Emma takes advantage of it. She’s home alone with Rob, who is just stepping out of the shower. She watches him towel off then waits just outside the bathroom door for him to walk by. Rob walks up to her, showing her his big black cock. Emma has never seen one this big before. She squeezes it in her hand then puts it in her mouth, licking and sucking it. She gasps for air when Rob starts fucking her throat. Emma satisfies her craving for big black cock by choking on Rob’s prick. She leads him to the bedroom, telling him she wants him to fuck her. Once in bed, Rob tongues Emma’s pussy, driving her silly. “Get it all nice and wet,” she tells him. She sucks on his big dick some more, admiring the size of it.

Emma asks him if her pussy feels tight as she bobs back and forth on his cock in doggy position. “Fill my pussy with your cock,” she tells him. “Put it all in there.” Rob bangs her twat, sending his dick to the back of her hole, fucking her until she cums. She’s never cum this hard before and she wants more of it. She takes a ball slapping reverse cowgirl pounding from Rob, who makes her pussy cum again. “I’ve never been fucked like this before,” she moans. Rob penetrates her pussy, stretching it out missionary style. She straddles him for a cowgirl fucking, begging him to plug her pussy nice and deep. He power pumps her cunt then pops inside it, leaving her with a creampie. She runs her fingers through his cum as it oozes out of her cunt then she tastes it. She puts his cum covered cock back inside her cunt and tells him to cum inside her even more as she grinds around and around on his cock cowgirl style.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Black & White Vol. 14 with its hot interracial sex and stunning backdrops. Featured starlet Kendra Sunderland fucks Joss Lescaf’s mega dick on a naughty getaway in the Greek islands. She loses all inhibition, sucking his big black cock poolside at a luxury resort and riding it on a ledge overlooking the ocean. She takes him back to her hotel room where his prick pumps her pussy into orgasmic submission again and again. She is giddy and giggling from the pounding. Carolina Sweets, Emma Hix, and Naomi Woods have equally satisfying experiences with their black stud suitors. Naomi and Emma’s pussies receive a filling package of sperm from Jason Luv and Rob Piper that spills out into an oozing creampie. Carolina has the only threesome of the flick, getting her twat stretched by Flash Brown and Isiah Maxwell in a high stakes bid of sex for debt. Overall, director Greg Lansky delivers another sizzling and satisfying IR flick.

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